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Having Standards vs. Being an Asshole

Failzeroth likes to claim they do what they do because they have standards, not because they’re assholes.

They seem to be confusing the two things, so I’ve put together a handy, short guide to help them (as I know several of them follow or read this blog regularly) differentiate between having standards and being an asshole:

Having Standards: “I don’t enjoy bar RP, for me it isn’t engaging or enjoyable. I’d rather have big, long running, involved story arcs.”

Being an Asshole: “Bar RP is stupid, it’s for shallow people, the uncreative, and mostly for people who just want to ERP.”

Having Standards: “While I acknowledge that it’s pretty common for adults to have or want to have sex, it’s not something I enjoy RPing or writing, and therefore just prefer to not RP that aspect of my character’s life.”

Being an Asshole: “HAHAHA LOOK AT THIS FUTA ERP PROFILE, EVERYONE! PORNSHIRE, AMIRITE?”/“Ugh, why would someone talk about sex or their bra size/pants bulge in their MRP? Probably just some greasy neckbeard/fat yaoi fangirl trying to get off.”

Having Standards: “I know that some people like to RP romantic relationships, but I don’t. For me,  it’s just not all that fun or interesting, so I don’t do it.”

Being an Asshole: “Ugh, all anyone ever wants to do these days is romance or relationship RP. The quality of RP has gone down so much lately, where are all the good RPers?”

Having Standards: “I prefer to try and stick to the setting provided as much as possible. I don’t find character concepts or plot lines that deviate wildly from the given world’s story to be interesting or fun.”

Being an Asshole: “Ugh, this idiot clearly doesn’t know lore. There is no way a situation/character like this could ever exist and be believable. Their character is so overdone and edgy it’s laughable! This is what happens when some kid who’s way too into DBZ and Hannibal decides to sub to WoW.”

Having Standards: “I know what I enjoy in RP, and try to stick to RPing with others who enjoy similar things. That said, I don’t bother people who have fun RPing things I don’t particularly enjoy, I just move along and let them have their fun.”

Being an Asshole: “Look at these morons! Don’t they know what they’re doing?! Hey everyone, look at this MRP I found! How terrible is this character even? It’s like they’re not even trying, LOL! SO MUCH EDGE! SO SEXY! Fail!”

Having Standards: Putting guild rules and recruitment rules and guidelines in place to ensure people in the guild or applying for the guild are all roughly on the same page in terms of their likes/dislikes in RP and all enjoy generally the same sort of RP story arcs and events. When someone who applies that doesn’t quite fit the bill or who you’re pretty sure won’t have a good time because what they enjoy/want out of RP isn’t what the guild is about, they get rejected politely and if they ask why, it’s explained to them in terms that don’t accuse them of being a “bad role-player or “not good enough.”

Being an Asshole: Advertising your guild as “lore compliant” or suggesting “only those who know lore” are welcome. Making fun of how others RP in guild chat, and offering unsolicited “criticism” to people outside the guild whose RP or RP profiles don’t meet the standards of what you consider to be good.

Rejections for people who don’t fit are usually harsh and likely openly call the rejected player a bad writer/roleplayer.