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WIP Meme

Do Dis: List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or little detail as you’d like, then tag some friends to see what they’re working on. This can be writing, art, vids, gifsets, whatever.

Tagged by the divine @carpemermaid and the endlessly lovely @gracerene09! Fair warning though, I have roughly… I’m not even counting. A lot of wips, lol. These are the ones that I am actively working on. 

Works In Progress:

HP Drarry - I have no idea how to describe the plot here lol. Ginny is dating Pansy, Harry is having a crisis about why the revelation that people don’t have to be straight is making him feel so odd, Draco is only at this party because Pansy asked him to be, and this wine is exactly as unpleasant as Harry thought it would be. Having Draco for company is surprisingly not unpleasant. Featuring drinking on the kitchen floor, Ginny in overalls, and a brief foray into the Muggle world of clubbing. And me, hopefully, finishing it one day. 

HP Drarry - Harry is investigating a series of accidents resulting from illicit potions, and Draco is helping him via going undercover to find out who is behind it all. However, he’s not as surreptitious about it as he thought. Basically, a good old fashioned “potions made them do it” fic, with Aurors, dodgy blokes in pubs, and a bit of a twist (although so far the biggest twist is that I’ve had this plotted for like half a year, and haven’t written a thing).

HP Drarry - I have a sequel of sorts plotted to this fic Teeter, which is basically Draco bottoming for the first time (which would also be the first time I’ve written him doing that *gasp*). But that’s pretty much…just me being self-indulgent lol. 

HP Next Gen - I have to vague about this, as it’s for a fest, but it involves weather phenomenons, solving mysteries, fizzy ankles, and Albus’s internal debate about the colour of Scorpius’s eyes. 

HP Next Gen - Fest again! James is acting out, Teddy is just trying to his job properly, and neither of them are paying attention to what the glowing orb in the corner is doing. 

Blimey, that’s more than I thought actually! Tagging @maccadole, @bixgirl1, @mugglelissa, @dictacontrion and anyone who wants to jump in and reveal the WIPs in their closet!