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Stage Patalliro!

Aoki Tsunenori as Major Jack Bancoran
Sana Hiroki as Maraich

_(:з」∠)_ _(:з」∠)_ _(:з」∠)_ _(:з」∠)_ _(:з」∠)_ _(:з」∠)_ _(:з」∠)_ _(:з」∠)_ _(:з」∠)_ _(:з」∠)_ _(:з」∠)_ _(:з」∠)_ _(:з」∠)_ _(:з」∠)_ _(:з」∠)_ _(:з」∠)_

There are different kinds of people when it comes to naming instruments
  • Those who give their instruments 'human' names: i.e. Thomas, John, Clark, Max
  • The ones who are obviously huge nerds: i.e. Xavier, Aristotle, Dante, Draco
  • The ones who just aren't creative: (or just like keeping it simple) i.e. Al the Alto Saxophone, Gibson the Guitar, ect.
  • The ironic ones: i.e. Soprano the Tuba, Bass the Flute, Viola the Violin
  • And Finally:
  • The ones who shouldn't ever be allowed to name anything: (even though they're probably right) i.e. Satan, Lucifer, Trashophone, Idiot

Happy Valentine’s Day! Since I’m swamped with work atm have a drawing I did a while back of the Choi Twins and MC! (Just wanna give these boys a hug ;;)

Done with Sharpie Pen!

(So I didn’t know there was a MM Valentine’s week going on hosted by @mysticmessimagines and yesterday and today - Tuesday and Wednesday-  were Saeran and Saeyoung’s days?? Does this count for both? lolol)

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I think the kid just meant he wasn't there. If Austin was really telling his pals, there's no way we wouldn't have heard more rumors coming out of Calabasas. It's a big town a few miles north of a major US city. People talk. That friend tells another friend, a friend tells a parent, that parent tells a friend, someone makes a comment on SM. it's been over a year, there would have been no rumblings about a family faking a baby for a pop star. only way to keep a lid on that is to lie to everyone

You don’t yell “there’s no Freddie” about a person who’s not there. When my dad leaves for work and my mom calls me to ask if he’s here, I don’t tell her “there’s no father”, that’s not how it works.
He could’ve said “he’s not here”, “he doesn’t live here”, “he left”, all good options; but “there’s no Freddie”? Nah son

let’s be real jumin han’s most used app would be neko atsume

My roommate being forced to listen to “stronger than you,” over and over like…

Imagine Your OTP

We live in this crazy soulmate finding world where I can hear your thoughts and lol I just heard you whisper “I could kill that man and nobody would notice” and after a moment of silence you have the cutest fucking laugh in the world and JK doesn’t help that I’m slightly terrified of you

Reasons to watch the English dub:

  • Nathanaël’s voice
  • cat puns
  • Nino unironically used the word “swank” and I don’t even know what that means but it sounds swank so I’m gonna start using it