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My friend (marked in blue) posted her frustrations with being  called “girl” despite  being almost 30 years old, and how you wouldn’t call a man “boy”.
She expressed her anger towards being infantized…(which is so NOT a contoversial thing to say…It should literally go without saying WHY it’s not cool to talk to an adult like they are a child)….

….and two male family members just HAD to pounce in to mock her ….

One (marked in black)  being outright asshole-ish, the other (marked in red) kinda…goaded it on, like whooooaaaah LOL gonna make her so mad, LOLOL

I am just…so fucking tired of this…

So tired…

And my female friend just lost a father like 3 weeks ago, still mourning…and these male family members (who know she is mourning) treat her like shit…What the fuck? Can’t sexism and patriarchal bullshit EVER just take a break?

I am so tired of it….

But even after all this, showing this example of blatant sexism….I STILL have to reassure men that I don’t hate all of them…

So tired….

you: omg dnp are so in love!!

me, an intellectual: dan and phil were two boys from england. one was so, so sad, and the other loved happiness and making other people smile.
so, naturally, the universe took it upon itself to pair up these two lost boys. and it did. it was the most beautiful thing the world has ever witnessed.
they go together like two fitting pieces of a puzzle, completing each other in the finest ways. the happy boy made it his priority to rid dan of all the sadness that clung onto his existence. so he did.
dan and phil are two men from england. one laughs the loudest out of the entirety of london, and the other sits next to him, always, staring lovingly at the boy he managed to save.

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I wanna start watching ancient magnum bride but what te heck is it about??????

The OVAs we have so far (two parts out of four three) are a companion story to the manga and don’t really follow the main plot (there may be a full anime series coming this fall though?? Unsure). 

The manga is about Chise, a gal with some special abilities bought by this fella Elias, a non-human magus/mage, who intends to teach Chise magic, keep her alive (people with her abilities tend to burn out and die young!), and eventually make her his bride.

This mighty be throwing up all kinds of Wow Unhealthy red flags for you. But the writing is handled fantastically and this odd situation that could have easily turned into one of your standard Weird Gross Anime IPs is instead something super cool and awesome. First off, Elias not being human and not understanding how humans work is a HUGE part of his character and development. Secondly, all Elias’ human pals are immediately like Elias What The Fuck You Can’t Buy People Because We Said You Need An Apprentice Chise Here Is My Number If You Need Help Don’t Hesitate To Call. And thirdly, Chise seems cool with all of this and agrees to teach Elias How To Human better while he teaches her magic and the whole bride thing is like almost never mentioned again.

Over time, the manga delves into things like “Why the fuck does Chise seem cool with this?”, “Chise why are you doing that stop?”, “Both of y’all have an unhealthy attachment to each other please get out of the house sometimes”, “Elias why are you acting like a pouting baby?”, “Elias, no you can’t control everything all the time.”, “By the way, what the fuck are you?” Also this one dude is trying to fuck everything up and there’s all these other ppl who want Chise for shit.

In short (lil too late for short lol), its about two emotionally stunted, lost, and confused people living on the outskirts of their respective societies, slowly realizing things about themselves and working past their flaws and figuring themselves out. And as they grow as people, they grow together as closer companions. Though framed as a romance, that’s really not the focus of it. The focus is more about them becoming healthy and good people. The growth feels natural and appropriate, and I love that. 

Also LOTS OF COOL MYTHOLOGY SHIT HELL YEAH. YAMAZAKI KORE DID HER DAMNED RESEARCH OK. If NONE of what i just said grabs you then you could read for the mythological shit alone. It’s great. 
I think that’s it. Other fans feel free to add to this,,,

You can read it here (which has a nice description itself)
And the OVA bits are on crunchyroll

Hope you check it out! 


Okay so I’ve given it a lot of thought and realized that I most likely won’t write a lost lance fic myself BUT I have decided to let people write for Lost Lance AU

BUT Please: 

  • ASK ME FIRST (I’ll say yes I just wanna know) 
  • credit me

  • explain that it is only BASED ON the Lost Lance au and is not like ‘offical tm.’ lmao

  • and send me a link because I WANNA READ/SHARE IT !!!!
This au is very special to me. But I’ve been feeling a lot of unnecessary pressure and If i don’t write for this au i’d love it if someone wanted too not only for me but for everyone who craves a lost lance fic
ALSO I want to actually work on this other story that i’ve been neglecting for like two months which is called “Heaven is a place on earth” over on my ao3 which you should read if you’re about that angsty au life lmfao (sorry that’s cringey but I gotta get that plug lol)

My plans for the next few weeks (on this blog) is to work on commissions then finish the human healing pod animatic & finally focus on the lost lance au (and a bit on the fallen angel au^^ which is what i’m calling that ^^^

I appreciate all of you this is really extra and Love ya as always, keep it spicy


Cis-Swap Challenge: Isaac Santiago Taveras –> Isis Sancia Taveras

Hello ^_^; I was tagged in the Cis-Swap challenge by @simerse, @boxofsims, and @lyrea. There might have been others too, but I took so long to do this that I’ve lost the tags in my activity feed *hides in shame*

Fhfdjkfks anyway I decided to cis-swap Isaac! I call her Isis, hehe, and damn she’s a stunner! Anywayyyyy, thank you for tagging me you wonderful people you!! *GROUP HUG* <3333333333

I’m pretty sure most people who wanted to do this have already done so, but just in case, I tag @slytherinpixels, @winterspixels, @doka-chan, and @nisukiye to do this challenge, though of course if you’ve already done it or don’t care to do so no problem! *slips back into the hell of grad school* >.<


🌸 I’m back! OMG I miss writing so much and to make this comeback(lol) memorable,  here’s Boyfriend!Taeil for all of you!

Thanks for the people who requested this! I’m sorry it took me so long!

🌸 Feel free to drop any requests in my inbox!

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I don’t understand how we could love each other so much and still want to keep our hearts as far as possible from each other. Two years later and we’re still hurting. Except now we are hurting 300 miles away.
—  Soon.

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I asked a couple blogs about their favourite Blake siblings moments and I got curious about which scenes are yours? Can you talk about some you really love?

ooh this is cool. of course i can talk about some of my favorite bellamy/octavia scenes. i really enjoy their relationship and am intrigued by its complexity. i’m so curious about how the writers will handle them in the show going forward now. im really into it. thanks for sending me this question anon btw! i love it. i haven’t answered a question like this in a while and it’s a great change from the analysis

be aware: im a sucker for small moments. leggo

bellamy and octavia hiding in a car from reaper!lincoln (2x06)

believe it or not, but this moment is so dear to me. its your typical terrifying “parking garage nightmare” scenario in which octavia finds lincoln - but not like she expected - and bellamy and her need to hide away from him. so they end up huddled together in a car, trying to stay as quiet as possible and dreading whats to come next. it’s such a heartwarming moment between the siblings though, especially when you think about how octavia tries to hold it together, whispering to herself how it’s possible for lincoln to be turned into a cannibalistic creature, and seeing bellamy quietly reassure her and tell her that they will get him back.

its one of these moments in which they actually ground each other and i love that, because most of the time it’s “fight fight fight”. octavia’s anxiety stems from her worry over losing lincoln forever, but then there is bellamy giving her hope.

bellamy and octavia in the dropship (2x07)

the chaos in the dropship scenes is sooo intense. what i love about them is that the show excels at having twenty billion things happening at once; all kinds of messy interpersonal character stuff entwined into the larger plots unfolding (mainly, the secrets of mw). and one moment i adore is this brief interaction between bellamy and octavia. its one of their rather calm confrontations.

bellamy wants to reassure his sister (once again) about lincoln, which is understandable, because he recognizes how weary she feels in this moment. clarke is certainly not sugar-coating anything, but keeping it real while they are trying to find a solution to help lincoln. so, octavia is soul-tired during the entire procedure and bellamy wants to help. then again though, we have octavia who wants to face this head on. she tells her brother that he cannot protect her from the experience this time. it’s the kind of open-communication that propels their relationship into a complete different sphere in my opinion, and allows them to grow individually, because while they care for one another - very much - there are things that they cannot stop from happening, things each has to go through.

on another note: I love how octavia calls him big brother haha.

bellamy and octavia judging you together (1x04)

i just cannot get over the visual intensity of this moment okay. sue me. talk about two unstoppable forces that present two different styles, but still work well together. this is one of my favorite blake siblings images and i have to include it.

bellamy and octavia say goodbye (1x13)

okay god. there are so many things to mention about this scene. the way octavia wants to see through this crazy war. the way lincoln makes both siblings aware of her injury - “its deep” - and that she has no chance with a wound like that. and the way bellamy has this harrowing moment of realization in which he understands that she needs to be somewhere safe, a place lincoln can only carry her to, because octavia can’t walk and bellamy can’t carry her back to the dropship, the place where he needs to be. there is so much going on. these tiny glimpses of realization and understanding we get. and bellamy and octavia are equally exposed to certain things that they need to be aware of as people.

of course, we then get this soul-wrenching goodbye between the siblings. when bellamy tells octavia that his life didn’t start until she was born, and that bellamy will always be her big brother. like, they are surrounded by war in this moment. but they still get to have this moment in which they can cling to each other, voice there inner-most feelings and then say goodbye. it’s really the kind of build up to a productive distance between the siblings where closeness is not lessened.

rather, it’s enhanced. maintained through respect, love and trust. hesitation turns into letting go. its such a good story here, presented with a strong touch (the hug), but delicate in its words. the war is frightening as much as is the part of leaving, but they still have each other. the contact isn’t lost, but grows.

last but not least.

this scene from 2x04

we have bellamy and octavia take care of their friends

we have a very personal moment between them about lincoln

and then we have them team up and fucking smile at each other

like, look at these two little shits. i love them so fucking much and they love each other a lot. and that’s it.

i mean, i definitely have other favorite moments but these are the ones that get me the most tbh (also, i wanted to keep my post rather short lol).

Master Post Fanfiction (Sonic Edition)

Sonic and the Chaos Kingdom AUreviews -Sonic is made king after his 23rd Birthday celebration, and let me tell you, he’s not too thrilled about it. Only a little while later, Prince Shadow threatens his reign with a rebellious attack! War rages as Sonic must now be the king he’s meant to be. Using the help of his friends,General Knuckles the Barbarian, Tails the Royal Adviser/Councilmen/Lead Strategist,& Maid Amy(or is she?)

Sonic Supers! (UNDER EDITING): reviews -A 2 season story about Sonic,Shadow,and Silver fighting Eggman to save Tails- Wait, Amy? Eggman stole a Gun?Amy suddenly turns Super? But how..? And what is this ‘Negative Chaos? Oh no! Amy’s been taken over by a being known as Dark Chaos, whose bent on turning the world into her 'Own personal playground?’ (SonAmyShadSilv, ends with Sonamy)

Were Sonamy: reviews -Sonic is dealing with being a Werehog while doing his daily business of being a Hero, but Amy Rose can’t stand missing him this much! So she sets off to find her one true love! But what has become of her Blue Blur? Were Sonamy - (distinct changes have been made from it’s original version. It now has more content. Sorry for the roughness before, it was my first fanfiction, after all)

Were-Nights: reviews -We’re back to Sonic Unleashed! Where Sonic finds Amy and doesn’t want her to know about his werehog form, worried it may frighten her. He must get her back without her finding out his little secret, but that could be hard when your partner, Chip, is being a little too much of a 'romantic’ and keeps trying to leak your secret every chance he gets! -Were-Sonamy

Trying to 'Tap’ into Lovereviews -After some mean newscasters break Amy’s heart with lies on public television, and just openly degrading her, Amy pleads for Sonic to show her even the smallest bit of comfort from his heart, to reassure her that he cares. Sonic’s torn, but ends up doing what he can to let Amy in his heart… Even through simple and small things… ( Sonamy ONESHOT)

Timeless Game: reviews -Amy has grown up to be a grouchy old maid working at a library. 20 years ago, Sonic left to fight an aging and slowly going insane Eggman, before suddenly appearing before her once again after all this time. Can she allow herself to love again? Or is the old Amy Rose dead and gone? And will Sonic suffer for his life choices and never truly rekindle his old love again? (Aged Sonamy)

Sonic and the Shade Stonesreviews -Eggman’s planning something, apparently an ancient ritual made to create even the goodest of people into the evilest of creations. Little does Amy know her significance in this mass mayhem of sorts! Will Sonic be alright or will his Darker side take over him…? -Sonamy with some Dark Sonic stuff lol xP

Sonic Lost Words: reviews -“I’m s-sorry, I never got to s-say-” And at the end, she doesn’t glomp him? Hmm… I wonder if she’s nervous.. Amy… what are you hiding? What were you gonna say…

Rose Petals in the Wind: reviews -One day, while Amy continues to try and impress Sonic, Tails invites her to come to the city with him. There, he agrees to teach her a thing or two about flirting with Sonic, along with some other advice from outside sources as well. Sonic is surprised by the turn around, but can he really understand her feelings? Or will the Wind be left without his Rose petals? Or the opposite?

Rememory: reviews -Amy gives up her memories of Sonic to protect and save the world from Eggman’s other worldly invasion of demons! Devastated by her actions, Sonic seeks to bring her memories back by making her fall back in love with him, But this 'new’ Amy doesn’t seem too impressed. Will Sonic have to sacrifice something to bring her back? Find out, in this wonderful Sonamy Story!

Playful Wrestle?reviews -Sonic and Amy have a moment, that suddenly turns contradicting as he admits that he can’t love her within the bounds of Sega’s rules and the laws of the Game. A Sega employee is at a press conference, stating that the company may let Sonic and Amy be more romantic in the future. Eggman is shocked by the news within the game world. A boy learns to tolerate sonamy and enjoy the game!

Metallic Need: reviews -Metal Sonic breaks out of his prison with a vengeance, set with a new theory that Sonic’s friends give him strength, he creates his own 'support’ and plans on destroying Sonic with his own perfect team. Sonic won’t have any of that! However, he finds that Metal him may have created his ultimate downfall without his help…Can Robots really feel? (MetalSonicxMetalAmy)(Some Sonamy)

Instinctsreviews -Amy is going through her first mating season,Tails is helping with the animalistic explaining,but when feelings/uncontrolled behavior get in the way of every day life,will Someone have to step in to help?(This is not as bad as you think,there is simply a lot of kissing and Hedgehog instincts. Mostly a drama. I’m to innocent to write stuff like that! SonAmyShadSliv)

Figures, a lovely pair - Sonamy (A bit of MarioxPeach too): reviews -Mario and Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games have to compete to see who will be the 'Preview Couple’ for the Figure Skating Pairs event! Who will win? And what exciting things will happen out on the ice rink’s ring? - Omochao’s announcement. (ONESHOT)

A Classic Love Story: reviews -Rosy the Rascal and Classic Sonic both grow closer in this cute little story about being alone, but having someone there to always make you feel safe and sound, loved and appreciated, but also why you should always keep your friends smiling! -Classic Sonamy (Rosy from Genesis/Sonic CD era, in case anyone was confused. (Not Comic World!)

Sonic IRL (A Collection of Sonamy One-shots): reviews -In a world where Sonic and his friends are real, virtual creatures that can only be seen through the walls of Sega, comes these cute and epic mini-stories about the adventures of Sonic and Amy, who slowly grow closer through their experiences together. Take a trip into the secrets of Sega, and their living and speedy Mascot’s journey of discovering love with the ever so cute Amy!


Title: Long Lost

Main Characters: Simon/OFC (other characters will be mentioned a lot but none will have much of a backstory besides these two.)

Chapter: Five  (Part One) (Part Two) (Part Three) (Part Four)

POV: Third Person

Warnings: Solo Smut, Some Cursing, Description of Injuries

Summary: Amber is worried about Simon and makes a shocking reveal (dun dun dun)

Notes: I apologize if this chapter seems rushed or seems if it has a lot of information that could’ve been spread out over other chapters. I just had a lot of ideas of where I wanted this to go and got excited lol. There are also several time jumps in this chapter just FYI.


A couple of days after Simon left Alexandria, Amber was still feeling a little down. She’d spent essentially the entire day after he left in bed and this morning she was forcing herself to get up. She knew that Maggie needed her help now more than ever. Unfortunately Maggie was experiencing some complications with her pregnancy and had to rest up. So most of the planning and organizing that Amber was helping Maggie with, she was doing on her own. She didn’t mind. She likes Maggie and likes her company. Plus Amber figured getting back into her normal routine would help keep her mind off things. Amber pulled on a pair of black jeans and a red t-shirt before sitting on the edge of the bed to put on her boots. No sooner did she sit down then she was jumping back up, hissing in pain. “Ah, what the hell?” Something on the back of her legs was hurting her. She walked over to the full length mirror in her closet and pulled down her jeans to knees to see if she could make out what was hurting her. The backs of her thighs were bruised. Amber thought back to when Simon was fucking her up against the wall and how hard he was squeezing her thighs. The thought sent shivers down Amber’s spine and she could feel a slit tingle in her panties. She bit her lip and looked at the clock in her room. She still had a half an hour before she had to be at Maggie’s house.

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I almost forgot to change my calendar, lol. Been on vacation so I kind of lost track of the days. Anyways, here are the cards for this week, the last week of April. It is two sided, Okamoto on one side (looking super sexy), and Arioka on the other. Both are my babes, so I will halve it. Okamoto will be out till Thurs, then Arioka will finish it out. Let’s all look forward to May!

I finished drawing spectraspell chapter 1 earlier this week (ended up being 43 pages) and prepared everything for print and now all I can do is wait for the print shop to respond to my email, which probably won’t happen before tuesday, since it’s easter (oh yeah; happy easter everybody!)

and now I’m feeling kinda lost. I haven’t been focusing on anything else other than this comic for three months and suddenly I got nothing to do. I /could/ start working on chapter two, but the webcomic version won’t reach the end of ch1 until october this year (lol) so there’s no need yet. 

anyway, so what did I do when I got up this morning? I wrote a script for a oneshot comic, that’s what I did. damn it. 

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Hey, once again haha! Is it okay to send In a ask every now and then? Maybe like twice or three times a day? I wouldn't want to overwhelm you but since you open and close things I was wondering if that's alright with you. Much love❤️❤️

Yeah, sorry about that. I try to keep one or two activities open for an entire week, and then get to as many of them as possible. The sex ships just kinda…went nuts. Lol So I had to close those because all my other things got lost somewhere in all that.

But, yeah, send in as many as you want. Talk to daddy asks are open until the end of next week.

Nope (Felix x Reader)

Lmoa, what the hell did I just write?


There were two groups of people on Neverland: the Lost Boys and the Lost Girls. The Lost Boys were lead by a cruel leader called Peter Pan while the Lost Girls were lead by a kinder leader called Gloria. The two groups stayed out of each other’s ways, occasionally having a conflict here and there.

One day, while you, a Lost Girl, were out picking berries when you were approached by a Lost Boy. You didn’t even look at him. You see, Lost Boys would sometimes flirt with the Lost Girls and vice versa. But you weren’t having any of that.

“Hey-” he started but you cut him off by spraying pepper spray at him.

“Nope,” you said. You smiled to yourself as you walked away. You stopped. Wait a minute… that voice sounded familiar. You turned around. “You?!”

“Yeah, it’s me,” Felix said. You groaned. This guy always flirted with you. And to be honest, he was kind of growing on you. But you didn’t want that.

“Come on,” he said. “Can’t you just-”

“Nope,” you said and left.


A few days later, you were out doing some other stuff when he walked up behind you. You didn’t notice, so when he greeted you, you instinctively swung your fist and punched him in the face.

“Why would you do that?!” he shouted.

“Because you just scared the crap out of me!” you yelled back. You both stared at each other for a few moments then both burst out laughing. “Oh what the hell!” you said before kissing him. His eyes widened. You winked and ran away.

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I've lost respect for you. You've turned into all the other girls on tumblr that do the same exact thing... 🙁

I honestly do not care what you think I’ve been doing this for two months and im completely comfortable and happy doing it and if you seriously lose respect for someone for selling or posting pictures of their body you’re pretty fucked up lol bye

In My Time of Dying

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Pairing: Deanxreader
Word count: 1,185
Warnings: Angst, character death, swearing
Author: Brittiny
Request: @jeffrcy. Could I request a fic where the reader sells her soul to the yellow eyed demon, instead of John, (to save Dean). And when John goes to sell his soul, the demon says something like “I can’t take your offer. The deal has already been made.” All ominous like? The conditions are the same, (she gets however long to live). idk that’s the only way I can explain it lol sorry if it’s crazy 

Groaning, you blinked your eyes against the bright light. “Hey, there’s our girl.” You heard John’s voice. “You’ve had us worried.” The smile was evident in his voice.

“What happened?” You asked, your voice raspy.

“Car accident. You got pretty banged up, but you’ll be fine.” He told you.

Looking around, you only saw Sam. “Where’s Dean?” You asked, panicked. The two Winchester men looked at each other. “Where the hell is Dean?” You yelled, terrified that you’d lost him. You and Dean grew up in the life together. You were only a year younger than him, so you were extremely close. Even when you would go months without seeing him, it didn’t matter. When you hit sixteen, the two of you had decided to try your hand at a relationship. It was hard, with distance, but as soon as you hit eighteen, there he was. You ran into his arms and kissed him. Now, you traveled with the Winchesters. That seemed like forever ago. Tears formed in your eyes. You needed him!

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some of my favourite tøp interviews/videos

Twenty One Pilots Have a Live Drum Battle: spoiler: it’s not actually a drum battle. josh drums on a chair with coat hangers and tyler throws them everywhere. 

Never Have I Ever: josh admits that as a kid he thought eating ants would impress girls

20 questions with twenty one pilots: tyler wants brad pitt to play him in a movie of his life - part 2 

This Or That: josh once again confirms that aliens are real

David McCreary’s Personal Space with Twenty | One | Pilots: twenty one pilots is tyler and todd

Magic with David McCreary and Tyler Joseph: ok this is just tyler but it’s so funny - and he plays kazoo 

twenty one pilots: Introduction Video: origin of josh’s tumblr url 

Interview On The Edge: this interviewer is so cringe that i doubt it’s serious

Twenty One Pilots Interview w/ The Morning Mess“ever since our songs got on the radio we’ve been able to shower every day” 

The Woody Show: half an hour of fun tbh

twenty one pilots: Down On The Farm: tyler and josh are cool with hogs

Red Bull Sound Space KROQ: they play what is also called “the newlywed game”

Stryker interviews twenty one pilots: josh liked Whiplash interview: they feed each other and tap on each other’s phones

A Stupid Montage of Tyler and Josh: fanmade and i think i lost count of how many times I’ve watched this

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Twenty One Pilots: these videos are very important - part two 

#7of30: Festival Edition: they admit to stealing a mini fridge

Would You Rather? “nipple sized penis or penis sized nipples?” *tyler starts laughing*

bus invaders: they have the fridge of a six year old

backstage with twenty one pilots: “I love bus.”  

7 Acoustic Covers: eargasm guaranteed 

UG Studios session “Addict With A Pen”: lol gl trying not to cry 

// I’m going to need to do some adjusting with some of my headcanons to follow canon a little more consistently now that we have new lore so here’s a list of things that might get tweaked or are getting tweaked

So originally, I hc’d that Jesse had a tattoo on his left hand, which is now canon (albeit the tattoo placement is different and design slightly different). I had a bit more symbolism before, but it’ll be partially scrapped in favor of canon.

How McCree lost his hand is still going to run by this drabble I wrote a while back, though I might tweak how the scene played out, like on one hand he’s Not Doing Well with having lost this limb but on the other hand (lol) he’s a little glad to finally be rid of the mark that reminded him that he was Deadlock once before?? Something along those lines.

In that same drabble, Jesse uses two guns: Discipline and Peacekeeper. This is a hc I had because some of his original art depicted him with two holsters, something I explained in this post here. I still really like this idea of Jesse dual-wielding guns like Reyes, but have you seen his Blackwatch gun?? Very nice, and much different from the revolver he uses currently. I’ll either do one of two things with this: scrap the headcanon so he’s only ever used one gun, and the one he used in Blackwatch is named Discipline and his current Peacekeeper OR I keep the headcanon and assume gameplay wise they can’t just give him another gun in the same respect that you can’t give Captain Amari ingame her regular sniper rifle, and he uses two of the guns you see in his skin, one is Discipline, the other Vindiction, and his current is Peacekeeper. I’m leaning towards the latter option.

I’m actually quite glad for the new canon material tbh, I was worried I’d be devastated by having to adjust. I’ll try to write up some more drabbles and such so I can perfect my characterization on McCree. So far I feel like I’m doing well :’)