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Hi ! After knowing harry's meaning of SOTT what do you think of it? Honestly that's not what i was thinking... like i never thought it would be a perspective of a mother dying. all the interpretations everyone's made idk harry is so difficult to read what are your thoughts?


The Rolling Stone/ Cameron Crowe interview was quite a nice bit of theater this morning, wasn’t it?

On the one hand, we have Harry state in radio promo interview that SOTT was his most literal and personal song on the album. On the other hand, he offers an interpretation of a mother dying in childbirth and urging her child forward. He paints quite a dramatic tableau– but if it’s personal/ literal, which one was Harry? The mom? Or the child?

Was the dying mother the one shouting, “We’ve got to–away”? Because she, this dramatic character, wasn’t going to make it. Or was it the baby talking to– the neonatal intensive care unit staff?

Then we have contradicting versions of how the song was written. A prior interview had said Harry sat down at a piano, thrummed out some chords in the rented Jamaica house that ended up being the opening of the song.

The Rolling Stones interview says, “The song began as a seven-minute voice note on Styles’ phone, and ended up as a sweeping piano ballade.”

So which one was it? A spontaneous improvisation on a Jamaican piano, or a voice note?

I think the clue to these contradiction lies in the one true thing Harry said:

“Like, fuck, I don’t know what Prince eats for breakfast. That mystery … it’s just what I like.”

I was talking to @lawyerlarrie about the French deconstructionists, Foucault and Derrida. Deconstructionism is a movement of literary criticism which focuses on literary texts to the exclusion of authorial intent. “Pride and Prejudice” means something because of the words (the text) themselves, not because of what Jane Austen wanted them to mean. In this school, it doesn’t really matter what Austen wanted. What we have is the text.

Similarly, when songs are written, they acquire an existence of their own, regardless of what the songwriter wants them to mean.

You can carry this to an absurd end, of course. Other ways of interpreting are valid, including a psychosocial reading connecting the song to a songwriter’s biography. For example, we now know that Stevie Nicks wrote “Sara” about her abortion of the baby she conceived with Don Henley. That fact is relevant to the song, no matter what the literary interpretation is.

SOTT’s lyrics describe separation and oppression; a promised end that never comes; a relationship in which one person has been given reprieve/ freedom while the other person is left behind. It is about false reassurances, about someone giving comfort despite knowing that a situation is hopeless. It’s a song about an impossible escape. And about the guilt of the person (the singer) who has been given the freedom. The cost of his freedom was pain to the person he loves. That meaning is unarguable.

These words have meaning, no matter what the writers want them to mean. A mother dying is one way to express this situation. But a mother dying is a metaphoric representation of the situation. In other words, it can’t be literal– not for Harry. The literal meaning is hidden. Harry didn’t say it; he didn’t want to say it.

So much is left unsaid or obfuscated in this interview. I (with some discomfort) admire Harry the Escape Artist. He has left just a smoky outline of himself on the page. There’s an irony in his honesty. “I’m honest because I’ve told no lies”; this isn’t the same as “I’m honest because I’m telling the truth.”

We say he’s “swerving,” but I don’t think that’s a great description either.

I think the whole solo promo has been about creating another theatrical persona for Harry– one who is a hip, down-to-earth, creative, sweet, genuine, charming, HONEST musician who doesn’t get many dates, and whose heart is broken over and over by intense (heterosexual) love affairs, which are then converted to art. And who, finally, gets to do exactly what he wants– so it’s all above ground and transparent, right?

Wrong. It’s all illusory.

Harry has created an iron curtain between his public and private lives, which no one but family are privy to. I’m not just talking about his sexuality, but the whole question of his privacy. The iron curtain deflects peskier personal questions and allows him to work. It separates his celebrity status from his artistic achievements. Not that he’s above using celebrity to promote his art– why else would he do the interview? Of course he’s going to use his celebrity when the occasion arises. But he’s treading a thin line.

The iron curtain lets him swim in the private cove of his Jamaican imagination without being under public scrutiny.

The ocean doesn’t care who he is. It doesn’t care whether he was in love with Taylor Swift. It is big enough for him to disappear in.

So if his whole album is filled with love songs dedicated to female pronouns, so be it. He has raised the wall.

“The mystery … it’s just what I like.”

“I have seen people say that they dislike the idea of the Blood Moon and call it a “curse” or a “spell” that will force them to suddenly have feelings for each other. While I can see how it can be interpreted as such, I do not believe that
is the case. 

The demon refers to the souls the Moon selects as “lucky” and they will be bound together. Which I take to mean that both of their hearts and minds are in now in sync with each other and they are more in tune to how the other one feels.

I believe it also means they will never be torn apart. They obviously have the free will to start relationships with other people but since said people are not their soulmates, it will not last because it is not meant to be; that it is not “true love”.  I honestly believe Star and Marco have the potential to be in love with each other even without the Moon selecting them. The Moon has simply recognized that they are meant for each other and bound them so whatever obstacles come along, they will overcome them. (Marco earning his own scissors right before Star is forced to suddenly leave is a great example of this….that is QUITE a coincidence!)

Plus, I really can’t see Daron Nefcy making her precious characters love each other against their will because they are under a spell. She would want them to be sincerely happy…….just as much as us, if not more.”

The crowd was very quiet as I turned into my first quad combo. When I checked the left-side corner of the boards so I wouldn’t land too close to it, I saw Mishin. He knew I would notice him, and that’s why he was standing there, staring at me. He was trying to throw me off, and it was a trick he’d used before. I whispered under my breath:

“God help me.”

At that moment, my eyes fell on the Olympic rings drawn on the boards just to the right of where my former coach was standing. That was enough to urge me on. I jumped, and landed. A few minutes later, after going through most of my elements, I did the triple Lutz right in front of Mishin, who was still standing in the same spot. This time, I gave him a smile.

My coping mechanisms in a violent world: fuck cis people, lol. everyone on the down with cis bus.

My politics to change that violent world: all the oppressed of the world unite, we have nothing to lose but our chains

These are not incompatible. I think cis people could understand that if they tried. My mechanisms to shield my mental health from being effected too much by transphobia are compatible with my compassion and solidarity for all who experience oppression.

I also see a lot of people who are turning their coping mechanisms into politics, (as liberal identity politics pretty much urges us to do), shaping their queer activism around a hatred of ‘the cishets’, which makes them more likely to support a trans celebrity for president than a ‘cishet’ neighbour struggling with starvation wages and racism. 

And it makes me sad. Our anger could be about so much more than individual survival, our anger could unite us. Our anger could break all these systems down. 

This may sound weird, but my boyfriend and I have an emotional attachment to our champions. We talk to them in game—just stuff like “We got this, Jhin.” “You can do it, Quinn” If we feel an urge to use a certain skin, we feel like it’s the champion wanting to use it. I’ve only ever had one other friend feel this way, and sometimes we perform better because of it. Does anyone else feel this way?

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Hey! I just want you to know that our bodies do not belong to ourselves (even less so the ones growing in our wombs) and that doing the kind of stuff you do (supporting the right to abort another person's life) whill have consequences :/ I don't mean to sound dreary, but you (and I, every single one of us) will be accountable one day for everything we did to others, and to ourselves. I can only urge you to stop being this selfish, in your own interest. Bless you :)


Of course our bodies belong to ourselves. My body belongs to me, and nothing you say will change that. 

LOL taking care of yourself = selfish.  Of course it is. 

Weird other people’s body minders, gonna mind, I guess. 

Fun With Sims Medieval - Reylo Edition

OK you guys- I once-in-a-blue-moon play the Sims Medieval game, which is basically the sims with quests (and everything’s middle ages). Since I started playing on a new computer, I had to begin from scratch, so why not make Rey the Queen and Kylo the head of the knights? So far so good, right?

So let’s go through one of the quests I did the other day. The pair already have three kids as well. It’s hard for them to keep their hands off of each other. But anyway….Let’s pick a quest! The Fountain Quest? Sure!

Of course, it tells me only Kylo can be the main character for this one- he’s got a fatal flaw:

“People are born with both light and dark sides…” This is incredibly uncanny already. But let’s begin…

……..dear god are you sure this isn’t star wars????

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“Don’t look, Mob. We’re having some ‘grown-up stuff’ right now and you’re not invited~!”

Doodle of EkuRei with Mob, the uninvited guest (LOL). I was browsing through the EkuRei tags and I couldn’t help the urge to draw them!! I blame @tmkn204, EkuRei fanarts and tags that keep appearing on my TL and Pixiv! I FELL TOO DEEP TO THIS PAIR! SEND HELP! 

Although I doubt I’m gonna do more of them, but I’m gonna cross my finger for this :P /slapped

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Bakugo in AoT universe will be that one kid that survives out of spite. Pretty much Eren but minus the titan power. Probably one of the few mixed blood that can rival an Ackerman on hand-to-hand. Survives getting swallowed once because he slit the nape from the inside (some eyewitnesses even say they saw him flew into the mounth willingly, which is why all his limbs are intact (Bakugo claimed to have had everything under control)). Seems to exhibit a weird delight upon given the Lightning Rod.

Whoa… nice story MHA AoT crossover XD I wanna see Bakugou in survey corp. He must be very badass. Don’t mess with Bakugou Katsuki! Maybe I will do the crossover someday. Lately AoT is very exciting, I have to change my icon! lol anw thanks for the story.

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Thats cute❤️ I will consider but i cant promise for any request ^^”)> My urge to draw is so random. sometimeIcan’tpredictmyself aaaaaaa ;o;

I’m glad that comic make u happy U///U I also like adorable puppy Deku

okay lol uh pro-tip to bi women…. don’t track the “bi women” tag. like just don’t do it. most of it is just non-bisexuals (specifically people who aren’t bi women) ranting about us and saying the most horrific things about us. like even when you venture into the “bi posi” tags there’s still horrible shit. i recommend just following bi women’s personal blogs and bi women’s blogs for bi posi instead lmfao. 

Quote from my book

Hi! I have been following your blog and gaining inspiration from you for years now, but I’ve finally gotten to the point where I’ve actually come up with a prompt of my own that I thought you might enjoy (btw this is totally just random, you don’t have to use it or post it or whatever I was just proud of it because my book’s main characters are all very classy, educated people and I was happy that I made them say something so smooth and clever)!

“I have a sudden urge to remind everyone in this ballroom why dancing is considered art. Care to join me?”

Again, I just wanted to share because I thought someone else might be interested in the line lol. But I hope you do well on your finals!

You’re adorable :) I actually remember seeing your blog title a lot! Thank you for sharing this! I passed all my finals, though I wish I did better on some but I’ll be fine. Thank you!


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tbh when i learned its aaron paul who voiced Nyx i automatically adds bitch at the end of some of his line esp when the kings talks to him and he said "Where do I sign?" then cues to bitch

The urge to draw a correlation between characters and the actors they share is a difficult one to stave off.

For me, Kingsglaive should have been subtitled: “We Killed Ned Stark Again”

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Okay this is silly, but what would be the chocobros reactions seeing their three years old daughter licking the window of a public bus? Ew, i saw a little girl today doing this XD

Legit. Little girls do these weird things. I know because I have a little girl. LOL Here’s your request! <3

Chocobro Dads Headcanon
(Slight Ignis spoilers below)

Gently takes hold of his daughter’s hand and urges her away from the window. He glances over both shoulders to see if anyone noticed this yucky display. EVERYONE has. His face goes scarlet and he bends down to play the responsible father. He tells his daughter, “the window is ca-ca, baby. GERMS. We don’t put our mouths on things that have germs, remember??”

Prompto: Probably the least affected by this curious gesture. As a matter of fact, he isn’t even aware it’s happening until some stranger sheepishly points it out to him. “Oh! HAH! Kids!” He shrugs and stoops down to his daughter’s level. “I don’t want you to do that anymore sweety-pete!” She does it again. Right in front of him. 

Gladio: “Oh geez!” He’s disgusted right away. And no one would’ve noticed had he not raised his voice. He scoops his daughter up into his arms, pulls baby wipes from the diaper bag his s/o sent him out with and rubs the cloth along her gums and tongue. He’s not sure this will really help any, but he’s got to do something. His daughter wriggles down and out of his arms laughing. 

Ignis: His s/o has gone to have a word with the bus driver and left their daughter with Blind!Iggy. She’s holding endearingly to his hand, humming a little tune. She stops momentarily than croons out a long, “EW!” Ignis asks her whatever is the matter. She responds candidly, “I licked the window, daddy. It was yucky!” Ignis is a germophobe and his heart starts pounding. He’s devastated. He tells his daughter, “the moment we’re off this bus, you’re to swish the water from my bottle and spit it out. And you’re not to do that again, you understand? You can become quite ill!” 

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This is really odd but does anyone else ever get the urge/impulse to just scream when you're in a public place/quiet place. Idk if this is just an impulse thing or an intrusive thing but I get it a lot and I literally have to fight myself not to just start screaming. (Lol there's just something wrong with me isn't there? 😂)

Oh gosh I do! I always wanna scream and shout and jump around