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i’m not who i used to beee 🎶

FT Stream!!

Hello everyone!! Happy Friday!! To start off the weekend I wanted to do another stream where we watch Fairy Tail again -last time was so much FUN! I’ll open the room at 18:30CST and it will start at 19:00CST just like last time!! (although hopefully it doesn’t take as long to get everything set up this time!)

I’m tagging all the people I remember from last time, but please come if you want to!!! @bluuesparrow @spikerr @whereisthefood123 @snowmadien @bianww @capaleran2 @neen-writes @levycchi @supernovaecastaway @theolddarkmachine @moonbeammadness

Let’s get together and have some fun!! (Also sorry if I forgot what your blog was called there’s so many names for everyone)

Tagged by @shiroiraiha thank you !! miss talking to you, hope you’re doing okay :D

name: Mikki

nickname: Mikki (on this blog, I kinda like to be called by my nickname idk why)

gender: female

star sign: pisces

height: 5’0”

sexuality: straight

hogwarts house: i have no idea

dream trip: japan !! there’s so many places I want to visit if I ever have the chance to go. I would also love to visit hong kong again (i just love big cities lol)

hours of sleep: around 5-6

why i made a tumblr: i made my very first tumblr blog because my group of friends at the time were getting into tumblr and i just decided to make one too

dogs or cats: i used to be a dog person but nowadays im leaning towards cats

when i made a tumblr: 2012

reasons for url: i think my url is pretty self explanatory. it kinda screams… NARUTOOOOOOO

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hey this is my 7 selfies of 2017 and these are absolute shit because i don’t take pics of myself really and i had to pick something lol

anyway 2017 has been a wild year because so much has happened but at the end of the day i feel like a more complete and whole person compared to last year and i realized there are so many people out there that love me and accept me for who i am and i’m rly grateful to have that.

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Hi y'all I’m back 😀 finals is officially over for me 😭 I wanted to cry after my last exam sm 😢😥 I also changed my mobile theme 😋 Ummm… I’m in a non negative mood rn so I’m just going to announce that I’m back 😅 Also I have like a whole bunch of post tagged Q: MIA in queue. If they don’t specially say Q: zzZ then I’m usually online 🙂 and awake lol 😙💗💕💞💟💖💝💘💓

List 10 Songs You Love

I was tagged by @bitchii-usa and I’m doing more than 10 songs cause 10 isn’t enough!Tag whoever you want and remember you don’t have to do this. I linked them all to YouTube which took forever, so I hope you guys get to enjoy them all.

1. Sound of Silence (cover) by Disturbed. I love the vocals on this version and David’s deep voice just gives me chills! 😍😍😍

2. Frankenstein by Stitched Up Heart. It’s definitely a mad-scientist AU type of inspiration that I’ll probably write at some point lol

3. You Call Me A Bitch Like It’s A Bad Thing by Halestorm. There is no song that suits me better than this one. I’ve always been called a bitch, a freak, weird, etc…so this is the ultimate Hanna anthem.

4. Born For Greatness by Papa Roach. This one is currently the anthem for my Fanfic 😄 *cough cough Z Warriors Reality TV cough*

5. Travesuras by Nicky Jam. Don’t listen to too much Spanish music but Nicky Jam is one of my favorites.

6. Tokate by Cruzito. Another Spanish song but he’s basically telling you to touch yourself and pretend it’s him 😆 how can you not like that? 😂😂

7. Tonight by Emphatic. This is mine and my husband’s song! 🎶Tonight, we could do anything… In your arms, I’ll be alright…. All of my life, searching for someone… In your arms heaven is closer tonight🎶💜💜💜💜💜

8. Still Counting by Volbeat. Hehehe my favorite song by them (and I love this band!).

9. S&M by Rihanna. I bet y'all haven’t heard this one in a while, huh?

10. Monster by Stitched Up Heart. What can I say? I enjoy a female that can sing and toss in a some screaming 😂 so it’s no surprise that they made the list twice.

11. Malevolence by New Years Day. Rocker chicks just get me off I guess 😉

12. Immortalized by Disturbed. Yyyeeeaaaaaahhhhh!!!! This one gets me a little pumped!

13. Hit Me Like A Man by The Pretty Reckless. The title alone screams song Inspired Gine and Bardock AU 😉 one I hope to do at some point.

14. Far From Home by Five Finger Death Punch. This has got to be my favorite band right now. I haven’t had the the pleasure of seeing them in concert but I would fucking die! They pretty much write songs for soldiers and this one in particular just gets me cause you just FEEL like you understand even if you aren’t a soldier/veteran.

15. Closer (cover) by In This Moment. A female singing this song just kind of puts you in kind of a dark mood. Like, not bad way if you like this stuff but I definitely get a lezzie vibe from it 😉

16. Dear Sobriety by Pistol Annies. What? A country song? Well, that came out of left field but I’m hoping to do a song Inspired one-shot on this song too. I feel a Gochi, post cell games vibe from this song.

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Relationship Status: Single pringle
Favorite color: Blue
Lipstick or Chapstick: lip gloss when i actually have to wear something
Three favorite food: chicken, potatoes, chocolate
Last song I listened to: Ophelia-The Lumineers
Last movie I 👀: Murder on the Orient Express
Top 3 shows: I mostly just watch YouTube stuff
Top 3 Bands: Adele, Billy Joel, Johnny Cash. I like a lot of different music to be honest.
📚 I’m currently reading: Actually nothing right now for once lol.

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“Hey, I’m on my way to your room for a nap.”
“Ok. Wait. Keith, are you parading with your ace blanket—again?”
“…Maybe. I’m eating ice cream, too. Can’t share that, but the blanket I can.”

So our resident proud ace boy was born on Asexual Awareness Week! <3 
Just let him have his nap on his birthday. This is Part 2 of this. Redbubble

You see a bright light streak down from the sky and plummet downward to the west and you recognise it immediately.  It’s the light of Creation. 


~ November 29, 2017 ~

YOI Future!Verse ABO AU Style - feat. Yuuri with Yurio & Shura

For Best Boy’s birthday, attempting to do a countdown-like thing with Yuuri being happy with his family <3

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IF YOU ARE NEW TO THIS AU: It’s a Yuri!!! on Ice AU, Yuuri-centric with end-game polyamory in an ABO setting, Yuuri gets married to six mates and they have OC kids.

BASICS and timeline of this AU

OTHER POSTS (comics + illustrations) in the Future!Verse ABO section of my YOI Masterpost.


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