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30 Tell-tale Signs that you are Hardcore Yoongi Biased with the Softest Core

1. You cried at least 5x while listening to “The Last”

2. You cried when Agust D was released 

3. You cried when you finally understood “First Love” 

4. You’re practically dehydrated every time Yoongi releases a personal track 

5. You also cried when Yoongi cried. This lane cries a lot. 

6. You’re Yoongi kink list includes (but is not limited to): Yoongi working in his Studio, Yoongi playing the piano, Yoongi eating, Yoongi talking about his music, members talking about how Yoongi takes care of them 

7. You see his hands, your first thought, I want his fingers between mine 

8. Seeing his gummy smile makes you feel like everything will be okay 

9. You almost bought bubble wrap when he injured his ear… You also wanted to fight a door… At some point in 2014 you also wanted to fight an appendix… but shit was too complicated to comprehend… just how?

10 .He breathes… you praise his genius 

11. You could listen to him singing… on loop

12. You believe he is shippable with any Bangtan member… coz come on! His relationship with everyone IS good! (don’t fight us on this… trigger warning)

13. Yoongi + Basketball… cannon

14. When Yoongi does aegyo... you cringe… then giggle… then die.

15. Nevermind Live.… also… All Force One Fancam.

16. You know what ‘brown’ is in Korean

17. Black, Blonde, Mint… probably in that order. You love Yoongi in all hair colors and you are always ready to fight BigHit when it changes. But you’ll love the new color anyways.

18. You know and love all his personas (BTS Suga, Min Pdnim, Agust D, Father Louis William Suga Adams III, Motionless Min) but your ultimate favorite is Min Yoongi.

19. You noticed how more cheerful and carefree he became after releasing his mixtape.

20. You see Yoongi sleeping, you think, “Yes, baby. So hardworking. You deserve that rest.”

21. Triggers: “Suga copied/plagiarized…”, “Suga is dieting”

22. You actually fear the day Yoongi regains his bulk and muscles. (You’re soft heart ain’t ready for that shit. He will be too perfect! *sobs*)

23. Kkaepjjang… IS a thing!

24. You BELIEVE in his dancing

25. You have listed either Daegu or Genius Lab (or both) as one of the top places you want to visit.

26. You hear Bangtan is on a break… you wait for Min Holly updates.

27. Your world stops when Yoongi tweets

28. You’re still waiting for A-Yo and So Far Away MV

29. When someone asks you why Yoongi is your bias, your first answer is “he inspires me…”

30. You actually finished this list just to see if you match any of the following… 

not to be that person but…. hating a movie before it comes out because you THINK your favorite character might be getting a storyline you didn’t “want” is really immature and creates uncessary drama over nothing. if it happens AFTER you see the movie? make a fucking scene! but before? just….chiLL

B.A.P Stan-cyclopedia

Yongguk stans: Calm, strong and steady, they hardly ever waver from Bbang. Despite the truly harrowing times they’ve experienced - they, like their bias, can always be counted on to be sage, positive and mostly relaxed. They give great advice and are fun, and even giddy, once you crack them open. Also, watching the YAMAZAKI-meltdown of 2017 was downright hilarious. Yongguk stans are loyal, talented and truly good people. The glue that holds the fandom together.

  • Majority ship: Banghim or Banglo. But arguments can be made for Bangdae and Bangjae. Strong arguments. Also Tigguk, obviously.
  • Majority bias-wrecker: Himchan, Daehyun and Youngjae. The other two are their babies, and always will be. 

Hicmhan stans: They will defend and protect Himchan to their very last breath. And quite rightly so. No one has gotten more industry and fandom crap than him. While the rest of us are watching Himchan glide along like the swan he is, all beautiful and elegant, slightly goofy (in the neck), they are underwater, watching as his legs work furiously and without end as they propel him along. Don’t mess with Himchan stans. But love them, cause they’re great. And would probably defend you, if you ever needed it. 

  • Majority ship: Himup. Duh. 
  • Majority bias-wrecker: Youngjae. But they love Daehyun too.

Daehyun stans: Very active. Very sociable. Extremely vocal. Always screaming about Daehyun, thinking about screaming about Daehyun, dreaming about thinking about screaming about Daehyun. They admire Daehyun’s many talents but they are also the among the first ones to admire all the members for their numerous talents. If BABYz were a cake, they’d be the rainbow sprinkles on top, i.e they’re delightful and there are a million of them.

  • Majority ship: All Daehyun ships are evenly represented (more opportunity to scream about Daehyun)
  • Majority bias-wrecker: None. Unless you count blonde Daehyun. AND THEY DO.

Youngjae stans: Hyper-aware that they are a slightly smaller group. Painfully aware that Yoo Youngjae is everyone’s bias-wrecker as opposed to straight-up bias. Furiously aware that sometimes ‘jae’ is seen as just a part of ‘daejae’….. But, if anyone can clue in the clueless, it’s Youngjae stans. Blessed with real, farm-to-table talent, the artists that stan Youngjae know he’s on the cusp of true greatness, and that it’s only a matter of time. He’ll get everyone in the end. 

  • Majority ship: Younglo and Daejae (although Bangjae, Himjae and Youngup are all on the rise. Seriously, everyone loves Youngjae) 
  • Majority bias-wrecker: They love everyone. But they are in love with Youngjae. Tbh, that face/shoulder combo would leave anyone destroyed. 

Jongup stans: Like the man they stan, they’re a quirky bunch. Quietly, yet constantly, supportive of the whole group, they spend their time lolling about, not afraid to gush over another member or gently rib Uppie for his more gobbish ways. And then stage-Jongup appears. Mr. Moon pulls one pose, and they all lose their collective shit. Screaming, weeping and in various stages of dying, the cry often heard is ‘i can’t, I can’t, I CAN’T’. It’s down to a science. 

  • Majority ship: Daeup (Daejong?). Either way they love it. Also Himup, because even his stans accept that no one will ever love Jongup as much as Himchan does. No one. Ever.
  • Majority bias-wrecker: Daehyun or Yongguk. The two extremes.

Zelo stans: Creative, sweet and kind. The kindest of kind. Their blogs are truly refreshing, drama-free spaces. Their total care and adoration of our youngest sometimes seems beyond words, like they’ve wrapped him up in fluffy clouds and quietly watch over him as he sleeps. So instead of loud flailing, we are blessed with beautiful edits and gifsets. And Mochii. Lots and lots of Mochii.

  • Majority ship: Banglo or Younglo (although Daelo is always hovering) Most likely due to the fact that although he’s everyone’s little brother, Yongguk and Youngjae are clearly his primary caregivers.
  • Majority bias-wrecker: Daehyun, Jongup or Mochii (the bae)

#StanBAP #SupportBABYz

I hope no one’s done this yet! @softozier wrote a post saying that Stan would run an Animal Crossing blog and I HAD to write some HCs.

- Stan’s ACNL town would be so impeccably organized and themed beautifully. Anytime he’d post screenshots of it with his dream town they got SO many notes and people asking how he got his town like that.

- His town is blue and white theme with beautiful paths. All of his villagers are blue and white too.

- He spent soooo much time trading his starting villagers with other people on tumblr to get the villagers he wanted. 

- He’d also use duplication cheats and time traveling cheats to get so much money and would also clone his rare items for trading as well.

- He’d reset his town 40 times in a row until he got a town with a good layout, good placement of the river, had pears as the town fruit, had a blue train station roof and town hall, etc. He doesn’t even get mad while doing it because it’s fucking important to him.

- He focuses much more on making his town stunning instead of building good relationships with his villagers tbh. He loves them, but that comes second. Making them ping him for new Public Works Projects takes the first spot.

- He’d be the person to leave gold paper wrapped gifts of bubble blowers and pinwheels at his tree for his tumblr friends/followers to take when they visit his dream town

- His blog becomes so popular in the ACNL fandom people beg him to add them and come to their game’s dream town

- He never EVER allows Richie to visit his town because he runs through all his flowers and digs holes everywhere and chops down trees. He quickly learned his lesson, but anytime that happened he’d just shut his game off and prevent it from saving even if he’d played for hours before Richie came. Not worth redoing all of that.

- His fossils, fish, and insects get completely filled out within the first year of him playing. He’s super committed to getting all of them.

- If Ben ever visits his town, he waters all of Stan’s flowers.

- His house is also fully upgraded and HUGE with lots of rare sets of furniture.

- Bev designs a lot of cute clothes at the Able Sister’s shop, some especially for each Loser, and Stan always has the design she made for her displayed in his “Fashion Room”

- Sometimes when they hang out they’ll all just go to each others towns, go to the island together to play minigames, fish and catch insects, etc. 

- Stan has, BY FAR, the most beautiful town but Mike’s and Bev’s are nice too.

- Stan freaks out if he misses going on the game even for a day because he thinks all his precious flowers will wilt and die if they’re not watered.

Please feel free to add!! 


Suho imitating Hwan Hee’s pose in her movie. (Looking like a fish on land lol??) ❤

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How u know kihyun a dom and not sub??? Details plz

thinking about it, dom sounds a little too harsh like it’s not like i see him as this “daddy” dom type of person yuck it’s just…he’s a really dominant personality, who prefers to do things by himself and take control. if a problem has to be solved, kihyun would run to the front to be the first one to solve the problem by himself, because he has his own standards and he wants to fulfil them - if he’d fuck up: ok, that was his mistake BUT if you fuck up he would nag how wrong you did til he shuts you down. kihyun is also - even if it’s sometimes hard to spot - a very heartwarming and caring person, he just shows his love differently than some others may show it. he likes to take care of things, for instance if you look at his relationship to his members: kihyun basically is the dorm’s housewife, always cooking and cleaning monsta x messy dorm. he also pays attention to everyone eating up their meals, in their newest VAPP CHANNEL+ video you can also see him cleaning the member’s left overs after having a little snack. kihyun nags a lot and likes to point out if somebody fucked up, but not because he wants to hurt you, rather because he wants to draw your attention to your mistakes so you’re not re-doing them over and over again.
kihyun knows what he wants, he’s a really ambicious, honest and straightforward person, but at the same time a really caring one. he loves to take care of things (i think you can especially see this character trait of his looking at changkyun’s and his relationship but maybe that’s only my otp ass speaking right now LOL). i think in one of their recent NO EXIT broadcasts, when monsta x had this hypnosis guy coming over and they started talking about each member’s future, the psychologist said that kihyun would protect his future wife and children on all costs and minhyuk jokingly said that he would probably control them and lock them up LOL
i’m not saying that he’s that ultimate top dude, i don’t really think anybody is (maybe got7′s jaebum lol), kihyun would bottom for sure, especially if he thinks that his dick (which btw he thinks is massive) would hurt you, because your health always comes first. i think he would also play the bottom role just to try it out or if his partner wants to take control, he’s open for new things and likes experimenting (that won’t stop his nagging tho you gotta consider this lol). also deep down, i believe in kihyun being a huge pervert. however, i think kihyun prefers to be in control AND I STOP NOW BECAUSE I THINK I’LL START TO ANALYZE THINGS TOO MUCH AGAIN I’M SORRY

I bet you all forgot about this guy, Stan S81-J jumping through portals as he does

Just bought this gem off of Redbubble. I’m ready for people to ask me who Sebastian Stan is just so I can say “My boyfriend” or “My husband”. This is a normal thing to buy, right? Just trying to support Cinnamon Roll Daddy.

What have I done.

Happy Accidents - Part 3

So this took a little longer than I intended it to :) But here it finally is! And I’ve already got the next part planned out! So hopefully that’ll be up within the next week ^_^ The response to this series has been beyond amazing! I can’t believe it lol You guys are amazing and I love you all<3 Enjoy! ^_^

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x plus-sized reader
Rating: PG-13 still
Warnings: Just swearing and a little bit of drinking for now
Word Count: 2.2 k

Part 1 | Part 2 
on ao3

The next Friday you’re coming home from yet another long week of work when you see Sebastian outside tossing a football back and forth with a friend. He notices your car and waves you over as you’re driving by, an excited grin on his face. It’s hot as hell today and your windows are down as you roll to a stop in front of his yard, a timid smile on your lips.

“Hey!” he calls as he runs up to your car window. “Hey doll, you got any plans tonight?” he asks, leaning into the window so he can talk to you face to face.

“Hey,” his friend says, a sly grin on his face, giving a little wave as he leans down to peer into the window.

“Hey,” you reply, waving back. A slight blush blooms on your cheeks at his grin and Sebastian’s use of the pet name. You try to shrug it off and act normal. Not developing a major crush on your cute neighbor-slash-friend at all, nope. “Nope. Was just gonna put on my pjs and relax. Why? What’s up?”

“Me and Anthony – this is Anthony, by the way. Mackie, this is the sweetheart I’ve been telling you about –“ your face is hot as your blush darkens “we just got a bonfire pit. We were gonna have some beers, grill up some steaks, make s’mores later. You want in?” Sebastian’s smile is so genuine it makes your insides all warm and gooey as he tips his head to you, eyes hopeful.

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teen au: mike works at the library,and he noticed that every week guy with curly hair would come to get new book about birds and he would always sit at the same table. later he would learn that this boy's name is stan and he would remember exact time when stan would come so he could leave new books with the note "for stan :)" on the table. Of course stan noticed mike and since he didnt know his name he asks worker there where mike was. " what does he look like? " "beautiful"

ASDFGHJKL SO CUTE!!! It’s not my best work but I just had to write a drabble for this!!!

Stan’s lips curled in a bright smile as he arrived at his favorite table in the library. His heart tingled warmly in his chest as he noticed a small stack of books already waiting for him. On the cover of the very first book was a little piece of notebook paper that read,

For Stan :)

Setting his backpack in the seat beside his, Stan picked up the tiny piece of paper with a bright smile. He knew exactly who was responsible for this act of kindness and immediately turned to find him. A tall young boy around his age that looked like an angel right out of heaven. With the warmest chocolate brown eyes, sun kissed olive brown skin and a head of black curls.

He worked in the library as the assistant but they didn’t wear name tags so Stan had no idea what his name was. He didn’t know how the boy knew his name either but he was glad that he did. Somehow he had figured out that Stanley had a thing for bird books (which was honestly no secret to anyone.) Ever since he always left a stack of new bird related books at Stan’s table.

To his disappointment Stan didn’t find the assistant. A passing librarian saw him looking around and approached him with a sweet smile. Her curly auburn hair was tied back in a long ponytail and a smile stretched across her fair freckles cheeks.

“Is there something you’re looking for honey?” She asked warmly.

“Yes, actually I’m looking for…” His voice trailed off as his face fell.

That’s right…you don’t know his name.

“For what?” The librarian asked, curiosity and confused written clearly on her face.

“I’m looking for a boy who works here but I…I don’t know his name.” He admit, cheeks flushing red.

“Oh. Well, what does he look like?”

Almost instantly, the other’s face filed his mind and his cheeks grew warmer. He was usually strolling around the library putting books back on their rightful shelves. Always radiating warmth with that handsome and helpful smile.

Stan opened his mouth but slowly found it slipping shut. There were no words to describe the other…at least not accurately. How would one describe the beauty of the skies or the grace and lovely violence of the sea? No matter how he phrased it he just wouldn’t hit the hammer on the head with this one.

So he said the only word that came to mind whenever he saw or thought of him.