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Yixing + plushies and kisses


Ok so I wouldn’t normally post these selfies but honestly I have to share to the world how happy and proud I am.

I went to Miami Pride and it was fuckin amazing. Not only was it a lot of fun, but I also felt so loved and accepted, and that feeling doesn’t come very often. There was no judgement or fear of stigma. Just a whole bunch of people, dancing, singing, loving, celebrating who we are in a beautiful colorful way.

Now I’m back in my home and I have to put all of my colors away. The bi flag that I bought will be put away in a box, along with everything else I collected today. But I’ll remember that feeling, and I’ll still feel proud of who I am, even if I have to hide it right now. I’m bisexual and I’ll never be ashamed of it.

I love who I am. And I just wanted to share that with y'all :)

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Josh or Tyler fingering you while out at dinner and hes doing so good that you're gripping the seat trying to keep quiet and when hes finished he pulls his fingers away and licks them clean cause he loooves the way you taste

lol whoops i made another longer drabble thing (warning: daddy kink, dirty talk, and public shenanigans ahead)

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You’re enjoying your meal, slowly eating your food as your eyes scan the restaurant from the booth; it’s a large,  establishment, much nicer than what you generally are used to. There is a small dance floor at the center, where a pianist plays slow tunes for anyone to dance to. Your boyfriend, Tyler, is at your side, while Josh and his date are sitting across from you. Everyone chats idly, about the day, the dinner, and upcoming shows.

As you take a bite of your salad, you feel Tyler’s hand set on your thigh, fingers playing with the hem of your skirt. Your eyes cut down, watching him slowly inching his fingers towards your inner thigh; you stay calm, knowing Tyler’s propensity for touching you while you’re in public. You focus on your food, allowing him to do what he wanted; you had a surprise for him anyway.

His fingers tighten on your inner thigh, helping you lift your leg over his, so you were spread open for him. Tyler picks up his drink to take a sip, as if nothing was happening beneath the table. But as his hand slips your skirt up, and his fingers find that you aren’t wearing any panties, he chokes on his drink.

“You alright, man?” Josh asks Tyler. You grin to yourself, listening to Tyler mumble an excuse before he continues his discussion with his friend.

Tyler’s fingers slip against your opening, trailing through the wetness he had created; he brushes over your clit, sending a jolt through your body. You edge yourself closer to his hand, not in the mood for teasing, you just wanted his fingers inside of you. Tyler pinches your thigh, as if he was warning you, and you gasp softly in response.

You drop your hand under the table, grabbing Tyler’s wrist, and guiding his hand back to your core. You hear him chuckle quietly, as he begins to rub circles on your clit. You sigh, trying to pay attention to whatever story Josh’s date was telling, but you couldn’t focus.

Tyler hasn’t touched you in weeks. Sometimes, when he returned from tour, instead of grabbing you as soon as he walked in the door and taking you into the bedroom, like you really wanted, he would simply give you a big kiss, and act like he hadn’t left. He knew it just riled you up even more, and he’d wait days before he would actually touch you like you wished he would.

You knew he’d make a move tonight, which is why you neglected to wear any panties. Your only wish was that you were alone, because you knew that Tyler loved to talk dirty, and if Josh and his date weren’t there, he’d be whispering the filthiest things in your ear.

“Hey, babe, do you wanna dance? It seems interesting.” Josh’s voice pulled you from your thoughts, and you look at him across the table. You watch his date giggle, and slide from the booth, beginning to make her way to the dance floor. “All yours, dude,” Josh chuckles, slipping from the booth and joining the girl for their dance.

“Tyler,” you whisper, dropping your fork on your plate. “Are you serious?”

“What?” he asks, with a laugh, still slowly rubbing your clit. “I know you wanted to be alone. Josh could tell what was going on.” You look down at your lap, watching Tyler push your skirt up higher. “Look at that,” he whispers. “You like watching me play with you like this in public?”

“You know I do, baby,” you mutter, looking up into his eyes.

“Let’s see,” he says, delving his fingers into your entrance. You gasp at the sudden intrusion, grasping Tyler’s arm. “Fuck, your cunt is sloppy. Listen to that.” He begins to thrust his fingers into your quickly, letting you hear the wet sound it made every violent thrust. You groan, dropping your head back against the booth; you spread your legs wider, tugging your skirt up even higher. “Jesus, you love this, huh?” he asks, chuckling. “Look at you, putting your little pussy on display for me like that. You’re such a little fucking whore, letting me play with you like this.”

“Fuck, daddy, I love it,” you groan. “Don’t fucking stop.”

“I wish I could get down under this table,” he mutters, pressing his lips to your ear, while he begins to work his thumb over your clit. “I’d bury my face between these thighs, and eat your pussy go good, I’d have you screaming in this restaurant.”

“Oh, fuck,” you moan. Tyler clamps his free hand over your mouth.

“Maybe daddy shouldn’t let you come,” he continues. “Maybe I should work this little pussy until you’re just about to come, and then stop…make you ride home with your pussy leaking down your thighs.”

“P-please, daddy,” you mutter against his hand. “Let me come.”

“Beg harder,” he rasps, dropping his hand from your mouth. “I love to hear you beg for me, you sound so good when you beg…like a cheap little slut.”

“Please, I wan-wanna come,” you breathe out, looking into his eyes again. “I’m so close, Tyler, please.”

Tyler?” He begins to slow his movements, but you quickly shake your head, gasping to try to correct yourself.

“Oh, daddy, please,” you whine. “Keep going, I’m so close.”

“I can tell,” he mutters, pressing a kiss to your neck. “But it looks like we have company.” You glance up, seeing Josh and his date making their way back to you. Tyler quickly removes his hands from you, sitting up straight in his seat. Your body is on fire, so close to climax; you glare at Tyler, but he simply smiles back at you. While your eyes are still on him, he brings his hand to his mouth, licking the taste of you from his fingers. You whine softly, wishing his tongue and his fingers were on you right there. “To be continued,” he whispers, with a wink, as you tug your skirt back down your legs.

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Could you name some? As a cis person it’s very hard to see it from a trans perspective so I’m very curious! ��

aight heres some off the top of my head but theres more in my trans sherlock tag

-judging by the pirouette he does in tsot, it is very likely that he has studied ballet at some point in time, most people who do do so in childhood and most children in ballet classes are girls (balance of probability)

-magnussen, a man who loves to blackmail, intimidate, harass, and expose the secrets of vulnerable people for personal gain, in a deleted scene from HLV held sherlocks hand in his and described them, ending by questioning if they were a woman’s hands, at which point sherlock mustered all his energy just to disgustedly pull his hand away

-”sherlock is actually a girls name”, yes it was a joke sherlock said while high but its an interesting possible truth nonetheless

-in HLV mycroft says (and im quoting from memory only here, also the added emphasis is by me) to sherlock of his drug habit “How like Uncle Rudy, though in many ways cross-dressing would have been the wiser choice”

-in teh sherlock has been away for 2 years and in that time his hair grew very long but his facial hair barely seemed to grow at all ??? though we know it can due to The Lying Detective setlock pics (suggesting a lack of T while undercover and away from home)

-his lack of sexual experience could be contributed to by body and more specifically genital dysphoria, in addition to being trans making it even scarier to get close to people

-despite mycroft being frankly quite belittling and mean to him, he looks up to him at almost every turn and clearly models a lot of himself on mycroft, which to me seems like someone looking for male role models to replicate, which just personally to me is a LOT of what gender presentation involves

-sherlock saying in TSOT “beauty is a construct”; gender is also a social construct, something which many trans people know very well and something being a “construct” being….quite the thing to just blurt out

-#drugs mention for this bullet point: Sherlock seems to take intra-venous drugs, and testosterone taken by trans men is typically injected with needles! it seems to me like that would have been a perfect cover for his drug habit, in addition to the possibility that getting gender-affirming surgery would have given him more reasons to be on and methods to obtain other drugs


James in Tale of the Brave


reboot rewatch: 1x08 enzo the smart

↳time, huh! little kid, hmph! i don’t wanna be smart later, i wanna be smart now!


Some of my favorite (non-verbal) moments from FedCon 23, 2014, featuring some of my favorite idiots 


all aboard the bear train to mogarville