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how does one draw beards, besides selling their soul to Satan?

no soul-selling! it’s pretty simple

well, what i’m gonna show you is pretty simple

so let’s take these baby-faces:

having the jawline/chin/etc down pretty accurate is important! because the beard grows from there!

dudes all have a specific growth pattern on their face. when doing a 5 o’clock shadow, you can pretty much just follow that and fill it in with a gray/their hair color at a low opacity

with the growth pattern and jawlines and mind, it’s pretty easy to make a readable beard by doing little lines that follow those patterns! i never do a straight line to draw beards. it’s an option, but it’s tough to make look natural lol–i don’t even do that for comics! but once the hairs are curved along the jawline, i think getting rid of the visible jawline helps show thickness/structure to the beard itself

as beards get longer, you can lengthen the lines and make them have more minds of their own, as they begin to stop conforming with the face!

so that’s about it. if you want beards with a little more texture, remember that beards grow in layers. they grow just like hair! but…on..on the face.

as a beard might.

Been lowkey looking for an excuse to draw Bad Pearl for a while lol. Once Back to the Barn came out and it was confirmed Pearls are for show, headcannon that if Pearl were to turn “Bad” it would be because she doesnt want to be seen as showy, beautiful, pretty, etc.

this is oversharing probably but arlie and i had been talking for about two months, it started as sending tumblr messages to texting every day to hours of phone calls to hours of facetiming to falling asleep with each other on facetime so we could wake up seeing each other (including! a time when we were half asleep on facetime and she said i’m falling in love with you) and after two months of this i flew out to california to see her and the second i saw her at the airport my heart fell into her hands and we just kept giggling and holding hands and standing realllly close to each other waiting for bart at the airport and i swear it was like equal parts oh my god i am so nervous and i want to kiss her and the other half felt instant comfort instant coming home and we talked and were holding each other so tight i remember i had like every limb against hers in some way lol (i am still like this with her lol) and we went to get tacos and i love this part because i asked for the hot sauce as opposed to the milder hot sauce and we were sharing and she braved eating 1/3 of a taco because she wanted to look tough lol (and now i know she can have a max like 4 drops of sriracha on her eggs and that’s the hottest hot sauce she can go) and we went to our airbnb which is a house i still love and a house i would love to have for us one day it was so cozy and filled with light and that’s where we had our first kiss where we honestly melted into each other and that first kiss lasted no joke five hours straight and we stayed in that night ordering in pad thai and laughing on the couch and we woke up with the first moments of sun light streaming in when it’s still cold blue and i won’t pg-13 we spent a good three hours making love for the first time and afterwards i was holding her and she said to me you know how people say that they don’t know how to tell when you’re in love? well i have no question in my mind i love you and i said i love you too and she was like really? you don’t have to say it if you don’t know yet! and i said i know i love you and then i asked her if she would be my girlfriend and she said no? lmao but only because she was afraid and she asked me like three seconds later because she immediately knew she made a mistake and then we went out for chicken and waffles and were soooo giddy and everyone felt the glow around us and that glow surrounds us today a year and four months later sharing a home together we still make each other laugh and blush and melt and soft and safe and goofy as fuck every single day we’ve grown into each other so fully
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lol forever

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I'm such in love with your female couple, could you please give us some info about their personalities and relationship? 😘😘

Omg I’m crying T^T thank you! I’m so happy you noticed them and you liked them! ♥ Honestly sometimes I feel like I prefer them to Mark and Lyssa? lol

Sarah looks like the tough one but she’s a sweet potato. She works as a model but Annie is way more into clothes and makeup than her! She loves cats, plants and comfy clothes. She’s calm and patient, maybe yoga helps her with that?

Annie is all about style, expensive clothes and, last but not least, wine. That’s why she’s a fashion blogger! She’s younger than Sarah so of course she enjoys parties more. She can be quite superficial but she makes a great friend. But she gets angry easily, so watch out!

They look totally different and even I can’t explain how they manage to get so well together. Maybe they just compensate each other. Annie makes Sarah happy by watching movies together when it’s too cold outside. While Sarah makes Annie happy by going to pubs and parties. They both love sun and beach though! Aaaand it was love at first sight when Sarah heard Annie singing at a karoke bar, even if she was terribly off-key. ♥


horrible 420 thought: what if the franchise ends after vrains

Reine des fleurs - Review

Doing a review of this game like I said I would. Reine des fleurs is a game I’ve been looking forward to and with all that pent up excitement I just blasted my way through the routes as fast as I could. It still took me slightly over a week so in a way this game is pretty long. 

No plot summaries because that’s all in the other post. I will touch on some of the plot points though so it’s not a spoiler free review. This is a long post coz of all the pictures. I’m not good at doing reviews so please bear with all the rambling >_<  If you are looking for information on the ravir system go to this post instead.

*spoilers after the cut*

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Some fun animal doodles. ^_^

By the way, I was laid off from my job last month. I’ve sent out maybe 30+ applications so far and not a single call back/interview. :\ It’s tough out there! If anyone knows of a tech support/QA job that doesn’t require coding, or a 2D game art job (kinda giving up hope on that one lol, competition is too tough, I can’t compete with the seasoned pros looking for work :\) in Seattle, or knows of anyone hiring for these things, please let me know!!!


1) @sammywilk: Just a scrawny dude
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6) calebnphillips: Weekend Concert Vibes | @shawnmendes killed it at the @taylorswift concert this weekend in Baton Rouge! | Here’s @aaroncarpenter in betweens sets during last nights show. | #vsco #thatlacommunity
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10) guardian_80: Gettin ready to fly the sky coaster. I look tough, but was def nervous. Lol. @geoff_warburton @shawnmendes