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My experience - seeing Chris Brown first time live

Wow…. First let me scream ‘cause I can’t believe that I’m writing this….

So 2 days ago medias in my country published story about Chris coming to my town Sarajevo with Sanela Diana Jenkins. As you all know Chris and Sanela are both doing their charity and they’re very close, she’s amazing woman and she did a lot for my country. I didn’t believe them, I was like.. No way he’s coming to my town, impossible…And today I went to celebrate Eid Mubarak with my family. I was off internet whole day and at one moment I decided to get on, the first thing I see is picture of Chris at our airport.. So my whole family is there and I started screaming… I was like I need to go, I need to see him… just hour later Mike posted picture of them “landing in South of France” and I was so sad, 'cause I thought that I missed him… So I decided to go out with my friends, to cheer myself up lol…and I it was like 10 pm, I get message from our admins, that he’s still there and they sent me picture of him sitting in one restaurant.. I was like.. that’s one my fav restaurant, I always go there…I took one of my friend and said you’re going with me.. I need to see him.. I came there and he was sitting with Sanela and her fam and Mijo, Mike and Jamal were there too.. He looked absolutely gorgeous, I can’t believe that someone can be so beautiful… the moment I came near their table I called Mijo and he turned and I said Mijo I’m the girl who made Project X video for Chris, Mijo couldn’t hear or understand and in a sec, that ugly bodyguard comes… He was like you can’t be here, you can’t take pics, he’s at vacation, have some respect bla bla… I told him, pls this is my only chance, he lives miles away from me.. I would totally understand that I can’t take picture if there was hundred of ppl waiting for pic, but it was only me and 2 more girls… other ppl were minding their business, 'cause in my country ppl don’t care so much about big stars like Chris (I know it sounds funny, but that’s how it is)… and he didn’t let me take pic… I told him, okay I will wait here for him to get up and he kept telling me you need to go… so I was standing near, he was this close to me

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And I was waiting, then I noticed that girl and boy (who were sitting at the table next to his) were getting up… I told my friend, let’s go, we’re gonna sit next to him.. and I DID!!!!!! I fucking sat next to my fave…

(this picture was taken before I came, and where that girl is sitting, I sat in that chair after she left)

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a table next to him WOAH. I finally had chance to see his flawless face right in front of me.. BUT OF COURSE.. that ugly bodyguard (I fucking hateeeeee him) came to me and he wanted to tell me that I can’t sit there or take pic.. but he didn’t know that all waiters know me, because I eat there very often and when he saw that waiter was happy to see me, he didn’t say anything and just stood right next to me, blocking me from seeing Chris… Like he could almost sit in my lap, because he leaned on my chair.. I told him so much bad things on my language, that he’s idiot, fuck you and all that shit (of course I couldn’t do anything, because we all know that he punched one guy).. in that moment I thought how I miss Big Pat, because he would let me take pic for sure… so I just ordered something and did my best to sit so I can see Chris… 15 minutes after, they got up and wanted to leave.. so I said I love you Chris and he turned and smiled at me, but that fucking bodyguard BLOCKED ME AGAIN… what a fucking idiot..btw he’s huuuuge… Chris looks absolutely beautiful, he’s got the perfect smile..lmaooo I took picture of what he ate (I’m a fucking stalker)

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I didn’t want to follow them, because he had so much other bodyguards around too and I knew where they were going, 'cause my other friend sent me message… he told me that he’s going to our most popular club Hacienda.. so of course I went there… and he performed live… He was singing his ass off… I had best moments of my life… it was the best night ever… my fave, in my small country, in my small town, in the club where I go almost every Saturday performing and guess what.. I was standing RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM… he was just feet away, I would jump on him or hug him, but bodyguard was right there, he would punch me lol… but IDC.. even that I didn’t take picture with him, I SAW HIM.. that was my biggest dream, to see my fave… even if it’s in big arena full of crowd or like this, where my dream came true, standing right in front of my fave, watching him singing some of my favorite songs… Fine China, Beautiful People, LAMN (he killed Busta’s part).. yoo Jamal is a great dancer, he’s so cuteeee, Mijo is hilarious… Chris even took his shirt off at one moment, he was there for Sanela’s son birthday, her son is one lucky kid… Chris recognized me from the restaurant, but he didn’t take pic, I don’t blame him, I was getting my life.. like there is only me and him… I was dancing so much,I didn’t even think about getting so much pics I just wanted to enjoy the moment, 'cause it’s once in a lifetime (my battery was almost dead, I took some pics for u guys, of course bodyguards were flashing light at us).. when he finished performing I went back, just watching him dancing and having great time, you could see that they were enjoying music… and then I had to go, because my friend couldn’t stay any longer, because she didn’t tell her parents and I couldn’t let her go by herself.. but let me tell u something.. this was the best night ever, I love Chris even more now.. seeing him live, giving me life with his vocals, standing in front of me… I will never forget that.. I can just say THANK YOU GOD for this experience and thanks to all ppl on twitter who were rooting for me to take pic with him.. Here are some pics for u guys of him performing in front of me :) I will get hq pics for u guys, from our web portals…

Much loveeee and sorry for this novel lmaoooo :D I’m sooo happy :) 


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I’ve never been to a real party. I’ve never even had a real eye-to-eye conversation in English. And tonight I got both of these things in a way that nothing else will ever compare to.

Thing started really, really badly. We arrived too late (if you can call 12pm that) and it turned out that it was going to be very different from last year. We each got wristbands with a number on it so we could be seperated into sectors. I got 802, which is pretty bad. We were right in front of the cinema entrance (THE SAME PLACE JOSHIFER PLAYED AROUND LAST YEAR) so that was super cool, but there were too many damn people in front of us. Also, we were doing too many things at once. I haven’t watched the streams/interviews and I won’t until I get home, but I’m 100% sure that you can see me. We were the ones with the huge MJ posters. We even worked with the cameraman so we could be the background, but it was super exhausting and at one time I felt like I was going to pass out before it even started. I was sure I was going to have a panic attack and ruin everything, but I put it together and I’m so glad that I did. Throughout all of the shit that’s happened to me this year, I’ve always said to myself that there’s gotta be something good coming up. THERE WAS. BIG TIME.

Getting autographs is what I went for tbh, especially Josh’s because„, well, Josh. I panicked last year and he was the only one that I didn’t get.  This year was way harder and I was trying so hard to get in front that I couldn’t breathe. The media was right in front of us, so you can probably see me laying my head on this random girl’s shoulder. First, I got Elizabeth and Jena’s. And then Josh’s. YEAH-HA. I literally teared up okay hE IS SO BEUATIFUL BUT I COULDN’T CRY BECAUSE CONTACTS. I didn’t think it was possible, but I love him so much more now. That’s all that I could think about at that moment and it was so special… then I saw my epic fail. Because, you see, I wanted him to sign under the epilogue. But in the hurry, I forgot about the author’s message at the end. Still, I was so grateful and relieved I got what I came for. The other thing was Natalie but even though she came back a lot of times, it still didn’t work out. That is so totally okay right now.

The other unfuckingbeliavable thing is not THG related, so that’s what makes it so perfect for me - I HAD 0 EXPECTATIONS. But then YOUTUBERS. YOUTUBERS RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME, THERE TO TOUCH. I saw Louise first and fucking lost it for a moment, until I noticed her talking to Joe. Then Alfie. Then I got over myself and started screaming at them but everything was too loud, it was impossible. A lot of other stars came down too, but all the while all me and ossborn could think about was how we were totally staying until after the movie ends.

That was the goldfuckingmine. Much like the premiere itself, the beginning was awful. I could not calm down from Josh and the fact that we didn’t get posters from around the gates (totally our fault but I can’t find it in myself to care rn). I talked on the phone with my friend back home and she was like “KEEP CALM” and I was like “NO”. We sat in a restaurant for awhile, then we went out to the cinema’s entrance. Talked to pretty much every guard so we could know where everyone’d come out and go. Moved all around the square SEVERAL TIMES. Which makes it all the more amazing how lucky we got to be in the right place at the right time. The odds were IMPOSSIBLE OKAY, but it still happened.

I was next to the cinema when I saw Alfie and Joe. Immediately ran to    ossborn who was at the gates of the square where normal guests left after retrieving their phones/cameras. And then miracles started happening and did not stop. Idk where Joe went, but I only got to interact with Alfie and Marcus. It is not something that I’ve ever thought about. It’s something that I’ve watched happen over and over again in vlogs, but to ME… They were so… gentle? They waited for me to get my shit together, took a picture, HUGGED ME. I asked Alfie if he could tell Zoe that she has really helped me with my anxiety and he was like “Of course.” I died for a minute there.

I was done for the day. I was already planning what I was going to tell you guys. But my friend still hadn’t seen who she wanted to see, so we stayed. THANK YOU DAN AND PHIL FOR CHOOSING A DIFFERENT WAY TO LEAVE. I felt bad for my friend so I went to check on the other side to see if they were in the place where they took back their stuff. They weren’t so as I’m coming back all ready to tell bad news, my mom and my friend greet me with the biggest fucking smiles and mouths wide open. My first thought is, “Oh okay, she got what she wanted.” NO. BETTER THAN THAT.

While I was gone, some ladies THAT I COULD JUST KISS, came up from behind them and asked them if they were big THG fans. My friend was like “Yeah, but that’s not why we’re waiting.” Still, that answer seemed to be good enough and… wait for it…


God, just writing that makes my heart race so fast. When I found out, everything went black for a moment. All I could think was the famous after-Cannes party. I couldn’t, I CAN’T believe this is real life.

We started asking everyone where the street was located. We went with the subway to the right building but they redirected us to the one by the corner. I thought of the possibility of us being played for a moment, but then I saw what we came in to. EVERYONE WAS SO NICE. EVERYTHING WAS WRITTEN IN THE THG FONT. They grabbed our jackets and stuff and we walked up these stairs, having no idea what to expect. At first, what you see is a bar (used mostly to leave your empty glasses) and then a photobooth (there were white roses and bows left to take with you if you wanted). We went there later, but first we walked down this looooong hallway and then down stairs. I did not see anyone famous, so I was starting to have low expecations. Then I saw Stanley (he looked at me!). And Jena (so fucking beautiful my god)! And Francis (my mom stared at him with her mouth wide open and he just nodded at her as if “yep, that’s me”)! Natalie was all over the place and we were constantly together okay, WE HAD TO WAIT TOGETHER AT THE STAIRS. The thing is, everyone is talking to everyone at all times so you can’t just jump in. Still, it was so real. We were by the photobooth when Jen arrived, all fabulous. I was just… staring. That’s also where we saw Julianne. We saw Jen later with Liam at the most crowded place (of course lol). They sticked together for most of the party. And no, I didn’t see Josh, but I’m 99% he left before we even arrived. It’s a good thing, because I barely held it together when I met another fave. Wait for it AGAIN…




I stalked him so much lol. He’s much more carefree than he seems in interviews. Also chatty which made my job so much harder. But then he took a step back to look at his phone and I literally ran to him. I had my words memorised “I can’t wait for Outlander to come back.” He didn’t hear me the first time, so I had to lean in and he hugged me to him (LET ME DIE I WAS RIGHT NEXT TO HIS HEAD OKAY OKAY OKAY). We talked for SOOOOO long. I kept praising the show lolol. He said they were all very proud of it and I was like “Well, you should be”. We talked about the books and the second part of the first season and he said they were starting to shoot again soon. There was a moment where we just stared at each other grinning for 10+ seconds. I kept expecting him to grow tired, but he just asked me about myself and stuff and OMG THE ACTUAL DREAM OKAY. And I was so calm the entire way, you know, unlike right now. Even though his friend came back, it was awhile until he said “Okay, it was nice to meet you.” And I just nodded and said “You too” as gratefully as I could and ran away to fan myself.

We were walking around all the time, so we saw everyone 50+ times until they started leaving. Natalie left when were also upstairs and I just…….. akfsskjfskfskf!!!! SO CLOSE! WE COULDN’T GET PAST HER TO WALK DOWN THE STAIRS. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN TO ME?!!!

Around midnight, we decided to leave because there was no one left and the last people (Jeffrey and Jon) happened to be with us at the doors. We got our books signed and Jeffrey played around with his on my book because it was the end of the night and he was feeling creative apparently lol.

There are pictures of all of this, but because it’s 2am and if I look at them rn I might finally actually pass out, they’re probably not going to be uploaded until I get home in a couple of days. TRY TO BELIEVE THIS WITHOUT EVIDENCE.