lol i literally cant stop listening to this

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a million on my soul by alexiane is keith’s song, the lyrics are literally !!!! ive heard this song a couple months ago and whenever i listen to it i think about keith bc of him trying to fit in and trying to find himself im crying i need an edit on this song,,,,, also stop with your keith angst i started tearing up last night bc of your reblogs i cant believe ive been hURT that much (but tbh i love your keith angst pls continue i love being hurt even tho keith is my favorite im)

listening to the song right now and yes! i can definitely see it! nfhfdkshfjks, keith wanting to fit in, wanting to understand himself and what role he should do. ;~; ahahaha, omggg, the angst really reached y’all im :’))) im sorry (im not sorry–)

okay okay – but imagine the team’s guilt.

no one asked how his mission was with marmora nor they ask if he is okay. we have seen keith’s mission and we saw him get hurt, even on the edge of death. voltron team knows it, i mean it’s obvious? yet everyone is acting as if he’s been drinking all night, fooling around doing nothing. it’s true keith distanced himself but no one bothered to ask his condition? that’s cold. and this only worsens someone’s insecurities. keith is already questioning himself as a leader and because of the team’s behavior, he thinks he shouldn’t be part of it at all.

when going to sacrifice himself, imagine if lotor never showed up. that’s it. no goodbye, nothing. the only who knew was matt who talked to keith the last time.

imagine the team’s tears. listen, they’re all going to be guilty af because they will suddenly remember when was the last time they appreciated him? they didn’t even say goodbye, they didn’t even share a moment together for the last few days heck, they didn’t even fucking know what keith was doing.

yeah, shortly??? imagine all the angst. :))))