lol i like my nose

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Never once have I ever seen someone get attacked and still be happy like min yoongi got attacked by park jimin, seriously.


we get attacked on a daily… and we don’t seem to mind… (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

I’m still not sure what we have done to be attacked like this…

But uhmmm… happy?? yes? no? (⁰ ◕〜◕ ⁰)


Guess who looks like Levihan’s love-child.


Rowan and Thorne are currently what floats my boat lol


signature pose: hiding most parts of my face with my hands


“Yeah, it’s pretty different than most trolls, but it’s not like I’m the only troll with these ears…

It’s just that, my ears sort of changed as I grew up. It really helps, because with my lifestyle, I need these enhanced senses, you know? Maybe they changed because of my lifestyle?”

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my first ever half assed negative space/cut crease look!! can’t wait to try this again and do better.