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just another arya and dany parallel:

both are thrown into environments where they don’t speak the language. dany joins the dothraki where she is lost and alone. she cannot even speak to her new husband. but she has irri, a girl her own age, to teach her to speak their tongue. this helps her grow more confident among her new people. 

arya arrives in braavos and is instantly scared by the prospect of being friendless and unable to communicate in a foreign city. the waif becomes arya’s language teacher and *appears* to be of age with her. arya perfects her braavosi by living among the people while also learning several more tongues. 



Am I doing this right


Do I look like a smug bastard yet? 😘💜💜

You’ve seen my Acxa cosplay, so now here’s the Lotor test I did before her. Acxa’s armor is finished but the entire costume needs rebuilding and that last-minute make-up needs reworking, so I haven’t started Lotor’s armor yet. When both of those are finished I’m moving on to Zethrid 😘
In the mean time, enjoy this beautiful contour I spent three hours on and look away from my unglued lace and un-blended latex (cos I’m apparently allergic to the glue and something in the liquid latex I bought to fix those things 🙃)

(I promise this wig is white, the lights in my bathroom are just REALLY yellow)

linabigface  asked:

Can you please do a Tenma💍 being proposed by Tsurugi?(If you ship them of course you can just ignore that ask if you don't want to draw that)

art ask meme: character + emoji

(Requests are close thank you everyone !!) 

thank you so much for sending this !! it really took me a while to think of something !! here i hope you like it !! <3 plus i really love Kyouten and i am not good drawing comics so here my first trying … <3 

(here a better quality but i forgot to edit the script so lets pretend it is the same as this one ok bye)


(better Quality here because tumblr hate good qualities !! )  

ahh i can’t believe i finished this finally sorry for taking so long !! and I am really happy to draw Kyouten now I think I can sleep “) I hope you like it regardless on how many mistakes on that pic

art block sucks…

I literally couldn’t draw anything today. This whole week in fact I’ve been having art block problems… literally the worst I’ve ever had. I can’t seem to get even basic proportions right… but hopefully I got all these pent up feelings down on paper and I can start fresh next week and kick this art block in the face. 

Okay so I’m not done with this and legitimately when I have time this summer in the season break, will probably end up writing some Savitar fic and will probably make it coldflash if I do.

Reveling in Richonne

#18: The Mints (6x10)

After three seasons of build up, all it took was a roll of mints. Obviously because this was meant to be. 😋 

So here’s part two of my play by play for this canon scene. (It’s a little long lol but you know I have to go all out for the scene that gave us Richonne!)

I love that it was something so simple. I love it because it shows that their hearts were already committed to each other and they just needed one moment of quiet for their hearts to act. They live in a world where they had to constantly have their head on a swivel, especially as leaders, but in this rare restful moment that they finally had just to themselves, of course the first thing they naturally do is acknowledge their love.

It’s like how a small match can start a huge fire and those little mints were about to bless us all and release the burning passion within them. He tells her he spent the whole day running around on account of her dental hygiene. Who does that if you’re not in love? Plus I’m glad this gives us confirmation that Rick really was on that run for Michonne.

He gives her the mints and she playfully takes them from him which is super cute. I adore how playful they are with one another. At first I thought it was just Michonne being playful by taking them like that but now I see that Rick was being playful too, cuz he purposely didn’t just let go of the mints, like he made her grab them from him. How do they have both young and grown love? 😋 It’s perfect. 

(Side Note: I love that we’ve had so many significant moments with Richonne’s hands, ever since she handed him that lone bullet in “Clear”. And this mints shot totally parallels that bullet scene. They’ve come so far!)

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Now what’s funny is that she has the mints completely in her hand but Rick for some reason feels the need to pat her hand three times and say “Have your mints”. He wants her to know those are specifically for her. He was so happy that he could make her happy. Patting her hand was so dorky and adorable because he just needed to be connected to her. Again it was his subconscious acting and trying to tell him “Homie, she’s the one” and then Michonne’s subconscious told her the same thing, cuz after the third pat she held his hand.

Now this holding hand thing. I’m going to try my best to effectively break down my thought on this. It might just be me being extra lol but hopefully it makes sense.

Originally posted by fuckyeahsavagesistas

Seeing this moment, it’s such a random thing for Rick to do when he pats her hand. I think subconsciously Michonne could sense the different energy behind what he was doing. Like this wasn’t as casual as it appeared and she unknowingly sensed that. 

We know this was Rick subconsciously needing to be connected to her, but I think maybe initially to Michonne it just felt like him giving off some sort of nervous energy and so to me it looks like the reason her first instinct is to open her hand to him is because she’s just subconsciously trying to offer a sort of calming presence to what might have been translated as a nervous energy from Rick. But then I think doing that was, again, a match that set off a fire so without even fully processing it, they hold hands. It was the natural and instinctual next step.

And when she takes his hand it no longer becomes just about her calming or acknowledging him it becomes about her and him both realizing that this actually feels super right and like what they were meant to be doing all along. It’s not subconscious anymore. They are now getting this overwhelming confirmation that this is the one for them, this is the person who’s hand they should hold from here on out. Idk maybe it’s just me lol. 

Now they could’ve just held hands for a second and then let go and written it off as just maybe an awkward moment. But y'all they have a love supreme and therefore their love is way too strong to ignore, especially by now. So what happens when they hold hands? They don’t let go. They don’t let go!

Instead they slowly look right at each other. First Rick then Michonne and I love their different expressions. Like Rick is just so sure, so confident, so happy. You can tell he’s proud and low key surprised those dorky three pats actually worked 😂👌 🏽Rick has realized it’s okay to go for what he’s always wanted and was now just waiting for her to look over and realize she wanted him too.

And then Michonne slowly looks over. She appears to be a little nervous at first but I’m sure seeing that Rick’s not even a little nervous had to be reassuring. I often wondered why she looked sort of nervous in this scene, cuz it def wasn’t a hesitant or unsure look Michonne had, it looked more like a “wait is this really happening?” and I think it’s cuz this is a man she has wanted subconsciously for a long time, and then ever since Deanna got her thinking about her own wants, Michonne has more knowingly been realizing she was in love with Rick.

And now…here is this man that she has gone through so much with, that has won her heart the way only he can, that has “brought her back”, and now he’s holding her hand and looking at her like the literal sun and moon and stars. It had to be surreal that it was about to be real. What she wanted all along was staring right at her and about to become reality so I think her look was more of a dreamlike state as she realized this isn’t a dream anymore. This man really loves you the way you love him.

Someone made a great realization that this moment parallels the “You ready?" moment outside of ASZ in season 5. Rick was the nervous one that time and Michonne was the certain one and now here they are inside that place and fully ready. *swoons forever* 

Anyways, they lean in and the rest is history!! Like if y'all heard a loud boom when this moment aired, don’t worry, that was just the sound of a canon. 💥 🙌🏽😋👌🏽😉   

This moment was really beautiful and it felt like a big moment not just for them or the show but for the world to see. I remember watching it as it aired and thinking this is special and this is a big deal. I wish that pairings like this were just seen as normal (cuz they are normal) but I also know that, because this type of union is rarely depicted on TV, it makes this already special couple all the more special.

Plus, seeing my spirit animal, Yvette Nicole Brown, react to Richonne going canon on Talking Dead that night, it just made that 6x10 day feel like a big celebration. It felt like a win. I love that Danai, in all her wisdom, had the idea to film Yvette cuz her reaction, as always, was gold. Her yelling "Richonne!” was my first time really hearing R&M’s couple name lol. 

I also learned from this episode that I should never ever ever be nervous about how Richonne is conveyed or portrayed again because those two actors know exactly what they are doing. 👏🏽👏🏽 👏🏽They managed to make their first kiss feel new and mature and super passionate and not choreographed and blissful and meaningful and authentic and it more than conveyed that this was not a mistake or a “whatever thing” for them. This was a big deal to them just like it was a big deal to us. 

They were finally with the one they were meant to be with all along. You can tell they were overjoyed about the passion and love that they had inside finally showing itself and being fully reciprocated. You just couldn’t help but be happy that they were so extremely happy.

I love what someone said about how in this moment you could tell they were going to do what they felt about each other. Like this wasn’t just physical, this was their true deep love (that was already there) now just manifesting itself physically. Their looks, their smiles, their laughs, the passion and sparks. It was undeniable and so right.

Like the actors and Gimple said, when R&M looked at each other on that couch it was an “Of course” moment for them. Not an “Oh, what?” an “Of course” because this made all the sense in the world. Netflix describes this episode by saying “Amid the chaos, romance blossoms in Alexandria.” Blossoms. As in it’s been growing for a long time and this was just the rewarding bloom.

And you knew that this couple was here to stay and was only going to get stronger. And if you didn’t know, seeing them immediately go into warrior mode when Jesus ended up in their bedroom was all the confirmation you needed to know that these two equals were soul mates and the power couple that is “Richonne” had officially entered the world. Thank you, Jesus! Won’t He do it! 🙌🏾

I know that they call this moment endgame but it’s also just the beginning!


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BTS Reaction To You Not Knowing How To Ride A Bike

*GIFs Not Mine*

Reaction Masterlist

Anonymous said:

Hello!!! Can I have a BTS reaction to you not knowing how to ride a bike? (Lol I never learned) please and thank you!! 😘

Jin: it doesn’t matter if you can’t ride a bike because I can drive us around :)

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

Suga: why would we be going biking anyway?

Originally posted by yoongijae

J-Hope: so instead of being the cute couple on a tandem bike we can be a cute couple with you riding the handlebars?

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

Rap Monster: to be fair it’s probably best we avoid biking - I’d probably break something.

Originally posted by hoseokxx

Jimin: It’s fine if you don’’t know how to ride a bike, we’ll just walk there holding hands :*

Originally posted by okayoongz

V: I don’t see what that matters much, Seoul has good public transport and I’ll see what I can do about getting you a ride if you need one?

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Jungkook: *Instead he could probably carry you where you needed to go*

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Yoichi Saotome backgrounds requested by shirazuuginshi & anon ღ

↳ size (750 x 1334)

feel free to use, don’t take credit for them