lol i really wanted to try adding shading


*sees the date and throws this at tumblr* Oh heeey! It’s finally @peppypigeon‘s birthday and I can finally post this as a present for him!

This is another redraw, this time of one of (if not the) first commissions I ever had! It’s been so long, and I’ve gotten so much better at drawing since then, that I felt it was only fair to revisit this one (as well as a few others I have planned lol, not many, but a few.)

Also, sorry dude that this is the old pony version of your characters. I wanted to keep close to the original, and also I’m really busy with another drawing so I really couldn’t try a human version. The second image is transparent for ya though, if ya can figure out a use for it. I tried my best to make this look nice, at least. I even added shading, no extra cost!