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Favorite Things-chapter 1

(Max- The Resident)

Favorite Things Masterlist

Summary- Max has a new tenant. Can he win over his new resident without her discovering his secret?

Author’s Note- We’re gonna go ahead and pretend that Juliet doesn’t exist, which is pretty much my head cannon anyways. I love Max. I don’t care if I shouldn’t. Lol. This will eventually be a multi chapter story. Probably not very long and will get eventually really smutty and explicit. I’ve had this idea running through my brain for a long time…this prompt finally gave me the push to start. Lol. Prompt is Red Velvet from Jeffrey Dean Morgan Rarechar Content Event. This chapter is just creepy stalker fluffiness.

Word Count- 1688

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Max had first seen her in a coffee shop down the way. She sat next to the window with her laptop and latte. She looked so serene as she watched people walk by with her brown eyes. Every few minutes she would smile to herself and her fingers would tap furiously against her keyboard. Occasionally, she’d pause and twirl a curl of her caramel locks or nibble on her plump rosy lip. She never looked at him. Why would she?

He came back the next day and every day after that. She was always there. She quickly became the highlight of his day. He watched her for 2 weeks. She was always happy and polite to those around her. He wondered who she was and what she did. He wanted to get closer. Smell her perfume. Brush up against her skin.

He didn’t work up the courage to speak with her until he saw her frowning at her screen one day. He walked by and saw that she was scrolling through a real estate site. Maybe this was fate. She was supposed to come into his life for a reason. To give his life reason.

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Back to You (Poe Dameron)- Part One

Pairing: Poe Dameron x OC

Prompt: Angsty Poe request for @marvelousthronewars . Thanks for being so patient with me, lovely!

Warnings: I really don’t want to give away what happens but lots of angst, a little heavy making out, etc etc etc. Read at your own risk if you value you your feels lol also– I changed a few tiny things so don’t kill me. That’s all byeeee. 



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I would’ve done anything, given up anything I had, if it meant he would stay. But I knew it wasn’t possible. No matter what I said or did, Poe was going to Jakku. He had to. I knew that, but it still didn’t stop me from unraveling. Each time he left, I watched him go with a heavy heart, and it stayed that way until the moment he was back. Something felt different about this time, though. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but the idea of the idea of him leaving again was more painful than it’d ever been before.

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Pregnancy (Jason Todd x Pregnant! Reader)

Pairing: Jason Todd x Pregnant! Reader

Anon: Can you write a Jason Todd x Reader (it can be platonic) where the reader is pregnant and is at the emotional stage of things and cries over very very odd things in odd places (Ex: a commercial and an animal on a cereal box at the grocery store) and Jason started recording her because he thinks it’s adorable and hilarious

Warnings: none

A/N: Yus! I love this request! Thank you so much for this prompt. I’ll try to work on three other readers while doing this one so I apologize if it’s skittish.

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You rubbed circles on your stomach. You’re 5 months pregnant. Your husband, Jason was driving back to your guys’ apartment. “Hey,” He reached over, taking your hand in his. “Are you hungry?” He asked, keeping his eyes on the road as he gripped your hand tight. “Hmm,” You looked at him and thought about it. “A burger and some French fries sound good” You spoke softly, still rubbing circle on your stomach with your thumb. “Okay, we’ll stop and get some Burger King” Jason smiled, glancing over at you.

He parked at a Burger King near their apartment. “You wanna go inside with me” He asked, looking at you for an answer. You hummed and shook your head, reaching down and unbuckling yourself. He pulled the handle and opened the door. He shut the door, walking around the car and opening the door for you. He held his hand out as you grabbed his hand. You stepped out, not letting go of his hand. He leaned behind you and shut the door, locking the car afterwards. He walked you inside, stepping in line and waiting. He leaned down, planting a kiss on your head.

You looked up at him, a smile tugging slightly at your lips. “I love you so much” You murmured, taking in the sight of your handsome husband. He smiled wide as he lifted his arm and wrapped it around you. “I love you so sssoooo much more” Jason leaned down, catching your lips on his. You melted to his touch, smiling against his lips.

You guys had just gotten home. You set your purse down on the floor by the front door, throwing your arms in the air when you spotted the couch. “Ugh! Home sweet home!” You joked, hurrying over to the couch. You lower yourself, planting yourself in the cushion. You hum in satisfaction as you lift your arms towards your husband, “Bring on the food!” You shouted, keeping your eye on him as he walked over and sat beside you. Jason set the bag on the coffee table along with the drinks, opening the bag. He pulled out a small box with a burger in it, along with some fries. He laid the food down in front of you and slid your drink to you. A slight “Hehehe” left your lips as he brought the food out.

After minutes of stuffing your face. You leaned back, resting your hands on your baby bump, rubbing small circles as you watched the TV. Soon came a commercial with injured animals. “Awe, no!” You whined, water starting to build up in your eyes. Your eyes began to burn as tears streamed down your face. “How could… Co-..” You sniffled, grabbing a napkin and whipping your tears. Jason looked over at you, trying his best to control his laughter. You continued to cry about the hurt animals as Jason pulled out his camera and started to record.

“UH! You think this is funny?! There’s… Animals. Why would people hurt such innocent animals!?!!” You shouted slightly, crying even more. Jason put the camera down, pulling you into a giant bear hug. He stroked your hair before pointing to the TV. “Look, the animals are safe and happy now. It’s okay” He soothed, hugging you tight.

“Yeah… That’s true,” You calmed down, a few tears still escaping. You froze as an idea came to your head.

“We should get a dog!” You said excitedly.

“Honey, we’ve gonna have a baby. I don’t think we need a dog” Jason chuckled, kissing your forehead softly.

“Oh.. That’s right” You giggled, snuggling up into him.

Jason smiled, running his fingers through your hair.

A/N: Hey! I finally finished this one! I’m sorry it took so long. I hope you enjoyed it. I’m sorry if it seems a little rushed but I really just want to clear my Draft box lol I hope you guys enjoy!💕

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Here’s something longer for you guys to read hehe hope you guys like it! Also I said it countless times in the tags of my reblog but I just have to say it again that I am RLY obsessed with Jay’s new haircut he looks so good (●♡∀♡) Ok done, till then! (lol I’m sucha loser)

“But I’m tired, can’t I give it a miss?” You whined cutely as you tugged on Jay’s fingers and looked at him with a sulk.

“No, cos the male lead can’t appear without his co-star,” He said. “Besides, it’s gonna be fun cos everyone will be there!”

Yup, another AOMG party. And after doing this for about two years, you’ve figured that you shouldn’t have to ask what the occasion was cos half the time you got a ‘just because’ from Jay with that signature shrug of his as a reply.

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Sonny's green tie in the premiere kinda matches the color of Barba's eyes. I'm just saying...😃

Are you “just saying” that Sonny’s green tie is actually Barba’s green tie, which Barba himself bought because it brings out his eyes? And that Sonny stole it from Barba’s closet, while Barba was in the shower, because the color reminded him of Barba and he had an urge to put the tie around his neck and pull it tight? Tight enough to feel it?

Are you “just saying” that Barba saw Sonny wearing the tie at the precinct, and he smirked, because he spent 15 minutes of his morning looking for that damn tie to perfectly complement his light suit, but he couldn’t find it, and he never realized Sonny had swiped it?

Are you “just saying” that Barba got Sonny alone as soon as he could, maybe on an elevator, and he wrapped the tie around his fingers, right where it was, on Sonny’s neck? And that Barba tugged, hard, and said, “I believe this is mine?” And that Sonny replied, “Are you talking about the tie? Or about me?”

And that Barba said, “Both”?

Is that what you’re “just saying”?

If so, I agree.


Jin Palm Reading

Last, but not least, handsome Jjin!!! Many have had trouble understanding what he said, so as requested, I’ve written it down. He slurs and mumbles a lot so there might be some missing/omitted words lol.  He uses terminology that is common in palm reading, so I suggest try looking them up.

For the other members, follow the bts palm reading tag :)

“Here is a request from ______  for South Korean singer BTS Jin.

Now his hands… tells me his talent. Because of the length of the fingers. His hands also tell me that he’s good at not always telling the truth. He could flip things to the way he wants it. And this comes from the little pinky finger. Anybody with a bent pinky finger or twisted pinky finger.. this is the Mercury, this is the intellect,  to turn things around. You’ll probably find a lot of politicians that’s got that same thing.

Anyway, he’s got a nice square hand. Hardworking hand, his thumbs are low-set. I think he’s lived a lot a lot of lifetimes. Has a lot of different personalities. Has great wisdom in the lower thumbs. He’s like a mystic in so many different ways. And the flexibility of his will leads him into anything he wants to do and he sees everything as being okay. 

The balance of his fingers are beautiful. And the length of his fingers, as I’ve said before are very very beautiful. And the finger itself, tells me has confidence in being who he’s being. But he likes to be patted on the back, he likes to be recognized. He likes to seen as somebody very very special (You are special to me, Jin ;o;) These are very important to him to have this ego thing working for him. 

Now the finger of Saturn here, that’s his structure of life. The Karma.. and the purpose. And the purpose here, is coming into thinking, the being and the doing. He has a very little line of love which he’ll learn later on in life, but the line, at this time, his head line is very very strong. 

Again, I see some movement coming down here, out of Apollo, which means he’s got more talent than he really knows(cries ;A;) and more stuff is gonna come out of him. I really think he’s gonna be an independent and do very well for himself.“

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In which Charming represents most some of the fandom

lauraacan  asked:

do you think that Yuuri bought both rings? Because it's kinda unclear, he indeed says he'll "take this one" to the seller... I read explanations for both theories and I'm kinda lost lmao

Both theories is valid! I think it’s very cute to imagine Victor carrying ring everywhere and it’s very romantic indeed.

But I’m a firm believer in numbers. As I said, from the display, the rings that Yuuri choose is about 400 EUR (He said “two in the front” I assume he wants to see and choose. It has price tag below the Maria Dolores label, tho I have to download the 1080p version to see it more clearly but my bro is gaming nonstop so I can’t).

So from the receipt, 700-something, it’s more logical to assume that he bought two? Maybe because it’s a pair the store is giving discount or something lol.

The “This one, please.” Yuuri said is a vague translation because it’s actually “Kore de onegaishimasu.” which loosely translates to just “This, please.” Also, Yuuri staring longingly at his own left ring finger and “I want a lucky charm.” Boi he wants the ring for himself too.

After Yuuri put the ring on Victor’s finger, he moves a little, in contrast to unmoving Victor. I think it’s more likely for Yuuri to put something on Victor’s palm rather than Victor reaching something from his pocket lol. So… Yeah…

I don’t see why Yuuri bought two rings seems appalling tho. It’s cute. He basically asked Victor to put a ring on his finger by putting Victor’s first. So bold yet bashful lol.

Archery: A Si Jin Scenario

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When Sijin is your archery instructor and your kingdom is about to break out into war. lol as some of u may know i had a scenario blog a long time ago where I wrote fairy-tale scenarios. Its long been deleted but Joong Ki got me feeling some type of way ahem so enjoy. 


You could feel his breath falling past your neck and whatever part of your shoulder was exposed through the leather protective gear, as he adjusted your posture.

“It’s not easy.” He said, “It’s more than strength, it’s technique as well.”

He stepped back. “Try again.”

As long as you had been alive, the kingdom that you lived in had tensions with the neighboring kingdom. Tensions turned into violence and for the past year, the two kingdoms were on the verge of war.

That was why you were here, out past the small grove of trees and in the outermost field of the land that belonged to your father, the king. As for the only other person on that field with you, his name was Si Jin, and he had been chosen to instruct you on basic archery, as your father had deemed it necessary as war approached. You wouldn’t be fighting, but you should at least know how to defend yourself and pick up weapons if the situation called for it.

Stern but playful, your instructor made your head spin. He would come close to you and fix your stance, or put his hands over your hands to show you how to properly hold the bow and arrow, but he would do it all methodically, and then step back to let you practice. During those times he seemed disciplined and intimidating. But if you listened to him and did something correctly, he would smile and pat your head playfully. It was such a happy, joyous smile that you eventually found yourself plowing through practice, getting blisters on your fingers and bruising yourself, but determined to see that smile at the end of the day.

He made you nervous in different ways. Sometimes he talked to you about the importance of the lessons, and you would be nervous about war. Sometimes he would praise you and say how soon you won’t need any more lessons, and that would make you nervous about being left on your own. Sometimes, he would be standing back, watching your posture, watching whether you distanced your legs correctly, his eyes would scan every angle of your limbs and you would feel nervous about making a mistake. Other times, he would step up close to you and in a soft voice near your ear, place your hands for you, and fix your posture himself, and you would feel nervous that he was so close to you. Even when he smiled and patted your head, you could barely look at him, nervous about whether your thoughts would appear on your forehead and he would be able to read them.

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