lol i miss this bb

So what you’re telling me is that the lieutenants are okay 👀👀👀👀 

@ampharos98: Ive been noticing a trend on ur blog lately and i want in (ive always kind of thought of you of my big sister, which is kinda cool bc my actual sister is your age too, and i feel like this is totally something you’d say and i swear im going to go study after i submit this)

TK!!!!!!!!  OMG OMG TK this is super freaking cute i’m dying HELP ME ;A;
jdkflsa; ya’ll are drawing my headphones like whatklejdslkajfka i wish i could draw so i could do the same for you guys
AS ALWAYS tk draws with such a cute, colorful style omg LOOK HOW BRIGHT AND ADORABLE JFKDLS;A CRAP.  also wow i’m super fond of green lineart like?!??!
ALSO THIS IS KINDA TOO REAL OKAY i really do hope you’re studying now missy
BUT SERIOUSLY TJKLA;J THANK YOU ;A; oh gosh I can’t stop blushing and grinning you guyssssssss
also I spot your nike shorts fdjkls;a /BLESS/


They’re so stupid omg LOL I miss my dumb bbs 😩 #Happybirthdaybro #Lastonemoretime #BAP #BAPINLA #PARTYBABYLA #YONGGUK #HIMCHAN #DAEHYUN #YOUNGJAE #YOOYOUNGJAE #JONGUP #ZELO

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