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Keith, Voltron - “proximity”

Alt-NaNo: One 3 Sentence Story per Day, 11/17/17

While a bit shorter than most, Keith still managed to remain hidden, camouflaged amongst his fellow Blades as Kolivan went to welcome Shiro and the other Paladins, the flush of victory radiating from each of his former teammates. He studied their grins and laughter from the faceless crowd, all five of them at ease and completely content to remain in each other’s company. He felt a deep ache at their close proximity, but the thought of going to them, greeting them after months apart never even crossed his mind as their eyes stayed on each other, not once glancing into the sea of hooded figures.

(Ahhh, doing an easy, “self-submitted” prompt today, lol. I got very little sleep last night, and I know I can come up with something good for the next prompt once I’m more awake! But I didn’t want to skip a day, so I chose one of the recent “word of the day” words from good old Merriam-Webster and Keith because I’m lazy Keith. XD)

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