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You know what Voltaire said...

…But I did find find this post on my dash this morning while drinking my coffee and it haunt me since then. It’s not because I agree with her right to give her opinion that I can’t say that her opinion is bullshit.

First of all, it is always out of place and disrespectfull to talk shit about dead people before they are even buried. So this shock me and the fact that she says that:

“As an artist, a person who works in magazines, a human, and as a French woman I feel their pain.”

only makes me think of people saying “I’m not racist but…” and all those kind of puny excuses for verbal dhiarea.

Now let’s come to the core of her speech :

this newspaper was infamously known for being racist, homophobic, and highly islamphobic. I am not one to laugh at a blatant racist comic as “oh lol free speech”

As far as I know she just drop that with “I need it to be known” and with only proof the drawings that she uses as illustration. She put those drawings absolutly out of context and expect (quite accuratly) that people will take them as proof of her words.

The problem is that context is everything here to understand those drawings.

First of all, Charlie Hebdo is a lair of atheist and anarchist. They always had proudly, loudly and fearlessly gave their opinion and most of the time in the most shocking way they could find in order to make people react and think. I’m quiet and peaceful person so I didn’t read them on a weekly basis. But I did heard their words and claims and they are nothing like that she’s saying.

Now, let’s take some examples shall we ?

SO here anyone who is not French sees a black man ridiculised and think about racism. What they ignore is that the person which is drawed here is Dieudonné, an horrible anti jew. He even denies what happened to them during WWII. He invented the “signe de la quenelle” which as now becomed a well known sign for facist and racist in Europe, equivalent (and I’m not kidding) to the nazi salute. Originally, the quenelle is an innocent and rather tasteful sausage and if anyone deserves to have on giant one shove up his ass then it’s certainly Dieudonné.

For this one I’m just going to send you to this post :

What people on tumblr so busy being offended about everything without bothering to educate themselves about the context think it means: “OMG drawing a black woman as a monkey! So racist!”

What the drawing ACTUALLY means: Do you see the flame logo on the left? This is the Front National logo a far right party of France who’s rallying cry was “Rassemblement bleu Marine” litterally meaning “navy blue gathering” a play with word with the navy blue color of their party and the name of their leader Marine Le Pen. The text above the drawing proclame “Rassemblement Bleu Raciste” meaning “Blue racist gathering”, now do you understand what it means or do I need to spell it for you? It is Charlie Hebdo calling out the FN, Marine Le Pen and their so called “democratic rassemblement” for what they are AKA A BUNCH OF RACISTS! This people are actually ON THE SIDE YOU’RE PRETENDING TO BE ON, but go on and be offended at them!


(only addition: the one about Christiane Taubira (the woman pictured as a monkey, who is the Minister of Justice) is particularly powerful because a woman elected under the “Rassemblement Bleu Marine” front said stuff comparing Christiane Taubira to a monkey) (so yeah they’re showing how awful these people are)

II’ll finish with this one. this is a christian cross so it’s the proof that they did attack everyone and are not against Islam in particular. They are both white so it’s not racism.  so maybe it’s sexist? Actually no it’s none of the above. The 2 women represented here have both use the argument of their religion to justify their oposition to same sex mariage. So they are represented here as what they are disgusting bigot.

SO TO CONCLUDE : Excuse my french but : FUCK THIS SHIT! She insulted their memory with that bullshit.