lol i love the way she laughs here cause it sounds so much like cristina

Grey's Anatomy 10x21 "Change of Heart" Review (Spoiler Alert!)

And the farewell to Cristina begins!


Oh “my future son look-a-like” Breydon…

(still waiting on y'all to find me a white man! lol ignore me)! He’s getting bad to the point where he can’t breathe properly *sad face*. I don’t even know how to feel about the mom telling them to stop the treatment. I’m pissed that she told them to stop, cause Bailey did tell them it would get worse before it got better! But I understand how frustrated she is seeing her child in that condition! Sooooooo, is Bailey gonna still inject him with the virus? Looks like it. But if she does that wouldn’t be illegal right? Since the mom already signed the forms? I need to see how this plays out.

And OMG, my girl Frankie died!

Again, I understand the mother’s frustration, but I didn’t like what she said to Cristina at the end. I mean if it wasn’t for Cristina, ALL of her kids might have been dead by now. And I hated the whole choosing which kid gets the heart, and how do you even begin to explain to your daughter that she had to get her little sister’s heart and she died? That must be so hard on them. I feel for the “Cardiomyopathy Family”!. Are we ever gonna find out what caused this damn thing? Cause that might have the answer to help them kids.

All these patients got me sitting here like


There wasn’t really much going on with the residents. Jo was with Alex and Stephanie was working with Bailey. We got some Shane and Leah scenes. I’m guessing we’re going to be getting a lot of them since Gaius and Tessa aren’t coming back next season. Not gonna lie, I might miss Shane!


I laughed way too hard when Callie told April to get out of her vagina. But on a serious note, I get what a lot of the fans were saying, she didn’t have to act the way she did towards April. A lot of fans were like…..

Just a while ago she was all up in the MerDer house, drinking and what not because Arizona cheated on her, so you would think she would be a little more understanding. Yeah their situations are different, and April can annoy people sometimes, but still, didn’t have to act that way.

On a better note though, Yay to them talking about the Calzona baby!!!!

And I like that Arizona is happy for Alex taking the job…..or does it just seem that way? 


I know I was all iffy about Alex taking the job at the practice, but i’m happy for him, he’s gonna do awesome! I liked how he was kinda sucking up to Arizona lol. Still don’t know if he’ll actually do it, knowing how this show is sometimes. We’ve been getting sooo much Jolex sexy times………are the writers trying to set us up for something? hmmmm. And when Jo said that now Alex can buy her new shoes (or something to that nature), didn’t that seem/sound a little gold-diggish?

I don’t see Jo that way what so ever, but it kinda sounded that way. Was it supposed to sound that way? Is that part of the “season finale drama” for Jolex? Or am I just overreacting? I don’t know.

Richard and Catherine:

Let’s talk about Webber and Mama Avery shall we! Wait do we even have a ship name for these two? We need to come up with one. Message me if you got ideas! Anyways, Webber walked up in that office looking all sharp and what not, ready to take Catherine out. Yes Mama Avery, don’t scar poor receptionist dude for life lol. Then they got into a lil argument about him just coming there to question why Cristina didn’t win, but Webber assured her he didn’t, but still asked about Cristina anyways. And that’s how we find out that Cristina, neither anyone from that hospital, could ever win a Harper Avery Award, since the hospital is co-own by the foundation. And then we find out, what I kinda already had a feeling about, that Webber was gonna propose to her! That’s why he was there Catherine!! She must be feeling sooo bad, cause I would be too.

Meredith, Derek and Amelia:

I was sooo happy when I heard Amelia was coming, loved her on Private Practice! So Amy came to town, cause she’s getting married and she wants to know what the married family life is like. Now Meredith and Derek took full advantage of this and I loved it! They’re spending time together, doing a kick-ass surgery, doing the Mc Nasty in the on call room. It was like old MerDer was back. But in the end, as expected, the Mc Children broke Amelia lol. Derek you better fix your sister.

All this hatercism (New word, I made it up) Mer had going on with the Harper Avery Foundation was too much. “Avery by association”? lol And it’s not Jackson and April’s fault Cristina didn’t win, ok? It’s ok that you’re pissed about your friend not winning the award, you can’t be mad at Jackson and April, they literally had nothing to do with it.


At the beginning I was like, “Where in the world is Cristina? Is she on the run or something?”, but she showed up, like a boss, ready and focused for surgery! Like I said last week, I knew she wasn’t gonna win, and I was ready to see everyone’s reaction to it. Everyone was being extra nice to her and it was super weird. I knew that not winning was bugging her, even if she tried not to show it in the beginning and saying it was a honor to be nominated. And dealing with those kids were just putting more on it.

I totally got her in the end, just standing there under the running water, when she said “What’s the point?”. It’s like what’s the point of being so perfect and working soo hard to be that way, and making all the right decisions (like who gets the heart), if she doesn’t get rewarded or recognized for it. And then Owen tells her that she in fact did win since she got most of the votes, but because of “Politics”, she couldn’t really win.

I must say though, all this crossed my mind when I heard she got nominated. I was like “Can she even be nominated, let alone win, since she works at a hospital that is co-owned by the foundation?”. So is that the reason for her leaving? To get a chance at actually getting awards?

I am not ready for Cristina to leave ok? I’m not!


First there was that first scene where Jackson was asking her how she slept and stuff and I was like “aww, he’s concerned about his wifey”. Then when he tells her about the funding thing, she was all the Avery family always making it about medicine, and I was like “Aye, aye, Yo April hold up, what the hell was that about?”. I thought that was so unnecessary. 

Let us all, give a round of applause to Chief Owen Hunt!

He told her straight up preached to her. Saying that, it’s just their first fight and that they’ll get pass it, and they’ll fight about other things and get past it too. You were a good mentor there dude. The Japril fandom thanks you Owen! Yay Team Trauma!

Then there was that last scene. Oh LAWD! Jackson comes home and finds her there and he tells her he’s sorry for what he said and asks her to stay so they could talk. And he gives this awesome ass speech “And if you believe in God, then you believe He made me…your husband. Who shares your values, which I do. I believe we shouldn’t kill or steal. I believe that you should be truthful. I believe that you should treat others the way you want to be treated.” and I’m just sitting there like

Then she goes back on him again saying she sees him judging her when she talks about God to her children and he’s like “Can we please just take a break from our hypothetical children for…” and then her ass says

“No we can’t ‘cause they’re not hypothetical anymore. Jackson, I am pregnant. ”

I swear, me, and the rest of the japril fandom was like…

I mean, we were expecting it, and we were still fangirling like crazy! A lot of us were confused with feels lol. Now her behavior makes sense. I think maybe that’s why she was bringing up the stuff which caused the fight last week, she already knew she was pregnant! Now I am super excited about the japril baby. Think about how deliciously adorable that baby would be! But at the same time, I think adding a baby to the mix with just complicate things a little more, which wasn’t what I wanted for them right now. But we’ll see how they get through it, cause I’m certain they will!

A lot of fans have been saying this, and I’m just now really seeing it. Jackson and April are each other’s person, since the beginning when Reed and Charles died, so when they get into an argument, who else are they gonna talk to? We don’t get any of the Karavery or Kavery (whatever it’s called) bromance anymore, and maybe the kepzona friendship isn’t as good as we thought, cause we didn’t see April and Arizona have a talk about the japril fight, which I kinda wanted to see.

Harper Avery Foundation:

Why do I have a feeling that something is up with them?

Is Jackson going over the funding for trials because he knows something is going on with the foundation, cause he is the representative for them, or is it just normal board work? And did Jackson know that Cristina couldn’t win the award? He did say he was shocked nut I’m still like “hmmmmm”, Cause I feel like that’s something he should know being an Avery and all. Remember when Webber was doing the islet cell trial for diabetes and Jackson quit the trial cause he knew if his name was on it, Webber wouldn’t be able to win? Yeah, that what makes me think he would know. Something just feels up with them, I’ll keep my mind open to this.

This was a nice episode, I liked it. It was all prepping us for what craziness is gonna happen in the finale.

Are y'all ready for Burke next week? I know I am! Amma be sitting there like….

(I freakin love that gif lol) A lot of fans were going crazy over the promo saying Burke was the love of Cristina’s life. But that didn’t really bug me like it bugged others. The promo said “He was the love of her life” keyword WAS. I mean she did love him once upon a time in Shondaland, and he could have been. Maybe “love of her life” wasn’t the correct thing to say. And some people saying he wants her back, after seeing the promo, but we all know how deceiving the promos could be sometimes. He could maybe just want her for a job or something, who knows.

We’ll just have to wait and see next week!

PS: I just want to say I’m glad that the crazy gifs in my last review made some of you guys feel a little better about the japril fight. You’re Welcome!