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BTS!Dreamers AU

In which bangtan are friends who found each other through their shared ability to travel through dreams using astral projection. They’d meet each night in a dream within a dream, most nights they’d manipulate the dreamscape to create their own adventures, other more rare ones they’d explore the Dream realm.

On one of these rarer nights, the boys traveled too far; their curiosities left them stranded within the walls of a dream, their hopes of waking up abandoned them this deep into the realm. The lost boys slowly fell into individual dream states and began to forget what it was to be alive and what was before their trip down the rabbit hole. 

Seokjin, having descended from a family of Dreamers, was the only one to realize how far they went. His initial attempts to save himself and his friends were met with despair as he not only failed to save them but had to watch as they slowly fell further and further away from reality. 

Seokjin remembers his mother telling him when he was a child that the reason they sometimes could not remember dreams after waking up was because some things were impossible to get back once the Dream realm has gotten a hold of them. 

Seokjin remembers those words well, however, that did not mean he would not go to the furthest corners of the dream realm if that was what it would take to get his friends back.

an au


VIXX and Lyrics
I am both Jekyll and Hyde, don’t run away from me

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