lol i only know the last name now

A Brief Respite?
Naoshi Mizuta - Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto
A Brief Respite?

This is probably the last one I’ll upload for now seeing as all the main tracks from Episode Prompto are already floating all around the internet that people have heard a thousand times.

This plays during the scene at the end when Prompto and Aranea are parting ways. It gets quiet near the end only to take a more sinister turn when you know who shows up. *coughtrashjesuscough*

Again, another track I couldn’t find the actual name for so I just called it this cause I needed something to call it for my itunes playlist lol

Really wish I could find the real names of these tracks. Anyway…

akaialaska  asked:

Can I see Sakuya's reaction to the following: 'Saku-yass' 'Sakuy-ass' :D

I should’ve never named myself “Sakuyass” on discord…… and this shouldn’t have taken this long to answer this ask cause I did this in only 1 hour, I just never did the last page UNTIL NOW ppfft anyways:

Sakuya: 6 | CA3: 1

All these crack comics end the same way.


in loving memory of my discord name lol

Get To Know Me Tag

Thank you @vandeesims for tagging me! 

Were you named after anyone?  Nope. My mom had just always liked my name. 

When was the last time you cried? Well I got teary eyed earlier today watching Homeward Bound cuz I’m a sensitive little butt. 

Do you have kids? Only my three fur babies for now. 

If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself? Hmm honestly I don’t know. I’d like to think so but I’m awful at reaching out to people so if there were two of me we’d probably never talk lol 

Do you use sarcasm a lot? Not really. I take things way too literally

What’s the first thing you notice about people? Probably just how they present or carry themselves? If that’s a thing.. 

What is your eye color? Blue but my fiance says it ranges from silver to blue to green depending on my mood. 

Scary movie or happy endings? Can I choose bittersweet endings? 

Favorite smells?  Well this is probably weird but I like to smell my dog’s ears… Lavender is my favorite like actual scent and then the way my fiance smells is probably my all time favorite. 

What’s the furthest you’ve ever been from home? Hawaii

Do you have any special talents? Nah I’m boring

Where were you born? California

What are your hobbies? Umm..sims.. and I try to push myself to draw but i suck, I enjoy reading also. 

Do you have any pets? Tigerlily: 7 yr old boxer. Hiro: 2 year old orange kitty Archer: 1 yr old black kitty 

Do you have any siblings? I’m the oldest. Three that I consider my family: 1 sister and 2 brothers. One step-sister as well. 

What do you want to be when you grow up? I was working on becoming a wildlife biologist and was attending college and zookeeping and then I got pretty sick so now I have no clue  

Who is your first best friend? Like, first best friend I ever had? That was a girl from my church when I was like..8 i think? Haven’t talked to her in years

How tall are you? 5′9″

Funniest moment throughout school? School was hell so..idk..

What was your favorite/worse subjects in school? Theater/Drama was my favorite and then I sucked at math. 

What is your favorite drink? Animal? Perfume? Alcohol drink probably Merlot. Non-alcoholic I usually stick to some form of tea.  Animal: All of them but top is lions. Perfume right now is Ariana Grande’s Ari. 

What sports do you play/ Have you played?  I’ve played soccer, softball, and volleyball. 

Who are some of your favorite Youtubers?  I watch alot, for sims I love Xurbansimsx, Lifesimmer, and Kaleidow. Non sims I like Safiya Nygaard. 

How many girlfriends/boyfriends have you had? I think 5?

Favorite memory of your childhood? I have good memories of eating mint chocolate chip ice cream with my mom and watching a bunch of movies. 

How would you describe your fashion sense? Non existent  

What phone do you have? Iphone SE 

I tag: @plumbobtrash @trembling-hands @tickledsims  

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We Bring the Boys Out! (Final Mood Board)

Here’s the last mood board for my series! Just like the final chapter, revealing the last mood board is kind of bittersweet! Anyway, enough with the sentimental talk! If you haven’t guessed it by now, this mood board is inspired by me (well story me lol) & Seokjin, which creates JIM! Quick note: can I say that I love Madelyn for coming up with that ship name haha It’s freaking amazing! For this mood board, the couple in that story is like the epitome of romance, I feel. We all know that Seokjin is a prince or he considers himself handsome like one, so it is only natural that he treats “me” like his princess. 

And that is all the mood boards! Thank you looking at all of them! Stay tune until 7/1 for Season 2!

- Kimi

The Other Ships: 

JeyHyungHanKook | YoonLyn | ChrySon | BilGyeom | MarNeul | AliSeok | JaeDie | NaNi | JaiMin

Tag game!

I was tagged by the ever-lovely, ever-extraordinary @amaliabones, she so great omg you guys seriously amazingg <333

Rules: After answering the questions, tag ten followers who you want to get to know better.

Nickname: Heather is the only thing I’ve got as far as names or nicknames go lol

Gender: female

Zodiac: Scorpio

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff 💛 💛 💛and damn proud of it~

Favourite color: I honestly have so many omg… okay let’s see… How about light green/blue-ish green, also yellow and black (for… reasons :P I actually never specifically intend to like people/things with this color scheme but it just keeps happening!! ex. Sandor Clegane and Hufflepuff)

Time now: 8:20pm

Last thing I googled: Directions to… a place :P

Blankets I sleep with: Too too many omg I will suffocate in blankets one day.

Favorite Bands: The Wombats, Bowling for Soup, DNCE, Die Antiwoord, The Fratellis, etc.

Favorite Solo Artist: Pitbull, not gonna lie lolol.

Dream trip: Somewhere, sometime, some place (aka omg that’s an intimidating question I have no idea!!) On a side though… I think I can’t come up with one because if I could create that imagine, I’d have an end goal which… I want to be having trips for the rest of my life with no end in sight.

Currently wearing: clothing… very boring ik :p I’m wearing shirt and shorts haha.

Age of blog: I made this blog last year or so.. but I’ve been on since 2011? YEah. 2011. damnnnn.

Things SOOOOoooooo much Harry Potter… And about >10% Other including Marvel, Teen Wolf, Veronica Mars, etc.

I’ll be tagging: @ronweascly, @quidditchplayer, @blxdger,  @victoirewaesley, @callron, @meropegaunt,  @ravencalws, @flntwood, @porpentincgoldstein, @demeantors

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To add to the other anon who said how did CeCe pick Drake, how did Ali/Jason not pick up on that? Like say CeCe got it because it was Jessica's maiden name (so still Mary's last name) wouldn't they be like "wow that used to me my Mums last name wonder if we're related haha" like I legit met a cousin at high school I didn't know existed because her last name was my Mums maiden name!

I’ve always thought about this! Like CeCe having the last name drake was only suspicious when we didn’t know if Mary was married. We know now she isn’t, so she could have chosen it because it was Jessica (her Mum’s) maiden name. And yes you’re absolutely right, Ali and Jason are morons for not clocking that. I found out I had a cousin too because her surname was part of my family lol. It actually happens so this is really stupid of the writers. I know it’s a tv show but it definitely needs some sense of real life otherwise what is the point.


Thank you @xuanyisgfriend for tagging me ily 💖

 Song tag 

RULES: answer the question using only songs from one artist.

 (I’m going to do gfriend) 

What’s your gender: White

Describe yourself: Gone with the wind

How do you feel: Rough

If you could go anywhere?: Neverland

Favourite mode of transport: Mermaid

Your best friend: LOL

If your life was a movie: Fingertip

Relationship status: Crush

Your fear: Fall in love 

get to know me tag 

Name: Charlotte

Nickname: I don’t really have any

Gender: Female

Orientation: Bisexual but I’m more attracted to girls

Ethnicity: White British

 Star Sign: Virgo 

Height: 5′7
Time right now:

Last thing I googled: mamamoo comeback

Favorite Bands: Gfriend, oh my girl, wjsn, seventeen, shinee, twice and loads more

Favorite Solo Artists: IU, crush, Zion t, marina and the diamonds, Christine and the queens

Song stuck in your head: babyface- wjsn

Last movie I watched: Alien covenent

Last TV show I watched: Tbh I don’t really watch much TV

When did you create your blog: I created this one a few months ago but I have another that’s almost 2 years old

What kind of stuff do you post: Girl groups

When did your blog reach its peak: never tbh

Do you have any other blogs: Yeah for shinee, seventeen, aesthetic and random crap

Do you get asks regularly: no

Why you chose your URL: Bc gfriend and oh my girl are two of my bias groups so I mushed them together

Following: 337

Posts: 1001

Hogwarts House: slytherin

Pokémon Team: Instinct bitches

Favorite colors: YELLOW and red 

Average hours of sleep: Usually between 6 and 8

Lucky Numbers: don’t really have one

Favorite manga characters: This one triggers me

How many blankets do you sleep with: one

Dream job: Aeronautical engineer

Dream trip: anywhere really I just want to go traveling with some friends

Favorite book: the book thief

What I’m wearing at the moment: t-shirt and shorts

I’m tagging @kim-yehana @lucyheartfiliavevo @dreamsanha @twice-pink-velvet (I'm just tagging random people in my notifications)

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outback-sniper  asked:

☎ [well, sure. :o]

☎️ {Hello, Safeguard speaking!}

Name: 🏹🏹

Ringtone: Robin Hood- Whistle Stop


Last text received: “So that’s why he wanted to know where you were. The ventilation duct’s yer only chance now btw”

Last text sent: “Maybe there’s another way to warn me about spies other than shooting at my feet? I accidentally punched our Medic one too many times and I’m hiding in the bathroom.”

i was tagged by the lovely @cinnamonconangray ❤️❤️

Rules: Answer the questions in the post and tag some blogs you would like to get to know better

Name: Meghan
Height: 5′6
Ultimate Bias: ??? (soz idk what this is)
Nicknames: Meg (only like 3 people tho lol) and Margaret (idk either I’m pretty sure this kid in my class just forgot my name then like 10 people were calling me Margaret)
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Favorite fruit: Strawberries and watermelon
Favorite season: Autumn
Favorite color: Lilac (weirdest thing is I used to HATE purple now I love it)
Coffee, tea or hot chocolate: TEA TEA TEA
Favorite animals: Horses and kittens (pretty basic ik)
Last Tv show I watched: Travelers is so epic
Last movie I watched: Sound of Music (for like the 15th time that’s my fav musical)
Dream trip: Backpacking around Europe
Number of blankets you sleep with? 1
Song stuck in my head? No One Mourns the Wicked (I listened to the Wicked soundtrack on a long car ride and now I can’t stop singing the songs)
What kind of stuff do I post? Dodie, Dan and Phil, some Voltron, aesthetics, mostly just a lot of art
Last thing I googled?: best Benedict cumberbatch names (long story)
Following: 546 (holy crap I don’t realized how many dang)
When did you make this blog? Like over a year ago jeeeeeez
Do you get asks regularly: Nah but I love getting them!!!
Why did you choose your URL? My og one was really dumb, I love space and I love vinyl records boom my new url was born
Average hours of sleep? Pfffffff maybe 5?? Or 10 when I can sleep in?? There isn’t much pattern

I tag these peeps @plant-ier @tinysuzy @mindsintertwined
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Tag 10 Folks You Like To Know More About

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Name: Bria Monet
Time and Date : 11:38pm 3/30/2015
Average hours of sleep: ?? tf is sleep??
Last thing i googled : “Loc Hairstyles”…i think imma do it lol
Nickname: Bri Bri (fam ONLY) 
Birthday: Jan 11th, Proud Capricorn!
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: pansexual
Height: 5′5..sometimes i wish i was taller :/
Favorite Color/s : literally any shade of blue
One place that makes me happy : my bed lol that sounds so fucking sad but its true
How many blankets do i sleep under : 1
Favorite Movie : Space Jam
What I’m wearing right now : nothing ;) just finished showering
Last book i read : What Every Body is Saying by Joe Navarro 
Most used phrase: on fleek, word
First word that comes to mind: fuck
What i last said to a family member: My mother; i love you
What is family? : Persons, biological or otherwise, who stick with you no matter what even when you be on some bullshit
Favorite Beverage: lemonade
Favorite Food: chicken tenders
Last movie i watched in the theater: Selma
Dream Wedding: i honestly dont even think about this shit, but i guess it would be an outdoor wedding in the spring or something. my parents aint gonna be there becuz they already told me that so i would hope some of my friends would be there
Dream Pet: a hedgehog 
Dream Job: a music producer

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ok SO…my adult friend who is super cool but knew nothing about kpop…we brought her to the got7 concert in Atlanta….that was in July…she just txted me after months of silence about it and said…” husband thinks i have lost my mind.. my music list is all kpop now.. i get nothing done, i am supposed to be studying at lunch and i just end up watching MV’s and reality’s shows..i sat through my last staff meeting thinking about Youngjae.. at this point i know their names and can recognize their voices.. WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME…..I AM SO MAD AT YOU FOR THIS”