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@laurasking submitted: If vampires had a TV soap opera, it would be called “All My Fledglings.”

Eheheee… and Lestat would have to be a leading character, as he is one of our more… erm… fruitful makers. He’s not at all embarrassed about it, either.

How does the fandom joke go? Every time X sound occurs, Lestat makes another fledgling? *facepalm* 

Tbh I think he’s just addicted to the act of doing it at this point. 

Prompt: Can you do a Carl X reader were Enid is a part of the wolves and when they invaded Alexandria she tries to kill the reader but Carl kills Enid before she can kill the reader And later Carl and the reader have sex and it’s the readers first time but not Carl’s so Carl is gentle at first but then it gets rough and when they are done can you make it were in the morning thru go down for breakfast everyone states at them and then someone makes moaning noises lol

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Warnings: Language, Violence, Sexual Content

Carl and I had just gotten back from taking Judith on a walk.

“I didn’t know Enid and Ron were a thing” Carl had said.

“I kinda figured” I told my best friend.

“Yeah” he sighed as he sat on the couch.
I had always had a thing for Carl. Ever since I first met him back at the prison, I developed these feelings for him. I was just too damn scared to tell him how I really felt.

“Why do you even care if they are dating or not?” I questioned him.

“I was just wondering.” He responded, handing Judith her red cups to play with.

I just nodded my head. I kinda had a hunch that Carl liked Enid. Ugh, that annoyed me so much. I have never liked her; I’ve just always gotten a bad vibe from her. I got up and grabbed my bag.

“Where are you going?” He asked looking up at me with those beautiful, crystal blue eyes.

“I’m gonna go see Maggie, I’ll be back later” I told him as I walked out of the house I shared with him and his dad and Michonne.

I was on my way to Glenn and Maggie’s when I heard an explosion. I knew that there was about to be trouble. I grabbed my gun and started running towards the sound when suddenly I started hearing gunshots and saw one of the residents from Alexandria get shot. I turned around and ran as fast as I could back to the house. There were too many of them on the streets so I had to use the back roads to get back home, which took me about 10 minutes to get back. Once I reached the house I swung the door open and almost got shot at by Carl.

“Fucking Christ, Y/N! You scared the shit out of me!” He yelled getting up to hug me.

“What is she doing here?” I asked looking at Enid who was sitting down where Carl was.

“I came to check if Carl was okay” she said. I could tell that wasn’t the only reason.

We all turned towards the back of the house when we heard screaming coming from outside. Carl grabbed his gun and ran outside, I was right behind Carl and Enid was following behind me. Carl saved Ron and of course they had to argue. After we all got back inside, we decided that we should go and help others. Carl didn’t trust Ron to stay and watch Judith so he asked Enid if she could stay with them while Carl and I went to go help. We killed a few men and saw that they had the little ‘W’ on their forehead.

“Dad told me about these guys.” Carl said. “They go by ‘The Wolves’.”

“Why are they attacking us?” I asked

“That’s what they do. They kill” he told me.

We heard another scream

“Stay here” he ordered and took off.
I felt someone staring at me so I turned around and saw Enid.

“Enid, get back in the house!” I told her.

Before I knew it she was lunging at me. We fell to the ground and I felt her hitting me all over. I pushed her off and got on my feet but she was already coming at me again but this time with a knife. I tried to dodge her attack but it ended up slicing my arm a bit. She dove at me again but fell to the ground at the same time that a gun went off. I looked over and saw Carl with his gun and Enid on the ground with blood coming out of her head.

“Y/N are you okay?” He asked examining my wound.

“Yeah, it’s justa scratch.” I winced as he lightly touched it.


Carl and I were in my room laying next to each other. I can’t believe what had happened. We were attacked in our home. None of us ever saw it coming.

“How are you feeling?” Carl asked. His big blue eyes piercing through my soul.

“I’m okay, it doesn’t hurt that bad anymore.” I told him

“Good” he said as he scooted closer to me. I felt his hand on my waist and he whispered in my ear. “I was afraid I was going to lose you”

“Carl, what are you talking about?” I asked as I felt his breath down my neck.

“Y/N, today I realized that I could’ve lost you. I wouldn’t have been able to live with myself without you knowing how I feel about you. I’m in love with you”

I laid there in shock. I didn’t know what to say.

“Can I kiss you?” He asked

All I could do was nod my head and turned towards him. I felt his lips brush against mine ever so lightly.

“Carl, I’m in love with you too.” I smiled at him.

And with that, he kissed me more passionately. We started making out and I felt him start to run his hands up my shirt.

“Carl” I moaned.

“Y/N, I wanna show you how much I love you. Will you let me?”

“Yes, but I’m…I’m a virgin” I stated looking down, feeling quite embarrassed.

“Y/N, it’s okay. I would love to be the guy who takes your virginity, but only if you want to.”

“I do, but can you please be a bit gentle since I’m new?”

“Anything for you baby girl”

He started kissing my neck and began massaging my breasts. He took my shirt off and I undid my bra. Next thing I knew we were both naked. Carl lowered himself and started eating me out. I have never felt this good before.

“I don’t have a condom but I’ll pull out before I cum, okay?”

“Okay” and with that, Carl entered himself into me. Te pain was too much, even though Carl was being gentle. I guess it didn’t help that he had such a huge dick. After about 5 minutes I felt myself loosening up an I told him to I faster. He picked up the pace and started pounding into me causing me to scream his name in pleasure.

“Fuck Y/N you’re so tight baby”

“Carl I think I’m close” I was feeling this strange yet satisfying feeling. Carl then took his hand and started to rub my clit. “Fuck Carl I’m gonna-” and with that I squirted. I had my very first orgasm and it was the best feeling in the world.

“Ugh, Y/N, I’m gonna cum” he moaned as he pulled out me came on my stomach.

We were both out of breath and ended up falling asleep in each other’s arms.

The next morning we woke up and got dressed. We headed downstairs to eat breakfast. Daryl was snickering along with Michonne?

“What’s so funny?” Carl asked

“Oh nothing” Michonne replied.

“Oh Carl, don’t stop” Daryl ever so lightly said

“Excuse me?” I asked, my face turning red.

“Oh you heard me, just like we all heard you” Daryl commented laughing hysterically.

Michonne and Rick busted up laughing.

“Guys, stop!” Carl told them.

“Oh cmon, we’re just having some fun” Rick said. “But be careful guys, we can’t afford to take care of another baby. Just be safe alright?”

“Alright” Carl and I said.

This was probably the most embarrassing moment of my life. But damn it was worth it

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Unrequited love is real. Let me tell you a story and this has to do with how everyone is perceiving Jace and Alec. 

First, let me start off by saying I’m in the closet only a few select people know about me. I’ve had tons of crushes in my lifetime but only once have I been in love. For me, it was a girl that I was friends with, much like Alec I stayed quiet, didn’t say anything and hoped for the best. Anytime anyone would tease me about us making a good couple I’d laugh and be like ‘lol you know I’m straight’ even though I was dying to agree.  I tried to get rid of the feelings at all costs because she liked other girls but it didn’t just go away and finally I told her. As I had suspected, she felt nothing for me and that meant trying to get over it while still being friends. 

It didn’t stop just like that, it didn’t take a few days or weeks, it took almost a year for me to be able to look at her and feel nothing but friendship. It didn’t just end, and during that year I crushed on other people, that still didn’t make the feelings for her go away. Just because someone else comes in does not mean the feelings just vanish into thing air.

 You don’t need love to be returned to feel love or to know the difference between love and a crush, they don’t have to love you back for it to be real and you don’t get over it just like that. 

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hey eemie! just curious as to whether or not you had any tips for organizing a good looking farm at the start of the second spring? thank you!

Oi anon! I’ve been thinking about this question all day because it’s a hard one lol. Okay so, the second spring is perhaps a good start to be decorating your farm because you should have quite a bit of money at this stage of the game I’m guessing. I feel like the key to a good farm is clutter, lots and lots of it, to make it a bit more natural. I also believe your farm shouldn’t be all about symmetry (unless that’s your thing), your pathways or buildings or fences don’t need to be aligned at all. And then I think you can have a lot of fun decorating things with lamp posts, trees, livestock grass etc. I think those are the best tips I have, I’m sorry it’s not much. Decorating is very personal taste, to each their own.

I linked to this farm on youtube earlier, maybe this video will help you :D also you can watch this video for more inspiration.
Lastly, if you like planning your lay-out first, this site is very helpful.

Bungou Stray Dogs post-anime manga thoughts

By “thoughts” I really just mean “Dana rambles about things everyone already knows and doesn’t need to read again about chapters 38 through 48.5″ lol, but just wanted to throw some stuff out here at random. This is extremely long and half-meta-y, half crying, and if you care to read all of this you deserve a medal and my appreciation lmao.

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Michele, we've had this discussion 😉. If she knows Eric is watching her, she has to fuck with him. Calling out someone else's name when she cums is the way to do it lol. We know who she's really thinking of, but a good rage fuck could ensue. I wanna see Eric kicking down doors! P.S do whatever you want, just make sure Eric is furious ☺️

I just literally had a hot flash and my core clenched at the thought of an enraged Eric. Furious Eric turns me on. If she does say Four’s name at the point of climax Eric would give no fucks about the challenge. No fucks at all. You are right he would be kicking down doors…..maybe Abbey needs to spend the night at God-mommy Jen’s house because I know there will be a healthy dose of screaming, moaning and groaning when Eric gets inside her (pun intended) apartment.

do u guys remember that one time he basically followed me around from the pastry shop to the subway station n kept yanking me in the middle of ktown. ppl were staring n i wasn’t trying to make a scene n he knew that but he was begging me to take him back & he ripped my watch off by breaking the leather part so i haven’t had my watch for a while /: but i bought a new one i just have to adjust the links bc my wrists r literally the size of toothpicks but i think it’s nice hopefully it’ll look good on me bc i have no taste lol

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Babe are you like okay financially????? Like I know we all hyperbolise on here but are you good?

broski the term “financially okay” has not applied to me since the day i decided to go to college lol i wasn’t joking when i said i had to have my mom transfer $5 into my account so i can buy conditioner tomorrow bc i’ve been watering it down for like 2 weeks and now it’s finally gone. but like yeah i’m fine lol i always make it work i’m just gonna need to find another job here pretty soon

Ritsu is such a polite boy uwu… (from this @cutbu comic)


she had the world || panic! at the disco

(ʘᗩʘ’!!) “oh my god” !!!

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