lol i love this coloring tbh xd

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Relationship status: Single and definitely not ready to mingle (lol sorry)

Favorite color: pink and green (I’m really bad with names, but the soft pink and green?)

Lipstick or chapstick: chapstick (only cause i have no clue how makeup works)

Last song I listened to: Plastic Love by Mariya Takeuchi 

Last movie I watched: Wonder Woman

Top 3 characters: Olivier Armstrong (FMA Brotherhood), Chihiro (Spirited Away), Izuku Midoriya (BnHA/MHA) (All that comes to mind atm.  My weeb colors are showing; I apologize!)

Top 3 ships: (WARNING: I AM THE BIGGEST WEEB; i’M SO SORRY. I won’t be surprised if I lose followers tbh. xD) YuurixViktor

Books I’m currently reading: After centuries, I’m finally starting to read the Harry Potter series! On the second book atm.  Going through this slowly haha.

Top 5 musicals: I have a poor library of musicals.   I honestly haven’t watched any in a while! I think the last time I watched one was Les Miserables. (I’M SO SORRY)

Top 5 movies: Spirited Away (childhood favorite and literally just this LOL. my brain is tired, and i can’t remember anything atm.)

Favorite things to do: eating good foods, taking pics of foods, doing any kind of art or crafts (sometimes), playing games, watching anime and other shows/movies, spending time with my pets (and animals in general haha)


Tagging anyone who’s bored and want to do this! :)

anonymous asked:

aw i didn't know your fave color was pale mint! i like it 🌱🌿🍃🍀 should our fandom name be cass-anova's? cass-eroles? cass-tastrophes? LOL. - cass stan™

LOL yeah i like greens a lot and pastel and oh god theres too many things my name works with you should figure this out with @kihqun who apparently claims she’s one of the people who runs my fandom and says we are cassablancas while you all do that I’m going to delete myself lol