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kylux 31?

I actually found a way to make this not angsty, I’m a little impressed myself! After the angst of the last one I figured we could use some good ol canonverse kylux ;) ~1,4k!

31. “You lied to me.”

Hux waits for Ren to step off the transport docking in the ship’s largest landing bay, hands clasped behind his back. He’s not wearing his greatcoat, and his face is schooled into blankness, trying to appear like he does this for every high clearance level transport that docks aboard the Finalizer. Detached. Protocol.

Ren knows better, infuriatingly, knows Hux’s presence is a special occasion and he’ll extrapolate whatever sentimental nonsense from it that he fancies. Better though that his officers think that his being there means a surprise inspection, instead of the absurd notion that he had missed Kylo Ren while he was away.

The ship settles and after a moment the exit ramp begins to lower with a hiss. Then he’s there, striding straight-backed and powerful out of the ship and wearing a new set of robes that billow out behind him as he approaches.

Hux berates himself for noticing.

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looks like a cinnamon roll but could kill you: chloe

looks like they’d kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll: frank & samuel

looks like a cinnamon roll & is actually a cinnamon roll: warren & kate

could eat 5000 cinnamon rolls: max, probably

a sinnamon roll: nathan

the baker added a butt-ton of salt instead of cinnamon & fucked up the recipe: brooke

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Apparently nali shippers are making fun of us for believing that nalu is canon yet they are the same ones who believe that Mashima actually wanted nali to be the "endgame pairing". I don't think we are the ones "reaching" here. Lol.

There’s literally no reason to be saying nalu isn’t canon bc it is lol, na//li was never anything whereas nalu had been developed and clearly was implied in this last chapter. They can make fun of us all they want if that makes them feel better, but nalu is canon and na//li is essentially a crack ship imo.

Favorite/ I ship Pairings

When so many people have asked you for your shipping pairings in the manga/anime universe and you’re finally like, “Alright! I’m telling you! I’m telling you!”








Zuki (ATLA)

Zuki (VK)





Tokyo (lol)
















That’s it for tonight. Thumbs up if you actually bothered to stay and see all of my pairings!^^ By the way, not all of these were in the order of which I liked…

i was tagged by @sunhyunes. thank you :-)

  • relationship status - single as hell
  • favourite colour - brown, red, orange, yellow… autumn/fall colours 
  • lipstick or chapstick - is chapstick like lip balm? because then chapstick. but also lipstick omg
  • last song i listened to - day of the dead - hans zimmer + junkie xl (i’m still “studying”)
  • last movie i watched - the edge of seventeen (2016) dir. kelly craig  
  • top 3 shows - bob’s burgers, b99 + big little lies (i just kept it with a theme because i can’t actually choose lol)
  • top 3 characters - louise belcher, terry jeffords and bonnie carlson
  • last book read - Ethics in correctional and forensic psychology: Getting the balance right. just uni-related stuff unfortunately :(
  • one hobby - uhhh probably writing for my friends + siblings
  • coffee shop/cafe shop order - cheesecake + earl grey tea/any tea or long black if i need it 
  • favourite childhood movie - SCOOBY DOO (2002) or the digimon movie… jimmy neutron movie? recess: school’s out + chicken run. i just had to put 5 idk. o god there are too many.  
  • favourite tumblr colouring trend - i’m just going to ignore this
  • favourite holiday and why - halloween of course! i’ve built up such high expectations of it since i was a wee lad even tho australia doesn’t really celebrate it. but there are some areas that u HAVE to go to if you’re here during halloween. also, i just love everything associated with it :’) 

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you can ignore this if that is what u wish. i won’t be offended!

Some Aokise to make up for lack of art! *rolls*

ahhh i’ll just yolo social studies >.> pray hard venice comes out for essay and not globalisation because i haven’t even gotten to it honestly speaking —

Based from When It Rains, It Rains Bullets by kaijoskopycat​ - a Mr and Mrs Smith AU! Please read it omfg you won’t regret it it’s like a masterpiece the feels always hits and the action inside is just JHSJASNAKSQ ;;w;; YOU WILL NEVER GET TIRED OF IT IM SERIOUS

One of the scenes which kinda struck me was their date at the festival - like omg they’re so fine there, they got to show off their skills AND be badass and hNNGHHH *swoons* hence this fanart —

nope jk i actually got carried away after sketching this and made a short (extremely messy) manga thingy of my most favourite part ;;____;;

WARNING: Below the cut lies inconsistent art, magical increase of injuries as the pages progress and the many inconsistencies of Aomine Daiki’s face thanks to Shao OTL”””

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The best thing about having the Hood twins on tour was that it was like having two Calum’s around and the worst thing about having the Hood twins on tour was that it was like having two Calum’s around. When going on tour with Calum, you’d have to get prepared for him laughing all the time, exercising every day and complaining about it, joking around on and off stage, a lot of tour dog selfies, and a life time supply of selfies. Well, bringing Thomas on tour brought the same things, it was almost like Calum times 2, double Hood. Calum and Thomas were the most identical twins you had ever seen. They looked almost exactly the same and sounded incredibly similar. The only difference being that Thomas had no musical ability whatsoever. When Calum got into music, Thomas got into sports. While Calum is one of the best footballers out there, Thomas could out swim any Olympic athlete, any time and any day of the week.

Calum and Thomas were best friends from the day they were born. They were never not together, at least when they were in the same country. Calum had gone on 1 and a half tours without Thomas before inviting him to come along. Calum needed his partner in crime and Thomas felt exactly the same.

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One Direction Photo Challenge (Li)
Day 30: Favorite Group Photo

This photo has it all! Louis… being Louis! Zayn bring out his fun side! Niall in glasses! Liam in his favorite sweatshirt of mine! And Harry looking serious, but actually trying to get a piggy back ride from Liam! Lol Well this is the last day of the photo challenge:( I had fun doing it, and I hope you did too!