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♡ Anonymous: Hiiiii I love your blog lol ❤ can I request a scenario with mark where the oc and mark are friends and he confesses to her but she avoids him even though she likes him back? (With a fluffy ending please!)

♡ Pairing: Mark x Reader

♡ Genre: Fluff

♡ Song:  어쿠루브 (Acourve) - 그날 (The Day) 

Mark made your heart beat faster. Whenever he was with you, whenever he talked to you it was as if you were in a dream. His sweet innocent smiles pulled the living breather out of you. His voice sounded like a beautiful poem to your ears and his face was like an ancient sculpture; ethereal and dainty. Every time he was around you wanted to tell him that you loved him. That you thought more of him than a mere friend. But the fear of losing him stopped you every time.

Mark was the first person to talk to you when you transferred schools. Nervousness was one thing but you were scared you might be treated as an outcast. But when you sat next to him, he was quick on smiling at you and engaging you in a hearty conversation. His friends became yours and soon you two were inseparable. You were beside him through all his heartbreaks and bad grades. As you grew up things became different. Mark grew taller than you, his face matured and so did his attitude. You suddenly began to feel things for him that were foreign to your mind before. Your heart was exploring new emotions that you thought you were incapable of feeling. 

It was a bleak Friday evening as you two walked around the campus grounds, inhaling the frosty cold air and killing time. He had his hands inserted deeply in his pockets and you had your fingers intertwined behind your back. Your feet picked at stray rocks and kicked at them lazily. “Why are we here again?” You asked, curious. The brilliant lights that surrounded the park illuminated Mark’s delicate features. If you were a heart patient, you would have an arrhythmia attack because your heart was pounding against your ribs a little too forcefully.

“I wanted to ask you something,” he uttered. His pace slowed and he stopped to look at you. His face was a mass of confusion and nervousness. He was always like that. “The thing is that…” You wanted him to carry on, your impatience physically hurting you.

“What’s wrong Mark,” you asked. He cleared his throat and walked closer to you. You instinctively took a step back, afraid that his closeness might bring your hidden feelings to your lips.

“Y/N, I sort of,” he started and then looked away. “I like you. A lot Like more than friends.” You stared at him wide eyed, not believing your ears. It was as if someone pulled the ground from your feet. You detached your fingers and stood still. It was all too surreal, all too good to be happening. If you acknowledged his feelings, told him you liked him too, would you both go out? What if you broke up then? Will you lose him forever?

The possibilities left you paralysed. Your rapid palpitations dwindled gradually. “It’s okay if you don’t like me.” You shook your head and looked away, smiling discreetly to yourself. This can’t be happening. This can’t happen. You thought. 

“Mark, I don’t know.” You said, finally. And then you ran away. Even before you realised what you were doing, your legs carried you away from him, tears forming in your eyes. Why? Because he confessed? Because you felt you’ll lose him? 

The next few days were a misery. He was in all of your classes and nothing you did could take you away from him. You were already embarrassed by what you did but more embarrassed for the fact that he actually liked you. All those years you spent fawning over him, staring at him fondly. There he was, confessing. He would stare at you mostly, wondering why you left. Every time he tried to talk to you, you would disappear. It hurt him, not because he felt rejected but because he thought that he had lost you. He missed your laughter, your uncanny humour and your warm hugs. But then he caught you, sitting alone in the park and staring at the sky. You had your hair in a cheeky ponytail. If he would rewind time, he would run to you and hug you from behind and you both would be a laughing mess. But this time he tiptoed towards you, afraid that you might leave.

“Hi,” he said, sitting next to you. You were surprised to hear his voice but something in you felt relieved. 

“Hey,” you replied, petrified. 

“How’s life,” he asked. It seemed normal, he was too calm. It broke your heart.

“Mark, I’m so sorry for what-” You started but he interrupted you. 

“Yea I know. You don’t like me in that way. Let’s forget it ever happened.” 

“No Mark!” Your voice came out higher than you wanted it to. It caught him by surprise as his gaze fell on you, startled. It was intimidating and made you want to run away again. But you weren’t going to. “I like you too Mark. I was just too scared to confess because I thought I’d lose you. Because we will break up and become strangers and I didn’t want that happening.”

“How are you so sure we will break up?” His voice was gentle. You gulped as you stared into his eyes. “We can’t make our decisions based on what will happen. We have to make them based on how we feel right now. We will never be as young.” A cool breeze swept by you two as the silence filled in. He was still beautiful, and he still loved you. And when he pecked your lips, your concerns vanished. He was really all you wanted.

Regrets [Jungkook x Reader]

Y’all. I updated. Lowkey trash though I may delete it and fix it. ANYWAYS. HERE YA GO, just understand that I have school and fam to deal with so stories aren’t really my priority :( but do message me with ideas! taaanks everyone. lub u all

Chapter 1.

Chapter 2.

Chapter 3.

Chapter 4.

Chapter 5.

Right when he opened the door, He saw you with a plate of food in your hands and tears streaming down your face. You heard everything.

Everyone was shocked, did you hear what they were talking about? Yoongi cupped your cheeks with his hands and wiped away your tears with his thumbs. “Don’t cry Y/N-ah”

“I can’t stop crying, you are all basically family to me and to know that you would go out of your way to protect me… it makes me feel so special. I’ve never felt so reassured by people around me… thank you”

Everyone was touched by her words. Were they the only people who she was close to? Were they her only family here in Seoul? Or what she considered family?

After you stopped crying, you all walked out to the actual dining area you placed your food down and before you sat down, a bell rang, meaning that someone entered the restaurant and Jimin was holding in all his rage to not beat the shit out of the person that came in. “Hyung, it’s him”

You were about to turn around to greet the person who came in but, Yoongi grabbed hold of you and pulled you to look at him and covered your ears. You were baffled by his actions. “Oppa?” His cheeks tinted pink when you called him that. “Don’t ask”

He started walking backwards and pulled you along with him towards the break room and away from Jungkook to forget about him. As weird as that was for Yoongi, the other guys appreciated it. You didn’t know he was here.

Jungkook walked over to Jin, “Hi, I’d like to order something.”

Jin turned around with the (impossiblycomingfromhim) sassiest attitude ever, “What do YOU want?”

“Uh.. a number 1 please?”

“Alright sit.” Jin muttered under his breath, “I’m gonna give you a number 1 and 2 if you get near her…” while he was clenching his hands into fists.

“Okay..thanks” Jungkook felt awkward in that restaurant. He was on his way finding Y/N to rebuild things with her. He turned his head and saw Jimin. He stood up and walked over to Jimin.

“Uh Jimin right?”

“Hyung to you, kid.”

“Jimin-Hyung did you see Y/N anywhere? I wanted to talk to her.”

“She’s not interested in you if you were wondering, kid.”

Jungkook was completely taken aback from this whole place. Everyone was completely rude to him.

“Are you her boyfriend or something?”

“Well, if she’s not interested and I’m speaking on her behalf, what do you think?”

All the guys stared at Jimin. They never expected him to say those things with such confidence.

This guy was starting to annoy him. He didn’t care if they were dating, he just wanted to talk to her. He heard her voice.


Yoongi ran out into the dining area with your phone and all the guys were watching this with amusement. Even Jungkook was staring. No one ever brought out Yoongi’s playful and cute side before. He stopped and stuck out his tongue. “Y/N-ah, you need me on your phone to stay happy, plus it’s like upgrading from ugly troll to sexy beast”

“I swear Min-Yoongi…”

“Y/N-ah, did you just call me by my full name?” Yoongi smirked at this.

“I’m gonna deck you in the face!!!!!!!!!!!!!” You were going crazy since he referred to to the ugly troll concept like Jimin.

You ran towards him and you swung a punch and you almost had him. All of a sudden, Yoongi fell down and you couldn’t help yourself from laughing. You clutched your stomach. “HAH the floor did my work for me”

Jungkook never saw you smile, nonetheless laugh. He felt himself staring at your face while you were trying to hit that Yoongi guy. His heart fluttered a bit. Jimin noticed Jungkook staring. Yoongi smirked while he got back up. He dusted his pants and held your phone out. “Here Y/N, I give up if Jin’s restaurant is going to kill me”

He held it right in front of him and once you held your phone, he grabbed your wrist and pulled your whole body into his and hugged you. All the guys stared with envy. Jimin knew it was to make that punk feel what he missed out on and even though he hugged Y/N often, this seemed really bad for him. He was so jealous. Yoongi was holding her for way too long.  

You felt your face burn up while Yoongi was hugging you. He whispered into your ear, “if that brat does anything to you, I’ll kill him. I promise.”

You smiled. “Thank you Oppa” You pecked him quickly on the cheek. They were all stunned by your actions. Yoongi was the first to get that type of affection from you?? You then turned away and called Jimin. “Jiminieeeeeee”

He instantly ran over. “Yes, Jagi” he proceeded to put his arm around your waist indicating that you were his. You didn’t even notice since it felt so natural.

Jungkook continued to observe how happy you looked.

“Can we please eat lunch now, I feel like my energy has depleted ever since that grumpy marshmallow stole my phone. Honestly, he took cute pictures and saved one of them as my background? When did he have time to do this? What the even heck” You pouted.

Jimin chuckled “Of course we can go eat, we should get you a new plate of food since yours got destroyed by that marshmallow hahaha”

Jin then came out with Jungkook’s food and gave it to him after he finished paying.

Jimin took you by the hand and led you into the breakroom. All the guys were whispering to each other and smirking. Jungkook felt left out. He kept asking himself the same questions. Were you two dating? What were you doing with him? Why were you with Jimin?

This struck a nerve in both Jungkook and Jin.

Jungkook was upset by this. He left once they all went into the back room.


Jin looked angry. He walked into the breakroom while Yoongi, Hoseok, Namjoon and Tae followed. They all scattered around the room and was going to plan out what they were going to do about Jungkook. Yoongi, Tae, Jimin and you were on the other side of the room and you felt a chill go down your spine. Something was going to happen.

Jin was angrily walking to where you were and he wasn’t going to stop. Yoongi noticed this and swiftly moved behind Tae since the younger man was taller than him and an easy sacrifice if Jin was coming for him. And to everyone’s surprise….

Jin grabbed Jimin by the collar and pushed him to the wall. “Okay Park Jimin. Since you’re treating Y/n as if she were your lover. Here are a couple of rules if you want to date MY Y/N”

The shock hit you at a delay and you started giggling.

All the guys fell to the floor laughing. This is why he was angry? Even Yoongi thought that Jin was mad at him for hugging you for too long.


You snickered with Tae Tae turned to you, “ Y/N-ah, I’ve never seen Hyung this angry. It’s hilarious.”


“3.I SWEAR IF YOU MAKE HER CRY. I SWEAR.” he leaned in closer and whispered, “ Things will happen to you”




Jimin gulped. “Lastly, If you force her into having sex and there’s no consent, I’ll rip you apart myself and burn you alive”

Jimin’s head was spinning he felt as if the whole world was against him.

Jin let go of Jimin, and walked over to you. “You’re moving back tomorrow.” And he left for the kitchen.

You nodded and Jin left to make food. You walked over to Jimin, “Jimin, what was that all about?”

Jimin smiled, “Looks like I have permission to date you!!!”

He looked like a child who received the biggest present on Christmas Day and he was spinning you around in his arms.

You were smiling from that. He didn’t officially ask you out yet, and since that didn’t happen, that would mean you two wouldn’t be official yet. Unless that means you would have to ask him…nah you’ll wait it out. No reason to rush things if the feelings were already established.

All of a sudden Jimin was dragged by the other guys to the dining area. Hoseok turned and yelled “Stay here Y/N! Don’t worry about us, we’re going to have a man-to-man talk. You should go to Hyung and see if he’s okay” You nodded and headed to the kitchen.

You saw Jin angrily chopping onions and tears were flowing down his cheeks. You heard his sniffles across the kitchen.

“Oppa…” he wiped his tears.

“Yes, my dear little sister?”

“Are you angry?”

“If he hurts you..”

“I swear.. I’ll…” He stopped.

Jin sighed. “No, I just….”

“Just what?”

“You’re like… not even, you ARE my  little sister to me and I feel like my job is to always protect you. I’m afraid that he’s taking that job away from me and I’m just going to get pushed to side because you don’t need an overprotective oppa anymore.”

You giggled at this. “heol.”

“Oppa you never cease to amaze me. Of course I’ll be your little sister. I’ll move back today as well since that jerk might randomly stalk me and show up at my door begging for forgiveness or something. Plus, my lease ends soon. I’m pretty sure my landlord will be fine with it.” you smiled at him

He looked at you with a small smile. As long as you were happy, everything would be okay. You were going to be back in his sight and away from danger. As much as he hated to admit it, part of him was glad that Jimin was into you because Jimin is a good guy and he wouldn’t hurt a fly unless it hurt you.


The boys went to the back of the restaurant and surrounded Jimin.

“Yo Jiminie, you never told us you and Y/N were dating” Jimin looked at Namjoon.

“We’re not, but Jin almost killed me for acting in front of that brat. I wanted to declare that he’ll never get to her.”

“Wait, so you don’t like her?” Yoongi questioned.

Jimin’s face turned red.

“You were so happy when you said you had permission to date her, BUT Jin-Hyung never said anything. Also, if you don’t like her, I’ll sweep her off her feet and I’ll marry her. Jin can’t do anything about that.”

“Hyung, you tripped on thin air while running away from Y/N….”

“Jimin if you mention that one more time, I’ll just skip to beating you before you even date Y/N”

“No thanks, Hyung. I told her I liked her.”

All the boys stared at him. “Hold on, you confessed??”

Jimin nodded slowly while putting his head into his hands when he realized what just came out of his mouth. Hobi was curious and was the first to ask after the awkward silence. “WELL??? What’d she say?!!”

“That’s where all the awkwardness and confusion comes in with Y/N and I. She was about to respond until our annoying boss came in a pulled us out to introduce us to Jungkook and I want to know what she was going to say!”

Jimin felt himself being drained of his energy. “I’m not going to ask her again for awhile until things get sorted out. She probably has a lot going on. It’s hard for someone to be away from family or people she loves or loved for so long. I’m worried about her. What if she’s not happy? I know we’re her family here in Seoul, but what if she needs her mother and father? Like this stuff runs through my mind and I don’t want her to be sad.”

Everyone felt the same way that Jimin did. They all at one point wondered if her family even contacted her at least once in the past five  years. Or even communicate with her that they were doing well or ask if SHE was doing well. They all had her in a special place in their hearts. Y/N was family to them.

“I also don’t want to ask her out if it’s just me feeling pity for her. You know… and I already confirmed my feelings so I know for sure I love her. A lot.” Jimin started to pace around.

“I honestly don’t know how to ask her out. She’s been staying at my place since she’s been having panic attacks because of that jerk.”

Taehyung spoke, “ Well you don’t have to worry about that anymore, she’s going to stay with Jin-Hyung and he can watch over her. Don’t worry Chim. Everything is going to be okay. And it’s not her fault that she’s ridiculously scarred by that brat.”

Jimin nodded. It was true. It wasn’t your fault if you were scared to trust people, or back away from people you weren’t close to. It was a mechanism that protected you.

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I love the way you draw Shiro. Very handsome :) and your Keith's have that Cute Aggression™ aesthetic I love him

!!! :D Thank you ! I always want to draw keith lookin soft but he’s just got that Face i have no other choice LOL

I’m glad you like how I draw them though !!!

Happy Beauty Positivity Day, guys <3

A couple things I love about myself are my eyes and my lips.

Even though my eyes are just brown, they’re pretty in the sun and so chocolaty!

And boy howdy, have you seen my lips? They’re hard to miss, lol, but I love them ALOT!

Have fun with the rest of the day! I’ll be lurking around for y’all’s stunning faces all day!

Don’t forget to tag your pics with ‘BPD2′


Haikyuu!! Fanvid  |  Iwaizumi x Oikawa x Kageyama - オレンジ



iwaoi being otp since childhood and Kageyama being in love with the senpai who doesn’t want to have anything to do with him is one of my fave HQ fanon scenarios (well, it’s 90% canon lol?) and this vid/song really captures that!!!!! :’(

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Congratulations!! What did Mycroft say when he heard the happy news?

Thank you, love! And, well, Mycroft being Mycroft, composed his face after blinking a bit rapidly at the news lol. 

I believe his exact words were: “Well, brother mine, sentimentality seems to look just fine on you and Miss Hooper.” (a compliment, I assure you)

To which, I insisted he could just call me Molly. 

He added, “Please, do your best to not send my future sister-in-law off running.” Sherlock, of course, made a face at that.

I’m sure he was quite happy with the announcement, though his composure did not display such a thing. There was a bit of an awkward hug that he attempted but Mycroft means well. After all, they’re all still coping with familial issues.

louie questionnaire

im so excited @sundownlouis tagged me to do this thing she based off the harrie questionnaire and im so here for always talking about louis

im tagging @louissgoldchain @lwtprince @louie-for-life @blueygreenyblue @teatimetommo @ilalasunshined @latelatelouis and @teamlouistommo

(i really want to see more people do this though so if youre a louie then do this and say i tagged you)

favorite look 

definitely this pop punk rocker look from 2013

but the brits 2014 (omg and his shoooees 😍) and the between us launch come up as second

(fuck but also the arias 2014 and when he wore that buffalo bills jersey and jay’s wedding, omg and when they filmed the intro wwa tour video, just all of his looks are perfect)

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honetsly i love doing these things but they can get long so i hardly ever do them lol sorry

1. Who was your bias when you first started stanning BTS?
From the point of time where i knew all their names/faces and got to know them, i’d say Jin. 
In the process of getting to know them however, I would say Hobi. His sunshine smile just gave me the strength i needed despite not knowing him so i knew him first.

2. Who is your current bias?
Still Jin.

3. What is your favourite bangtan bomb?
I don’t watch a lot of them but i think the one whre Jin is rehearsing Fire with Jimin and Jhope. Or the one where Jimin prepares Jin’s graduation cake. it was so sweet and pure haha

4. What is your favourite BTS song?
It depends on my mood, if i am cleaning and cooking etc it would be Jungkook’s cover of ‘we don’t talk anymore’ but for when i feel down i love suga’s first love etc
Though i think Reflection is my most precious song. together with first love and butterfly.

5. Which member is your bias wrecker?
I would have to say everyone, they’re just in rotation lol
but most often i would say Jungkook (even if by a little)

6. Which member appears in your dreams the most?
Surpisingly Yoongi?? I once dreamt that i got a hug from him and i felt the most blissfull i have ever felt?? He is taller than me so it was one of those squish-your-face-against-his-chest hugs. I think i might be touch starved lol, need me more hugs.

7. What is your favourite BTS MV?
Forever young, it’s so gorgeous.

8. What is your favourite BTS Choreography?
I don’t think i have one though baepsae is one i like, cause it’s so casual and fun. All of them are pretty good though. No more dream is pretty sweet.

9. Which BTS choreography do you dance to most often?
Fire cause it’s so easy to excessively dance to it, kinda like a parody of the dance. Of course never in front of anyone. Though Baepsae is the one i attempted to learn most. Still can’t though lmao

10. How long have you been an army?
If you count the moment i knew them and liked them - November 2016
but the moment i truly became an army it would be more december
when i discovered first love & reflection of the wings album. i kinda fell hard.

11. Which Album track list is your favourite?
YNWA so far. (2 cool 4 skool / dark&wild are the ones i listen to A LOT though)

12. Which album art is your favourite?
Dark&Wild, it was the cover i saw most of and it kinda stuck but YNWA with the bench is quite serene and lovely. I really like it.

13. Which member would you choose to be your husband?
It’s tough to say, definately maknae line though. The hyung line feels more like older brothers/ guardians angels lol idk how to explain forgive me.
Maknae line is closer in age. I think i might pick Jungkook, i feel like he’s really manly but still young enough to have fun with, like video games etc.

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idk a lot of people lmao feel free to ignore

Holy poop! When did I get 484 followers!? Why oh why are you following this nerd!? I love you guys so much though oh my lord! <3 I’m almost finished some SoSu x insert a companion here lol I have like 3 on the go! but ahh, I feel like I should do more! 400+ Followers! WOW!!! I love all your faces!

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Okay so wow this is really, really long. It was 5 pages on google docs. But I really love this. This took me much longer than it should have but I got distracted but tumblr and my cat lol. Anyways here you go, oh and btw, the roses are a tradition at my high school. I have no idea if colleges do things like this at graduation because I haven’t graduated yet. I thought it was cute idea though. :)

Palms sweating, you’re sitting on the bleachers with the sun shining bright in your face. Since the nice weather held out, graduation is outside this year. You shift the red roses in your hands to rest in your lap, then wipe your slightly shaking, clammy palms on your gown. You can’t believe you’re here. It’s hard to believe that four years have gone by already.

While you listen to the Dean give a speech about how proud he is of your class you try to calm your nerves. You know there is nothing to be nervous about. You’re almost done with school and it’s not like this tiny little action will cost you your diploma or Hunt his job. Plenty of students give a rose to their favorite professor, yours just happens to have a little more meaning.

You shift in your seat and look around at your fellow classmates. Some are paying close attention to the Dean while others are quietly chatting with the students sitting around them. You quickly spot Addison talking with Aria, last names causing them to be seated next to eachother.

Addison must sense someone staring at her because she turns to look at you and gives you a megawatt smile. She knows you’re nervous. She’s one of your best friends, of course you told her all about Professor Hunt. Addison is the one who convinced you to give a rose to him, and continued to tell you it was a great idea even when you tried to talk yourself out of it. She gives you a thumbs up and turns back to Aria.

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suite-dee-reynolds replied to your photo “I’ve never wanted to fight someone so badly”

she does have a pretty face, this is true lol I’ll never understand smarmy sports fans though, shouldn’t they be happy that someone new is getting into their sport?

Right!? Like why get so uptight and rude about someone essentially having fun and doing a publicity thing? It shouldn’t be a competition of having to live and breathe love of the sport to be associated with it. This Louise lady should be happy it’s getting attention. I don’t know if it’s a universal expression, but in my experience ‘just another pretty face’ has serious undertones of calling someone dumb and saying that they’re only getting by/as good as their looks. And that’s what really set me off.

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Idk if this is a silly question, but could we ever see a no-makeup selfie? I feel like you'd be a natural beauty ^-^

Well, I don’t really buy in to that natural beauty crap, but I have posted two selfies with no makeup on. I reblogged one ✨

Makeup to me is armor. Keeps my emotions in check. I’m too pretty to give a damn, lol. And I’m not going to cry because there’s no way I spent half an hour on my face to ruin it over some nonsense. Makeup is rad ✨I love it.

And I love dating girls who also think makeup is the best because going shopping with your girlfriend or doing your makeup together is so much fun. It makes me happy 🐋

My opinion on this should only matter to me though. If anyone doesn’t like makeup, that’s rad. I don’t care what other people do 😂 It just bugs me when people tell me “I don’t need it.” Like, I don’t NEED this doughnut. I’m eating it because I WANT the doughnut. Their heart is in the right place most times, but it does irk me a bit. I usually just say thanks. I only get angry when people start talking trash about people who wear makeup.

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My coworker literally tried to convince me that chicken isn't meat. Like what the fuck. Also come to the US I'd love to be your friend

lol, so many people are like “oh yeah I’m vegetarian except for fish oil capsules and chicken. i could never live without MY chicken haha :)”.

i’d love to come to the US one day, though you’ll have to come off anon as I’m a little adverse to hanging out w grey faced people xx

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Psst skel, hey fuck face tumblr crush :3 ((we haven't talked to each other in forever I'm so sorry lololol)) your writing just keeps getting better and better though! I love it!

I know we’re so bad at keeping in touch lol!!! How’s school been?? And thank you! I keep redoing Shadowtale Pt. 1 x3 I hope people like it.

Being a girl is hard.

Being a girl is hard.
Avengers x Reader

Request:Hello there! I was wondering if you can write me a request where the reader and the Avengers genderswap for a day. The reader has to deal with the guys exclaiming over the problems girls face (ex. boobs), while Nat just goes over and flirts with other girls. Please and thank you!

A/N: I love this request so much! Oh my gosh! lol I hope you like it Anon:)
And I noticed that I kept talking about boobs haha

You were one of Nat’s best friends and she invited you to the tower.She wants you to be part of the team even though your power is useless,
but you were really good at kicking butt.

“Hey guys,this is (y/n),my best friend,"Natasha says to the team."I thought I was your best friend,"Clint says,"but nice to see you again (y/n).”
You giggled and smiled at Clint.
“ANYWAYS.I thought (y/n)….could be a part of our team?"she asks.Steve looks up and stares at her,then at you,then back to her."It depends.
What can you do?"he says.Your mouth opens up but you were interrupted by Natasha."She’s the BEST at kicking butt!!and…..she has…powers,"she says.Now everyone’s head shot up and started looking at you with their eyebrows raised."M-my powers are useless though..,"you mumbled.Steve looked at you and smiled,"I’m pretty sure it’s not useless,whatcha got?"Nat smirked and said,"she’ll show you."You looked at her and nod your head no and Steve said,"it’s okay,show us."You sighed and said "fine,"and snapped your fingers.

"Woah…what happened,"they said.
You looked at them and gave them a sheepish smile.The first one that notice was Pietro.His eyes widened as he stares at what’s on his chest."I-I ha- ,wh-,WHY DO I HAVE BOOBS,"he yells.All of them looked at the speedster,Tony laughs at him and says,"Woah speedy you need a bra."Pietro looked at him and glared but his narrow eyes were replaced with wide ones.He looked around confused and lost."Wh-why are the guys girls and the girls guys?Except for YOU!"he says pointing at you,"your still a woman!"You put your hands up in surrender and said,"You guys asked to see my powers…so..”
Steve looks at you and said,“Th-this is your power?"You nod and said,"I told you it’s useless.”

The rest of the day was mostly the boys complaining about everything.“Ughhh I can’t run!Every time I do it’s just so painful!"Pietro says holding onto his chest as he tries to speed off.Tony comes into the main room and said,"I’m such a hot girl but I have a freaking mustache!?!?"You roll your eyes and said,"why don’t you just shave it?"He looks at you with his hand on his chest."You do know this is art.Right?"he says pointing at his mustache beard thing,"I don’t want to have a naked face when I turn back into a man."Thor walks in and your eyes widened.He walked in……without a shirt."Uhh….Thor…wh-why aren’t you wearing a shirt?"you ask.He looks at you and said,"I just finished training."You walked up to him and said,"Thor.You’re a girl now.You can’t be shirtless!!You have boobs!”

You guys decide to go to the mall and see what’s it like being a different gender in public.

While you were at the mall Natasha would flirt with every girl that passed by.She even got a girl’s number.Some guys even flirted with the ‘guys’.Steve and Bruce just looked all embarrassed and uncomfortable.

You guys got some Starbucks and Wanda and Pietro both drank a venti in like under 2 minutes and a few minutes after they both said,“I need to go to the bathroom."Wanda went in the girls and Pietro went in the guys and you ran over to stop them ,"you guys!don’t forget,you’re not a girl right now and you’re not a boy!"The twins both looked at each other and their face paled as they both switched and went to the bathroom.
You went to the bathroom with girl Pietro."Uhh…where’s the urinal?"he asked.You looked at him and laughed,"Pietro.We’re girls,we don’t use urinals.You pee in the stalls.”

When you got out you saw Wanda with a terrifying look on her face.“What’s wrong Wanda?"Clint asks."H-how do you pee standing up?"she says.You all burst out laughing and the 'boys’ explained.

When you got home the 'boys’ flopped on the couch and groaned.
"Uhhhhh….my back hurts!"they complained."How do you girls do this?!You guys have like 3million pounds on your chest!"Pietro yells.
"Yeah…and how do you…deal with guys who hit on you?"Steve says turning red a bit,"o-one of them slapped my…..butt."You all burst out laughing,"You do have a nice butt Cap,"Nat says winking.Steve blushes and said,”(Y/n) can you turn us back to normal?“You laughed and said,"okay okay,"and snapped your fingers.

"YES!I CAN RUN FREELY NOW!"Pietro said before he left with a blue blur.Steve laughs and said,
”(Y/n).Welcome to the team.“


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Avengers x reader x avengers cast

Imagine: Loki causes chaos in your dimension and now the cast of the Avengers in a different dimension are stuck in your dimension until the Avengers can figure out how to send them home.

A/N: this is one of my ideas that I am absolutely in love with. BTW, Bucky and Sebastian will be included and you are dating Bucky. Wanda and Pietro are included; however Miss Olsen will not be in this a lot. Mr. Johnson will be though!!! You have a metal right arm and metal left leg from an accident with a train….lol

Genre: Humor, Adventure, Mystery

Rated: Everyone

Warning: swearing, different dimension

Author: Chris-Evans-Imagine

You were sitting in the middle of the two groups, face palming and sighing. Earlier, Loki had somehow opened a dimension and a few people were transported over.  You knew how he did it because you could do the same thing anytime you wanted. You were called a Portal Jumper, the fancy name Dimensionalist. You could jump into different dimensions and open doors that were originally closed. That was how you met the group to your left. The famous actors to a movie made in their dimension called The Avengers. You had stumbled upon them when you had passed out from your injuries you had got from an intergalactic Space explosion and Chris Evans had tended to your wounds. The group to your right is the group you originally lived with before you had stumbled upon the actors. You had known them all your life because Clint had taken you in when you were a baby when nobody wanted you and became your adoptive father. You have never called him dad but you knew you would one day. When the Avengers had found out about your abilities, you were immediately put under protection and recruited as an agent. You were friends with all of them, one way or another even though it was kind of weird to see two of everyone. You looked up at Pietro when he cleared his throat and Pietro asked.

“(y/n), I am confused. Who are these…people?”

You sighed and rubbed your cheek. Standing up, you stretched and crossed your arms, hissing slightly at the cold sensation or your right arm.

“These guys are different versions of you. However, you are called their alter egos. For example, Aaron is an actor and he portrays you in their movie about you guys. You are his alter ego.”

Steve asked, clutching his belt and cocking his head to the side.

“So they are our doppelgangers?’

“In a way, yes.”

Bucky pursed his lips and looked up at you. You looked at him and asked him quietly.

“Are you alright?”

Bucky shrugged and rubbed the back of his neck. Chris Hemsworth, Thor’s ego, asked.

“(Y/n), are you and…Bucky together?”

Sebastian looked at you and you blushed, nodding quietly. Bucky snarled out, clenching a fist.

“Yeah, you got a problem with it, asshole?”

You face palmed and Steve asserted.

“Bucky. Enough.”

“Thanks, Spangles.”

Steve nodded and Wanda asked, sitting beside you Indian style and levitating.

“So if everyone else has an ego, where’s mine?”

You observed.

“I guess Ms. Olsen was far enough from the extraction site to avoid it. However, I can guarantee she saw it all.”

Wanda nodded and Jeremy asked.

“How are we gonna get home?”

Tony walked in with Bruce, moving holograms away and explaining.

“You’re probably going to be stuck here until Reindeer Games is brought here and takes you home or Portal Pogo Stick over here takes you.”

You rolled your eyes and stated.

“I can’t take them home. There are too many risks. Loki probably rigged the portal. He’s not an idiot.”

Thor walked and stood beside you. He put his hands on your shoulders and asked.

“You know of the portal jumpers, yes?”

“Considering I am a dimensionalist, yes I do. Why?”

“There were old stories about the Portal Jumpers on Asgard that explained that if a Portal Jumper took more people than they were capable of, they got lost in the galaxies forever. Floating aimlessly until another portal Jumpers found them or they died.”

Thor turned and you bit your lips. Clint jumped up, looking at Tony when Tony said.

“She can take a couple trips.”

Clint yelled.

“You are not putting my daughter in danger, Stark! She’ll lose energy and if she tries to take more trips than she can manage, she’ll kill herself and everyone who is with her.”

Jeremy’s eyes widened and he asked you.

“Wait, you’re my daughter in this dimension?”

You grabbed your head, a pounding in it and you yelled, voice getting louder as you yelled.

“Everybody just shut the FUCK UP!”

You created a small shockwave and everyone stopped. Tears pricked your closed eyes and you covered your face. You turned and said before escaping to your room.

“I’m so sorry I’m weak.”


Clint growled and yelled at Tony.

“Good fuckin’ going, Stark!”

Tony rolled his eyes and Bucky looked after your form. He stood up slowly and the actors watched him. Bucky looked at Tony and said, lowly and pointing at Tony.

“You better fucking fix this before I fix your face.”

Tony turned and walked away. Bucky glared at his form and Steve put a hand on his shoulder.

“Come on, Bucky. It’s not worth it. The guy’s gonna be a tool either way.”

Natasha huffed and walked to your room, turning back to look at everyone and said.

“You guys’ are obviously too engrossed in being a bunch of whiney bitches. I’ll be with (Y/N).”

Clint looked at Natasha and asked.

“Tell her I’ll be there in a minute.”

“Got it.”

Natasha walked off and Scarlett asked.

“How are you her father, if I may ask?”

Clint looked at Scarlett and explained, sitting down.

“A long time ago, (Y/N) was left on the doorstep of my farm when she was a baby. No note, no nothing about why she was there. I took her in as my own and when I found out about her ability, I didn’t know what to do so I took her here to ask for help and now you can see what this job has done to my little bird.”

Chris Evans piped up.

“How come her alter ego isn’t with us?”

A voice made everyone jump.

“Because my alter ego is dead.”

You walked in and Clint walked to you, hugging you tightly. He asked in your hair as he kissed your head.

“Are you alright, little bird?”

You nodded and Natasha hugged your around your arms as you sat on the floor beside Clint’s leg, your head leaning on his knee. Clint started to caress your head as Natasha sat with you and Robert asked.


You nodded. Mark then asked.

“No offense but do you know how she died?”

You deadpanned as you looked at him.

“I killed her.”

Everyone got quiet and Steve looked at you with wide eyes.

“Why would you do that?”

You looked down at your hands.

“Because she would have to endure the same thing I go through now. She would be just like me.  Good thing I got her at such a young age.”

You stood up and ordered.

“If you have a problem with me preventing a life having to deal with a lifetime of misery, then go ahead and arrest me. Kill me even. If you don’t, then…yay. Whoop de doo. I wasn’t going to let my ego suffer like I have too. I’m going to find a way to get you guys home so please be patient with me.”

Thor looked over at you and you turned towards him. Thor held out a hand and asked.

“Would you like to take a walk with me so you can hold in your anger?”

You smiled softly at him and replied.

“Thank you but I’ll refuse. I’ll be ok.”

“Well, at least take a drink to cool yourself.”

Bucky said from behind you. You turned and grabbed the water.

“Thank you, James.”

He smiled a bit and Evans asked.

“(y/n), is there more than one dimension?”

“Oh yeah. Hundreds upon thousands.”

Mark asked.

“How do you choose which dimension you want to g to?”

You smiled and asked, gesturing to Sebastian.

“Well you know how in Once Upon A Time, Jefferson has his hat that had different doors? Well, it’s kind of like that. However, I don’t have a hat though that would be so cool.”

You laughed and Sebastian smiled. You continued.

“I travel through any kind of elevator. Kind of like the phone booth in Doctor Who. I type in a certain number pattern into the elevator and when the door closes, I’m in the dimension. “

Jeremy asked.

“Are there any side effects?”

You shrugged and nodded.

“If you are a beginner, you will get nauseous, dizzy, a pounding migraine and sometimes blurry vision. “

Hemsworth asked.

“Is there certain ranks, so to speak, for a Portal Jumper?”

“Yes. Beginner, Novice, Apprentice, Master, and then you earn the title Dimensionalist.”

Robert asked you.

“What is your rank?”

You gave a triumphant smile.

“I am Dimensionalist.”

Thor added.

“It takes years of jumping to attain that status. Lady (Y/n) is a very skilled Jumper. It is not uncommon for other jumpers to come to her for advice.”

You smiled and Sebastian asked.

“How long have you been…jumping?”

“Since I found out I had my ability. Translation: 9 years. Now, it does take longer for someone to attain that status. However, if you do jump like there’s no tomorrow then you’ll be like me.”

Evans then asked you.

“How…how did you lose your arm and leg?”

You looked down at your said limbs and chuckled darkly.

“Ironically, train accident. Fell off like Bucky did but I hit the side of the mountain before I hit the rock at the bottom…my leg went first.”

The room was quiet and Evans said.

“I’m so sorry-“

“-Nah, its ok. You were curious.”

You stretched again and jumped when a familiar voice stated.

“Well, this is weird.”

You looked over and got up, smiling.

“Jefferson, hey! Didn’t know you were gonna stop by.”

Jefferson gave you a smile and tipped his hat. You rolled your eyes and he explained.

“I was coming to ask you a favor but it…seems you have your hands full. Uh. Why is there two of everyone and three of me?”

You rubbed the back of your neck and simply said.


Jefferson nodded and you asked.

“What is it that you needed?”

Jefferson cleared his throat and took your arm, turning and walking away from the group.

“I need a favor, obviously.”

You asked him when he got farther away from the group.

“What is it?”

Jefferson asked.

“I was wondering if you could tell me which dimension has my female counterpart.”

You frowned and asked.


Jefferson looked to the left and then back at you and stated bluntly.

“Because I need to kill her. She stole from me, humiliated me in front of everyone, and hurt Grace.”

You got a deadly look on your face and Jefferson took a step back in caution.

“She hurt grace? Dimension 37, gateway 23154, code 23154. Since you’re probably gonna use your hat, doorway 33.”

Jefferson smiled and thanked you, kissing your cheek and walking you back to the group.

“You never cease to please me, darling.”

You shrugged and Jefferson pulled out a suitcase made specially for hats. He opened it and took out a beautiful hat that looked like his.

“For a beautiful and trustworthy person.”

Jefferson set the hat upon your head and you smiled.

“Thank you, madman.”

Jefferson shrugged and tipped his hat.

“I must be going.”

You smiled and waved and turned back to everyone. Sebastian was looking at you with wide eyes and you smiled at him, tipping your hat. Chris E laughed and shook his head.

“Sebastian has been so tense since Jefferson walked in. He fuckin turned to me and whispered ‘I’m starting to feel like I’ve gone mad.’ When Jefferson walked in.”

You laughed and hugged Sebastian, patting his back and whispering.

“Don’t worry, Sebby. I’m gonna get you home somehow.”

You pulled back and Sebastian nodded, offering you a small smile. Tony walked in and handed you a smoothie, saying.

“Come on, Portal Pogo Stick. We got work to do. Plus I wanna test out this new skin synthetic that I made on your arm and leg.”

You beamed and then touched Tony’s neck with your metal hand, asking.


Tony immediately bent his neck back and fell over. You laughed hard and Steve chuckled, shaking his head.