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Can You See It?

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Genre: Fluff, Slight Angst, Soulmate!AU
Summary: Jungkook’s marking is leaked and out in the open for everyone to see. Everyone, including you.
Characters: Jungkook, Reader
Words: 6,363
Warnings: Swearing

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Title: The Mixtape (Reader x Peter Parker)

Summary: Peter decides to make a mixtape for the reader, the only way he thinks that he can vocalize his feelings.

Word Count: 2502

Summary: This one was somewhat hard for me to finish it’s so cute, lol. I even had a mixtape I made a while back and I revamped so, if you wanted to, you could listen to it here. It was totally my insp for this imagine! Hope you enjoy it :) 

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anonymous asked:

Have you ever seen Liam with man? And have you questioned if he can be gay? I am not a Ziam shipper. Its a question, sincerely. Why I'm asking this is that remember the twitter feud with the wanted? One called him gay. There is something doesnt make sense about Sophia and him like : He fucked with her so many times "I like girls with so much foundation that you cant see the face" or Niall's Sophia pictures. I dunno, have you ever seen him with Zayn or smth

Hello! Thank you for your message. I had to really have a think about whether or not I wanted to get into this, but seeing as Larry is basically a sure thing by now I can finally start to investigate this Ziam thing properly. 

The first time I saw Liam he was with a group of guys, like five guys, which is why I didn’t immediately recognise him. Also, I was listening to Midnight Memories so I just thought my mind was playing tricks on me, but alas, it was him. I’ve never seen him just with one guy one on one, he’s typically with a group. Which is also why I’ve never spoken to him - never really seems like the time or place, plus he looks like a wild scared animal when he’s outside. Legit, looks terrified to be outside which is why I just let him be. 

When I first heard about the Ziam thing I was like, ‘lol, okay. SURE.’ Because for me I saw Larry before I heard about them. I just legitimately assumed that they were out and together. My first reaction was, ‘Oh, that’s cute - two guys from 1D are together.’ Then after some YouTubing it was downhill from there and here I am. In Larrie trash hell writing more blog posts about them than I do about my own life - which is how I became quasi-J List celeb famous in England. True story. Google it.

Anyway, I opened a bottle of wine and watched a Ziam video a couple of months ago out of pure fascination and by the end of it I was like:

Because it seems so. Damn. Real. 

There were so many things that I completely missed or disregarded because there was something Larry happening beside it. Legitimately for every Larry moment there is an equal and, quite frankly, more open Ziam moment. 

So WHY then do we believe so firmly in Larry but, for the most part, completely dismiss Ziam?

Could it be that their management company actually learned from their colossal Larry mistakes? That aggressively shutting down a rumour by having Louis and Harry go from this:

 To this:

Was insane? 

Part of the problems faced by the media industry when One Direction was on the rise to becoming one of the biggest bands in history (forget of the time, because after five years it’s safe to say that like them or not they have left a huge mark on the music industry) is that social media management was not really a “thing” as it were in 2010. No one was prepared for the way in which every moment, every look, every touch would be documented on someone’s phone (or potato as it were in Wellington) and put on the internet for everyone to see. 

At the moment we are witnessing a previously unseen situation in which we literally have a case of seeing what goes on behind the smoke and mirrors. Whether it’s through anonymous stuffed animals or moments captured on someone’s phone that no one was meant to see, there is no way to effectively hide what is going on with Louis and Harry, no matter how many NDAs or shit articles you put out there.

That brings us back around to Zayn and Liam. You could argue that they weren’t censored because nothing was going on, or you could look at the fact that people see Zayn as the ‘bad boy’ and Liam as the ‘aggressively hetero one’ ever since he stepped out to go surfing with a six pack a couple of years back. They don’t LOOK gay, and unfortunately in this current day and age, that is still enough for people to ignore what is right in front of them.

These two:

Display very different mannerisms than these two:

They just do. Though all four have their flamboyant moments, people are looking for Larry moments, whereas an identical action from Ziam is just accepted as bros being bros because it would have been impossible to create a second massive divide in One Direction without making this entire dog and pony show implode.

Have a search through Tumblr for ‘ziam’ or ‘ziam is real’ and I guarantee you’ll find some very interesting information. 

Short story long: this whole band has been shady af since they came in third on the X Factor (you can read about that here: 5 Times One Direction’s Management Company And Record Label Were Shady AF)

Anyhow, I think that Ziam is as possible as Larry. Just better handled. 

And that’s what I have to say about that. 

Phayte’s Reads for the Week

June 10th Updates

So apparently people were LOVING making me cry this week! Dang it! Some really good stuff this week! Angst, Tears and HAPPINESS all week long!!!!!! 

PLEASE READ TAGS TO THESE STORIES BEFORE PROCEEDING! The authors are AMAZING at tagging their works - Mixed rating through all of these as I read ALL diff ratings through out the week!

If I Can’t Find You There, I Don’t Care -  @the-stoned-ranger - I am so in love with this story and when came to me about when she went to start it, I wasn’t sure, though I know to NEVER doubt what my saltwife writes, it is too perfect, too good. She is fucking amazing! UPDATED THIS WEEK - Four years after Barcelona, Yuri Plisetsky still hasn’t gotten over his awkward teenage crush on Yuuri Katsuki, his married rival-cum-coach. Though he has always longed for something more, Yuri has too much to lose if he acts on his feelings.But all that changes one night in Salt Lake City, when Yuuri accompanies his two young protégés to Skate America without his husband. Salsa dancing and a stolen bottle of scotch lead to the kind of bad decision that changes everything. How will Viktor, Yuuri, and Yuri begin to put themselves back together after it all falls apart?

Bizarre Love Triangle - @blownwish-blog - OtaPliRoy - SO FUCKING GOOD!!!!  Just finished this this morning! Yuri Plisetsky met them both on his knees in the boys’ room. One would stay, the other could not. America was one fucked up country.(The 80s high school au you didn’t ask for.)

Suit Up! - @francowitch - My love can write her ass off and impress me at every moment! - More OtaPliRoy -  When Otabek and JJ are tired of Yuri just playing video games, they Suit Up and have a little fun with their kitten…

Mischievous Friends - @definitelynotadulting - OMG THIS SHOOK ME! - The skaters play Never Have I Ever at Leo’s birthday party and learn what a bad boy quiet Otabek is. Or in which Bad Boy DJ Otabek is Yuri Plisetsky’s aesthetic. 

Yakov Feltsman Defends All of his Ridiculous Children -  preciousbunnynoiz - (Sorry I dont have their Tumblr name)  Yakov holds a press conference and the press is stupidly rude about his skaters. He will not let it stand

Not a random one - @aftgonice - THIS WAS SO GOOD!  He found that those fluffy and sweet fan fictions were starting not to be enough anymore. His feelings for Otabek weren’t of the innocent type, and while he was already used to fantasize about them, he’d gotten so used to actually reading that one day he just slipped. He found a pretty vanilla one, and promised himself that it would be enough. It was a one time thing, it had to be.
It wasn’t.

Unsteady - @victuri-oh-nice - COMPLETE - I am so going to miss this story and reading it every week!  You did so good honey! Loved it!Otabek was going to kill JJ. He was going to take the next flight to Canada, hunt him down and kick his ass.
Leo: I tried to stop him but he went and did it anyway, I’m sorry! (link)

Dead Air - @ded-i-am-just-ded - WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME!?!?! This fucking thing got in my head and fucked with me in ways I with it HAD NOT! -  You looked me in the eye and lied.

To Have the Tiger by the Tail - @caeseria - TENTACLES! TENTACLES! OMG TENTACLES! (dont kink shame me dammit, lol)  It’s not often that Yuri is caught by surprise, but when he discovers Katsudon doing something he shouldn’t, Yuri’s curiosity gets the better of him.

to be young and in love  - @yours-julie - DAMMIT I LOVE THIS STORY! This made me snot ugly cry and OMG I love this story!  Yuri is stuck in a small town where time stands still, spending his days working in a crappy Diner and dancing his nights away at dodgy clubs, dreaming of the day he can get out & wishing for something interesting to happen.

Just a Little Prick - @accidental-mormon Yuri Plisetsky is a tattoo artist at the locally-famous eros + agape body arts. When Otabek Altin accompanies a coworker for his first tattoo, he finds that it’s not the artwork that draws his eye. [tattoo artist!yuri] [dj!otabek]

A Thorn in the Tiger’s Paw - @theinsanefox - OMG SOOOOOO GOOD! When Yuri falls during practice one day and hurts his knee, he is devastated to find out that he’ll need to take the rest of the season off while he heals.  He quickly finds himself falling into a deep depression so Otabek offers to come stay with him for a few weeks.  Yuri is grateful but still feels like something is off, probably because he misses the ice so badly.

Overload - @lowercasewrites“Yura, are you okay?”Am I crying? Shit I must be. Why the fuck am I crying? He pulls back from my neck to look me in the eyes and make sure everything is alright. He cards his fingers through my hair as I pull myself together. I say the only thing I can think to say.“I love you so much, Beka.”

Smooth Criminal - @victuri-oh-niceWhen Officers Plisetsky and Nikiforov are called to a bar fight, Yuri is not even surprised to find the instigator of the entire thing being none other than Otabek Altin, a known gang member with an outstanding track record. Waiting until the station clears out feels like a waste of time until he can take Otabek for a one-on-one ‘conversation’, if you ask Yuri.

Sorry, Honey - @cherryfeather101 - I was blessed with an amazing gifted work! I am so honored and flattered and loved this! <3 Otabek and Yuri are married, until they’re not.

Still Halrloprillalar (prillalar) -  At competitions, Christophe has an arrangement where he doesn’t know who will show up in his room at night. After the GPF Free Skate, he waits to find out who it will be this time.

a place on Earth, with you - @melonbugg - I swear everyone wants me to cry… they wanna rip my heart and stomp it this week!Yuuri didn’t want to die, he didn’t want to die. And he didn’t want to die alone.The world was ending, and they were just two souls, desperate for someone to share their final days with.A Seeking a Friend for the End of the World AU

Born to Lose - @boxwineconfession - Anything HBB I will gagg over and ask for more! The Heart Break Beat Prequel fic nobody asked for.

Who’s the Biggest Dick? - @rodiniaorzetalthepenquin -  This is TOO CUTE for words! She always amazes me with her stuff!  Leo finds an article that causes many giggles, some speculation, a fight, and Yuri to start questioning his life choices.

Shake Things Up - @aftgoniceOtabek and Yuri are out to dinner with some of their fellow skaters. Yuri is bored. Otabek “helps”.

High Noon - (shit, there are so many of you… I hope I get this right) @lovelytitania - @cleardye - @evermoredeath - @father-nikiforov - @linnorm  - @proserpineceres - @sebuckwheat - Yall are fucking crazy and I love you all! Mysterious thing, an unstable plot. Powerful, and when meddled with, dangerous.

Again! If you write something! I wanna read it! I had some great ones rec’d to me this week! I hope you enjoy these amazing pieces! <3 <3 <3 

aoi-herondale  asked:

Snowbaz 1.4 please!

there was another anon who asked for this one too so i hope they see it here :D sorry it took a few days!! thank you so much for the prompt i hope you like it bc i freaking love soulmate aus and im so happy to have an excuse to write one

soulmate au: if you write/draw on your skin it shows up on your soulmate’s skin

words: 1.6k 

warnings: lol none im an innocent

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A Family Of Your Own (Jason Todd x Reader)

Request: “I really love your blog and your writing! Would you be able to do a Jason Todd x reader where the reader is pregnant and they tell the batfam (bonus: grandpa Bruce)”- anon

Y/N- Your Name

Y/N/N- Your Nick Name

Warnings: None? Maybe swearing?

A/N: This took longer to write than I originally hoped, but its also a lot lengthier than I was meaning for it to be.. lol. I hope you enjoy, anon!


“Jay?? Are you ready?” you shout as you rush around your apartment looking for your keys. You were supposed to be at the manor 30 minutes ago, but as always, you were running late. You sit down on the couch and go through your purse one more time just to make sure you didn’t miss them in there when you first checked. You only stop looking when you hear the sound of them jingling, and look up to see your husband dangling the keys in front of your face.

“Looking for these?” he asks with a mischievous smile.

“You had them the whole time, didn’t you?” you grumble as you grab the keys from his hand.

He flops down onto the couch just as you’re starting to stand up.

“Jason… come on, we gotta go!” you say, tugging on his arm, trying to pull him up into a standing position.

You had big news to share with everyone… you were pregnant. And now that you were in your second trimester, it was time to tell your little secret. You didn’t have a family of your own, so getting to tell Jason’s was just as important to you. Bruce had been the dad you never got to have, meaning you were the most nervous and excited to tell him. You weren’t exactly sure how he’d react, raising a child in a city like Gotham was risky, and to add to that this baby was being born into a family of vigilante’s.

You’re pulled out of your thoughts though by Jason’s voice.

“I say we revisit my idea of just sending them a friendly group text… you know, just say ‘I knocked Y/N up! Surprise!’ and be done with it!” he says with a goofy look on his face.

“Jason Peter Todd… No. This isn’t something you just tell someone over the phone. This is your family we’re talking about here… and they’re my family too.” you pout.

You knew exactly what you were doing, and so did Jason. But he didn’t care, and even if he did, he always had a problem with telling you ‘no’.

“Fiiiiiiiiine” he groans out, and leans forward to put his hands on your stomach.

“Let it be known that your mother fights dirty.” he says, talking to your unborn baby.

You laugh and roll your eyes.

“You think she can hear me in there?” he asks, looking up at you.

“At 24 weeks babies have been known to turn their heads in response to noises and voices.” you say, quoting an article you had read earlier that day.  

“Someone’s been doing their research.” he says with his brows raised.

“Hey! I just wanna know whats going on in there! I know next to nothing about babies. Hell, I didn’t even know I wanted one till this little dork came along.” you say, defending yourself.

Jason stands up, pulling you into his arms.

“You’re cute, you know that?” he smiles.

“Of course… my cuteness is my most redeeming quality.” you joke.

“Wait a minute. Did you just call our future daughter a dork?” he asks, trying not to laugh.

“I mean, if shes anything like you she will be…” you fire back.

His mouth drops open as he pretends to be insulted.

“I am not a dork!” he says, holding back a laugh.

“ Sureeeee.” you smirk, as you tug him along towards the door.

Once you arrive at the manor you’re greeted at the door by Alfred. As soon as you saw him you smiled… Alfred had always been like a grandfather to you, not to mention he was the only one who rivaled you in sarcasm.

“You’re an hour late… I’m shocked.” he says, causing you to snicker.

“You can thank Jay for that one… he decided he wanted to play hide and seek with the car keys today.” you say as you step inside.

“Way to throw me under the bus, Y/N/N.” Jason mumbles.

“Don’t you worry, Master Jason… I had no doubts that you were to blame.” he replies.

Jason huff’s at this, and you laugh… It was good to be back at the manor.

As the three of you walked through the house you could feel the anxiety bubbling up inside you, you reach out and grab Jason’s hands, intertwining your fingers. When you walk into the living room you see everyone is there, the room is loud but it always is when the family is gathered around. Dick is the first to notice you.

“Y/N!” Dick shouts, getting up to hug you.

Dick was your best friend, in fact, you knew him before you even knew Jason. He had been your partner in crime all throughout your childhood and your time as a vigilante, he also played a part in what brought you and your now husband together. Which was why you felt so guilty about not telling Dick about the pregnancy sooner, but you knew at the end of the day he’d never hold it against you.

After you finished greeting everyone, you and Jason took a seat on the couch with the others. It was time to share your news, but for some reason you just couldn’t get the words to come out. You looked over at Jason only to find him already looking at you, his warm smile giving you the courage to say what you need to. But just as you’re about to speak, you’re interrupted by Jason’s youngest brother.

“Are you two getting a divorce or something? I can only imagine that’s why you asked us all to be here today. You can just tell us… I mean, it is Todd we’re talking about here.” Damian smirks.

“Nice vote of confidence there, Damian.” Jason says in a flat tone, causing you to laugh.

“Seriously though… Whats up? Are you guys okay?” a very worried Barbara asks.

“Everything is fine! Its nothing like that…” you reassure.

“Everything is more than fine actually.” Jason says as he smiles at you.

Now that you officially have everyone’s attention, you stand up. You can see they’re confused, so with that you unzip your jacket revealing a tiny baby bump, not big enough for them to have noticed over layers of clothing, but prominent enough for them to know exactly what you’re getting at. As soon as they realize what they’re seeing, the living room breaks out into excited shouting and everyone gets up to congratulate you. Jason stands up and pulls you into his arms. The reaction from your family was everything you hoped it would be. Everything is happening so fast though that it feels like a blur. Its not until your standing in front of your father in law that you snap out of it.

The always stoic batman smiles down at you, and you cant help but pull him into a hug. Bruce was often a man of few words, but that never bothered you. His smile was enough for you to know that he was happy for you. Finally you release him from the hug, and look back up at him.

“So..” you say through tears. “How does 'Grandpa Bruce’ sound to you?” you ask.

“It sounds perfect, Y/N.” he replies

“She’s gonna love you..” you say softly.

“She??” his smile grows bigger at that.

“Yeah, its a little girl.” you say.

This time Bruce is the one to pull you into the hug.

“Congratulations, sweetheart.” he says, kissing the top of your head.


Today was your daughters 3rd birthday and everyone was gathered at the manor again. As your family and friends all squeezed themselves into the kitchen , you and Jason brought in the birthday cake, setting it down at the table in front of her. She was sitting on Bruce’s lap, clapping wildly as you all sang her happy birthday. Bruce smiled bright, holding your little girl close to him.

When the singing finished, he leaned forward and helped your daughter blow out her candles. After they were out, the room erupted into cheers. The scene was picturesque, and you were so happy you thought you might cry. Jason wraps his arms around your waist, and pulls you into a kiss. You pull away and smile, pressing your forehead against his. You finally had a family to call your own, never in your life did you imagine you’d get this lucky. But, boy were you glad you did…

Request: Hi!! I love your imagines, and I’m glad you’re in a better place! Thank you so much for writing these lol. I was wondering if you could do one where you help Peter write the story about George fir the paper and then you wind up kind of comforting him about the whole thing? Lots of fluff please lol THANK YOU!!!

A/N: thank you love 💕


It was a boring day like normal in the local news shop. You had been working as a writer here for a couple months now, and nothing even remotely exciting ever happened.

You had always wanted to work for the paper, maybe one day becoming the editor. But you wanted to work for a big news company, not the little local paper. You had to start somewhere though.

You were by yourself today, trying to finish an article for tomorrow’s paper. It was Sunday, so most people were home with your families. Your family worked all the time, so you spent your Sunday’s here.

Your attention was diverted when you heard the bell ding as someone opened the door. You immediately locked eyes with a boy about your age, shocking you.

“Can I help you?” You asked, straightening your back from its previous bent over position.

“Yes, I erm, I was hoping you would help me with an article for the paper?” The boy asked nervously, shuffling on his feet.

“What is it about?” You asked curiously, beckoning him over with your hand.

“It’s about a friend of mine, George.” He said, walking towards you and holding out a half written article.

You skimmed through the first two sentences, before pausing and looking up at the boy in shock.

“Your friend, he was the one that just died wasn’t he? On a ship from Dunkirk?” You questioned, remembering the gossip going around town vividly. Nothing really ever happened here, so when a young boy died it was the main talk for days.

“He came with my dad and I to bring home some soldiers. He hit his head after falling and well, he didn’t make it. He told me before he died that he had always wanted his picture in the paper. He wanted to make his family proud.”

You were taken aback by the story and the emotion in the boys voice. You couldn’t possibly say no.

“Well, let’s make it happen shall we?” You asked, earning a small smile from the cute blonde boy.

“Thank you, miss…” He trailed off, waiting for you to state your name.


“Thank you Y/N, I really appreciate it. I’m Peter by the way, Peter Dawson.” He held out his hand for you to shake, which you accepted.

“Don’t mention it Peter. Now, let’s get started.”

For the next two hours, the two of you worked on the article. You had just finished typing it up, showing the finished story to him.

“Tomorrow’s paper is full, but I’ll get it in there on Tuesday if that’s alright.” You told him, watching worriedly as his hands shook as he read the article.

“It’s perfect, thank you.” Peter choked out, raising teary eyes to meet yours.

“Oh Peter.” You whispered, standing up and pulling him into your arms. He broke down against you, crying into your neck. “I’m so sorry.”

“I just wish he was here to see this. I should have never let him come with us. It should have been me that died out there, not him.” Peter was full on sobbing against you, finally letting out the tears he had been holding in for a few days now.

“Please don’t do that to yourself.” You whispered, holding him tighter. “Don’t blame yourself. George wouldn’t want you to do that to yourself, and he definitely would want you to be dead and him alive. Doing this to yourself isn’t fair to him.”

“I know. I just miss him. He was my best friend, I didn’t want to lose a second brother.” He cried harder, making your heart break.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” You murmured, pulling him down and resting his head in your lap as you ran your fingers though his hair. “He’s in a better place now, smiling down at you. He wouldn’t want you to be sad, he’d want you to remember the good times you’ve had together.”

Peter was beginning to calm down a little, turning so he was looking up at you.

“Can you do that? Can you think of the happy times you had with him? Maybe you’d like to talk about them?”

“Well, there was this one time…”

The two of you spent the rest of the afternoon just like that, sharing laughs and tears as he talked about George.

George was gone, but he could live on through Peters memories.

wanna chat? pt. 17

on ao3
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i said a bunch of things in the note on ao3 but its like. sooo long so yeah just check that out please and thanks ilysm 

(son of a gunn = adrien, the worst = alya, lol death = nino, its red = mari)

what is happening in this anymore


son of a gunn: NASA!!! PLANETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHH!!!!!!

son of a gun has changed their name to trappist


the worst: as adorable as it is to see u nerd out like the loser u are
sleep boi

trappist: WHO CAN SLEEP AT A TIME LIKE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

lol death: hello my dudes why are we yelling

trappist: NASA!!!!!!!!!

lol death: nice
the one good thing the americans gave us

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my IUD experience (this story won't make you cry IN TERROR!!!!)

So I really wanted to write about my IUD insertion experience yesterday, because I did so much online research beforehand and read so many GODAWFUL HOLY FUCK WHAT HAVE I SIGNED UP FOR horror stories that I completely FREAKED OUT making the whole thing a lot more stressful than it needed to be. I hope this will make some girls desperately searching the IUD tags feel better!!!!! I’m bolding words so you can skim through what you don’t want to read.

I am 22 years old, in a long term monogamous relationship, and I have never given birth/been pregnant.

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An Introduction to Eric Harris

It’s quite strange to write anything remotely resembling an introduction to something associated with Columbine after all these years of research. It often feels like the case is a “seen it all”-type of deal, to which I’m sure quite a few of you can relate. Yet, there is still an occasional drive to talk about aspects of the case at length. There’s a need to speak about some things that doesn’t go away, not even after all this time, and I guess this “introduction” is one way of dealing with that urge to just keep speaking about it.

If you’d told me four years ago that I’d be writing this about Eric and not Dylan, I would’ve laughed hysterically and called you a liar. If you’d told me back then that I would come to understand Eric in a way that I now can no longer understand Dylan, I would’ve frowned and questioned a lot of things about the future. But it’s the truth of what happened in this time, I suppose, and it’s the one thing that gives me a drive to write Columbine-related things at this point. This piece is something that will take you through my own journey of learning to comprehend Eric. It’s a process that I feel has been both intuitive and intelligent. More than anything, it’s a process that has taken me far away from the commonly accepted view of him as presented by the media.

Writing an introduction to Eric Harris isn’t so much about the basics. We all know that he was eighteen years old when he killed and died at Columbine. We know that he was born in April, but wasn’t native to Littleton at the time. We know that he moved from Kansas to Ohio, from Ohio to Michigan, and from Michigan to New York prior to ever setting foot in Colorado. We know that he came from a military family that seems to have been quite traditional in its set-up. We know he had an older brother. We know he loved to play computer games, liked all things military, and that he had an interest in German and history.

We also know that he was diagnosed with psychopathy after his death by people who should’ve known better. I am not saying that they should’ve known better because I’m one of those so-called “Eric apologists” who believes he vomited sparkly rainbows. It’d perhaps be easier to discard my opinion if I was. Rather, I believe they should have known better because this is one of the fields I studied extensively and have gained quite a lot of insight into. None of my studies point at post-mortem diagnoses being commonly accepted, nor do any of my own insights correspond with the ways in which the diagnosis was acquired and set.

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anonymous asked:

What happened to nico and lewis? Plz explain i just got back into f1 after like 12 years like last time i watched it was with my dad when i was a child lol thanks 🙏

jesus christ, well i guess we best start from the very beginning. we’ll call this the story of brocedes, and you best get a drink and some snacks and settle yourself down, this is a long and bumpy ride (i should know as this has taken me 2 hours to make).

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anonymous asked:

Hi Holly! I hope you're doing great :D! I'm re-reading CWU atm and i had a bit of a silly question: considering the highly televised and dramatic star-crossed love story of Hux and Ren in CWU universe, was there a holomovie adaptation made at some point by Space Hollywood??? If so, what did it look like?? How wrong was it, and what did they get accidentally right?? WAS IT NOMINATED FOR A SPACE OSCAR???? I NEED TO KNOW HOLLY (also, love you and thank you for existing)

Hey!! That’s actually not silly at all because in the original ending (which was a historical document written 200 years in the future) it is revealed that there was a variety of media re: their DARK LOVE STORY and one such thing was a Broadway-style play with songs. Here’s the relevant part:

(This was supposed to be an editor’s note at the end of Hux’s published journals from their time on Enga, and I got really emotional over it when I wrote it and then later realized it wasn’t very good as an ending, so forgive how goofy it is—it was supposed to be from a networked document, and the underlined parts are supposed to be links to further articles, more info etc. I made them fake links here because I guess it’s the only way to underline on Tumblr sry)

Subsequent fictionalizations of the affair between Hux and Ren have furthered this belief, particularly the musical named for Hux’s original memoir, which dramatizes Hux’s escape from the Tower as an assault upon the institution by Kylo Ren. In fact, there is a wealth of historical evidence that suggests Hux escaped without Kylo Ren’s direct involvement but with the help of an unidentified guard who had gained employment at the facility by presenting falsified documentation (some have suggested this guard may have been Kylo Ren or one of his disciples, but Vonmali’s Who Were The Dark Ones? outlines the reasons that this is probably not true). Few doubt that Hux met up with Kylo Ren shortly after his escape, however; there is otherwise no explanation for his ability to leave the planet undetected. Accounts of the red-haired man who was often in the company of the Human Healer on Enga support the belief that they lived there together, and there are reports of a substantial monument that was erected in memorial to the two of them in the jungles outside of Rez’ilanif, though it is said this structure is inaccessible to most who seek it due to protection by the Force, and indeed it has never been found.

I was so into that “and indeed it has never been found” ending when I first wrote it haaa. Thank you for asking! Generally I imagine dramatizations would definitely exist and would get lots wrong, even following the discovery of Hux’s Enga journals. Snoke would be portrayed as a rival lover, lol, or Hux would steal the Force from Ren intentionally, etc etc. Now I want to write a missing scene where those two hear tell of something like this… Ren would probably enjoy it, Hux would refuse to hear the details but would secretly be curious.

anonymous asked:

I just read an article about the live-action Mulan remake, and the director said that so far, there are no plans to include the musical numbers. She also described it as a "girly martial arts extravaganza" and that bothers me soooooo much. This is the first live-action princess remake that has poc main characters and it feels like being cheated. It's so rare for asians to be in musicals.


I mean Beauty and The Beast is the only live adaption film Disney has done so far that is a full out musical with the exception of The Jungle Book ft. like two songs in it. But Mulan is my all time favorite Disney movie, it was the epitome of my childhood. I think Mulan being a musical would be an incredible experience.

I think it is a shame that Asians do not get enough credit when it comes to art because I can think of so many talented people I know who are incredibly talented martial artists, dancers, singers, actors, artists, etc. I think Mulan could definitely showcase all of that if it was going to be a musical!!! I can just imagine how cool the choreography would be for I’ll Make a Man Out of You and I cannot believe we’re missing out on that!

And you’re right! It is rare for Asians to be in musicals. I think Lea Salonga has definitely helped paved way for Asians on Broadway (she was in Les Miserables! That’s a super white musical! She’s also the singing voice of Mulan too) + Phillipa Soo has also been killing it on Broadway with Great Comet, Hamilton, and Amelie under her belt. But in a mainstream setting, I think it’s still difficult to find a musical that has exclusively Asian roles like Allegiance, Miss Saigon, or The King and I (and believe it or not some productions still cast WHITE PEOPLE to play King Mongkut or even have an entire cast that’s white…). 

Also I agree, I think the director Niki Caro could have described the film better. The full context of the quote is “But the budget and the location and the story is offering such scope to me for [an] incredible, muscular piece of girly martial arts extravaganza in China. And I can’t wait.” (Disney’s Live-Action ‘Mulan’ Will Be a ‘Girly Martial Arts Extravaganza’). And I think calling it a “muscular  piece of a girly martial arts extravaganza in China” is so cringeworthy. Mulan defied the idea that women and men are not confined to their gender normative or traditional values. It’s clear Caro is trying imply that Mulan is masculine but also feminine but conveys it poorly. If it was spoken about a man, the quote wouldn’t say “muscular piece of manly martial arts extravaganza”, it would just say “martial arts extravaganza” because men are already inherently assumed to be muscular and masculine. 


Pardon me if the title seems a bit misleading, it’s a mere hyperbolic clickbait.

This entry is dedicated to my fellow akhwaat, my habaebatis, sisters, girlfriends, or my species lah in general, who are in menses (read: on your period) during this first week of ramadan,

I know it sucks.

Your period is the worst thing that can happen during ramadan. Having to stay at home while your friends and family rush to the masjid for Tarawih, not being able to touch the mushaf or recite quran, seeing people spending time in ’iktikaaf and tadarus etc. You’ll feel left behind or even worse, deprived from all the rewards promised in this blessed month. However, keep in mind that everything that is ordained/destined by Allah is always the best. To complain is no different than to question His wisdom. Redha. There are plenty of other ibadah you can also do. Don’t let something as small as your period get in between you and your blessings.

So as your fellow sister in Islam, I’d like to share a number of practical ideas/ibadah that you can do to still be able to participate in ramadan, things I personally enjoy doing.

  1. Prepare Sahur
    Since you’re not fasting, I know it’s way more convenient to sleep in and stay in bed at this hour. But think of it this way, YOU are actually contributing to someone’s act of worship. YOU are providing them with the fuel they need to carry out a spiritual obligation. And for you to sacrifice just a few minutes of sleep for this purpose is such a virtuous act MashaAllah. If you’re celebrating ramadan at home, team up with your mom or sisters to prepare the meal or wake up earlier than any of your family members and make a surprise sahur. If you’re in college/hostel and living with your friends, on the other hand, wake them up and tell them you prepared a little something for them. Be it big or small, it’s the effort & thought that matters.

  2. Take over the housework
    If you happen to have more energy than your friends/family who are fasting, then why not? Clean the house, help run errands, wash their dishes, iron their clothes etc. Not because they can’t do it themselves, but because you want to. When you intend ease for others, inshaAllah it’ll bring great joy to them and in return to you.  

  3. Listen to Islamic lectures
    This is my personal favorite. There’s a plethora of great lectures online. Short ones. Long ones. Best part is, a lot of them are free! Try making it a habit to listen to at least one lecture a day and be sure to take down notes. You can have a notebook solely for this purpose and by the end of ramadan you’ll be amazed by the amount of gems you’ve collected. Don’t know where to start? Look up some of my favorites;
    - Ustaz Nouman Ali Khan,
    - Prof Tariq Ramadan
    - Shaykh Hamza Yusuf

  4. Attend ‘ilm events
    There are so many organisations conducting great events and talks in ramadan, don’t miss out. There’s always something new to learn. Even if it requires us to pay, go for it. Remember that we’re spending money to please Allah SWT. What more can we ask for if He is pleased with us?

  5. Give good reminders & be in a halaqah (religous circle, gathering)
    This is a great sunnah of the prophet. Don’t have one, no worries, create one. Just sit in a circle with some of your friends and decide on who is going to be in charge of that particular session so she can prepare what to present beforehand. It doesn’t have to be formal at all. Take the opportunity to share what you’ve learnt from the lectures (refer point 3 & 4) as well. Halaqahs are great to exchange thoughts/knowledge & also a way to build stronger bonds with the people within that circle.

  6. Tadabbur, Study the Quran
    Although you can’t touch or recite it, no one said anything about not being able to learn it. Read the tafsir (translation of the quran) and understand it. Or you can have someone one do it for you. There are several audio files/podcasts explaining surahs one by one by legitimate scholars & shaykhs that are available online to download. You can even have them playing while you’re driving to class or doing work. 

  7. Read books & articles (or even tumblr posts lol)
    Religious or not religious, read for the sake of knowledge. However since it’s ramadan, try picking up something Islamic. You can read Seerah (stories of the prophets), Asbabun nuzul (how and why a surah is revealed), As-shamail (Muhammad SAW’s biography) and many more. Some of the books I love are;
    - Reclaim Your Heart by Yasmin Mogahed
    - In the Footsteps of the Prophet by Tariq Ramadan
    - Purification of the Heart by Hamza Yusuf. 

  8. Donate & do charity
    Sadaqah is incredibly powerful. In ramadan, it’s like a multi-level marketing business! Have books, clothes, toys or anything that is in good condition but you don’t use anymore? Give it away. Or better yet, buy new ones and give them to those in need. Other than charity you can also do simple sadaqah like cook for your neighbour or put in a few bucks into the tabung masjid. Remember that the rezeki of a Muslim is not only from what he gets, but what he gives away.

  9. Memorize the 99 beautiful names of Allah
    Now here’s a challenge for you. Try to remember the Asma’ul Husna in arabic along with it’s meaning. All 99. To make it easier, search for the nasheed (song) version of it. Learning these supreme & godly attributes has so many positive returns. I might talk about that in a different post.

  10. Memorize & study hadeeth
    While you are not allowed to touch or recite the Quran, you can still do it to hadeeth. Hadeeth are also an important Islamic authority. But make sure it’s authentic! Option; start with Imam Nawawi’s 40 hadeeth. 

  11. Give out presents/gifts.
    Idea: Buy something practical like a book, a watch or something that you know will be put into good use so you can also scrape down the reward continuously. The Prophet said, تهادوا، تحابوا, exchange gifts, as that will lead to increasing your love to one another. [Bukhari]

  12. Make plenty of Selawat & Zikrullah (Remembrance of Allah)
    - LailahaiIlAllah: “There is no god but God.”
    - Allahumma Sali‘Ala Muhammad: “Oh God, send your peace and blessings upon the Prophet Muhammad”
    - Allahuakbar: “God is the greatest”
    - Alhamdulillah: “All praises to Allah”
    - Subhanallah: “Glory to Allah”

  13. Make sincere Tawbah (repentence)
    You don’t need wudhu’ for this (except if you perform Solat Tawbah). Ask Allah to pardon us, cover our sins, and save us from the Hellfire. Beg for forgiveness. As I mentioned in my previous post, Allah is Al-Ghaffur- The All-Forgiving. He is always ready to forgive (provided we are sincere and we feel remorse)

  14. Make lots and lots of Du’a (prayers)
    It does not have to be formal. You don’t have to have any special supplications memorized, or even speak in Arabic. Talk to Allah as if He is your best friend, and you will find that He is. Tell him everything. About your dreams, your passion, how your day went or is going, your crush, your exams- just anything. Ask Him for what you want, how you want it. Spill your heart out. He is YOUR God. He listens, and He is capable of providing you with anything and everything. You’ll realize how you’ll be drawn closer and closer to Allah and as this happens, your character will begin to change gradually.

  15. Host an iftaar/sponsor an iftaar at various masjids
    “Whoever feeds a fasting person will have reward like that of the fasting person, without any reduction in his reward.” (Tirmidhi)

And the list goes on. In reality, every single thing that we do for Allah’s sake is considered an ibadah. Do not restrict or limit ourselves. May Allah be pleased with us, accept our deeds and continue to shower us with His mercy. Hope you find this helpful.

“… Allah intends for you ease, and He does not want to make things difficult for you.” 2:185

May peace be upon you x

Promptis Celeb AU Part 13

Previous parts: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12]

AO3 link

(sorry it’s a day later than i wanted to post~ i got sick yesterday!) 

Prompto doesn’t remember falling asleep. He remembers his uncle saying, “who the fuck do I have to kill?” immediately followed by “I am going to kill Noctis Caelum.” He remembers his uncle getting him a drink and some clothes to wear that isn’t his fancy tuxedo. Prompto remembers staring vaguely at his reflection in the mirror, because he cries himself silly and ruins any salvaging Aranea’s possibly managed to magic up. He should take a bath, should eat something, but instead he just leaves the pile of fancy clothing on the floor and changes into a pair of Cor’s old sweatpants. He has to roll the bottom hem up and tie drawstrings tight around the waistband, but it’s way better than being dressed in those stupid fancy clothes that stupid Noctis bought him for that stupid party. He manages a text to Aranea, a quick ‘thanks, I made it home’ and then Prompto shuts his phone off. He’s not dealing with that shit.

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Butterflies. Shannon Series. Ch 2.

Authors note:  Okay got a little carried away with this one. I can’t hep it I just love my Bear  🐻 💖

Warnings: Smut, swearing. 

Word Count: 2,382.

Butterflies. Chapter 2.

If you haven’t read it here’s : CHAPTER 1.

I literally ran home after work. I needed to find the perfect outfit for our date. As soon as I got home I received a text ‘Hello beautiful. This is Shannon. I’m taking you to dinner tonight. I’ll be at yours by 10 x’. I texted him back ‘Hey, now what do I dress for? McDonald’s or restaurant? lol x’ My phone went off in my hand again. ‘Definitely restaurant. I’m going to show you how a real man dates x’ I replied. ‘Ohh well. I’ll be ready by 10 then x’. ‘See you later pretty lady x’. I put my phone down and walked straight to my wardrobe pulling out different articles of clothing. “nope…no… uh…” I just couldn’t find the right outfit, meanwhile clothes were piling up on my floor. I gasped. “Oh, I could work with this”. I pulled out a burgundy bar-dot dress and grabbed some nude heels and a nude colored purse from the guest bedroom. Thankfully I have time for a shower and time to wash and do my hair. It’s 9 pm. Time for make up. “Oohh what should I do?” I ask the dogs. They’re just starring back at me. “Good answer guys” I laugh. I decided to try something a little bold tonight. Blue eyeliner.

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any advice on creating a research proposal?

hello anon! sure, i could probably give you a couple pointers. keep in mind that a) im not an expert - im only an ma student! and b) the parameters of the research proposal you need to produce will affect what the process of creating it will look like. so, given that i am working in the humanities and have really only written actual research proposals for a canadian federal funding body, my experience is specific to those parameters and requirements. 

however. i think (theoretically, mind you, i have no practical knowledge to back this up) that some things remain constant across the board. so here’s my attempt to articulate those at my bedtime after a glass of wine and what feels like a long day (but it wasn’t really)

  • ONE - remember that this is a research proposal. therefore, you cannot in any feasible way have done the research yet. you are not expected to have read every source in your bibliography. however, please DO take advantage of the (seemingly hundreds) of book/article reviews you can find on any database. you know the ones that take up the first three pages of your database search before you realize that this database doesn’t actually have the text you’re looking for because you fall into this trap every damn time? okay maybe that’s just me but still. in this case these will actually be what you’re looking for ON PURPOSE
  • TWO - and related to one: though as ive mentioned you can’t have done the research yet, it is best to stick to a field for which you have at least a basic grasp of the current state of scholarship. you don’t want to have to do all the groundwork and/or miss any big glaring chunks of important field-specific history that would completely derail your argument
  • THREE - choose your strategy: pick something that truly interests you or pick something you know you can create good a proposal for. which one you choose will likely depend on the parameters of the required proposal. for the ones i’ve applied to, the proposal i write is not a contract; the funding body doesn’t care if i change my project once they’ve given me money. it’s about proving that i can think in a way that they deem “worthy” of funding. however, if you’re applying for a grant or something that funds specific projects, then you should probably make sure the project is interesting to you. otherwise your work life might suck for a while.
  • FOUR - my best piece of advice regarding the creation of a research proposal is………….. TEAMWORK! no for real. create a group of fellow proposal-writers and brainstorm everyone’s project together; exchange drafts, get thoughts, get feedback on what works and what doesn’t. it’s honestly even better if this group is field-diverse. for example, i wouldn’t want to write a research proposal about medieval lit and then exchange it with 3 other medievalists - we would get too bogged down in the details, in the “have you read this, have you considered that”s and in the “actually, i disagree”s. when i wrote my proposals, i was working with a modernist, a contemporary/video games person, a political scientist, and a narratologist. this, in my experience, much more accurately reflects the kind of selection committee that a discipline-non-specific research grant (like SSHRC) would put together. this way, your proposal can speak to scholars that are not experts in your particular area, which is important if they’re the ones deciding whether your ideas are worth money
  • FIVE - and i guess a bit trite. but remember: not everyone can be funded. if you dont get the award or scholarship or grant you’re applying to, it doesn’t mean your ideas are worthless or that you won’t be a great scholar or that you can’t succeed in the field. rejection is a huge part of academia, unfortunately - but you can’t let that stop you from thinking in interesting and innovative ways. 

i hope this helps! idk how relevant it is because, as i said, i’ve not applied to very many research grants. but if you have more questions, or want a follow up or clarification, let me know. and also, to anyone else who happens to read this beast, if you have input or something to add then please do!



His hot sexy-smoochy-ramen r18 drama cd.. lol, serious, I still remember his debut in rated drama cd in end of 2015, he is still new but he keep progressing until now and never fail to make us more crazy bout him~

Ok ok, sorry, let’s leave that topic aside, now, WHY?

- He is Libra guy (29/9), his zodiac tells almost everything bout his personality, and it is true! Libra people especially those first half of Libra (23/9-8/10) is CRAZY.. I follow his Nandemo Hero radio shows since episod 8 till now, so.. yeah.. Haha no offense.. I’m a Libra myself (6/10)..

- I had a crush who is same age with Makonyan when I was a freshman in junior high, I was 13, and he was 19.. therefore, I cant help it but they related sometimes… the feels was too nostalgic

- Makonyan is friendly, and caring, especially to his kouhais!

- Libra person like us, friendly in real life, but actually have less friend, and yeah, Makonyan said this in his interview with Kiki Voice.

- Love to spend time alone? I think.. but I forgot where I read bout this, or actually I heard it at his Nandemo Hero radio shows.. (will reconfirm)

- HE IS DO-S, Kyaaaaaa! I’m an S, but I love when a guy can tame my S side.. (eh?), he often shows his Do-S side at his radios shows, gosh, dear Makonyan’s fan, pls pls pls support his radio shows ok? Here is the link

- He loves mint! Us love mint! (Eh)

- We love blue!

- He has nice smile, very warm smile.. and the feels is like that one friendly guy in the class who is always ready to help you.. (lol)

- So humble.. (I love this!)

- I loveeee his broad back! *nosebleed* Sorry.. 実話ね~お背中フェチだよ!>///<

- He joined his table tennis club and school band during high school, pretty satisfied with his high school life, so do I! ^_^ , If I were to compare my high school life with my campus life, I were more active back then.

- We LOVE Hikaru Midorikawa!

- Ohmygod, please, I love his slender nails and fingers, so pretty and neat.

P.S. Left, holding that super pervy pants drawing.. xD

- He said he loves shopping for clothes and will cherish his favorite clothes so much that some of it he only wears it once.

- Oh! We don’t like shiitake mushroom.. Erh..

- He listens to music to start his day! (Same! Same!)

- I love his white jacket (Do u guys call it jacket too?), I often see his pics with that jacket..

- He has nice voice~ I collect all of his solo songs or sang along w other seiyuu like SOARA, SideM, still cant get enough of his song, I really wish he will release a debut soon, please please please..

- His VAW! Demmmm.. (I wish I possess one, I hope I can buy it from anyone someday or anyone who is good enough to share even a scanned one.. huhu), I can only take a peak on few parts of his VAW.. tch..

- Recently, I notice that he gained weight (or actually he went to gym? Anyone?), which I think he looks nice with lil bit muscular body.. Pls maintain that ok Furukawa-san? (But he said he is losing some weight now for his tour with SideM.. so… naaaa I dont mind, dochi demo ii wa yo!)

- His normal voice is actually loud and cheerful, haha.. I can always imagine him as that one Mr loud neighbor who will never forget to greet you out from his window every time you pass his house.

- He looks dem nice in yukata! Uwaaaaaaa.. I saw him in yukata only once during Rengoku event, I want more! >_<

- He loves OPPAI! Hahahaha.. He said this in his radio shows, I don’t remember which episode, but it was between 10-20 (If my memory serves me right).. “I.. I love oppai” Makonyan said and Yukke laughed, then he added “But all guys love oppai right?? I think that is normal! Yukke does not like oppai??” Haha that one backfired at Yukke.. and I forgot what was Yukke’s respond coz during this time I was still polishing my Nihongo listening skills so I often missed some details.

- He sounds too cute when he spoke English.. >_<

- He’s my ideal husband material tbh

[Nandemo Hero! Yukke to Mabo! Ep 43]

And lots more!! I cant list out everything, it is tooo much.. coz I follow his radio shows and this Mr loud never stop give hint or share bout his likes/dislikes.. lol (nahh not all the time, but he DID)

In summary, I genuinely love him for his dedication on being a seiyuu, his talent, and him. One of my life goals is, I wish I can meet him in person someday, I even wish that I can come to Kumamoto someday, I watched a documentary bout his hometown, Kumamoto, a year after the earthquake.. which is narrated by Makonyan himself, I empathized them and in the same time I wish I can do some volunteer work at Makonyan’s hometown!

Makonyan is still young, he’s 28 this year, and I’ve foreseen his long seiyuu journey in the next few years, I hope he’ll release a debut soon, it will never be too late! I hope he’ll get more main roles or even minor one in anime, I hope he’ll never stop give some fan service (ahem) to us.. lol

かっこよくない??  \(>////<)/ friend saw this and asked, “Idk u engross with K-idol now” , HOLY SHIT NO! I’m loyal ! .. this one is from his latest interview with Kiki Voice (TQ, God bless them, register and you guys can read more of the article! <3)

“…. and do you follow any other seiyuu too?”

I do! But other than Makonyan, I like other seiyuus like Junjun, Massu, Yuukyan etc fairly and not more than that.. Oh but I do follow Nakazawa Masatomo frequently when I dint spend time with Makonyan, I dunno why.. but I don’t follow too much mainstream seiyuus.. dunno.. don’t ask.. xD

Ok, sorry for my long post.. xD