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what are some hamilton ships you like?

im terrible at shipping bc i have strong opinions on maybe 3 ships and then everything else im just like

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lams is my #1 u cant go wrong with a classic (thats a lie u absolutely can)

but i feel like..there are so many ships…. i cant tell which ones 2 give opinions on

pjo/pacific rim

okay so now part 2!! ill just talk about more pilots :-)

Clarisse/Silena: Divine Slayer (i kinda love this name lol)
 -literally both a huge surprise and like also not a huge surprise when they became co-pilots
 -look guys they balance each other out okay Clarisse has got the force while Silenas got the moves (i know that’s not really how jaegers work but it’s just how they think of each other)
 -also Divine Slayer is def pink Silena would have it no other way she wanted to be a strong role model for strong girly girls like her 
 -clarisse let it slide bc 1)she loves silena hello? and 2)she hides it by saying it’s a light red
 -Silena has also painted flowers on both sides of the Conn-pod (i had to look up what it was called lmao) for her enjoyment and Clarisse lets it slide again :-) 
 -like i said earlier they were #1 with the merch and fans but then percy and annabeth came along with a newer model so they’re bumped to number 2
 -Silena couldn’t care as long as she still gets her clothing lines but Clarisse is p bothered but Silena calms her down :-) 
 -look u guys….. i feel like Silena might have to die in this au…like if it ever makes it into an actual fic w actual plot i think she’d die like super heroically like u know saving the world 
 -it’d be like the aussie guy in the movie like Clarisse would be unable to pilot w her bc she’d be injured so Silena would die but not Clarisse :c
 -sorry guys 
-also they totally have matching tattoos most likely of Rosie the Riveter but i can’t think of one rn

now let’s bring in some Heroes of Olympus characters!!

-like i said earlier Leo is tech builder guy and works behind the scenes on every jaeger and has a strong attachment to them
-like of course the pilots name them but he can get offended if 1)they don’t take it seriously (rarely happens but they joke around sometimes) or 2)they give them a bad name
-leo straight up forbid Percy and Grover to name their jaeger Blue Cookies (which was a joke but i mean cmon if they could’ve they would’ve)

-Frank’s mom was military and so was he before all the kaiju stuff went down
-at first he wanted to pilot but realized it’s way to impersonal for him (giant human robot vs giant alien =/= normal combat) so he becomes a trainer instead 
-bc he was in military before it started he was with the jaeger program like immediately so although he’s young he helped train most of the main characters :-) 
-he also helped Annabeth out w choosing pilots before she became one, now it’s his sole responsibility

-i think Hazel would be in the press loop with Grover, i mean she has a gentle soul so i don’t think she’d be a pilot (plus who would she be with?) 
-she’s not even mad like she’ll train w Frank and others some days to keep in shape if a pilot is needed stat and that’s all the fighting she needs cos it’s actually fun and not life or death (hi i think she’s afraid of death)
-also this way neither her nor Frank are on the field and although they’ll never say it they are both thankful for that small difference in safety
-also in this au ages are weird they’re all gonna be in their 21+ range so no weird age gap between them

okay this got long again but i still have more ideas so like hmu if want me to post more :-) thanks for reading!

if you want to read more just check out my pjo-pac-rim-au tag!