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Andalusian Nights - Apricot Brandy, Myers Dark Rum and Orange Juice, and Pina Colada mix, from Spice Road Table located in Epcot’s Morocco Pavilion.

Being rude to fast food employees. Yes, I'll give you directions.....

This happened about 10 years ago. (Edit. 12 years ago in 2004 to be exact)

My city is right off Interstate 90.

My (now ex)  girlfriend and I were eating lunch at the Wendy’s that’s right off the interstate.

As we were eating we overheard this woman being a total and complete bitch to the two workers in the front of the restaurant. It was the usual messed up order with the ol questioning their competence and wondering how hard can it possibly be to put the correct stuff on a burger.

Anyways, they were from out of town and I heard the woman and her husband (?) discussing how to get to where they need to be as they were eating their food.

As we were throwing our trash away we had to go near their table and the women said “hey you,  how do I get to highway 251?”. Not an “excuse me”, or “please” or anything…. So, that coupled with the way she was treating the employees really rubbed me the wrong way.

So, I tell her exactly how to get through town and get to highway 251…What I “forgot” was that the bridge going over the creek was out and was inpassable.

The bridge had been out all summer and all the locals knew it, so when we turned around to leave the two employees were standing there at the registers and had heard the whole exchange and were both smiling at me…. And with a wink at them, we left the restaurant and knew in 10 minutes that royal bitch would be cursing my name, hahahahaha.

Be kind to people and people will be kind back to you.

Be rude to people if you want, but don’t expect any favors after that.

tfw joss whedon ruins natasha romanoff’s character

there are a lot of things about aou that i could complain about but the thing that pisses me off the most is how much natasha’s character has been reduced, largely due to her being shunted to the side as just a romantic interest for bruce

to elaborate:

  • all through the press tour and in all the publicity leading up to the movie’s release, bruce and nat have been referred to as “beauty and the beast”, which is like fifty shades of messed up since the very BASIS of beauty and the beast is that one girl is kept and develops what is basically a lowkey version of stockholm syndrome. what i’m getting at here is that nat is being painted as some sort of damsel in distress who falls in love with bruce simple because he’s there. near the end of the movie, natasha is kidnapped by ultron for basically no discernible reason. but along comes bruce to bust her out of her cell. good for them lol hooray for bruce saving nat in order to validate their romance
  • natasha romanoff is one of the strongest characters currently shown on the silver screen - forget about female characters, she’s one of the strongest characters, period - and to reduce her to someone who calls herself “monstrous” just because she isn’t able to have biological children really is not cool. not only that, but bruce doesn’t even contradict her on that. a woman is not monstrous on a level on par with being the hulk simply because she is sterile. seriously,  joss whedon. did you even think before writing that in?
  • finally, it’s pretty obvious that nat’s entire storyline in aou is her romantic entanglement with bruce. it starts with her flirting with him over drinks at a bar, then leads to her confessing her entire life story to him at clint’s safe house (see the point about her calling herself ‘monstrous’ above), and ends with her declaring that she “adores” bruce for being a lover and not a fighter. but where is the natasha we see in ‘winter soldier’? where’s the natasha that the russo brothers developed so beautifully? joss whedon has torn down everything they built and created an unrecognizable character. she’s not natasha romanoff anymore, but instead, she is natasha romanoff, love interest of bruce banner. so fuck you, joss whedon, and fuck your bastardization of natasha romanoff. she deserves better than you could ever give her.
Draco Malfoy One Shot

Can you do a draco one shot please  i dont really have  a plot in mind i kinda want it to be a lily james kinda thing where  he wants me but i try to ignore it maybe because im a potter idk lol


“Find yourself a partner now!” Snape ordered, watching the students, as they walked around in the classroom and formed pairs. Because of the mess I could barely get up from my seat and so I was the last one who had no partner. “Miss Y/L/N, are you having problems with your ears?” I shook my head. “Then I don’t understand why you disregard my instructions. 10 points from your house. You will work with Malfoy.” Snape turned around, tapped his wand against the board and a moment later the tasks of today’s lesson appeared. I looked shocked at Malfoy, who winked at me and grinned. I took my cauldron and the book and sat down beside him. “Well, hello there” he muttered at me and continued grinning. “Leave me alone, Malfoy. I’m just here to brew my potion with you” I whispered. He put his face in one hand, watching me. “Maybe we should prefer brew a love potion.” I glared at him and turned to my work.

We were almost finished when the time was over halfway. Suddenly I felt a hand on my thigh. I looked at Draco, but he kept looking at his cauldron, smirking. I pushed his hand aside roughly and added some belladonna essence to my potion. “Hey, Y/N” Draco whispered suddenly and came very close to my ear. I pushed his head away a bit and then stared at him with narrowed eyes. “What. Do. You. Want? "I asked slowly.  "Would you like to go out with me?” “No!” I exclaimed annoyed and accidentally added two drops too much of the essence in the cauldron. My screams had Snape’s attention drawn to me and he slowly walked toward our table. “Judging by your vociferous conversation, you finished this potion. Then you sure have no problem with a test” Snape said slowly, before I could say anything, he had reached for the cauldorn and a glass vial. He filled a bit of the liquid in the vial and walked over to his table. There stood a dark green plant on it. He dribbled the potion on one of the leafs and waited. A moment later there was a terrible scream that had probably come from the plant, and the leaf went up in flames. “20 points from your house” muttered Snape and gave me the vial. After he was done testing the remaining potions (none of them made the leaf begin to burn), the teacher announced the end of the hour.

The next day I was disappointed to find out that I had Transfiguration with the Slytherins. I sat down at a table in the back of the room, as far as possible away from Draco. The hour went by very slowly, but after a while I noticed that Draco ignored me and I was able to relax a little. But still, my thoughts were with him all the time. Even if I liked him, I thought. That wouldn’t change anything. I was a Potter. And my cousin Harry hated Draco. Harry was in the same year as I, and we spent much time together. He would be terribly angry if … “Y/L/N!” shouted McGonagall. “Would you please give my class a little more attention? Thank you.” She looked at me angrily, turned around and went back to the front. After a few minutes, where I listened carefully, I noticed that something was flying around me and soon a paper airplane landed on my table. I unfolded it in surprise. The note was a drawing of two people sitting at a table and drinking from jugs. In the background stood “The Three Broomsticks” and under the drawing, it said in amazingly clean handwriting: “Do you want to?” I looked up and caught Draco watching me. He smirked and pursed his lips as if he wanted to kiss someone. I glared at him and wrote back: “Keep on dreaming.”

Some days I was spared by Malfoy, since I had no classes with the Slytherins. Unfortunately thursday came faster than expected, and shortly before midnight, I was on my way to the Astronomy Tower. Draco was already sitting at a table when I quietly entered the tower. I sneaked to the back of the room and started to unpack my equipment.

The lesson was incredibly boring. Draco stared at me from time to time, but to my relief he didn’t come to me and worked with a telescope. As Professor Sinistra said goodbye, I immediately jumped up and stormed out of the room. I wanted to avoid that Draco still was able to talk to me. I took a completely different route than usual, and after a short time I was alone in a corridor. It was pretty scary. The full moon cast light through the windows, but it was still very dark. I thought I heard footsteps now and then, but I tried not to think about it and walked faster. Suddenly, someone touched my shoulder and I screamed in horror. "Pshhh!” Draco said, but he couldn’t suppress a laugh. “It’s only me!” “I would have preferred a murderer” I hissed, turned around and walked on. "Wait!” Draco ran next to me and tried to stop me. After a while he gave up. “I just wanted to apologize” he muttered, but so loud that I could understand it. I stopped abruptly and slowly turned to him. “Excuse me?” I asked curious and confused at the same time. Draco looked at me and replied: “I wanted to apologize. It was stupid of me, to constantly annoy you. Of course, you don’t want to go out with me” I raised my eyebrows, watching him suspiciously. “So you were serious, with the dates?” I asked. He nodded. “Of course … But oh well, who cares” he added. He walked to me, laughed and said: “I fancy you, you don’t fancy me, no problem.” Draco was about to walk past me as I reached for his hand. He stared at our hands in astonishment, then he looked at me. Without thinking about it, I kissed him. My knees became weak and I took a step back, to keep from falling. Draco followed me without interrupting the kiss and pushed me against the wall. I reached into his white hair and kissed him even more intensely. Suddenly we heard a noise and looked at each other shocked. At the end of the corridor we could hear footsteps and a voice murmured: “Oh, Mrs. Norris, what are we doing here? If those stupid students want to break the rules, let them …” Draco and I ran along the corridor hand in hand in the other direction and hid behind a huge statue. He gently stroked my cheek and kissed me again. “We have to keep it a secret, you know …” I began, but Draco stopped me. He nodded sympathetically and grinned. Filch didn’t spot us as he walked past the statue and when he was gone, we went back to our dormitories. I was about to enter my common room when Draco grabbed my hand. “Y/N if you want to, we could go to the library tomorrow, in the morning there is almost no one” he suggested, and smiled at me. “Yes, Draco” I mumbled sleepily. “This time, I’d like to go on a date with you.”

Too Fast for You

Yayyy first request done!
I’m going out of order but I will get them all done, I promise!

Title: Too Fast for You
Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x reader
Summary: “reader has invisibility for her powers, her best friend pietro tried to kiss her so she turns invisible and he ends up falling into the pool”
Word Count: 715
Warnings: None lol

Your name: submit What is this?

           "Don’t mess with the pool filter!“ yelled Tony, pointing at Pietro.

         Pietro held his hands up in surrender, running off with a laugh. Tony shook his head, slipping on his sunglasses before leaning back in the beach chair.

         After the battle in Sokovia, Tony decided to revamp the Avengers tower - again. He installed a pool on the top of the building and was now showing it off. None of the Avengers really cared though; everyone knew Tony had the money, they were all just relieved to get a break.

         "Hey,” grinned Pietro, zipping by you and taking a seat in the chair to your right.

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Customer calls back every time we send him food and demands that we comp his order. Today was his last meal from our establishment.

I’ll start off by saying that I take pride in cooking customers orders to perfection, and I strive to always make the customer happy. It’s hard to do that when the person calls back every time no matter what and says that we messed their order up in some way. Well today sir, today was your last meal from us. I deleted your account and blocked all of your numbers that you have ever called us from. When you call, you will get a never ending elevator music tone. I also took the liberty of emailing every pizza place in a 3 mile radius of our store to inform them of your selfish habit. I told them what you do, and how many times you have done it to us. Hope you like Chinese food from now on fu*ker.

tumblr callout culture is really wild a lot of the time and they take small ridiculous things to a whole new level & fuck with people bad and it’s a fucked up mentality but you don’t need to defend the bad things someone did in order to defend them like

no you still shouldn’t draw Rose skinny stop with this “people can draw what they want DONT LIKE? DONT LOOK” like you sound like deviantart circa 2009 you can say that the situation that happened was fucked up without defending something that was legitimately wrong because it is WRONG to draw fat characters skinny whether you want to admit it or not

does that justify intense callout posts being spread around that also try to dig back into a persons past and reach for any and all reasons why they’re horrible people who you shouldn’t be friends with? clearly not. both sides of this situation are very ugly and you’re all a disaster

yaaayyyhhh!! the time has come for that thing,,, that,,, awful,,, thiNG.

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There IS a way to beat King with the starter's just verrrry luck based.

Someone in the shout shared this: 

  1. Dodo bottom right
  2. Mandragora top left
  3. Coeurl bottom left
  4. Sobotender top right
  5. Bomb middle 

I’ve tried it myself and it DOES work…if King doesn’t mess up the order some how. It plays into the Plus rule so if it does work, you get the plus and a few combos at the end that win you the game. For me, I had a good winning streak before I just started losing horribly because I suck at figuring out the Plus rule so fast lol Eventually I was losing more then I was making…BUT I got the Godbert card. Once I have more time, I’m going back for that Bahamut card.