lol i love lottie

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Have you seen Lottie's recent snapchat? That cap tho👀 iconic. Idk if its just me being extra or it's the way she confirmed E "leaving" L for checking his sisters. Also Daisy liked fan post on ig about El "leaving" Louis that day lol

I got receipts :)

The Grey Adidas Hat: Eleanor wore it when she left LA a week ago and Lottie on Snapchat posted a pic of her wearing a grey Adidas hat yesterday

(NOW OBVIOUSLY! This family lives and breathes Adidas. I think they’re personally keeping the Adidas stock up lol. So it’s possible that Lottie has her own grey Adidas cap, but my wishful thinking heart likes to believe that maybe it was Louis’ hat first, then Eleanor took it from him and IF Eleanor is with the Tomlinson/Deakin clan, Lottie swiped it from her 👀)

But DAISY’S LIKE LAST WEEK !! Original post was a series of pictures of Eleanor arriving to LAX with a caption from weloveeleanorjcalder, explaining why she thought Eleanor left LA/Louis. She believes that Louis told her to go back to LA and, since he can’t travel outside the US (which Idk if that’s true or not), he asked Eleanor to look after his sisters for him. 

And Daisy fucking liked it

!!!!!! Idk what to say to that !!!!!!!!!