lol i lost the other two

Who is D.O?

♡ Do kyungsoo

♡ “penguin”

♡ Also “satansoo”

♡ A free soul

♡ I wanna say that god really took his time on him

♡ he looks good in whatever he wears

♡ is nice and kind towards people

♡ soft voice 

♡ is good at acting

♡ cooks

♡ everybody loves him

♡ *cries while hugging a plush penguin*

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♡ He’s actually the devil

♡ Suho is savage but he is compared nothing to kyungsoo

♡ “Chanyeol,you’re not funny”

♡ “If I open my mouth you’re finished”

♡”It’s not even funny so just move on” to suho

♡ “It’s true that i don’t talk much but that was just me ignoring you” to chan

he really hates him lol

♡ “The situation of two people liking each other hurts my head and i don’t like it”

♡ “I wish chen would be more serious.He’s no fun”

♡ “Do you even have friends?” to an actress

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♡ People think that he’s staring at them

♡ but actually has a bad eyesight

♡ wears glasses

but i’m pretty sure he stares at people like that

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♡ I’m telling y’all he’s no joke

♡ You may not believe it but he’s a lost penguin in real life

♡ A wise man once said “squishy”

♡ He’s soooooooo cute

♡ So fluffy

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♡ He used to disagree with the fact that he’s super cute but he accepted it in Ex’ordium Seoul Dot

*screams fuck yes and awwww at the same time*

♡ He is a ball made full of fluff,cutesy and love

♡ He is the actor of exo along with lay

♡ He hangs out with all those hot actors out there

Kim woo bin and minho

♡ Park Shin Hye

♡ In an interview,Lee Kwang Soo said that Kim woo Bin loves him so much

♡ “to the point where he’ll say kyungsoo my dear love,where are you?”

♡ Kim woo bin also said that their group chat went wild when Hyung was the most watched movie in korea for 3 weeks



♡ Won 3 awards for his acting

♡ Is now filming a musical 

♡ includes tap dance

♡ He is famous of

♡ He also cooks well

he is literally perfect

♡ He was the one who cooked for the members since their debut

♡ I bet he still does

♡ He actually has to

♡ Coz

♡ His voice is smooth as fuck

♡ soft as honey

♡ He literally has a voice from heaven

♡ “Tell me what is love”

♡ No more words needed

♡ Also sang for his movie Hyung

♡ “Scream” CART OST

♡ Has a blessed voice

♡ His relationship with members

Here we go booiiii

♡ He hates Chanyeol

♡ so much

♡ but loves him as much

♡ still,hates him

♡ They’re tom and jerry

♡ They actually have a love relationship behind all those fights

and chokings

♡ Every exo-l’s heart flutters when we see both of them happily getting on together

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♡ Chanyeol confessed him many times

♡ choose him whenever on whichever event

♡ ksoo rejected

♡ coz he got kai

♡ or chan is already his secret one-night-stand

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♡ the real shit

♡ He’s a hoe for kai

♡ A really big one

♡ Kai is also a hoe for ksoo

♡ they’re the married couple along with xiuchen

♡ they don’t hide it

♡ they stare at each other

♡ they dance to playboy together

♡ they mention about each other on a individual broadcast

♡ they actually have fun together

♡ they seriously have a lovely relationship

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♡ happy penguin and his ethereal husband

♡ He is yet another member of exo who looks like a korean god

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♡ kaisoo strikes again

♡ The thing about him is that he can go sexysoo to fluffy penguin in 0.2 seconds

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♡ See?

♡ He literally looks so good in anything

♡ A coat

♡ A jacket

♡ A shirt

No shirt

♡ Pantless soo is my new fav thing

♡ He looks gooooooood

♡ His dance is amazing

♡ isn’t appreciated enough

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♡ is the member who’s forced to do embarrassing stuff but ends up being cute

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♡ He has a lovely relationship with any member who isn’t trying to be funny

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♡ If you watch an exo interview,it may seem like soo only loves kai and yixing

the truth

♡ He adores every member

♡ He also loves Yoo jae suk

♡ He’s the only exo member who didn’t show his abs and dyed his hair

♡ P R O T E C T  T H I S  B O Y 

♡ He’s the squishy satan who we all love and protect

♡ And even though he doesn’t say all the time,he appreciates all of exols and loves us so much

♡ just like we love him

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Word Count: 1637


You and Peter had been friends for a really long time. Like, A REALLY LONG TIME. Your friendship dated back to diapers.

It was no secret to anyone that you and two Peter had a crush on each other, except to each other.

You and Peter weren’t strangers to just waltzing into each other’s bedroom’s without knocking. You’d think you’d have learned after all the close calls you’ve had. You’ve lost count of how many times Peter has walked in only changing only for you to yell “KNOCK!” Or the amount of times you’ve walked in on Peter changing and him yelling “MAY STOP LETTING Y/N INTO THE HOUSE!” And then there was that one time you walked in on Peter in his Spiderman outfit.

But still, neither of you had learned your lesson, not completely anyways.

You hadn’t told Peter you were coming over after school, but you figured since it was raining he wouldn’t be out doing his usual Spiderman business so you thought you’d surprise him and see what he was doing.

When you arrived at Peter’s, May let you in the front door.

“Y/N! Did Peter tell you he doesn’t have the Stark Internship today?”

“Yes! I figured i’d drop by to see him. He’s always busy these days,”

“Well, it’s so nice to have you around. Peter and I are going out to dinner around 6 if you’d like to join us,”

“That sounds great, thank you,” You said, heading toward’s Peter’s bedroom.

You knocked on his bedroom door, “Peter, it’s Y/N, can I come in?”

There was no response.


“One second!” He shouted through the door.

You ‘patiently’ waited outside Peter’s door.

“Ok, yeah come in,”

You walked into Peter’s room, closing the door behind you.

Peter was sitting up in bed, his quilt draped over him, his face flushed.

“Hey, Y/N,”


You walked over to Peter’s bed and sat down near his feet.

Peter shifted uncomfortably.

“What are you doing here?” He asked.

“What, can I not come to visit my best friend,” you asked, moving on his bed so you back was against the wall and your legs were draped over his.

Peter shifted again.

“What’s got your panties in a twist?” You asked

“Nothing, just tired is all,” Peter lied.

“Well, May invited me for dinner, so what should we do in the mean time?”

“Why don’t you go out and pick a movie and put it on, I just have something I need to finish and then I’ll be out in a second,” Peter suggested.

“Any movie you want to watch?” You asked, leaning a hand on Peter’s thigh to move yourself off the bed.

Peter groaned.

“What happened?”

“You just leaned on a bruise from being Spiderman, ya know,” Peter lied again.

“okay…..” You said, getting up and heading towards the door.

“Can you close that behind you? I’ll be out in a minute,”

You closed the door behind you and headed towards the living room.

Peter let out a sigh of relief when you left. He quickly threw back his blankets and put his hand back on his throbbing cock. He wanted to curse at you for not letting him know you were coming over. He had already been thinking about you before you came over, hence masturbating, but when you got here it just made everything harder (literally).

He quickly began moving his fist up and down his dick, resting his had back into his pillow and letting out a raspy moan.

“Fuck,” he muttered under his breath, he was getting close.

Suddenly his door opened “Hey Peter….ohm y god” you said.

Peter turned and saw you, he quickly pulled his blankets back over himself.



“Guys what’s happening?” May asked

“Nothing!” You both shouted.

“Either get out and close the door or come in and close the door for gods sake,” Peter whisper shouted at you.

You stepped in and closed the door.

You awkwardly stood there, while Peter sat on his bed, neither of you speaking.

“Did you see…”

“I saw everything,” you interrupted.


You were both silent again.

“Uh, Y/N,” Peter said breaking the silence.

You looked up at Peter.

“I know this is going to be very straight forward but, I’m going to need you to either help me out, or get out, because it’s getting very uncomfortable sitting here with this,”

You bit your lip, getting turned on by the thought of helping Peter.

“Keep going,” you said.

Peter looked at you


“Keep going,” you repeated.

“Y/N, I-I d-don’t under-stand,”

“Peter Parker, I want you to lie back down and keep touching yourself while I watch,”

Peter stared at you for a moment before complying to your request.
He lied back down, looking at you when he removed the covers. He watched you lick your lips when he revealed his dick.You stayed where you were by the door, watching Peter place his hand on his dick, letting out a throaty moan.

With each and every stroke, you could feel you knees getting weak and a coil growing in the pit of your stomach.

Peter was moaning and rasping as he began thrusting into his hand. You could feel a pool wetness forming in your underwear.

“Fuck,” you muttered.

Peter looked over at you, seeing how horny he was making you, he picked up his pace, stroking himself harder and faster.

You could tell by the way Peter was moaning that he was about to come undone.

Peter stroked his dick one last time as come began spurting out of his dick.

“Fuuuck,” he moaned (wow Peter sure does moan a lot but lol who doesn’t love a boy who moans a lot).

Peter took a moment to calm down, slowing his heavy breathing.

“Fuck, Peter,”

“Yes, yes you should fuck Peter,”

You smiled, and made your way toward’s Peter’s bed.

“Y/N! Peter! ” You heard May call.

“Oh you’re kidding,” you said.

“Don’t move,” you pointed at Peter and went out to see what May needed.

When you returned (the lovely May just wanted to say that you guys were going to leave for dinner soon) Peter was getting dressed.

He stood there in his jeans and was pulling a t-shirt over his head.

“woah, woah, woah, what do you think you’re doing?” You asked.

“Getting dressed?”

“Who said we were done?”

Peter laughed and lied back down on his bed, patting the spot next to him.

“It’s going to be difficult to do anything while we’re clothed Parker,”

“Just trust me, Y/N,”

You walked over to Peter’s bed and climbed over him so you were lying in between Peter and the wall.

Peter turned on his side, and began stroking your thigh. He began slowly moving his fingers towards the waistband of your tights.

You watched him, his curls were slightly falling inches face, and he was biting his lip.

He traced his fingers along the waistband of your pants, teasing you.

You didn’t want to say anything, knowing that Peter would stop if you were to say anything that even remotely sounded sassy.

Eventually, Peter dipped his fingers into your waistband of your pants and underwear.

He slid his finger along your slit, feeling how wet you were already.

“Damn, Y/N,” Peter said, placing a kiss next to your ear “Did watching me jerk my cock make you this wet?” He said, leaving his lips where they were.

“Yes,” you moaned.

Peter began rubbing your clit and he let his lips hover over yours. He moved his fingers in erratic circles, causing you to buck your hips.

“You like that, darling?”

“Yes, Peter,” you breathed.

Peter moved away from your clit and inserted finger inside you. He moved It slowly.

“More,” you begged.

Peter smiled, sliding another finger inside you, moving them more quickly.

He began moving his fingers against your g-spot repeatedly.


“Are you sure you can take more, darling?” Peter asked you.

You nodded.

Peter inserted another finger into you, thrusting them harder against your g-spot.

You wrapped one of your hands around Peter’s wrist and the other tangled in his bedsheets.

Peter used his thumb to rub hard circles against your clit.

Your head began spinning. You knew if Peter kept this up, lips hovering over you, fingers moving inside of you, fucking you senseless, you would be coming soon.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.

Peter quickly pulled his hand out of your pants and licked his fingers.

Peter got up and went to open the door.

“Hey guys, ready for dinner?” May asked.

“I am,” Peter said.

“Y/N, honey, are you alright?” May said, looking over at you.

“Yeah,” you breathed.

“Are you sure? Your face is flushed and you look like you’re having trouble breathing,”

“I’m fine,” you confirmed.

“If you say so,” May said, turning to leave Peter’s room.

You slowly slid of Peter’s bed and walked towards where he was standing at his bedroom door.

“Wipe that smirk off your face, Parker, you’re going to do more than just finger me when we get back,”

“Don’t worry, Y/N, we may be going out for dinner, but once we’re back here, I plan on eating dessert,” he winked.

“Are you two coming?” May shouted.

“I am, not so sure about Y/N though,” Peter responded.

“Fuck you, Parker,” you muttered.

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Alright, so I was originally going to wait to post any new art of my OCs until all of the new references are finished, but I was able to commission the beautiful @ladykestrrel / @taylordraws a little while ago, and after a bit of a headache in regards to getting the finished reference sheets done, I was finally able to get her the sheets and the money necessary to make one of my dreams (getting art made for me by Taylor) a reality, and I can’t help but post it.

I guess I should take a minute to talk about the project these goobers are a part of, since Taylor said she was gonna reblog it, and that means some potential new eyes being cast upon my novel project’s characters! Yay!

That’s right, like Taylor, I’m working on a novel, though mines way different. It’s a sci-fi/adventure novel project, and the working title is “The Soundwave Saga.” You can read more about the project under the cut, since I don’t wanna text wall Taylor’s blog. Or any blog for that matter. Haha.

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Monsta X Reacts too.......

Request: I was wondering if you could do a monsta x reaction to when the boys are a little too rough & end up making y/n bleed a little down there. They’re very apologetic & refuse to touch you after that even though y/n has said you enjoyed it. Kinda make a part 1 & 2 where the 2 is when y/n is sick of their behavior after a week (or two, your choice) & tell them again that you enjoyed it & love them with all your heart & other things that convince them that you’re fine & suggests to take it upstairs for a round

Sorry it took so long. Its a long post and hella kinky shit is in here LOL. I dont know what came over me. SMUT SMUT HELLA SMUT

Part 1 (Hyung Line) 

Part 2 (Maknae Line)

Hope you like it~~~

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I wanna start watching ancient magnum bride but what te heck is it about??????

The OVAs we have so far (two parts out of three) are a companion story to the manga and don’t really follow the main plot (there will be a full anime series coming this fall!). 

The manga is about Chise, a gal with some special abilities bought by this fella Elias, a non-human magus/mage, who intends to teach Chise magic, keep her alive (people with her abilities tend to burn out and die young!), and eventually make her his bride.

This might be throwing up all kinds of Wow Unhealthy red flags for you. But the writing is handled fantastically and this odd situation that could have easily turned into one of your standard Weird Gross Anime IPs is instead something super cool and awesome. First off, Elias not being human and not understanding how humans work is a HUGE part of his character and development. Secondly, all Elias’ human pals are immediately like Elias What The Fuck You Can’t Buy People Because We Said You Need An Apprentice, Chise Here Is My Number If You Need Help Don’t Hesitate To Call. And thirdly, Chise seems cool with all of this and agrees to teach Elias How To Human better while he teaches her magic and the whole bride thing is hardly ever mentioned again (a couple other characters mention it, Chise occasionally remembers the proposal and wonders about it, but Elias has never mentioned it since the first couple chapters?).

Over time, the manga delves into things like “Why the fuck does Chise seem cool with this?”, “Chise why are you doing that stop?”, “Both of y’all have an unhealthy attachment to each other please get out of the house sometimes”, “Elias why are you acting like a pouting baby?”, “Elias, no you can’t control everything all the time.”, “By the way, what the fuck are you?” Also this one dude is trying to fuck everything up and there’s all these other ppl who want Chise for shit.

In short (lil too late for short lol), its about two emotionally stunted, lost, and confused people living on the outskirts of their respective societies, slowly realizing things about themselves and working past their flaws and figuring themselves out. And as they grow as people, they grow together as closer companions. Though framed as a romance, that’s really not the focus of it. The focus is more about them becoming healthy and good people. The growth feels natural and appropriate, and I love that. 

Also LOTS OF COOL MYTHOLOGY SHIT HELL YEAH. YAMAZAKI KORE DID HER DAMNED RESEARCH OK. If NONE of what i just said grabs you then you could read for the mythological shit alone. It’s great. 
I think that’s it. Other fans feel free to add to this,,,

You can read it here (which has a nice description itself)
And the OVA bits are on crunchyroll

Hope you check it out! 


My friend (marked in blue) posted her frustrations with being  called “girl” despite  being almost 30 years old, and how you wouldn’t call a man “boy”.
She expressed her anger towards being infantized…(which is so NOT a contoversial thing to say…It should literally go without saying WHY it’s not cool to talk to an adult like they are a child)….

….and two male family members just HAD to pounce in to mock her ….

One (marked in black)  being outright asshole-ish, the other (marked in red) kinda…goaded it on, like whooooaaaah LOL gonna make her so mad, LOLOL

I am just…so fucking tired of this…

So tired…

And my female friend just lost a father like 3 weeks ago, still mourning…and these male family members (who know she is mourning) treat her like shit…What the fuck? Can’t sexism and patriarchal bullshit EVER just take a break?

I am so tired of it….

But even after all this, showing this example of blatant sexism….I STILL have to reassure men that I don’t hate all of them…

So tired….

you: omg dnp are so in love!!

me, an intellectual: dan and phil were two boys from england. one was so, so sad, and the other loved happiness and making other people smile.
so, naturally, the universe took it upon itself to pair up these two lost boys. and it did. it was the most beautiful thing the world has ever witnessed.
they go together like two fitting pieces of a puzzle, completing each other in the finest ways. the happy boy made it his priority to rid dan of all the sadness that clung onto his existence. so he did.
dan and phil are two men from england. one laughs the loudest out of the entirety of london, and the other sits next to him, always, staring lovingly at the boy he managed to save.

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You've mentioned a lot of Yanderes. But I was wondering HC's for Cyclonus and Tailgate. (There together so they'll share) Tailgate is the cuddly Yandere, who always wants physical contact in some way or just wants you in optic view. You push it off as a nice friend who's a little clingy. Cyclonus is less clingy, more stalker/protector though and he loves it when you sing or are close and touching him like a hand hold or shoulder ride. Tailgate probably hogs you honestly. ~Transformers-4-life

NGGGGHHHHHH!!!!  Yeeeessssss!

Think of how easy it would be for them to get their hands on you though.  After all, they seem like such a nice couple, they’re happy together, they’ll keep you safe from all the big scary bots running around the ship.  You can trust them…

If you notice Tailgate being particularly clingy or affectionate with you, you simply chock it up to his usual friendliness.  If Cyclonus seems a bit more on edge when other bots are around, he’s simply, looking out for your safety.  Right?  They’re so nice to you.  You’re so lucky to have such strong, caring bots as your protectors, you think.  

You’re so grateful to them that you don’t even notice as their behavior with you becomes subtly more intimate.  You don’t bat an eye when Tailgate clutches you to his chest like a stuffed toy during movie night, shooting glares at anyone who looks at you.  You’re not phased when Cyclonus compliments you on your lovely singing voice, when you could have sworn you were all alone at the time.

If they slowly start distancing you from the others, well that’s all fine and good.  They’re only looking out for you.  You sigh contentedly in Tailgates arms as your favorite movie plays in the privacy of their habsuite.  He pulls you close and gushes about how much he loves you, how you’re such a cute little human, aren’t they, Clyconus?  You feel sharp, pointed talons lovingly card through your hair as a deep, sonorous purr rumbles soft words of affection in your ear.

You’ve honestly never felt safer… 


Single By 30 Steroline AU: During their Senior year, close friends Stefan and Caroline made a pact to get married if they were both still single by 30. After high school, they lost touch for twelve years until Caroline coincidentally reunites with Stefan at his 30th birthday party. Caroline, being five months away from her 30th birthday, suggests using the pact as a way to encourage each other to get back into the dating game. As they help one other search for a new partner the two can’t help their growing feelings for each other…


Request: May I ask how being best friend turned lovers would go with Woozi, Seungcheol, Seungkwan, The8, Jun and Joshua go? Thank you~♡♡♡♡
Member: Woozi (svt)
Genre: fluff
A/N: I’ll give all the members their own post ^^ I think I got carried away but whoops this is the most inspiration for a post I’ve had in like a week and I’ve decided to stop worrying about page counts and making everything EXACTLY even all the damn time

  • You and Jihoon were friends growing up after you two met in kindergarden (I literally had to google if it was kindergarden or kindergarten I’m so sorry I’m like this)  
  • You hadn’t really spoken to each other until this one kid colored all over your drawing and you started crying so Jihoon walked up and stepped on the kid’s crayon box
  • And all the crayons broke and the kid started crying too but Jihoon just toddled up to you and told you not to cry and ignored the teacher scolding him
  • He got a timeout and lost jungle-gym privileges for the day but he gained a best friend so worth it LOL 
  • After that, the two of you were practically glued at the hip
  • Your guy's’ parents bonded as well,,, buying you guys matching little winter coats and sending you off to walk together and keep each other safe when it snowed
  • It was pretty adorable, two lil five year olds holding mittened up hands in coats with little bear ears on the hoods
  • Jihoon was a pretty shy kid, but it was easy for you to read him, so you’d often tell people what he was thinking 
  • Teacher: Jihoon what would you like do during free time???
  • Jihoon: ,,,
  • You: We wanna play with the legos, but they’re too up high, please get them !!
  • You had your shy moments too, yes, but you felt it was your obligation to speak for your  best friend 
  • Adults and older girls always thought the two of you were the damn cutest pair ever,,, especially when you guys wore matching or coordinating outfits 
  • Eventually, Jihoon outgrew his inability to talk to people he didn’t know well (though you still found yourself answering for him on instinct) and you both grew out of matching outfits and the baby fat on your cheeks was disappearing little by little with every year that passed
  • Your friendship didn’t change though, you still relied on each other- you still could read him like the back of your hand and he still death-glared anyone who could be potentially threatening to you 
  • Yes, Jihoon was pretty busy as the two of you grew older, with various music lessons and trying to get his grades up
  • But you still find little excuses and moments to visit him, and a lot of it consisted you bringing snacks over and asking for help on homework 
  • Those visits would end with the two of you talking and him sometimes showing you a piece that he learned
  • He was really grateful for those visits,,, they relaxed him and he was always relieved to see you, his best friend, and just talk and goof around a bit 
  • In truth,, he had a bit of a crush on you, but they were feelings he pushed aside and didn’t focus on, not wanting them to grow
  • You were his best friend, and like most people would, he didn’t want to lose you
  • Pushing his feelings away worked for the most part, he gained crushes on other people and rode with it, keeping you close in a platonic way 
  • He hadn’t even considered the possibility of you liking him back tbh,,, he didn’t think you guys could be anything but best friends
  • He was content with your friendship- you were reliable and supportive and it was just comfortable around you
  • You had seen him at his worst and most embarrassing moments, and vice versa 
  • Eventually, he realized he wanted to dedicate his life to music 
  • When he told you, you were all smiles and encouragement, telling him you were sure he would do amazing and you would be there to support him 
  • You guys spent a long time how cool it would be if he became an idol, you teasing him that his members would probably all be taller than him and everyone might think he’s so cute
  • You: lmao I bet you’ll have to do aegyo on television or something
  • Him: don’t even joke about that 
  • You supported him when he sent in his application to Pledis and threw a celebration party when they accepted him
  • Though it wasn’t just a celebration party,, it was a going away party 
  • You knew he would move to Seoul and attend high school there,, and he warned that he wouldn’t have a cell phone for a long time while he was a trainee and a rookie
  • So you guys swore to write emails and letters whenever possible 
  • Your families were all emotional,,, taking lots of pictures of the two of you and reminiscing about the past when you guys were growing up together 
  • You guys didn’t get a moment to just the two of you until the party was winding down, most of your friends having left and the moms going to clean the mess up 
  • You tugged his sleeve and he looked at you and nodded, heading outside with you
  • You grabbed a shopping bag sitting by the back door as you slipped out to sit on the swingset outside
  • Your yard was small and it barely fit the swingset, and you remembered as kids you guys would try and kick the fence because it was so close 
  • But despite the small size, you guys had a long of fond memories in it, and it made sense that on his last night here you’d sit here again
  • You guys talked quietly for a while, unspoken words heavy in the air as feet scuffed against the dirt, the stars blinking up ahead seeming almost accusing as they told you to just give him the present
  • “Here,” you said finally, thrusting the bag at him. “It’s a jacket with your birth year on the back, I know you like hoodies” 
  • He smiled at you, but it seemed heavy on his face, as though his gratefulness was battling with some internal monologue
  • “Thanks,” he replied, taking the bag from your hands carefully, and it was quiet for a while before you guys finally met eyes 
  • “I’ll miss you,” you told him and he nodded, his chest heavy with the knowledge that he was going to have to leave you behind and experience life without you for the first time since he was very small
  • “I’ll miss you too,” he said, his eyes scanning you, memorizing you like this and searing the image into his mind
  • Bathed in the light from the porch and the feeble natural light the night sky was offering, your features forlorn and a bit nostalgic, a plain blue sweater keeping you warm, your hair framing your face that still carried baby fat but showed signs of impending maturity as high school rapidly approached, and wondered how you would look by the time he managed to debut 
  • He took your hand the way he did when the two of you guys were kids and you sat in comfortable silence for a long time, wondering what was going to happen in the years to come 
  • The next day, he’s jetting off to Seoul, and you don’t see him off at the airport because you know you’d both wind up crying and you didn’t want to make it hard on him 
  • At first, you guys do email and write letters a lot, and he tells you all about trainees and the other boys joining Seventeen Project
  • And he’s excited about his classes at the arts school and he’s learning so so much 
  • For the most part you just ask question and tell him about your extracurriculars and stuff,,,
  • You don’t mention how much you miss him, how people keep asking you where he is and shooting you glances filled with pity when they find out that your best friend moved away, how you keep feeling the impulse to bring him some snacks and make him take a break from studying so far, how you miss the sound of him singing and playing the piano when you swung by his house 
  • He does come to visit once a few months after he leaves,, it’s only for couple days but you’re so excited to see him that you practically tackle him once you see him 
  • And you’re ranting and raving about how proud of him you are and you bet his mom is taking lots of pictures of the two of you again
  • You guys only get to spend that day together though cause the next day is reserved for family and the day after that he’s jetting off to Seoul again 
  • With that it’s back to letters and missing him all over again 
  • But,, you start to make new friends !! it’s high school so people are changing friend groups a bit and you wind up finding a really diverse but small group of friends 
  • You haven’t known them as long as you’ve known Jihoon, but you become close to them very quickly and soon you’re writing about them in your letters and emails to said boy 
  • These letters and emails however are growing less and less frequent
  • You find yourself busy with high school life and figuring out your future and your new group of friends and a new crush and extracurriculars,,, and Jihoon is busy with lots of classes at his high school and training and bonding with all his new members 
  • They get shorter too,,, instead of you guys writing pages and pages of stuff full of !!!s and ?????s and emojis and doodles and stories about things that happened and questions for each other they’ve shrunk to one page, with a couple short stories and apologies for being so busy and assuring each other that you understand and then a couple quick questions 
  • And like,, you notice this and so does he, but neither of you really do anything to change it 
  • You can both feel the distance growing between you, but you’re so focused on things happening to yourselves and your upcoming futures to really care enough to go back to the way things were
  • It’s not like he really visits either, his company wants him to focus on his training and finishing high school
  • By your last year of high school, you’re sending maybe one email once every few months
  • And then it happens,,, you send one that fills maybe half a page, but asking him questions, and he just doesn’t respond 
  • It stings a bit,, but you can’t be surprised, you saw this coming for a long time 
  • Besides you’re distracted with picking a college, the fact that your boyfriend dumped you like a month ago, and two of your closest friends are in a heated argument over something dumb and kept venting to you 
  • The forever unanswered email slips from your mind and Jihoon becomes a somewhat distant memory to you 
  • Because to you, he becomes more of the past, and you’re more focused on your future now
  • You wind up getting accepted to a university in Seoul, two of your friends from your friend group also getting accepted, and you’re all insanely excited to move to the city together 
  • A flicked of a memory rises up, but you’re quick to push away any thoughts of Jihoon- thinking of him only made you sad and there was no point in dwelling on a person from the past who didn’t want to continue contacting you 
  • You throw yourself into college life, studying your major and making new friends, late night talks with your old friends/roommates, decorating your section of the dorm room, going to the occasional party, joining clubs and exploring classes, finding new cafes and restaurants in cozy nooks that people didn’t know much about,,,
  • It isn’t until you hear about a rookie group Seventeen that you allow yourself to think about Jihoon again 
  • Memories of Jihoon telling you about Seventeen Project are conjured up in your mind and the minute you get back to your dorm you’re huddled up in the corner of your bunk bed googling it
  • And sure enough,, there’s Jihoon
  • Well he’s more widely known as Woozi now, and boy does he look different
  • His features are much more mature now, the makeup defining his features, and he seems so comfortable amongst the group of boys he calls his members
  • His hair is different too,,, which was a bit of a shock to you cause you knew he hated the idea of dying his hair when you guys were younger
  • You find yourself watching music videos and stages,,, and vlives,,, and variety shows,,, and released clips from the Seventeen Project
  • It’s late by the time you finally put your laptop away, your roommates out at some party as you hug your legs to your chest 
  • You finally let yourself travel down memory lane, from the first time the two of you became friends, to the time you fell down and he put a bandaid on your knee and kissed it better, to the time you guys made cookies together for the first time at age 7 and wound up with cookie dough in your hair and somehow on the ceiling too,,
  • To the times you guys would get doted on by middle school girls when you were very small and wearing those matching bear coats and Jihoon would puff his cheeks out in disapproval, to when you guys were ten and you accidentally kicked a soccer ball straight into his head and you freaked out because he nearly got a concussion
  • To the times you would sneak behind him to throw snowballs at his back, to the lunch boxes you would buy from the convenience store for him, to the time he tried to teach you piano but you only got the basic keys down before you two starting goofing around, to the time you lent him your winter cap because he lost his and you had an extra and he kept complaining because it was too brightly colored and it hurt his eyes and you were like okay but it’s on your head you don’t have to look at it???
  • And then to when he decided to pursue music,,, and his going away party when you guys held hands and didn’t say nearly anything, and the letters and the emails,,, and then one he never answered 
  • For the first time in many many years, you let yourself get a bit emotional over Jihoon, who you had once thought would be your friend for the rest of your life, but who had seemed to have forgotten you in the whirlwind that was the life of an idol 
  • The next morning you wake up feeling a bit more emotionally relieved that you had been in a long time
  • You even found yourself beginning to stan and support Seventeen in the months that followed,,, though your activities consisted of listening to the music and only occasionally watching some clips because honestly it still felt weird to see Jihoon on your screen as Woozi 
  • Switching over to Woozi’s side of the coin,,, well while you were getting reminded of your guy’s friendship, he hadn’t thought about you much since his trainee days
  • It wasn’t anything against you really,,, he just became consumed with his career and his members and other idol friends and activities and his duties as the producer 
  • But then he received a package from his mother and his members drop it off in his studio so he can open it in peace
  • And sitting on top of a blanket was a note that said “I was organizing the house and I found these photos of you and (y/n)!! I haven’t seen them in ages, I hope the two of you are still talking, but I understand you both must be busy. There’s a few other things included in here too I thought you might like”
  • The mention of your name sends his heartbeat picking up and a little bubble of tension rising in his throat 
  • And he gently moves the blanket aside and immediately finds himself cracking up laughing 
  • Because the first photo on top is a photo of the two of you at age six, in matching little capes and your leggings sewn up with bright colored patches and he’s wearing neon orange golf shorts
  • You’re smiling and waving at the camera with one hand, front teeth missing and eyes caring a glint of joyfulness to them, and your other hand is holding his, and he’s busy pouting and crossing his free arm over his chest as he looks away from the camera, clearly unhappy with having his picture taken 
  • He finds himself smiling a little to himself as he looks through the photos, the two of you young in some of them and sometimes covered in something like paint or mud or food and usually wearing some sort of matching/coordinating outfits, older in some of them with your own senses of styles now but with your arms still wrapped around each other others shoulders or sitting next to each other as you study or play games on his TV
  • His smile slowly falls from his face as he comes across the photos from his going away party, you smiling at him as he smears a little bit of cake on his cheek, the two of you playing silly games with your other friends, your expressions frozen in time as you both shout dibs on each other for teams, you laughing as you lean against him
  • And then there’s photos the day that he visited, you both looking so overjoyed to see each other again, his eyes scrunched up in smiles as he looks at you excitedly telling him about something that happened in school and the two of you posing while sitting on his old bed and you guys sitting in the car together 
  • He feels his heart sink a bit as he places the photos on his desk and peels back the next layer of protective blanket to,, only to find the jacket you had given him inside
  • He had lost it on his visit back but never told you because he didn’t want you to get upset
  • Honestly he had beaten himself up for months after he lost it and he really missed it,,, and now he found himself pulling it out and sniffing the fabric that smelled like a home he had long since left behind him
  • He slipped it on, the jacket a little big and he smiled because you had remembered that that was how he liked to wear them and even after all these years it still carried the same amount of comfort 
  • The last layer under the blanket just held some old memorabilia and stuff from his old bedroom his mom thought would bring him comfort and a small tin of cookies but even those things brought up old memories
  • It wasn’t long before he found himself pushing himself close to the desk, box set to the side and cookie in his mouth as he logged into his old email that had remained untouched for years 
  • A surge of guilt smacked him in the chest as he saw the one unopened email from you, from years and years ago 
  • You had told him about your boyfriend dumping you but that you were trying to remain optimistic because college was coming up,,, you mentioned a few universities in Seoul you were applying to as well 
  • And you asked about how things were going with him and if he knew when he was gonna debut yet
  • You had signed off by saying “I hope if I get accepted to one of the ones in Seoul we can finally visit with each other again :)” and reminded him to write you back
  • He sighed as he fell back into his chair, hand running through his hair as he stared at the screen in regret
  • He had made a new email a few years back since his old email from elementary school was a bit cringey and he needed a more professional address for work and your emails had just slipped his mind,, 
  • Woozi made up his mind up then and there as he scrolled through the old emails from when he first left and occasionally glanced at the photos his mom had sent
  • He had to see you again,,, he needed to apologize and just see your face again because it was hitting him how much he missed you at that moment
  • So he found himself texting his mom asking if she could find out where you attended school and any information on where you lived 
  • He couldn’t exactly just march into your dorm room and knock,,, Seventeen was pretty popular and his managers would have a heart attack if he was caught walking into a college student’s personal living space with no explanation 
  • So he did something pretty close to it,,, he wrote you a letter and wearing a face mask and cap, he asked the front desk of your dorm to deliver it to you 
  • Needless to say you were surprised to find a letter saying “I’m so sorry I stopped emailing, I’m sorry I left you behind, I’m really sorry for never contacting you. Please forgive me, here’s my phone number. I understand if you don’t want to talk, but I miss you -Lee Jihoon”
  • Not gonna lie it took you a few days to muster up the courage to finally text the number and tell him it was you,,, but he was surprisingly quick to respond to you
  • It was a bit awkward between the two of you at first, both of you giving apologies for the loss of contact and slowly catching up
  • And you mentioned you listened to his music and he was like “oh???” And you were like “yeah it’s really good, I always knew this is what you were meant to do. I’m really proud of you Jihoon.”
  • Poor ol’Woozters can feel his cheeks burning when he reads that and his heart is picking up speed before he can tell it to calm the fuck down cause it’s just you
  • But,,, the thing is it’s you, the first person he ever befriend and his first crush, despite the fact that he tried to bury his feelings as much as possible,, and years without contact later you’re still telling him he’s doing well and that you’re proud of him
  • After that it’s less awkward, and you guys find yourself staying up late that night to talk and for once Woozi isn’t holed up in his studio just to produce,,,
  • It’s to talk to his best friend again 
  • A couple weeks of texting at every free moment pass before the two of you agree to meet up
  • It’s a bit difficult deciding where to go since he has to avoid getting recognized and in the end he invites you back to the studio
  • He’s fidgety the entire day and the members teasing him about it does NOT help whatsoever thank you very much 
  • When you knock on the door, he’s quick to open it but the two of you freeze
  • And you just drink in the sight of each other,,, because it’s been so long and you’re both adults now and you don’t look much like the way you used to
  • He’s a bit taller now, only by a few inches though, but his body is definitely that of a dancer and his face is much more mature, the baby fat completely gone now and his hair dyed a dirty blonde
  • But he’s wearing the jacket you gave him and his eyes are shining in the most familiar and tender way and you know that past the stage name and the distance that had formed between the two of you,,, this was still your Jihoon
  • Suddenly you’re both hugging and you can hear the door shut behind you and the two of you just stay like that for a while
  • No words need to be exchanged because even after all these years you can still read each other with absolute ease and you both know you just need to drink in each other’s presence for a while
  • “I can’t believe it’s really you,” he mutters finally and you pull back a little and you’re like
  • “I can’t believe you did aegyo on television I thought you said you would never WOOZI”
  • With that, it’s like the two of you had never been apart at all
  • You’re sitting on the couch and holding hands like you did when you were younger and you’re smiling and laughing together
  • And you’d be lying if you said the hand holding and talking wasn’t different from when you guys were kid,,, cause it just was
  • It was more affectionate now, because as much as you guys had denied it when you were younger,,, there had always been a spark there
  • There’s a more flirty tone to your voices half the time when you talk and you squeeze his hand more than once and he finds himself running his thumb along the back of it
  • You know what they say, distance makes the heart grow fonder,,, as does the half a million fancams you watched of him and the semi-flirty texts you had been sending since a week after you guys began talking again
  • You’re already making plans to get takeout from your favorite local restaurant and he’s like “Do you think it can be more like a,,, a date,,,”
  • And you immediately start blushing like crazy but you’re like “yeah I think I’d like that,,,”
  • Dating Woozi is like a dream honestly,,, he likes it best when you call him Jihoon but calling him Woozi on occasion is a sure-fire way to make him start grinning like an idiot though 
  • He’s not super big on pda around other people and he knows that a lot of your dates are gonna be held in the studio to avoid paparazzi,, but you seem more than happy to accommodate this and he’s like honestly bless up 
  • He convinces you to get your own apartment when the next semester rolls around and he helps you set it all up and he finds himself spending all his free nights there with you
  • He holds you really close at night time and makes sure he’s holding you from behind so you can’t see how flustered he gets when he tells you that he loves you so much and he swears that he will never ever let you go again
  • You can’t help but believe it because he just holds you so so tightly and he sounds so so sincere,,, you just trust him so much even after starting your relationship over 
  • He always says that your relationship is even better now than it was when you were kids
  • You: yeah because it involves making out no-
  • Woozi: NOT WHAT I MEANT 
  • Jihoon really does love you a lot and vocalizing his soft feelings for you makes him Embarrassed but he tries to show you in other ways,, 
  • He writes love songs so much more eloquently now and they have more meaning to them now that you’re in his life
  • Plus he always brings food over?? What a man 
  • He’s a bit of a doting boyfriend even if he tries to hide it,, like he texts you asking if you’ve eaten and if you haven’t he will NAG until you do 
  • You: when I agreed to dating you I didn’t realize you were gonna mother me so much
  • Him: shut up and go get some pancakes or something 
  • He also reads your emotions really well and you can see his protective side from when you were kids coming back a lot of the time
  • Woozi SAYS he’s not the jealous type but if he sees one of the members getting too close for comfort oh look suddenly his awkwardness about pda is just thrown out the window
  • Big fan of kissing your cheeks and likes it when you do the same,,, he just thinks it’s a really precious and soft thing to do 
  • Likes to rest his head on your shoulder when he gets tired, be it when you’re hugging or sitting together or when you’re leaning with your chest to his back 
  • It’s just nice like you guys get to be all tucked into each other and it’s warm and if he puts his head on the right spot he can hear your heartbeat and it relaxes him right quick
  • He’ll fall asleep like that if you’re not careful
  • You guys exchange clothes ALL THE TIME jesus christ is that one your hoodie or Woozi’s??? Who the fuck knows not you guys 
  • You guys are just really happy to have found each other again and you’re excited to spend forever with each other because duh what else would the two of you do??

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I don't get the fandom sorry. Louis brought Eleanor to his video / photo shoot in Donny aka an important career step. And no one is mad or anything? But with Harry it's always different? Yeah makes sense lol but I guess apparently it's never Louis' decision although he's been playing along with E 2.0! Lost for words at this point. Double standards are just yikes.

You know what?

I am tired. I am so fucking tired.

When Harry does something, people complain. When Louis does something, people complain. People complain that Louis is participating, people complain that Harry is participating.

Nothing they ever do is good enough for you guys. People talk about the dichotomy in their situations, people compare them to each other, compare their career paths and their management teams and stunts and everything they do when amazingly, they are two different people. Wild. I know.

People don’t trust them. People wallow in misery about their situations, and I get it to some extent but for the love of god, can’t we JUST HAVE SOME GOOD THINGS without people ripping it to shreds and taking all the enjoyment out of everything!?!

No one is a bigger Louie than Harry and no one is a bigger Harrie than Louis. They’ve made it through EVERYTHING that’s been thrown at them, and they still love each other so much. And to sit here as a fan and act like you know better than that, like you are more “in then know” about their own lives than THEY ARE, it’s MADDENING.

This fandom can have double standards, I do agree with you on that. It’s on both sides though. Louies ignore things that suck about Harry’s situation and Harries ignore things that suck about Louis’ situation. And that’s just the way of it pal. But. I have a thought for you. Instead of sending some bitchy anon to a person who LEGITIMATELY loves, cares, and wants the best for both of them, why don’t you go stew in your own misery on your I hate the world blog, eh?

Have a nice day.

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Can you do HCs about Todoroki misses Momo after 1-2 month they don't meet? Thank you so much!!!!!

Thanks for the ask anon!

Also shout out to @todomomo & @vixenofthemist for helping me with some ideas!

  • Whenever they’re separated for weeks or months its 99.9% always bc of work, and Todoroki h a t e s it.
  • Usually its bc some special heroing operation needs one of them on the team… and this happens at least once, maybe twice a year? Maybe more????
  • So, depending on whether its long term recon, or undercover, or whatever, sometimes its Todo left at home and sometimes its Momo.
  • They’re pretty good at keeping in touch on the daily. They text each other regularly, and try their best to call or video chat every night.
  • … its only after the first week or two that Todo starts getting antsy ……
  • Now dont get me wrong; he can still carry out his work just fine. He’s in no way clingy, nor does he get separation anxiety or anything… He just,, really misses Momo,,,, and there’s only so much a phone screen can do for him.
  • He misses the warmth of her touch,,, the softness of her embrace,,,,,,, the scent of her hair,,, the comfort of her presence,,,, her loving kisses,,,,,,,
  • He misses cuddling with her in bed,,,,, waking up to her next to him in the morning,,, running his hands through her silky hair,,,,,, hugging her,,, kissing her,,,,,,,
  • Seriously, the length of separation is directly correlated to how cheesy his msgs get. Its embarrassing.
  • Weeks 1-3: “I miss you, Momo”
  • Weeks 4-8+: “I saw something that reminded me of you today” “I cant wait to see you again, Momo” “Its lonely without you right now” “I miss you in my arms, Momo” “I wish you were here”
  • The first thing he does when he sees her again is hug her. The second thing he does is kiss her. The third thing he does is kiss her again.. and again and again.
  • Honestly dont expect Todo to be anywhere without Momo for the rest of the day (or two..) from the moment they see each other again LOL He’s making up for the lost time.

> prev hcs here


Okay so I’ve given it a lot of thought and realized that I most likely won’t write a lost lance fic myself BUT I have decided to let people write for Lost Lance AU

BUT Please: 

  • ASK ME FIRST (I’ll say yes I just wanna know) 
  • credit me

  • explain that it is only BASED ON the Lost Lance au and is not like ‘offical tm.’ lmao

  • and send me a link because I WANNA READ/SHARE IT !!!!
This au is very special to me. But I’ve been feeling a lot of unnecessary pressure and If i don’t write for this au i’d love it if someone wanted too not only for me but for everyone who craves a lost lance fic
ALSO I want to actually work on this other story that i’ve been neglecting for like two months which is called “Heaven is a place on earth” over on my ao3 which you should read if you’re about that angsty au life lmfao (sorry that’s cringey but I gotta get that plug lol)

My plans for the next few weeks (on this blog) is to work on commissions then finish the human healing pod animatic & finally focus on the lost lance au (and a bit on the fallen angel au^^ which is what i’m calling that ^^^

I appreciate all of you this is really extra and Love ya as always, keep it spicy

Reveling in Richonne

#46: The Kiss (7x5)

The Kiss of Life!!!! This. kiss. was. every. thing. Before I start, I just need to do my happy dance for the millionth time over this perfection. 🙌🏾

I don’t know what’s wrong with me but every single time I see this scene, I react like it’s my first time ever seeing this scene and I literally have the reaction of this gif above 😂…Like every single time, without fail, because this moment is everything and then some.

Like perfection. Like tens across the board. Like mesmerizing and magical and definitely on my nonexistent “Top Ten Richonne moments” list. It’s like they sprinkled something over this scene that makes it where you have to watch it over and over. You can’t not smile and cheer and celebrate every time you see this. (PS: This lengthy post is going to be half analysis, half pure rejoicing lol. I can’t help it! 😁)

Y'all, this kiss was something special and whoever thought to choreograph it this way should receive a medal. It was this moment. It was this exchange that took my love for Richonne to a whole new level, cuz it was the first time Richonne left me completely and utterly shook. Don’t get me wrong, I adored all their other moments, but this one was entrancing like no other. 

Basically the low five put me on the ship and then this moment put me in the dumpster lol.

Like, seriously, round of applause to everyone involved. The light crew gets a medal. The stylist gets a medal. The composer gets a medal. The director and cinematographer and writers get a medal. And you already know Andy and Danai get all the medals. (But seriously imma need some Emmys or Golden Globe noms headed TWD’s way before the show ends)

This scene was beautiful. I’ve seen a lot of people excellently dissect this breathtaking moment, and people’s thoughts and insight and celebration of this moment is so good and brings me so much joy to read! So a lot of my analysis is really just me preaching to the choir, but you know I have to join in and give my play by play lol. 😋

So, Rick goes in for that little hug and peck on the cheek I mentioned earlier. It’s a “casual” husband/wife send off and it’s sweet that he just wants some form of physical connection with her before he goes cuz…this is Rick and Michonne! (an epiphany that hits me over and over again cuz it’s just so amazing and crazy to me that these people we’ve been watching for years are now able to express the love they’ve had inside for so long)  

Like think of how many times, pre-canon, R&M have gone out to do separate things and maybe wanted to give a hug goodbye and now they can. Think about the “I’m still with you” moment that preciously parallels this one!

Originally posted by forevermichonne

 You can’t help but be happy for them that they now get to do all the things they’ve been wanting to do.  So, again, if all they had done was hug it would have been super sweet.

But instead, honey, we got blessed and spoiled! Cuz as Rick goes in for the hug, Michonne so gracefully and intimately places her hand on his face.

Just to do something as intimate and personal as touch his face, lets you know that R&M feel very very close and connected to one another. I also notice that Michonne immediately puts her hand on his face the second she realizes Rick is going in for this peck on the cheek thing. By putting her hand on his face so quickly it lets me know that she knew from the second he stepped towards her that she wanted to give him a more proper sendoff than the one he was about to do.

Like this kiss wasn’t an after thought or some uncertain thing for her. She doesn’t just let the casual hug happen and then hesitantly think “Oh wait, maybe I should give him his entire life right now” 😂  No, she was confident and knew from the jump that she wanted to do that.

Now, when this first happened it could seem to some like she was about to reject the hug. In fact, Rick looks like he’s thinking that for a second too. It absolutely pains me when you see the quick look of uncertainty on Rick’s face as Michonne redirects him. Like he was already a little hesitant to go in for the peck on the cheek and for a split second it feels like he’s thinking “Dang, she doesn’t even want me to touch her.”.

Rick really thinks he’s about to take yet another L and get rejected. But I love that Michonne doesn’t give Rick much time to linger on the possible thought of rejection before she’s letting him know exactly where they stand and how she feels about him, without even having to say a single word.

Like this kiss was a loud and clear “I love you” from both of them. 😍

I love the way it’s choreographed for her to take his face and sort of lead the way here. It conveys oh so much. Like one; this is Michonne saying “Nah, we don’t do that platonic peck on the cheek stuff. Our love is too strong for that.” 😂 

And two; it’s a reminder of how R&M are equals. And three; it’s a reminder that they are so in sync with one another. Like Michonne can see that if they just do a casual sendoff it could cause more disconnect for them so, like the wise strong 👸🏾 she is, she steps in and she closes the distance between them literally and figuratively.

And four; this is Michonne teaching us yet another way to say, “I’m still with you”. Like so far Michonne’s taught us that you can say “I’m still with you” by:

  • Saying the actual words to him
  • Being the first one out to aid him in fighting a herd of walkers
  • Giving a warning pop to a chick that tries him
  • Pleading his case to a psycho while a gun’s aimed at your head.
  • Helping him make a bed
  • And then you can also give him the literal kiss of life. 🙌🏾

I love that now that they’re a couple, Michonne can more intimately let Rick know she’s still with him. And this kiss is so powerful because it feels like a game changer for them. Because it communicated to both of them what they might have not been verbally communicating to each other since Negan’s arrival and that’s that; there is literally no amount of differing opinions, or distance, or tension, or anything at all that’s going to break us up. We’re still with each other and we want to be with each other forever.

I love this moment too cuz, as breathtaking as it was, it felt so authentic and not sappy in the slightest. It just felt like grown healthy love. And yet it was still so magical cuz, y'all, I’m not a sappy person (or so I thought lol) but I could practically hear angels singing when this moment first aired.

Like I promise, when I first saw it, I felt like it was in slow motion or something. 😂 It was that mesmerizing. It just felt like it was straight out of an apocalyptic Disney movie lol. It was True Love’s Kiss! 😍

I love that Michonne’s leading the way at first on the kiss and then it does not take long for Rick to be right there with her. I love that he, of course, pulls her in closer and they literally get lost in each other, as any concern that they are on the rocks quickly disappears. Like you literally see them both radiate equal amounts of intense love and energy.

They are so engulfed by each other that it’s like no one else is there.  And it’s funny cuz I remember thinking about how R&M are doing all this with Carl definitely right there in the next room with the door open lol. But I love that for this one moment it was just them two in this world. 😊  And you can tell they never want this moment to end.

And y'all can I just say one more time…that’s Rick and Michonne! That’s “Your face is losing the war” Michonne and “You gonna stay awhile?” Rick. These two have been knowing each other for the longest and now they’re doing this.🙌🏾  

I remember even my sister, who’s a more casual viewer, took note of this scene and was like “Well okay then.” 😂  Everyone took note of this moment. 👏🏽

Like if someone watches this scene and still doesn’t buy the deep love between Rick and Michonne it might be time for them to consider if they’re a…

Lol. But Haters are just going to stay mad because this couple isn’t only going to survive but thrive. 👌🏽😊 Their bond is unbreakable and this kiss made that crystal clear. The passion, chemistry, sincerity, unity, desire, respect, longing, support, and just pure love conveyed in that kiss, from both of them, is A1. 👌🏽

I love that Michonne knew that her man needed to be reminded that he’s still the man in this world and so she reminded him of just that. Michonne always be knowing just what to do lol. 👏🏽 Like she wanted to remind Rick just who he is in her eyes. He is still the Rick Grimes to Michonne.

R&M are completely on the same page in this moment and it just reminds you that they are truly made for one another. And I adore how much R&M can say without words. Like, apart from “I’m still with you”, that kiss was Michonne telling Rick “I respect you, I believe in you, I support you, I want you, I love you” and Rick seriously needed that.

You can tell that Rick is overcome by this woman and has just gotten even more proof that he was very right in saying “this is different”. It’s 100% clear that Rick got his entire life from that kiss lol. 😊

And I love that it doesn’t just end with the kisses! Afterwards, R&M both lean in, so beyond close to each other, and they stay in this moment just a little longer. It really is like they melt into each other. And they just visually look like they fit together like puzzle pieces. I love that as they just stay here for a moment it really feels like they are leaning on their rock and their other half. Like as hesitant as the scene started it ends with such strength and unity and power between them. 😍 

It’s so evident that they don’t want to pull away from each other as the kiss ends and their foreheads touch. Like they almost seem dizzy from the immense amount of love that has just poured out of them. Their love is so powerful it overwhelms them just as much as us lol.

And then Rick says the only appropriate response…

“Thank you”. 😋 I adore this very sweet and very accurate response. Like I know some people say Rick was technically saying thank you in regards to Michonne saying good luck, but let’s be real y'all, he was thanking her for the greatest kiss of his life. (Plus, when she said “good luck” he said “yeah” so he technically already responded to that. 😁)

To me, the “thank” you has even deeper meaning. This was Rick saying thank you to Michonne for being his ride or die, for never giving up on him, for being there for him and loving him and choosing him every time, no matter what. He was thanking her for being her. (and, again, for giving him his entire life in one kiss 😋)

With this world being more dangerous than ever, it’s a big deal to leave home and you really don’t know if your goodbye is truly your last goodbye so, as R&M head off separate ways, Michonne wanted to make sure they have a proper and fitting farewell, which of course is an epic one for an epic couple.

So, in a way, this kiss was her also saying “Just in case this is the last goodbye you should know exactly how I feel about you”. But the kiss was also very strategic, cuz I know Homegirl was trying to give Rick some serious incentive to get back asap. I’m honestly a little surprised Rick didn’t go tell Aaron their trip’s cancelled lol. Cuz after this kiss, Rick really looked like he was thinking, ‘Negan who?” 😂.

I know with complete certainty that Rick had this moment with Michonne on replay the whole time he was out with Aaron. As Rick walks away, Michonne watches both sad to see him go and also knowing full well she just put that man in a trance. 😂 She knows what she’s done lol. Like Rick’s now beyond whipped. Is there a term stronger than whipped? Cuz that’s what he is now lol.

To date, this is my favorite kiss between them. Hence why I can gush about it forever. It was just so much more than a kiss. It was everything. It was their unbreakable love fully on display. And they’ve come so far since season three, and have had many moments in past seasons that could have led to a kiss, so it just feels so rewarding and wonderful that they’re finally at this point in the relationship. I can imagine for long-time shippers this moment sent you straight up to heaven lol. 🙌🏾 😋

Literally every time I see a gif of this moment I can’t help but get that same overwhelming joy I had the first time watching it. It’s just so good and so magical yet so realistic and organic. Richonne is always so well done cuz it’s always conveyed like grown, healthy, natural, genuine true love.

And this kiss gives you no doubt that R&M’s relationship will not just last, but it will stand the test of time. They are ride or die, they are partners for life, they are one

This scene was towards the beginning of 7x5, but low key the rest of the episode was kind of a blur cuz, as far as I’m concerned, this one scene stole the whole show. 😋

So, in short (lol), every time I see this moment I can’t help but say, “I’m…

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Cuz this scene was, is, and will always be a masterpiece. 🙌🏾👌🏽👏🏽👏

Biweekly mugshot time!

Not too many changes this early. But I’ve noticed:
-Upper lip fuller
-nose is more rounded
-face generally a little fuller.
-Increased chin hair (already had to shave my face pre-t)

My weight plateaued these two weeks (went on vacation, ate a lot, didn’t work out), but my pants are roomier in the thigh definitely and size 32’s are falling off my waist.

Chest has lost A LOT of density. Makes binding more comfy but when not they’re looking a lil sad lol.

Bottom growth/sensitivity has chilled out significantly praise God bc that shit was uncomfortable.

I’ve noticed since starting T I really haven’t slept as solidly like I used to, but I have no clue if that’s related to T.

~welp that basically covers everything. Just trying to be visible so other black trans guys know we are out here ❤️ check my tag for all my general pictures.

Master Post Fanfiction (Sonic Edition)

Sonic and the Chaos Kingdom AUreviews -Sonic is made king after his 23rd Birthday celebration, and let me tell you, he’s not too thrilled about it. Only a little while later, Prince Shadow threatens his reign with a rebellious attack! War rages as Sonic must now be the king he’s meant to be. Using the help of his friends,General Knuckles the Barbarian, Tails the Royal Adviser/Councilmen/Lead Strategist,& Maid Amy(or is she?)

Sonic Supers! (UNDER EDITING): reviews -A 2 season story about Sonic,Shadow,and Silver fighting Eggman to save Tails- Wait, Amy? Eggman stole a Gun?Amy suddenly turns Super? But how..? And what is this ‘Negative Chaos? Oh no! Amy’s been taken over by a being known as Dark Chaos, whose bent on turning the world into her 'Own personal playground?’ (SonAmyShadSilv, ends with Sonamy)

Were Sonamy: reviews -Sonic is dealing with being a Werehog while doing his daily business of being a Hero, but Amy Rose can’t stand missing him this much! So she sets off to find her one true love! But what has become of her Blue Blur? Were Sonamy - (distinct changes have been made from it’s original version. It now has more content. Sorry for the roughness before, it was my first fanfiction, after all)

Were-Nights: reviews -We’re back to Sonic Unleashed! Where Sonic finds Amy and doesn’t want her to know about his werehog form, worried it may frighten her. He must get her back without her finding out his little secret, but that could be hard when your partner, Chip, is being a little too much of a 'romantic’ and keeps trying to leak your secret every chance he gets! -Were-Sonamy

Trying to 'Tap’ into Lovereviews -After some mean newscasters break Amy’s heart with lies on public television, and just openly degrading her, Amy pleads for Sonic to show her even the smallest bit of comfort from his heart, to reassure her that he cares. Sonic’s torn, but ends up doing what he can to let Amy in his heart… Even through simple and small things… ( Sonamy ONESHOT)

Timeless Game: reviews -Amy has grown up to be a grouchy old maid working at a library. 20 years ago, Sonic left to fight an aging and slowly going insane Eggman, before suddenly appearing before her once again after all this time. Can she allow herself to love again? Or is the old Amy Rose dead and gone? And will Sonic suffer for his life choices and never truly rekindle his old love again? (Aged Sonamy)

Sonic and the Shade Stonesreviews -Eggman’s planning something, apparently an ancient ritual made to create even the goodest of people into the evilest of creations. Little does Amy know her significance in this mass mayhem of sorts! Will Sonic be alright or will his Darker side take over him…? -Sonamy with some Dark Sonic stuff lol xP

Sonic Lost Words: reviews -“I’m s-sorry, I never got to s-say-” And at the end, she doesn’t glomp him? Hmm… I wonder if she’s nervous.. Amy… what are you hiding? What were you gonna say…

Rose Petals in the Wind: reviews -One day, while Amy continues to try and impress Sonic, Tails invites her to come to the city with him. There, he agrees to teach her a thing or two about flirting with Sonic, along with some other advice from outside sources as well. Sonic is surprised by the turn around, but can he really understand her feelings? Or will the Wind be left without his Rose petals? Or the opposite?

Rememory: reviews -Amy gives up her memories of Sonic to protect and save the world from Eggman’s other worldly invasion of demons! Devastated by her actions, Sonic seeks to bring her memories back by making her fall back in love with him, But this 'new’ Amy doesn’t seem too impressed. Will Sonic have to sacrifice something to bring her back? Find out, in this wonderful Sonamy Story!

Playful Wrestle?reviews -Sonic and Amy have a moment, that suddenly turns contradicting as he admits that he can’t love her within the bounds of Sega’s rules and the laws of the Game. A Sega employee is at a press conference, stating that the company may let Sonic and Amy be more romantic in the future. Eggman is shocked by the news within the game world. A boy learns to tolerate sonamy and enjoy the game!

Metallic Need: reviews -Metal Sonic breaks out of his prison with a vengeance, set with a new theory that Sonic’s friends give him strength, he creates his own 'support’ and plans on destroying Sonic with his own perfect team. Sonic won’t have any of that! However, he finds that Metal him may have created his ultimate downfall without his help…Can Robots really feel? (MetalSonicxMetalAmy)(Some Sonamy)

Instinctsreviews -Amy is going through her first mating season,Tails is helping with the animalistic explaining,but when feelings/uncontrolled behavior get in the way of every day life,will Someone have to step in to help?(This is not as bad as you think,there is simply a lot of kissing and Hedgehog instincts. Mostly a drama. I’m to innocent to write stuff like that! SonAmyShadSliv)

Figures, a lovely pair - Sonamy (A bit of MarioxPeach too): reviews -Mario and Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games have to compete to see who will be the 'Preview Couple’ for the Figure Skating Pairs event! Who will win? And what exciting things will happen out on the ice rink’s ring? - Omochao’s announcement. (ONESHOT)

A Classic Love Story: reviews -Rosy the Rascal and Classic Sonic both grow closer in this cute little story about being alone, but having someone there to always make you feel safe and sound, loved and appreciated, but also why you should always keep your friends smiling! -Classic Sonamy (Rosy from Genesis/Sonic CD era, in case anyone was confused. (Not Comic World!)

Sonic IRL (A Collection of Sonamy One-shots): reviews -In a world where Sonic and his friends are real, virtual creatures that can only be seen through the walls of Sega, comes these cute and epic mini-stories about the adventures of Sonic and Amy, who slowly grow closer through their experiences together. Take a trip into the secrets of Sega, and their living and speedy Mascot’s journey of discovering love with the ever so cute Amy!


Has anyone else found that they aren’t really excited for Infinity War? I keep expecting to feel really excited, but I’m not. I mean, it’s going to be complete someday, go to theaters, and I’m going to see it… but I’m not hyped.

The last two Avengers team-up movies (AOU and CACW) left me kinda irritated, CACW in particular. (If you follow me, you’ve seen all my ‘mcu wanky thoughts’ posts lol) Then the size of the Infinity War cast worries me. I can’t wrap my head around that many characters getting enough time in the movie to keep them from just being cameos. I also don’t watch all of the marvel stuff outside of the movies and 1.5 netflix shows (at best), so any emotional impact for some of the other characters is going to be lost on me.

So I’m left sitting here like “Infinity War is coming… … k.”


🌸 I’m back! OMG I miss writing so much and to make this comeback(lol) memorable,  here’s Boyfriend!Taeil for all of you!

Thanks for the people who requested this! I’m sorry it took me so long!

🌸 Feel free to drop any requests in my inbox!

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