lol i just changed the colour hues

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Can you PLEASE share how you change D&P's grey gaming room background to the other colors that you do?? Every time I try, it colors their faces/skin tones the same color as the wall :( Thanks oodles!!!

I was thinking about doing a giffing tutorial as a 2.5k celebration later this week so I’ll probably go into more detail then (and be a lot more informative lol i suck at explaining things). 

I use selective colour and tend to alter the cyan/blue tones while keeping red/yellow/magenta more neutral (since they’re the hues that show up in their skintone). I also try to avoid altering white unless i have to since that’s what causes their skin tones to be the same colour the wall. 

If i want a colour that isn’t blue I then change the cyan/blue hues to be more pink or green (I just erase the adjustment layer around Phil’s eyes so he doesn’t end up with pink eyes lol). 

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hi! i really love your colourings! would you mind giving some tips? or maybe a tutorial? they're really beautiful and aesthetically pleasing ;-; thank you!

hello! omg thank you so much!!! aesthetically pleasing AAAA

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