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I feel like there is this myth about langblrs and language learners that you see online, that they are studying their target languages all the time, all day, at every second they get. That they are perfect learners who never get it wrong, even if you know they do.

No, we are human, we procrastinate and get tired or bored too. 

We are just like everyone else. I may love a language and find it hard to be motivated or have energy to study or do something in that language, specially in the lower levels when I can’t just watch a YouTube video or whatever in the language.

We are human!

Do they even have kiss cams on like…Football games? Do you eat hamies there? Is that football food?

So I guess I´m done agonizing over everything about this.  I uh kinda just wanted to draw the duo doing that “not you two again” type thing lol. Don´t tell me you never poured something on your bff

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i've already checked your faq and such, so pardon me for asking. May I know what your digital brush settings are? I like the lines you used for the "Adrien in a bowl" sketch. thanks :)

i’ve been asked this before, but i can’t find the post now, sooo… basically it’s mainly just a flat round that’s been squashed and tilted a bit???

in brush tip shape:

in shape dynamics:

[i don’t remember what the checked ‘smoothing’ does… i think that’s new from photoshop cc but i made this brush back when i was using photoshop cs3 sooo…]

i have one angled left and one right, but i usually use the one i have selected cos i am right handed lol. [i do swap to the other angle sometimes tho…if you are left handed, the other one is prolly gonna be your primary one.]

this is what i have mine set as for inks/sketches:

so yea i basically never use 100%/100% xD;;;; and the difference is pretty subtle but i find my lines look a lot better and they come out more correct when i have the squished brush instead of the flat round ;;;; hope this helps ;0;/
But Needs Must as the Devil Drives
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It’s just Len’s luck that magic is real. It’s just Barry’s luck that he got himself cursed. It’s just Iris’s luck that both of these idiots never do anything the easy way.

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I was looking through your blog and I saw some stuff about a monster au? Have you ever drawn it?

I was going to wait to answer this till I was able to drive home so I could actually draw something but guess I’m not going to be able to leave till this evening which means i wont be home till like… 2 am so lol

but no - aside from the picture of Vampire Heather Chandler that inspired it when i was doing that monster ask meme. and I realize now i never actually tagged with the AU lmao

20/100 days of productivity (8.22.17)

having a clean and clear desk is so important for achieving my goals! with that being said, i thought this photo would be decent to accompany the ten goals tag! thank you so much @studyblrsoul for tagging me (i’ve never been tagged for a tag before wow lol also i’m doing this really late sorry)

1. read more. i used to be a huge reader but it’s something i unfortunately can’t call myself anymore, and i’d like to change that

2. no more procrastination. i’ve already been much better at this in comparison to my eigth grade year so i want to keep this up

3. keep my study space tidy

4. be healthy for this school year. no more binge eating chocolate cakes whilst studying lol

5. audition for the musicals. i’m a guy who loves musicals so auditioning shouldn’t be a hard one to check off this list. (also a theatre kid study tips post coming maybe??)

6. research colleges and universities in and out of state. i’m only a freshman now but seeing my options will prepare me for the future years

7. make time for friends 

8. remember that though grades are important, they don’t define me. a failed test doesn’t mean i’m incapable of anything, but rather i should see how i can improve

9. practice my piano and violin as much as i can

10. my mental health comes first. if i’m having a panic attack don’t keep studying. i just need to relax tbh


MOODBOARD - jessica jones + trish walker
   ⤷ “ We need a signal, something you would never say like ‘sardines’ or
       'pickle juice’. You say it you’re still you.”
       "Something i never say, like 'I love you’.“

Breaking... Ch.5

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

A/N: You thought there’d only be one chapter this week? Well you are sadly mistaken dear reader! This chapter has to end in an awkward place and I apologize for that now, next chapter is planned to be…interesting. I hope you enjoy!!!

Word count: 3270

Warnings: Cursing (obvious), fluff, feminism (lol ME)

Tags!!! @iamnotthrowingawaymyshit @renae-writes @literally-melonkitty @deltablue202

(If anyone else wants to be tagged I just opened an ask box so please send them my way!)

Breaking Tradtions

The blue light, it was there again, as cold and icy as it was before. It swallowed you whole until all you could see was blue. You heard your voice ring out, it reverberated, echoing against the walls of your own mind. “I could never do something like that! Never in a million year would I hurt you like that!” Your eyes shot open, every breath you heaved burned you to the core. Your muscles felt like they had just been stretched across the entire world. You clutched your chest, trying to alleviate the pain. Your room was completely dark, not a shred of light was coming through the window.

“How long was I out for? It’s pitch black outside… And what was that dream all about?” Last time that happened…Is the universe trying to tell me something? Oh shit… You suddenly realized the mistake you had made. Alex…What have I done?! You shot up out of bed. I need to…talk to someone… You opened the door to your room, the hallways were just as dark as the room. Fortunately, your eyes were adjusting quickly so that you could at least see the turns. You tip toed through the darkness, the whole house was quiet. You were thankful for the moonlight seeping in through the windows once you entered the main room. You didn’t let yourself think of where you were going as you made your way up the staircase. You had only been upstairs to go to Angie’s room, most of those visits were to help her with her work, help her dress or to hear about her day. You saw a door at the end of the hall, light was flowing out from underneath it. It was warm, bright, and welcoming. It cut through the darkness, it felt like hope. Of course you’re still awake. You’re just like your dad sometimes… You moved toward the light, once you were in front of the door you gave it a soft knock. You heard a small jolting noise, then footsteps. The door opened and you felt like the sun was shining on your skin.

“Angie, it’s the middle of the night and I’m busy. It was just a bad dre-“ He stopped, realizing it was you standing there and not his little sister.

“Hey… Can we talk?” You asked. He looked surprised, probably because it’s the middle of the night.

“Uh, yes! Of course, what do you wish to discuss?”

“Mind if you let me in first?” You raised an eyebrow and pointed past him, into the light filled room. His eyes went wide, he looked completely dumbfounded.

“In my room? That’s uh…” He scratched his face nervously. Why’s he acting so flustered?

“I’m a maid Philly, nothing different than Rachel coming in to make your bed.” You chuckled. Boys are so weird. He nodded, but he still looked anxious. Opening the door wider, you stepped inside and walked past him. I’ve never actually been in his room before, it’s nice. The walls were a soft yellow but the light from the candle on his desk gave the illusion of it being slightly brighter. There were papers scattered all over his desk, quill and ink still out. He must be working on something for school. You walked over to his bed and sat on the edge of it, heaving a deep sigh. Philip closed the door and quickly made his way over to his desk, moving the chair so that he could face you as he sat down. He leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees as he looked at you with curiosity.

“Now, what did you wish to discuss?” He asked again, this time with more worry. You took one last deep breath, finally feeling the weight of all your concerns weighing down on you.

“I think I messed up big time Philly and I don’t know what to do… I did something terrible, I don’t think I can fix it!” Your hands were clutching onto the cloth of your skirt. There’s no telling what the consequences of my actions will end up being. I told myself! I told myself not to meddle with the course of history! The world could blow up for all I know and it would be all my fault! Philip shook his head, quickly jumped out of his seat and kneeled down beside the bed. He grabbed your now shaking fist, you were surprised as to how your hand instantly stilled.

“Come on, if I know you at all it can’t be that bad. Even if it was, I know you’d be able to fix it, you are the smartest person I know after all!” He had a comforting smile on his freckled face.

“I’m a fool Philip, an idiot! I’m not even supposed to be here! I don’t belong here in this world, in your world and I’m ruining everything!” So stupid! Philip gave your hand a reassuring squeeze.

“Do not speak of such things! Y/N Taylor is no fool and certainly not an idiot! I already know you won’t tell me what’s wrong yet, I know you too well for that. But I don’t care if you ‘don’t belong here’ because I’m glad that you are! My world, my family’s world, it shines much brighter with you in it. I certainly do not see that as ruining…” He looked up at you, his eyes asking for understanding. How does he always know how to calm me down? He makes me really want to believe him. Can it really be ok? How does the sun’s life get brighter?

“Thank you Philly, I think… I think I feel a bit better now.” You gave him the best smile you could muster and he did the same for you. He stood up to go sit back at his desk.

“Perhaps you should go back and rest, I do not wish for you to have another spell as you did this afternoon. One of us should get some sleep at the very least.” He turned his chair back toward his desk and picked up his quill, already going back to work.

“What exactly are you doing anyways?” You asked, your curious nature taking the lead.

“Just an essay for class, it isn’t due for some time but I wish to put a lot of effort into it.” His shoulders slumped over, you hadn’t noticed how tired he looked until now. Has he been awake all night working on this?

“Philly… Don’t you think you should take a break? It isn’t healthy to stay awake for this long.” You suddenly became worried, he yawned and rubbed his eyes.

“I can’t exactly think about sleep right now. I’m the eldest son, I need to showcase the Hamilton legacy correctly, be just like my father.” Does being the oldest really bring this much pressure to him? But he’s already so smart!

“Philip that’s ridiculous.” You said bluntly, he turned back toward you, surprised by your response.

“It’s great that you want to make your family proud but you don’t need to be just like Alex to do it. You…you can be someone better, you can be you… And the Philip I know doesn’t have dark circles under his eyes or is sleep deprived. Don’t put your work off but you can slow down a little bit with the writing, you’ve got plenty of time.” You ended your speech, you couldn’t read exactly what you saw in Philip’s eyes as he looked at you.

“You, you really think I can be better than my father?” He asked sheepishly, you nodded.

“I don’t think, I know.” He smiled and quickly turned his head away, looking down at the papers on the desk.

“I’ll retire in just a moment; I promise… I just thought of how to end this part of the paper, it’ll only take a second.” He dipped the quill into the ink. You gave him a suspicious look.

“Philly I am not leaving until you put all of that nonsense away!” You felt like you were lecturing but honestly he didn’t really listen any other way sometimes.

“That is alright, as I said it will only be a moment.” He chuckled slightly. You watched him carefully scrawling letters onto the paper, it was calming to witness. His hand moving while he wrote was almost hypnotizing, you felt heavy, your breathing beginning to slow. You felt yourself gently falling back, your head hitting the bed with a soft ‘thud’. Instinctively you curled up on the mat, you felt at peace. You could hear the soft scratching sound from Philip’s quill as your eyes fluttered open and closed. Don’t…fall…asleep… You felt yourself be engulfed in darkness. Philip’s quill, his subtle movements and the warmth in the room were the last things you remembered before you drifted off.

            Slowly you began to wake up, stretching your arms out and your eyes open. Wow… I haven’t slept so soundly since I got here! Wait…Where the… Where am I?! You shot up in the bed and looked at your surroundings. Yellow walls, nice wooden furniture, an almost completely melted candle on the desk. The memories of you talking to Philip suddenly came back to you. Did I actually fall asleep in his room? You looked back at the desk and noticed a folded up piece of paper lying on the surface, your name written on the front with beautiful penmanship. You rolled out of the bed, went over and began to read the paper.

Dear Y/N,

            I hope that you find this letter with a well-rested mind. Currently, at the time I am writing this letter, you are sound asleep a few feet away from me. I cannot lie when I say it took me a moment to decide what to do, and in regards to that you must forgive me.  I should have awoken you, I should wake you right now, but I simply cannot. I see you sleeping so comfortably, you do not even stir. I can only imagine you are having a precious dream, so allow me to apologize for my selfishness. I cannot bear the thought of pulling you away from that dream. I feel my mind growing weak from fatigue, I suppose I must apologize for not sleeping right away as you told I should as well. It is not proper for me to see you rest, in my own bed no less, but your presence puts the ruins of my mind at ease. I have written Angie a request to awake me in time for class as I shall be sleeping in the guest room. She may act as though she would use any advantage she has against me in order to put me through trials but I trust her greatly. She is quite understanding and will not hesitate to ensure that no one misunderstands the situation I have seemed to put you in. You are a very respectable woman; I will do everything in my power to see that no one misconstrues my intentions. I must finish this letter quickly if I desire to get at least a wink of sleep. I pray the sunlight welcomes you to the day as peacefully the moon lulled you to rest.

                                                                                                                 Sincerely, P. Ham, your sunshine.

You couldn’t help but smile as you read the words in the letter. Philly, you’re such a dork! ‘Your sunshine’ Boy thinks he can try and be cute! Well, it is cute so I guess it worked. It was really sweet of him to let me stay here, I’ll be sure to thank him once he gets home. You suddenly heard a soft knock on the door that made you jump. Shit! I’m not supposed to be in here! Your worries were stilled as you heard the bubbly voice and saw the silky, pink cloth peeking out from the cracked door.

“Pssst! TT! Are you awake!” If the voice and dress didn’t give her away, the nickname sure did. The only ones who called you ‘TT’ were Angie and the younger boys. You mostly had Alex to blame for that one.

“Yeah, I’m up Angie, don’t worry.” You folded the letter back up and found a place to hide it in the side of your bodice. Angie opened the door up wider, you always forget how similar her and Alex look. Her and Philip seem like polar opposites but they have their moments.

“Well, you might want to hurry up! Rachel will be up here any moment!” You nodded and you hurried out of the room. Angie grabbed your hand and dragged you into her own room a few doors down. She pushed you inside and you were met with the familiar peach walls and white furniture. You and Rachel usually helped Angie get ready in the morning. Angie let out a sigh of relief.

“That was a close one TT!” She said with exasperation. You tried to hold in your laughter but you still ended up giggling.

“Thanks Angie, I really appreciate it.” You smiled, her eyes seemed to light up.

“Philly said that you fell asleep in his room but he didn’t tell me why…So?” She’s just as bad as Rachel!

“I had to tell him something important and I accidentally fell asleep.” You opened her wardrobe and picked out her undergarments, as was your new routine. “What color?” You asked.

“Hm… Peachy. So what was so important that you had to tell him in the middle of the night?” She continued as you chose the peach under dress she was talking about. So many garments! Nothing’s really planned today so the under dress should be fine.

“Nothing for you to worry about Angie.” You said as you gathered the accumulating pile in your arms. Seriously I’m pretty sure that her and Rachel talk about me when I’m not around. Angie squealed and it made you almost drop the clothes.

“I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! We’re practically sisters already so this is simply divine! Oh, I can practically hear it now. Mrs. Y/N Hamilton! That sounds just perf-“ Wait, what?!

“Whoa! Wait just a second their kiddo, what are you talking about?” You set the pile on the bed next to Angie as she hugged her pillow happily.

“You and Philip! You confessed your love for him! Of course you both will have to wait until after he graduates to have the wedding but I’m sure the time will fly qu-“

“No, no, no, no, no, no! That is not what happened! Not what happened at all! Geez, how do you people get these ideas?” You asked yourself. Angie looked up at you with her big, puppy-dog eyes.

“Really? Aw… But don’t you like Philip? And I think I’d make the best sister-in-law!” She sounded genuinely upset. You sat down on the bed beside her and patted her back.

“Of course I like Philip, he’s my friend and I trust him very much. But I’m afraid life is a bit more complicated than that sweetie. Although you would be an amazing sister-in-law, I don’t doubt.” You stood up and you both worked on changing her clothes.

“What’s so complicated? If you like him than you like him! That’s not complicated at all!” You sighed. I can’t exactly explain this can I?

“It’s hard to explain kiddo…” You finished tightening her clothes and turned her around. “Alright, now what would we like to start with today? Reading, writing, or shall we wait for you mother to wake up so that you can have your piano lesson?” You asked. She seemed uninterested.

“Do I have to?” She groaned. She’s been doing this a lot recently. Last month we couldn’t drag her away from the books. What’s up with her?

“Is something wrong Angie? You’ve been in a funk for the last couple weeks now, mind telling me what’s going on?” She sat down at her desk with puffy cheeks.

“I just… I just don’t see the point! You wouldn’t understand…” Uh oh, preteen concerns… Okay, I have to be as reasonable as possible.

“Come on sweetie, you love to read! I’m sure I’ll understand…” She bit her lip before looking up at me.

“What’s the point in being smart? It’s not like anyone cares how smart a lady is; all that matters is that she’s beautiful.” She stood up and stomped to her wardrobe, she threw open the doors and looked at everything inside.

“I mean, look at all of this, it’s astounding!” She turned around and gestured to herself. “Isn’t this enough?” Oh, Angie… I didn’t realize… You quickly made your way over to her and kneeled down so that you would be closer to eye level.

“Hey now, don’t say stuff like that! You’re beautiful yes, but that’s not all that matters! You’re a brilliant young lady, and even if you don’t think so now, things will change! You can’t let anyone or anything tell you that intelligence doesn’t matter or that a woman can’t be smart! The world always needs more people like you in the world, people who question these problems in the world and desire for the answers. Now, I’m going to ask you again. Reading, writing or piano?” You smoothed the top of her braided hair. She thought for a moment but soon enough her usual, happy smile crept on her face.

“Reading…and do you think I can ask daddy to tell me about the cabinet meetings like he tells you?” She asked. You stood back up, giving her your biggest and proudest smile.

“I’m sure he would be honored to teach you anything you wish to know!” But still…where did she get a terrible idea like that? I know this time period is reserved on women’s rights but her mom is one of the most intelligent and influential women in the country! Who let her actually believe something like that? Rachel joined the both of you eventually, the lesson going even better than expected. Afterwards, you and Rachel worked on the daily chores. Angie’s mood was better, Eliza spent most of her time with Willy and the boys didn’t try to tear out any pages of the encyclopedia. I’m glad today’s finally calming down, I really need some time to chill after all this history, time craziness. At one point you noticed how late it was getting. Shouldn’t Philly be back by now? I wanted to ask him some stuff… You didn’t hear the carriage until the sun was just beginning to set. You excitedly skipped over to the door as he came in.

“Welcome back Sunshine! I have so much to tell you!” The smile on your face slowly faded as he walked toward you. His hair was messier than usual, his eyes were puffy and red, he looked like a wreck. “Hey are you ok? Did something happen? Oh no, Philly what hap-“ He cut you off.

“Tell me it isn’t true! I can’t believe you’d do this! I, I don’t want to believe it! Please!” You noticed he was clutching something in his hand. What is that? Some kind of newsletter?

“What are you talking about? Philip, you’re not making any sense.” He held the bundle of paper in front of him, gesturing for you to take it. It was titled The History for the United States in 1797 by John Callender. Wait a second…

“My father…and you… My father had an affair with you…” He looked at the floor like his entire world was collapsing.

No. Fucking. Way.

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You know I was just minding my own business when the dark vs anti vid came out and now I have to fic. Like I was gonna work on something else today but the fuckers are just like nope you have to play with us now. I've never done anything with anti before so its just great. I'm excited and inspired but seriously? I try and move on for one day lol.

that’s awesome, dude! if you’ve got motivation and inspiration for writing fics, then go for it! write away! feel free to tag me in it once you’re done, if you’d like!

Finding Home - Chapter 3 (Sam Drake x Reader)

Tagging: @dragonjedihobbit, @fhujami, @kerripamyupamyu, @unchartedterritoria, @random-aya, @sugardaddysully, @emilyackles, @axolotlqueen (I hope I didn’t left out anyone lol)

Thank you for the likes, reblogs and nice comments, they mean a lot! <3

Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 4

Sam still couldn’t believe it. It wasn’t even 20 minutes ago when he thought that he’s never gonna see you again, and  now he was walking with you to your apartment. And he’s gonna help you move in. Okay, not move in, just help you carry a wardrobe to your flat, but it was still something. He couldn’t keep the smile off from his face. He looked at you as you carried Bonny with a happy look on your face.

“Okay, here we are. Let’s bring your stuff up first.” - you said as you opened the door for the building.

“You sure? I mean, I can just leave it here.” - he stood in front of the door while you walked in.

It was dirty, just like him, and he didn’t want to dirty your new apartment.

You looked back at him with wide eyes.

“What? No, what if someone steals it? We’re bringing it up.” - you said as you held the door open for him.

Sam almost laughed. Who in their right mind would want to steal a homeless’s dirty bag? He rubbed the back of his neck, then he followed you into the building, and to the second floor.

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I don't understand why people are overreacting over the tag thing. For me personally, I only tagged the original Mafiatale as such. Everything that's been made mob/mafia related after that, no matter if it's undertale, gaster!sans, or etc, I've tagged as mob au. It's really not that hard to do lol You're doing great and you're honestly an inspiration to this fandom, so thank you for being a part of it <3 At the end of the day, you need to do what's best for you and make yourself happy

honestly? me neither. i honestly didn’t think it was an unreasonable request, that’s why i made it, and i never expected something like this to happen. i honestly don’t get why some people get so up in arms about being asked to not tag something as something, it’s not like it takes a lot of effort? and i get it, people have their own categorizing systems that they don’t wanna mess up, but…idk. i was totally unprepared.

thank you!

so I noticed that i often get too carried away just thinking about how cute caejose is, or how tragic the ship can be. when i hear the word “caejose” i often think about joseph playing pranks and caesar blushing and turning away to hide his smile. but, imagine, joseph just sitting in his bed, thinking about everything caesar does, and he curls up because ohmygod that feeling of affection and hope is so strong, too much, and the pumping in his heart fills his ears and there is a pain in his chest because how HOW could he come to love someone so so much in such a short time???

he has so many feelings and he just wants to be with him forever. usually when we think about caejose, we always want to think about Caesar being in love with joseph because he was always a little more closed off, and he doesnt wear his heart on his sleeves. we know that caesar would be the type to think about joseph rather than proclaim his grand love for the world to see, but how come we never think about joseph? we know joseph will do everything in his power to SHOW caesar how much he loves him, but have we ever thought about joseph….. just thinking? loud, abrasive, hot headed joseph, just sitting in the dark and thinking. joseph feeling so much that there can be no room for words. joseph, so consumed with everything about his love for caesar that he cant even utter a thing, and all he can do is gasp for air but instead he swallows mouthfuls of ohmygod i love caesar ohmygod i love you so much i think i could die.

Imagine Joseph being in so much love with Caesar, his hands are shaking and his breaths are coming up short, but he can’t stop this growing trainwreck in his mind. Imagine Joseph trying to come up with reasons why he feels so much for Caesar, and his first reason is “obviously because caesar chan is cute” but then they all come crashing down on him in waves because there are too many and frick why why why, ohmygod i cant think they are all pouring out and he just lays in bed trying to keep his breaths calm and collected but failing so hard. joseph always talks about his thoughts and he easily shows his feelings in front of others, but sometimes he needs some quiet too and whenever that happens he just needs to breathe because when he takes the time to actually stop and think, the sheer amount of everything that is Caesar overwhelms him.

Imagine Joseph curling up in the dark because there is a certain pain in his heart for loving him just a little too much, and he wonders if Caesar really truly loves him back as strongly as Joseph cherishes him. Joseph finds himself asking, why does he care so much for Caesar? When did he suddenly start caring so much? When did he start asking questions such as did he have dinner, did he have enough sleep, was he cold, did he need someone to talk to? Joseph asking himself why does this have to happen to him? why did he have to fall in love now? because sometimes the feeling even hurts but at other times he feels so happy he could float off the ground and fly into the sun. 

think about 18 year old joseph just trying to understand why he is so overwhelmed. 18 year old joseph fighting for his life but he finds hope in love, finds another reason to actually keep fighting, because the reason is more than just his love for his family - it is also his love for caesar. think about 18 year old joseph imagining what it would be like to marry caesar. imagine him holding up his left hand and smiling sheepishly because he wants to know what it would look like with a metal band around the finger between his middle and his pinky. imagine joseph being so much in fucking love with caesar but all of him is so consumed in the process that he just basks in the glow and warmth of being able to BE in love.

Jfc I love thinking about Joseph loving Caesar.

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What's your opinion on rarepairs like Makoharu and Yutaba?

I don’t mind them. I actually think a lot of ships (including these) are great!

Makoharu is a pretty good ship. Makoto would provide some stability and rationality in Haru’s life, and Haru would bring out Makoto’s empathetic side and open-mindedness. They’d try all sorts of things together, whether it’s something like pottery or laser tag, and I think they’d be able to communicate effectively. 

As far as Yutaba goes, I think we can all agree on the height difference being real cute lol. They banter and sass each other a lot, but once they get past their differences, they vibe really well, and their relationship would be very intellectually stimulating. I could definitely see Futaba taking pics of his paintings and using them as her wallpaper lol. These two would never get bored, and they’ll become so much closer as they mature and grow together.


And for the kagome exchange, these gifts are for..! 

*Jazz Hands*  @kitkags !!!

I really hope you like it! I redid the Todoroki one like a bajillion times because I wanted to try so many different thing but I ended up with a result that i really really loved and i hope you do too!! 

The Katsuki one was because I fell in love with the angry boy and I HAD to draw him! So lucky you hahaha

btw this is @miniroonie lol 


- The dudes went to a zoo that was kool
- Zane had rompers ??? idk i saw it somewhere i havent seen the vid yet lol
- Gabbie has a book! and the cover was revealed! 
- there was a thing about David drinking or something idk 
-(tbh i never liked dom, he creeped tf out)

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Uhm I just saw that you tagged Triage being one of your favorite fics and whaaaaaaaaaaat!?!?! That is so nice! This may have been ages ago because I always forget to check my own tag but yaaaaaaay! Thank you!

(referencing this post OR this post)

ASDFASDFA OMG??????? Like I’m having a moment right now, LOL. Because It always makes me so happy when an author tells me they are happy I recced their fic, mainly because I never think they will notice, let alone come to me personally or respond in tags. But yes, Triage is legit one of my all-time fave fics; I’m sorry I never told you in the Ao3 comments because I am a literal shit at commenting on fics (something I’m trying to work on, LOL), but here you are: It’s so well-written and in character, and is always a go-to fic when I need to read some good John!Whump. Seriously, I love a great hurt-John/concerned-caring-worried Sherlock fic and this is definitely one of the top ones. Every second of it rips out my heart, stomps on it, and puts it back in tenderly. I can’t thank @yorkiepug enough for reccing it to me, ‘cause it’s one of her favourites too! 

Thank YOU for giving us this fic <3


Me: You do know people still will ship things even if they aren’t ever gonna be canon right? Hell I still have friends that ship Zutara even though Kutara married Aang, lol Y'all adorable tho