lol i made this on the first day of photoshop class

Last year I had some scheduling issues, long story short pretty much everything worked out but I got stuck taking this photoshop class that was an absolute joke. Luckily two of my best friends were in that class so it was bearable, but man so much stupid crap happened in that class. The teacher would look up photoshop tutorials online then read them to us as we all copied his example project on the projector. He had this weird accent and always mispronounced words, he would say “pitcher” instead of picture and “ee-mage” instead of image. He also graded projects by rolling dice and randomly assigning grades.

Because of this, I had no respect for this teacher. I would talk really loudly on purpose, and of course I was with my best friends so we were always laughing anyway, and it pissed our teacher off so much. He was annoyed by all of us but he hated me especially. We would finish assignments within the first ten minutes of class so then we would plug all our keyboards into one computer and play this computer version of super smash bros. I also made a bingo board in photoshop with all the spaces being stupid stuff our teacher always said or did, emailed copies to my friends and we would have it open in a separate tab in photoshop and play it during class each day. One time we had a lockdown drill and our teacher didn’t even make us turn off the computers or hide or anything, and my friends and I were trying so hard not to laugh in this dead quiet, dark room, and not being able to laugh made it even harder to try to stay quiet. We also had to make these projects for our final using some horrible software from the 90’s or something, it was ridiculous because our computers had illustrator installed but did we use the industry standard, professional software? Nope, we used weird old software that even grade schoolers could likely understand, and we had to make our “dream house” using this software. It was basically like a shitty morph between MTV welcome to my crib and a bad powerpoint presentation.

That teacher hates my guts now. I saw him in the hallway before school one time and he said good morning to me in a really angry tone while glaring at me. Another time I came into orchestra late from a doctor’s appointment and he was the substitute. He took one look at me and just started laughing. Lol I hate him but my friends and I have some great memories of all the crap we pulled.

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Hi! Can you do how the hosts first ask out their crush? Could you include haruhi, neckozowa (think I spelt it wrong) and Ristu? Thanks (: sorry if I'm annoying you O///O

lol yes bby it’s Nekozawa, you were close though!!:) and you’re not annoying me at all!!

Tamaki: Tamaki would wait for you outside of class, full-on suave standing in the doorway with his hand running through his hair. When you see him, he reaches a hand out to take yours. “My dear, I can’t imagine going another moment without you. Will you be mine?”

Kyoya: Also would wait for you outside of your class, but is standing against the window. He calls out your name to get your attention, and then considers himself for a moment before saying, “Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that the feelings I have for you might be mutual. Would you go out with me?”

Honey: Honey would find you at lunchtime, and would present you with a small cake with ‘Will you go out with me?’ written on it in icing. Asks, “Will you go out with me, ____-chan? Pretty please with icing on top?”

Mori: He would give you a slip of paper every day for a week, each with a set of scrambled letters on it for you to decode. On the last day, he’d meet you at lunch to ask if you’ve decoded it. You smile and present him with the paper you wrote your decodings down on, which has lots of scribbles and question marks, but written at the bottom, in big bold letters, is “W I L L Y O U G O O U T W I T H M E

Haruhi: Haruhi would invite you over for a study date, all with the disguised purpose of asking you out. She’d cook dinner and offer subtle compliments, but while you’re quizzing her with the notecards she gave you, you come across one that says “Would you like to go out with me?” to which Haruhi responds with a resounding “Absolutely.”

Hikaru: Hikaru would ask for your e-mail under the guise of sending you notes from the classes you missed while you were sick. He sends the notes, but attaches a cartoon that he made in Photoshop: A small animated version of your favorite animal holding up a sign that says “Will you go out with Hikaru?? For me?”

Kaoru: Completely on accident. You’re in the one class he doesn’t have with Hikaru, and when the time comes to pair up for a project, he jumps on the chance to ask you. Only problem is he asks you the other question at the forefront of his mind, “Will you go out with me?” He’ll blanch, then blush furiously and say, “I’m sorry, I meant to ask if you’d work on the project with me. But the offer is definitely up for grabs.”

Nekozawa: Passes you a note while you’re watching a video in class. It says, “I feel as though I’ve been bewitched, and there is but one cure: Will you be mine?”

Kasanoda: Please prepare to have a bouquet shoved into your face. Kasanoda finds you before school and offers you a bunch of flowers that he’s grown himself, pushed up in front of his face to hide that he’s blushing, and he’ll ask, trying to keep himself from yelling, “Will you please go out with me?”

Some advice I’ve learned throughout college that has made me appreciate these years for much more than just the free food (though free food is still pretty damn good).

  1. LEARN WHAT YOU LOVE - this doesn’t mean drop the major that would give you good job prospects because it’s not your biggest passion (though if you’re not passionate about it at all, definitely switch). But make sure you’re fitting in classes about the things you really, really love. Example: Yes, it’s true that a computer science minor is beneficial for natural science majors. BUT, don’t do it if that means you can’t even take one elective class on potentially less-related loves like, say, literature or art. At the end of the day, jobs will come and go, but the things you learn, the classes you went to? You’ll always have them.
  2. TAKE A CLASS ON EVERY SUBJECT YOU CAN FIT - this builds off the first point. Most colleges have a core curriculum to make sure every student gets a basic education no matter their program. Don’t brush off these classes! Even if it’s a subject you’ve never cared about before, try to see the usefulness in giving effort beyond just maintaining your gpa. And if your school doesn’t have a core curriculum, maybe use free class slots (if you have them) to make one! Take some humanities courses, an intro math (probability/statistics is pretty useful no matter what you study), and some kind of science! It’ll make your general knowledge more well-rounded and maybe give you a one-up compared to other people in your field.
  3. JOIN THE “SILLY AND USELESS” CLUB - our generation is really stuck in the mentality that even the things you do for fun should be things that can help you later in life. Sure, clubs based around your major are important, but you’ll meet the biggest variety of people and maybe even make your best friends at clubs that aren’t tied to a specific field. Join a social dancing club! Or the anime club! Hell, my school has clubs based on cheese and coffee - join those! Do something for no reason other than having an hour a week to purely socialize and enjoy yourself.
  4. USE YOUR SCHOOL’S FREE RESOURCES - beyond things like discount codes and movies. Colleges offer a lot of cool free events for students - student-run performances and lecture series are usually great but often under-attended, because people just don’t know/care. But they’re usually entertaining, or educational, or even helpful for your career. Additionally, go to any free “lifestyle” seminars that your school has. Mine has stuff like classes on how to take better notes, write papers, and a whole writing center full of free tutors to help you with a paper whenever you need it. I know it’s easy to ignore this kind of stuff since it takes more reaching out on the student’s part to access it, but they can be EXTREMELY helpful, even if you don’t think you need it. Can’t hurt to try!
  5. HAVE LUNCH WITH OTHERS (and DON’T work during lunch!) - As a busy student, especially at my college, it can get hard to keep up with friends, especially if they’re not in your program/clubs. I know it’s tempting to just grab some quick food and eat it in a few min so you can get back to work, but it’s so much healthier to set apart a chunk of time to just relax, refuel, and get some socialization time in (as long as you have that time in your schedule to begin with). Use lunch as a way to reach out to anyone who’s available to meet up for like 30min - message group chats or plan the day before with a friend to meet up. Consistent real, in-person communication can help your friendships stay strong and last beyond just college. And NO WORKING during lunch. You need time to take a mental break, and it’ll help you work better/feel more positive later on. Which leads me to my last point…
  6. Take a (BIG) break! - So often college feels like a time where you have to constantly be moving, doing the most you possibly can. But we’re still human! We can’t constantly be productive, and no matter what, we don’t deserve to be constantly stressed. Don’t pack your schedule with all hard classes, don’t sign up for more activities than you can mentally handle, even if you can do it physically. If you can, take a semester where you take less classes than usual - my school allows 12-18 credits per semester, and the norm is 16. Take the 12. Spend the semester fixing your sleep schedule, or doing a side project for fun. Hell, spend the semester partying every day, because you’re young and you need to have memories of this time of your life besides “I was stressed a lot but it got good later.”

College is primarily about education. (To some, it’s primarily about preparing for a job.) But as much as we need to make money, jobs aren’t for forever, and education extends beyond what you learn in you major. Don’t let school make you forget that you’re still human, not a productivity machine. Take breaks, naively chase after what you love, and spend time with others. Allow failure to happen, and allow it to happen often. And no matter what, you deserve to feel good about who you are and what you’re doing.

my john lennon/paul mccartney modern au headcannons:
  • roomies at uni
  • paul wears colorful vans and skinny trousers and stripped shirts under cuddly sweaters
  • john wears chelsea boots and ripped jeans and paul’s shirts, really (paul throws passive-agressive tantrums about this the first couple of weeks, then it becomes normal, then it becomes endearing)
  • there’s always an opened six-pack of cheap beer in the fridge, a small mountain of mcdonald’s mayo packets and one garlic clove
  • there’s also a jar with a dubious yellow-ish substance in the otherwise empty vegetable container. it looks like it’s already grown its own ecosystem and there’s apparently a sort of silent agreement to never mention it, never touch it and never smell it
  • john suspects it’s from that one time he tried to make homemade baileys with cheap whiskey and condensed milk. paul is pretty sure it’s leftover whipped cream from that day he watched cupcake wars for exactly twenty minutes and felt the need to frost everything
  • paul photoshops a sign that says “[__] DAYS SINCE WE LAST HAD TO HIDE A CAT” because apparently one of john’s hobbies is to pick up the smelliest cats in the neighborhood and bring them to the dorm. the biggest number paul gets to write on the sign is an eight, and he has to erase it an hour later when he hears a suspicious meowing coming from under john’s bed. 
  • (both of them are hoping the other hasn’t seen the very-likely-radioactive jar in the fridge yet. no one really knows how old the thing in question is, but it looks like it expired somewhere around 1986.)
  • paul’s instagram is full of pics of parties, motivational quotes and selfies with a dozen filters.  john’s instagram is full of pics of kittens, ten-second-long vids of him playing the guitar and paul’s selfies.
  • there are fifa tournaments and both paul and john are AWFUL
  • john has a sort of secret life goal to reply to at least 90% of paul’s texts with gifs or weird memes. paul finds it funny at first, but it gets very annoying very quickly, so he counter-attacks by doing the same.
  • it takes approximately two days for it to go from a fun gag to their sole form of communication. they only realize it’s weird a week later, when paul asks george to read one of john’s texts for him and george says, ‘uh, it’s just a gif of a puppy licking a window?’ and paul just nods, says, ‘ah, okay, that means we gotta pick up a hamburger for him on the way home’
  • george doesn’t ask, just rolls his eyes and drives paul to the nearest burger king
  • paul’s spotify runs on rihanna and the xx and kings of lion and coldplay and ed sheeran
  • john’s spotify runs on anything that isn’t ed sheeran, really. thinking out loud  was ruined for him after the three hundred and fifteenth time paul played it while banging someone in the adjacent room. or folded like a lawn chair against their fridge. or on top of the bathroom sink at three am on a tuesday.
  • but there’s a rainy day sometime around july when both of them skip classes and camp out on their couch with a giant bowl of popcorn to have a disney marathon, and paul plays photograph for john in the guitar afterwards, sings so you can keep me inside the pocket of your ripped jeans and we made these memories for ourselves andyou won’t ever be alone, and. john is cool with ed sheeran right then.
  • paul doesn’t play that song to anyone else.
seventeen in art class
  • s.coups: seungcheol is the kid that sleeps in art. is literally drooling on his desk. if he’s not sleeping, he’s probably eating.
  • jeonghan: he’s the guy that everyone wants to use as their model for their own pieces. can’t get his own work done because he’s too busy posing for others. really good with oil paint.
  • joshua: he doesn’t take art, he takes music. music theory to be exact. and actually enjoys it because he likes composing. works with woozi on their projects.
  • jun: he’s the kid that always asks the other students if they need a model when no one wants him to model for them bc he’s so greasy. he ends up sulking when he gets rejected but jeonghan asks him to model for him and he’s like YAY I LOVE YOU.
  • hoshi: may or may not have started a paint war with dk. he made up an excuse that it was his art project and his teacher believed it.
  • wonwoo: sometimes he’s sleeping, sometimes he’s bothering mingyu. other times he tries to art but gives up when he can’t get proportions right. always has earphones in during class. he likes sculpting better than drawing or painting. 
  • woozi: in music theory with josh. occasionally visits art when there’s a sub bc he doesn’t have anything better to do. always aces his projects with joshua because they work well together.
  • dk: he was the one that threw the paint first at hoshi. constantly talks in class when the teacher is explaining their next project.
  • mingyu: the prodigy in art. is really good with photoshop and sometimes puts his drawings into photoshop and does something crazy with it. always goes above and beyond with his projects.
  • the8: he tries his best to sketch but he always draws his lines too hard. is really good with acrylic. 
  • seungkwan: is always singing while he arts. complains when he draws one eye bigger than the other. sasses the teacher for giving them hard projects. would rather be in music class but he didn’t schedule his days properly.
  • vernon: has a lot of lyrics all over his sketchbooks. his concentration is his little sister with all the projects assigned to him. always in his own world. LOVES watercolor.
  • dino: super enthusiastic about art because he knows he can improve and finally make art for his parents. crayons are his best friends.

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