lol i kinda surprised

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what are some hamilton ships you like?

im terrible at shipping bc i have strong opinions on maybe 3 ships and then everything else im just like

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lams is my #1 u cant go wrong with a classic (thats a lie u absolutely can)

but i feel like..there are so many ships…. i cant tell which ones 2 give opinions on

Aqua Form - Juvia Lockser - fanart. I thought I’d try giving the effect she’s using Water Body and make her fingers and edges of her hair watery (?). I tried. I really did. However. I’m really proud of the lighting work on this..I wanted it to be very detailed and yeah I don’t think I did too bad :3

And sorry I haven’t posted in art in a while, it’s just been very hectic with school T T

Made by jiyu-koya. Please do not repost, do not remove source.

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Do you feel there was a lack of richonne in last season? I have seen complaints about this but, I thought it was a pretty good amount?

No, not at all. Of the many, many things wrong with S7, Richonne was not one of them for me. I mean, they actually had a storyline, which I wasn’t expecting, and it allowed Michonne to still be her own person. Plus, we got almost an entire episode of Richonne shenanigans. Of course I’m still waiting on my Richonne sex, but aside from that, I really loved their development last season. Like, that’s ALL that I loved about S7. 😄


it doesn’t work that way
wanting not to want you won’t make it so
it doesn’t work that way
don’t leave me here alone

                                                                      - you were a kindness | the national

but they drop like flies
and there’s a stomach-churning shift in the way the land lies
and they lean like towers
on a hillside, struggling to stand through these first few desperate hours

                                                  - first few desperate hours | the mountain goats

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As a follow up to that Akeshu cake Drabble, Goro still feeling guilty about ruining it and making a cake for the PT. Whether it's a total disaster or not is up to You! Btw I love your writing!

Anon, that’s a very clever idea! I’m kinda surprised so many people liked that one, lol, I was very nervous about writing Goro for the first time. Let’s see if round 2 goes as well. Thankfully I actually bake fairly often. To anyone who sees this, the original prompt that this is from can be read over here

Also, fair warning, this may be the sappiest thing I’ve ever written. 

Enjoy lol

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*Ahem* May I have your attention please? Attention please!

I know I haven’t posted here in 7,000,000 years, but I just thought i’d let y’all know that 1. TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY WOOO and 2. I JUST GOT A NEW LAPTOP! SOOooo this means that, even though I can’t draw yet since I don’t have a tablet yet, I can at least run commissions! They will be traditional, but it’s still an option until I save up enough to get a new tablet.

I’ll make a post later today for prices and examples, but this is a thing for now. I just need to save up enough to get this tablet, and we’ll be back up and running with Amber Shine and Dance Rose!(I still have a story for them, and if people want, I can make this an ask blog again!) 

That is all, have a nice day, stay tuned for commission information later today :D

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So does Sharna golf suddenly or she just watching Alan per her IG story. I'm assuming Linds is there to since Sam is golfing.

it’s a double date. LOL yeah I have no idea I was kinda surprised to see that myself.

hey @laceyeb looks like there is a double date going on for you

Do teachers not confiscate cell phones anymore at schools?? I see all these videos of students with their phones out in plain sight, like….don’t they get in trouble for that anymore? :O

(If not then that’s super cool!! But they were so strict about it when I was in school that it’s just kinda surprising lol, when I was in school you couldn’t bring your phone to school at all and if you did you couldn’t have it out at all even during breaks, and if any teachers saw it it would be taken away for at least the rest of the day)


Castle On The Hill
Don’t/New Man
Starting off with castle again. I have a feeling thinks going to continue for awhile, and also the hoax shirt thing lol. I love when the guitar part kicks in. I really love this song live. I think this crowd is gonna be awesome even through they just messed up the words haha. They still sound incredible. I love the beat in eraser and I’m still enjoying ed moving around. Just casually tuning the guitar while recording backup vocals lol. Just brilliant. Dive is probably my next favorite song after happier. He did not perform this during night one. I’m in love with crowd. Their and eds voices together are just beautiful. Dive is one of only a few songs ed doesn’t bvs or building for. Don’t/New Man is becoming one of my favorite mashups. Eddy please be careful jumping around lol. I don’t know why he’s singing the lyrics “2 shows” instead of “2 planes” but I’m not a fan of the change. I also don’t know why but ed always gets this bad boy attitude when he sings new man and I love it. He’s more rapping than singing with a flow on the second verse.
The A Team
I’m A Mess
Galway Girl
The a team is another song that ed doesn’t do a lot, if any, building for. It’s such a beautiful, simple song with a huge impact lyric wise. Oh I’m a mess always makes me a huge mess lol. I like the old video on the screens better. The bursting colors look better than these falling clouds of color. I will always love the building/bvs for I’m a mess. The crowd sounds great but it’s gotta be hard for ed to sing in one key when the crowd is singing in a key higher. But I like how they are singing to him and not just with him. Happier my heart ahh, I love this song. I don’t however love this video for this song. It kinda makes me motion sick lol. I don’t how he does it but this song breaks my heart and makes me smile all at the sametime. Yay Galway girl. I could watch him play this song for hours. Ripping out that ear piece haha better be careful ed. His little dance moves are the best haha. Oh goodness he’s already singing beat for her feet haha. He gets so into that he doesn’t really pay attention to what he says but I love when he gets lost in a song.
Nancy Mulligan
Supermarket Flowers
Human/I See Fire
Here’s another song he didn’t perform last night. This is nancy Mulligan. It’s a great song just a little too folky for my taste. It’s definitely better live but still not my cup of tea lol. Well I’m kinda surprised that he’s singing supermarket flowers. I did not figure we would hear it this early in the tour. It’s gonna be another song for me to get pissed at the crowd over lol. Now until don’t/new man, human/I see fire is my least favorite mashup. I do however want a full version of human. Sorry I got lost in the video on the screens lol. I’ve grown to absolutely love the video, maybe even more than the video from last tour. It’s just breathtakingly beautiful. So he now has a flag haha. He must have grabbed it from a fan between songs. Photograph is another great building/bvs. I will always love photograph.
Thinking Out Loud
Perfect is great song for all the cell phone lights. I got lost again, this time in the song so the video kinda weird lol. Sorry this bloodstream video is so bad but it was the only video avalible. The hip hop arms are back. I wonder if he’s still telling the same crazy joke lol. Oh changing the lyric crowd to turin for thinking out loud, slick ed very slick lol. Omg did they let a roster in, is Gladys here. I swear one of these fams hollering sounds like a roster haha. I love how much he loves this crowd. Well the wireless box came off the guitar strap lol. It’s always something with his guitars and their straps haha. This view is gonna be awesome for the sing video and lights. Sing louder, ed um I don’t think they can get much louder haha.
Shape Of You
You Need Me I Don’t Need You
What Do I Know
He also really gets into shape. This is the quietest the crowd has been all night. Let’s see if he remembers to take a picture during you need me tonight lol. I find it interesting that’s he’s not mashing anything with ynm, I kinda miss him throwing in random songs. Broke another string lol. Yay he remembered haha. What do I know. I swear he’s saying star monkey closing haha. He actually walked off the stage tonight with them still singing, he didn’t night one. What do I know in my opinion isn’t the best choice for a closing song but what do I know lol.

Night two is in the books. It didn’t differ much from night one other than he performed dive, Nancy Mulligan and supermarket flowers. I was so surprised he performed supermarket flowers. That song is like afire love, it’s very personal, and I didn’t think he would perform it so soon. I’ve learned that the new fyi for this tour is: ed takes out ear piece, get ready to sing haha. He takes it out so he can hear the crowd sing. My favorite is when they’re just singing without him asking and he takes it out just to listen. Tonights crowd was the best so far, it’s gonna be hard to beat them. Whichever crowd does will deserve an award haha. We are heading to zurich next, I remember this place being one of my favorite shows from the multiply tour. So hopefully they live up to my expectations lol. I’m looking forward to it either way. I hope y'all will join me next week for show number three, until then have a great week sheerios 💙💙💙.

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Heya!! I think it's super weird Tanaka is blonde, my mind can't registered, is it just me? Don't get me wrong I still love my beautiful crow hairless and all 😂

Hey hey!!~  LOL i think it’s kinda surprising he has blonde hair too, although Saeko is blonde so i guess we could’ve expected it ^^   i just keep thinking if he added a couple black streaks..he could cosplay as Kyoutani… 

“However, so often it’s about the journey rather than the destination and I’m so excited about where I’ve been, where I’m at, and where I’m headed — I can barely fall asleep at night.”

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how was my main man trevor boi?? as awkward as one would expect?

he was just kinda surprised someone cosplayed as him lol

i thanked him for picking such an easy outfit!