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Hi ! After knowing harry's meaning of SOTT what do you think of it? Honestly that's not what i was thinking... like i never thought it would be a perspective of a mother dying. all the interpretations everyone's made idk harry is so difficult to read what are your thoughts?


The Rolling Stone/ Cameron Crowe interview was quite a nice bit of theater this morning, wasn’t it?

On the one hand, we have Harry state in radio promo interview that SOTT was his most literal and personal song on the album. On the other hand, he offers an interpretation of a mother dying in childbirth and urging her child forward. He paints quite a dramatic tableau– but if it’s personal/ literal, which one was Harry? The mom? Or the child?

Was the dying mother the one shouting, “We’ve got to–away”? Because she, this dramatic character, wasn’t going to make it. Or was it the baby talking to– the neonatal intensive care unit staff?

Then we have contradicting versions of how the song was written. A prior interview had said Harry sat down at a piano, thrummed out some chords in the rented Jamaica house that ended up being the opening of the song.

The Rolling Stones interview says, “The song began as a seven-minute voice note on Styles’ phone, and ended up as a sweeping piano ballade.”

So which one was it? A spontaneous improvisation on a Jamaican piano, or a voice note?

I think the clue to these contradiction lies in the one true thing Harry said:

“Like, fuck, I don’t know what Prince eats for breakfast. That mystery … it’s just what I like.”

I was talking to @lawyerlarrie about the French deconstructionists, Foucault and Derrida. Deconstructionism is a movement of literary criticism which focuses on literary texts to the exclusion of authorial intent. “Pride and Prejudice” means something because of the words (the text) themselves, not because of what Jane Austen wanted them to mean. In this school, it doesn’t really matter what Austen wanted. What we have is the text.

Similarly, when songs are written, they acquire an existence of their own, regardless of what the songwriter wants them to mean.

You can carry this to an absurd end, of course. Other ways of interpreting are valid, including a psychosocial reading connecting the song to a songwriter’s biography. For example, we now know that Stevie Nicks wrote “Sara” about her abortion of the baby she conceived with Don Henley. That fact is relevant to the song, no matter what the literary interpretation is.

SOTT’s lyrics describe separation and oppression; a promised end that never comes; a relationship in which one person has been given reprieve/ freedom while the other person is left behind. It is about false reassurances, about someone giving comfort despite knowing that a situation is hopeless. It’s a song about an impossible escape. And about the guilt of the person (the singer) who has been given the freedom. The cost of his freedom was pain to the person he loves. That meaning is unarguable.

These words have meaning, no matter what the writers want them to mean. A mother dying is one way to express this situation. But a mother dying is a metaphoric representation of the situation. In other words, it can’t be literal– not for Harry. The literal meaning is hidden. Harry didn’t say it; he didn’t want to say it.

So much is left unsaid or obfuscated in this interview. I (with some discomfort) admire Harry the Escape Artist. He has left just a smoky outline of himself on the page. There’s an irony in his honesty. “I’m honest because I’ve told no lies”; this isn’t the same as “I’m honest because I’m telling the truth.”

We say he’s “swerving,” but I don’t think that’s a great description either.

I think the whole solo promo has been about creating another theatrical persona for Harry– one who is a hip, down-to-earth, creative, sweet, genuine, charming, HONEST musician who doesn’t get many dates, and whose heart is broken over and over by intense (heterosexual) love affairs, which are then converted to art. And who, finally, gets to do exactly what he wants– so it’s all above ground and transparent, right?

Wrong. It’s all illusory.

Harry has created an iron curtain between his public and private lives, which no one but family are privy to. I’m not just talking about his sexuality, but the whole question of his privacy. The iron curtain deflects peskier personal questions and allows him to work. It separates his celebrity status from his artistic achievements. Not that he’s above using celebrity to promote his art– why else would he do the interview? Of course he’s going to use his celebrity when the occasion arises. But he’s treading a thin line.

The iron curtain lets him swim in the private cove of his Jamaican imagination without being under public scrutiny.

The ocean doesn’t care who he is. It doesn’t care whether he was in love with Taylor Swift. It is big enough for him to disappear in.

So if his whole album is filled with love songs dedicated to female pronouns, so be it. He has raised the wall.

“The mystery … it’s just what I like.”

Tom giving you oral after him receiving it

a/n: I hope you guys enjoy bc I was without ideas to write things that Tom do that turn you on and since one anon asked me for this let’s sin
Sorry if is to long and for the grammatical mistakes (as always lol)
Let me know if you have a request, I’m here to drag you to hell with all your sins (just kiddiiiing)

• yeah but Tom love getting blowjobs
• like a lot
• he would have two moods
• one consisting on letting you have fun and the other would be a state of needy and urge
• okay but let’s sim already
• seeing you on your knees in front of him always gonna be one of the most beautiful things on his life
• your sweet innocent face filled with lust while you hold the base of his dick
• Tom would put his hand on your check and pass his thumb on your lower lip (if you suck it you’d be able to feel a throbbing pulse over his cock)
• you’d start kissing the tip while slowly moving your hand up and down through his member
• and then you’d start passing your tongue all over his length
• soon you’d feel his fingers tangling in your hair
• you’d look at his face and would be filled with desire
• without breaking the eye contact you’d engulf half of his boner and he would throw his head back passing his other hand through his hair
• at first you’d be slowly bobbing your head up and down making him groan
• but soon you’d start to speed up and take his whole dick in your mouth
• the tip of his cock is hitting the back of your throat and that’s would make eyes get watery
• you’d try stay without air as much as you can but you’d need to catch a breath eventually
• and you’d replace your mouth with your hand, easily sliding it up and down because of the saliva
• Tom is looking at you breathing heavily as you masturbates him
• when you kiss the tip of his member, always keeping eye contact, a line of saliva would be made and he’d groan and hold your hair a little bit stronger
• at this point you’d be so wet
• you just want to feel his taste so you put his whole dick again on your mouth and that would made him scream a curse
• now you’re moaning when you feel he hit your throat bc he feels so good
• okay but Tom totally loves when you actually have pleasure sucking him so he’s a moaning mess
• you’d be so turned on that you’d start to rubbing your clit
• and that’s wouldn’t pass unnoticed by Tom
• he’d let a throaty groan out and grad your hair even stronger
• you’re start to missing air again and your eyes are now with small tears but he’d be close so you just control your gag reflex
• Tom would cum in your mouth with a long moan and would slowly pull your head back
• you wouldn’t miss a single drop of his cum and he love the way you’re always want all of him
• he’d clean your tears with his thumb and then kiss you with a smile
• okay but if he’s needy the things would be a little different
• he’d fuck your mouth with no mercy
• he’d also grab your hair very strong
• which thrust would hit the back of your throat and he only would stop when you start to gagging
• he’d not give you much to time to breath before he’s fucking your mouth again
• tears come down on your face but that’s okay bc you love rough!Tom
• he’d talk dirty to you
• and he’d cum actually fast and after he finish he’d pull you by the hair and kiss your hungrily
• both moods of Tom would lead him to eating you out
• he’d be really good at this
• first he’d lick all your core
• then he’d be playing with your clit with his tongue
• he’d insert one finger inside you just to see how much wet you are and then he’d put anther one
• your hands would fly to his hair as he starts to curl his fingers
• he’d not start fast what makes you beg to him for more
• with a smirk he’d pull his fingers inside you making you groan in frustration
• he lead his fingers to your mouth and you would suck all your juice making him bite his lips
• “You’re such a good girl, love. Thank God you’re mine” he’d whisper in your neck after leaving a hickie just to the world that you belong to him
• and he’d leave a trail of kisses and hickies all over your body until he’s face with your clit again
• now he’s stroking his fingers inside you merciless making you pull his hair really strong and moan his name
• Tom always find that spot inside you that make you archer your back and scream
• you wouldn’t last long bc again he’s really good at this
• when you cum he’d lick all your core cleaning you up
• and then he’d kiss you and you’d be able to feel your taste
• better be ready to fuck bc he’s really hard after listening to you moaning (screaming) his name

Four Puffs 1

Steve Harrington/Henderson!Reader
Word Count:


Request: @mikeygc3000​  said: Could you write one where you’re Dustin’s older sister and all the kids can tell that you and Steve are in love but are in denial so they set up a blind date by tricking you and Steve and you both end up together in the end???? And lots of fluff!???? (P.s I just found your blog and I’m in love with it)”

A/N: sorry to break this up into two parts, but it was getting monstrously long, and I need to edit the second half, lol. Also, fun fact, someone is credited as playing Mr. Henderson, so I headcanon’d a bit. (and as always, requests are OPEN)

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hey yall i finally set up a redbubble store! due to popular demand (lol) i’ve only put up some mp100 stickers so far

if you’d like to see me put something up to buy (whether you want one of these on a notebook or phone case, or just new art in general) pls let me know!! i’ll be happy to accommodate :^)

Hey I wanna draw your oc for a video

So for awhile now I had this idea for a video where I draw fans oc’s for fun and maybe fix up the designs/ story for them a bit. SO if you want I will draw your oc, I have submits open so please go ahead an just fill it up. I promise to credit your oc in the video of course, definitely not stealing them I just really wanna draw some people’s oc’s for a video. Their might be some light criticizing and jokes thrown around but the meat of the video really is me talking about how to make oc’s or something along those lines.

Rules: there really isn’t many rules like I’ll take fan characters and ocs they both work but:

1 - I need a clearish idea how they look like (so a drawing or a detailed description of what they look like, picture would be preferred cause it’s easier for me lol )

2 - I would love to have the info of the character, like likes, dislikes, what they do any powers or talents. And their story as well, just a summary of that. Just pretty much give me a character sheet of things to know. It doesn’t have to be detailed at all, so don’t worry if you don’t have your oc fully together with a full backstory and such, I wanna help people grow their ocs in this video so if your oc is really simple please do go ahead and submit it in

3 - you gotta be ok with other people seeing your oc in my video, they might make mean comments so if you don’t want that to happen I suggest you don’t submit your oc to me then. I don’t want anyone end up crying or upset cause I can’t control the comments. My comments are usually fine but you know, it’s youtube comments what do you expect.  (this includes other social media as well like tumblr, da, twitter and Instagram cause I am posting these pictures around) You can ask to remain anonymous if you like, just tell me and I promise not to show your profile, you’ll just be a mysterious being LOL  

  4 - DO NOT EXPECT OTHER ARTISTS TO DRAW YOUR OCS FOR FREE JUST BECAUSE I DID. The video I make off this is going to be monetized so I’ll make my money back eventually or maybe not at all but I’m ok with that. Other artists might not be, so do not use me as an example to why other artists should make you free art. If an artist asks you to pay, you pay and if you can’t pay nicely decline and go on your way. Commissions are some peoples lively hood and keeps food on the table SO PLEASE do not attack other artists not doing free art for you. This is like the most important rule, so thank you for following it

5 - Now the final rule is to not stress over this I know my rules make this sound really scary but literally this is going to be a light hearted video where I draw your guys oc’s for fun. I wanna make this a little series where I just keep drawing new ocs (cause I actually do like oc’s and always have the urge to draw them )  Btw this video might not come out for awhile just because I have more videos coming out before it, so don’t worry if weeks go by and the video still isn’t out, I’m gonna get to it (I’m making a lot of videos in advance so yeah lol) Also do not be bummed if I don’t draw you oc in the video, again I plan on doing quite a bit of these videos so eventually I’ll get around to it hopefully but if I don’t and someone gets lost in the crowd I’m sorry in advance ^^’

So thank you to everyone who decides to let me draw their ocs and I hope you all have a nice day ^^

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Ok, lol what are you top 5 house planet placements and why

I know you asked for top five but I’m gonna do my favorite house placements for each planet since it’s much easier!

Sun - my favorite placement for the Sun would have to be the 8th house. I absolutely love and adore their drive and urge to go deeper into everything they come across. They want to experience everything on a powerful and intense level. They’re not afraid to explore things that may terrify other people and I just absolutely adore the fact that they easily take pride in all of this and all they desire.

Moon - my favorite placement for the Moon would have to be the 9th house. There’s nothing I love more than people who just have an incredible zest for life and man, do they have that. They don’t just imagine, they actually go and make those come true due to their love of experiencing everything and anything they can. Emotionally, they’re somewhat restless which can make them a bit of a wanderer and I absolutely love it. Home for them is wherever they lie their head or in far away places. I can relate to them so much and I just, UGH, one of my favorite placements ever.

Mercury - my favorite placement for Mercury would have to be the 3rd house. They have such a zest for all things intellectual, whether it be reading, writing, speaking, exchanging conversation, they’re just so interesting to speak with and to just hear their thoughts. They’re such quick learners and I love how their attention span is super short, like they hear one little thing that interests them and they’ll dig right into it and drop what they’re doing. Witty and talkative as hell, it’s super adorable.

Venus - my favorite placement for Venus would probably be the 2nd house. I really don’t know what it is but they’re just so simple and strong and they don’t even have to try in order to look beautiful. They’re amazingly strong, they have strong values and I love that they’re very guarded in that they don’t give out their love to just anyone. You have to earn it with them and I heavily respect that. They hold the things they value so near and dear to their heart and they’re just so simple yet so beautiful and they don’t even have to try. Genuine souls who are simple and strong and I think that is so hard to find these days.

Mars - my favorite placement for Mars would have to be the 7th house. They have incredible energy that just shines through everything they do and they’re probably some of the toughest people, in my opinion. They’re incredibly loyal and would fight to the death for their loved ones and that’s one thing I find incredibly admirable. They want people to challenge them and they actually enjoy when people are independent. For some reason, I love how other people bring out their aggressive side, I don’t know why but I do, lmao. They’re just incredibly loyal and protective and they need more praise!

Jupiter - my favorite placement for Jupiter would have to be the 9th house. They’re always incredibly hungry for knowledge and wisdom and they possess natural wisdom beyond their years. They enjoy talking about their opinions and they’re the best to have conversations with because they’re naturally so open to everything and everyone’s opinion and they encourage difference in opinion, as well, so they make you feel amazing for whatever it is you believe. They’re incredible teachers, as well.

Saturn - my favorite placement for Saturn would have to be the 11th house. They’re sort of like the “Lone Wolf” type and they’re not afraid to be themselves. They don’t live to please people and they’re very much okay being on their own and I think that’s very admirable because it’s a very uncommon thing for someone to possess. But when they do have friendships, they’re one of the most amazing and loyal friends you could ever have. They take responsibility in their friendships and they take it extremely serious. They’d rather have a close knit of friends than a bunch. One of the most independent, in my opinion.

Uranus - my favorite placement for Uranus is definitely the 8th house. These people go to great ends for change and personal freedom and they don’t necessarily care if it destructive to them or to anyone else. They make their own rules and I respect that. They’re addicted to their own ideas, no matter how dark and different, and they want to explore them in any way they can. And they probably will. I love their drive for change and there’s just something so dangerously beautiful in the way they go about it. Wild and free on a deep subconscious level.

Neptune - my favorite placement for Neptune would have to be the 12th house. They possess such incredible intuition on all level and I find they have such natural inner strength and faith in the world, no matter how timid they may appear to others. Their faith in the world runs extremely deep and they possess so much hope for themselves and for people. Incredibly compassionate. They can be escapists, for sure, but they possess so much hope when they’re in their own little world, and as much as they do avoid things due to fear, they’re incredibly strong potential wise and when it manifests this way, they just, ugh, their spiritual strength is on a whole other level.

Pluto - My favorite placement for Pluto would definitely be the 1st house. I admire their ability to find their strength and power within themselves. It makes them incredibly powerful people and they’re very aware of it. They can read into others motives and such extremely well but I also like that they’re extremely protective over themselves because of that power they withhold. They don’t want to be overpowered or rejected and when they are, they can become extremely insecure and destructive but what I love most about them is that they transform so easily from identity problems and they become a more powerful person all on their own. Their strength is immensely incredible. Also extremely resourceful, I love that they don’t take anything at face value and they look through all situations to get hidden information. Definition of street smart.

  • Namjoon, drunk: Are you a cactus?
  • Seokjin: What?
  • Namjoon: because I want to pat you
  • Seokjin: often do you have urges to pat cacti?
  • Namjoon: It's just that I feel like no one touches them because they're put off by the spikes and that must be a sad life. They're just an outer wall of defence and inside the cactus is just like us, I'm willing to push past that defence to get to them, y'know? Anything to make them feel better
  • Seokjin, blinking slowly: ...definitely, darling. I think it's time we go home now


I’ve redone this about sixteen times *takes large bite of cold eggs*

I’m in love with this Hannibal Trucker AU by @joanielspeak and had to do something. I’m not used to the facial hair but it gave me the urge to try my sloppy background crud too - pick your poison…cause I couldn’t…lol i hope i have not shamed your glorious blessing 


“I have seen people say that they dislike the idea of the Blood Moon and call it a “curse” or a “spell” that will force them to suddenly have feelings for each other. While I can see how it can be interpreted as such, I do not believe that
is the case. 

The demon refers to the souls the Moon selects as “lucky” and they will be bound together. Which I take to mean that both of their hearts and minds are in now in sync with each other and they are more in tune to how the other one feels.

I believe it also means they will never be torn apart. They obviously have the free will to start relationships with other people but since said people are not their soulmates, it will not last because it is not meant to be; that it is not “true love”.  I honestly believe Star and Marco have the potential to be in love with each other even without the Moon selecting them. The Moon has simply recognized that they are meant for each other and bound them so whatever obstacles come along, they will overcome them. (Marco earning his own scissors right before Star is forced to suddenly leave is a great example of this….that is QUITE a coincidence!)

Plus, I really can’t see Daron Nefcy making her precious characters love each other against their will because they are under a spell. She would want them to be sincerely happy…….just as much as us, if not more.”

cries and cupcakes

Originally posted by ultchris

genre: fluff

word count: 1,429

member: bang chan x reader

request: nope lol, I had an urge to write this

You lazily threw yourself onto the couch, bits of popcorn pouring over the rim of the bowl you’re holding. You were home alone, which wasn’t exactly a huge surprise to you; you and your brother had moved out of your parents’ house and bought one for yourselves, having the ability to finally be able to do whatever you wanted and to give your parents’ a break. Your brother worked with artists, and that meant staying at the studio late or not coming home at all. You expressed your concerns but he brushed them all off and assured you he’d be fine.

It being one of those nights, you didn’t have much else to do besides your usual channel surfing, that in which wasn’t as fun as watching shows with your brother, who would always make childish comments to get a giggle out from you. You pouted and slowly clicked through the channels, nothing really catching your eye. As you pull a handful of popcorn to your mouth, you stop at a familiar movie, your mouth agape and your body freezing.

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Okay! Here’s my 10 favourite pics of 2017!

I was tagged by @sims-influence and @alexbgd (I also was tagged by @dramallamadingdang too, but it turns out it wasn’t a 10 fav pics post, lol. iCad makes moar awesome horizons, be sure to check them out!).

As a neighbourhood mode junkie I don’t have any gameplay pics this year, so there we go. Pics are ridiculously captioned.

I tag anyone who wants to do this!


I was tagged in this a few more times after already doing it by @danoftheband , @the-shameless-wolf , and a couple others so I tried to find 7 more this year that weren’t total shit so you didn’t think I ignored it lol. Last one being right this moment haha.

I’m not gonna tag more people cuz all of u are wonderful and theres not enough time to have everyone but you are all urged to join in.

I made an animatic kindof??? its only like 20 seconds long and super crappy but afdgfhjgj. Only a wip, dont know if I’ll finish it tbh, just really had the urge to draw this part, take it or leave it. The song is Dead Girl Walking (reprise) from Heathers, with AJ as Veronica and Rarity as J.D. (super cool musical I love with all my heart and yall should definitely listen to)

Also I have zero experience doing animatics??? lol anyway free rarijack amirite 


Established!Kastle ficlet just for fun :) (Yes, the title is a pun lol)

EDIT: Thank you anon for pointing out the issue with the vest having bullet holes. I’ve edited for accuracy.

Karen wants to do it. She lays in bed and stares at her bedroom closet, knowing it’s strange to want it. The urge to go in there, dig through everything and pull it out is overwhelming.

She lays there for another couple of minutes trying to convince herself not to, but the curiosity is too strong.

She crawls out of bed and sits on the floor in front of the closet, pawing through her pile of shoes until she hits the box underneath. She yanks it out and stares at it, then glances over her shoulder. Frank stepped out twenty minutes ago to grab Chinese food, and he should be back soon.

This is a bad idea. It’s just going to upset you, she thinks, but her hands are pulling off the lid before she can stop herself.

Inside is a handgun, a couple boxes of ammo, a scope, and underneath everything else: a bullet proof vest. Karen pulls it out slowly, rests it on her knees and stares down at it. A small part of her feels sick looking at it—although this one is new, just in case, he’d told her, the idea that he’s gone through so many makes her stomach churn. She flips it over and stares down at the haphazardly painted on skull, shivers making their way down her arms.

It’s stupid to pull this out and stare at it, but she has and it feels like she’s holding a small piece of Frank, albeit a violent part. She runs her fingers gently over the front; this one is smooth, and clean, but she can’t help but picture it riddled with bullet holes like so many have before it. Each one makes her sick; a reminder of how close and how many times he’d come to death.

The vest is heavy in her hands, and much too big for her, but a thought comes over her that she can’t shake. She glances at the door and stands, stepping in front of her floor length mirror. She slips the vest over her pajama shorts and tshirt, and feels it sit heavy on her shoulders. The weight is reassuring, and even if it’s a little big on her, it still hugs her loosely. She imagines herself as Frank, climbing fire escapes, slinking through the night, taking criminals out one by one. She runs her fingers over the rough material and stares at herself in the mirror, her frame tiny in comparison. It’s stark black against her pale skin, and the image gives her a feeling she’s not sure how to identify.

There’s clasps on the side and she tightens them absently, turns to examine it at a different angle. If she’s being honest with herself, the vest gives her a sense of security, a sense of power. It could just be the paint, but somehow she thinks it’s more than that. She wonders if this is how Frank feels wearing it, although it’s been sitting in her closet for months and months.

She’s startled out of her thoughts when she catches Frank’s reflection in the mirror, leaning on the doorframe. He’s watching her with an expression torn between grim and amused, arms crossed over his chest.

They stare at each other in the mirror in silence, and then he pushes off the door and comes towards her. Karen watches him, butterflies in her stomach; watches as he steps up behind her, settles his hands on her hips. His palms are hot against her skin, and he leans down to kiss her neck with a hum. “What’re you doin’?”

“Just curious. Wanted to get into your head.” She bends her neck to grant him more access, feels his hands pull at the clasps. The vest loosens and he slips his fingers under, rough against the soft skin of her stomach.

“You’re always in my head,” he tells her, watching her in the mirror.

Karen smiles, feeling his hands grasp at the vest. He pulls it off carefully, tossing it back towards the closet. His hands find her again, lips on her jaw. His voice is shattered glass. “…but I don’t like that on you.”

She turns to look at him, drapes her arms over his shoulders. “It’s a part of you,” she murmurs, “and a part of us.”

He frowns, deep v between his brows. The expression on his face is perturbed. “Not anymore.”

She tilts her head up, humming. It’s true—he hasn’t put that vest on in the better part of a year. It’s been quiet and safe, and happy. “You’re right, I’m sorry. Forgive me?”

The smile returns, eyes heating up and raking across her face. “Nothing to forgive,” he says, with a voice like gravel. Karen feels shivers erupt over her body, feels the electricity between them as he leans down to kiss her. She steps forward and pushes him back until he falls against the bed, yanking her down on top of him.

The vest lays face down on the floor, and is forgotten for the rest of the night.

The crowd was very quiet as I turned into my first quad combo. When I checked the left-side corner of the boards so I wouldn’t land too close to it, I saw Mishin. He knew I would notice him, and that’s why he was standing there, staring at me. He was trying to throw me off, and it was a trick he’d used before. I whispered under my breath:

“God help me.”

At that moment, my eyes fell on the Olympic rings drawn on the boards just to the right of where my former coach was standing. That was enough to urge me on. I jumped, and landed. A few minutes later, after going through most of my elements, I did the triple Lutz right in front of Mishin, who was still standing in the same spot. This time, I gave him a smile.

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Percy Jackson Hogwarts AU ? 😄

“Hey, hey (Y/n), wake up!” 

That perky voice seemed to follow you through the halls, down the moving staircases, and even into your common room. Like a broken tap he was constantly there, demanding your attention with a soft pitter patter that transformed into a stronger current once you turned the valve. It seemed today he encompassed the side that was labelled “hot”, for he was bouncing up and down with reddened cheeks.

“How the hell did you get in here?” Was the reply that came from your lips, a lazy hand coming up to rub your tired eyes. 

“You sure do sleep in late.” He noted, taking a seat on the edge of your bed. 

“Yeah, it’s so I can have less chances of running into you.” You grumbled. “Are you… are you wet?”

Percy shrugged, your vision adjusting to reveal the boy soaked from head to toe, dampening the blankets he now sat on. “I couldn’t come through the front door, so I enlisted a bit of help.”

“You didn’t.” You narrowed your eyes at him.

“I did.” He boasted, leaning back on his forearms. “The mermaids love me. They showed the little nook at the bottom of the lake that leads into the secret entrance.” He read your stern look and immediately changed his tone. “Not that I’m implying sneaking into the Slytherin dorms is just a casual thing. I have a really important question to ask.”

You rolled your eyes, sitting up. “What is it, Jackson?”

“Do you think I should get Ten-tickles a hat?” He asked, biting his lip. “I mean, he always gets a really bad sunburn on his head when he’s out in the shallows. I gotta do something!”

“You really named that giant squid Tentacles,” You deadpanned. “because he’s a squid.”

“Geez, do you really think I’m that unoriginal? No, it’s Ten-TICKLES. You know, because it takes, on average, ten tickles until he inks himself.”

Merlin, Percy. You woke me up, soaked my bed in stinking lake water, only to ask me if a squid needs a hat?”

“Well, I know he needs one. I kinda… came here to ask you for help. The fabrication charm for something that big needs two people, as well as a strategic mind to make the material waterproof.”

“And you couldn’t have asked somebody else?” 

“But… you’re the smartest person I know.” Percy pulled the baby seal eyes on you, and with an agitated groan you threw the covers from your body, pulling your boots towards you. He jumped up, that current in him so compelling that you had to fight the urge to smile. 

You failed to not do so when he pressed a kiss to your temple, grabbing your hand giddily as he led you out of the room.