lol i look tough!!!

Was rereading Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology, this time as an audiobook, and got about halfway through chapter 8 where the chains that bind Fenris Wolf are described as being constructed, among other rare things, out of the beard of a woman. Gaiman goes on to say that the reason you’ve never seen any of the things listed is that the dwarves used them all in their crafting. So like…

Alternate reality where women with beards (trans or otherwise! There’s tons of reasons for women to have beards!) are so hard on themselves to shave is that they don’t want their faces stolen.

Alternate reality where women with beards live in lavish penthouse apartments because of the value of their beards, which is good because their beards are so strong they can only use the finest shaving equipment known.

Alternate reality where women who can grow beards aren’t teased or made fun of for their stubble

Alternate but still slightly dark reality where literally the only reason a woman with a beard would get attacked on the street is to try to steal her beard (but they’re a sturdy construction material so they don’t get very far)

Been lowkey looking for an excuse to draw Bad Pearl for a while lol. Once Back to the Barn came out and it was confirmed Pearls are for show, headcannon that if Pearl were to turn “Bad” it would be because she doesnt want to be seen as showy, beautiful, pretty, etc.