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Okay imma jump on the bandwagon and agree with this Kara/Lena/Sam ship - both relationship and friendship wise (maybe more relationship) Could you maybe write a fic of Lena confiding in Sam about her feelings for Kara and Sam is just casually like “Oh yeah she’s hot, I like her too” and they kinda decide to have a three piece relationship? Sounds weird but it could be possible in the show now considering the writers are on crack lol. Thank you if you do!

Lena doesn’t think she has any tells.

She doesn’t think she has any tells of when she’s feeling awful, because no one ever really stops to care about the wine at her desk and the tension in her shoulders and the tightness in the skin behind her eyes and the fingers rubbing aimlessly at her temples and…

Okay. Lena has a lot of tells.

But other than Sam, no one’s ever really paid attention to them.

Not until Kara Danvers.

And Kara Danvers has her heels over head.

But she’s still not used to having Sam back living near her, so when she slips into Lena’s penthouse apartment when Ruby’s away at a friend’s, she forgets, for a moment.

How obvious her angst is.

How obvious her angst is through her loose sweater and her casually ponytailed hair and the bottle of red wine next to her half empty glass and the way her glasses are skewed to the side and her fingertips are working at her temples.

“Well, you’ve had a day,” Sam offers by way of greeting, and she smiles sadly to herself when Lena confirms it by jumping a mile high.

“I didn’t hear you come in,” she stumbles, somewhat obviously, and Sam strides over to sit next to her and toss an arm around her shoulder.

“Yes, clearly. Because you’ve also clearly had a day.”

Lena scoffs lightly, but there’s no bite behind it, as she offers with raised eyebrows then pours Sam a glass of her own.

“I have not clearly had a day. There’s nothing wrong with coming home and having a glass of – “

“Or a bottle of – “

“Alright, alright. But it’s nothing, nothing happened at L-Corp – and I have you to thank for that,” she smiles as they clink glasses, “and everything’s going well at CatCo, but I…”

“Lena, not everything is about how things are going on the job,” Sam coaches softly, her arm still draped around her old friend’s shoulders, her eyes drifting down to her lips, just once, just quickly, just… nothing. 

“It’s okay if there’s something else bothering you,” she elaborates when Lena looks slightly confused.

“Not bothering me, not exactly, I just… Sam, can I tell you something?”

Sam narrows her eyes slightly in attentiveness. “Not just something. Anything.”

“It’s embarrassing.”

“It’s only me, Lena.”

And it is. Only Sam. So Lena blurts it, because it’s only Sam and because red wine and because if she doesn’t blurt it to Sam, she’ll blurt it to… someone else… and that would be much, much worse. Much, much scarier.

Because she can’t lose her. She can’t. And if she tells her, she probably will, and –

“I like Kara Danvers,” she blurts. She drinks again, and she blurts some more. “I like her – no, I don’t, I love her, I – and I keep insisting that we’re friends, she and I, and we are, and that’s probably all she wants with me, but I don’t want… I mean, I do want to be her friend, of course I do, but I also want… more. With her.”

There’s a silence, but only a split second of it, because Sam knows Lena.

And she knows that if she gives her more than a split second of silence, she’ll launch into intense panic mode. So she doesn’t jump up and down and congratulate her for telling her, for finding a woman who’s not Roulette and is extremely unlikely to become an alien trafficker. 

Instead, Sam plays it casual, even though her heart is racing and her mind is racing even faster. With ideas, with possibilities.

She shrugs and she grins and she clinks her glass against Lena’s again.

“That’s cool, Len. Totally get it, she’s super hot. Can’t blame you, I like her too.”

“Right?” Lena gushes, relief flooding from her every pore. 

She doesn’t stop gushing – now that her so-called secret is out, she can’t stop gushing – about how kind Kara is, how funny, how unassuming, how smart, how brave, how loyal, how brilliant, how beautiful, how sexy, how…

“Wait,” Lena fumbles to a halt perhaps a half-hour of uninterrupted extolling the virtues of Kara Danvers later. “You like her, too?”

Sam smiles, because she’d been more than happy to listen, but she’d also been vaguely wondering when her words were going to catch up to Lena.

“The only reason I haven’t asked her out is because I figured you liked her. And anyway, she definitely likes you back.”

“She does? How can you possibly… because I’ve been picking up the vibe that she likes you, Sam – “

And both of their eyes glisten at the same time.

“You don’t suppose Supergirl could be poly, do you?” Sam asks as a matching look of hope flutters across Lena’s face.

“There’s one way to find out,” she suggests, waggling her eyebrows slightly.

They don’t call Kara.

They don’t call Kara’s sister.

They call, instead, Kara’s sister-in-law.

“Absolutely,” they can practically hear Maggie’s grin from over the phone. “Al and I were gonna talk to her soon about her helpless crush on you both anyway. Go for it. God knows it’ll make Girls’ Nights even more fun.”

And Maggie’s right.

It really, really does.

i have a mold situation on one side of my room which forced me to take down my wardrobe n my cupboard where i stored all of my things n now my room looks like i lost complete control over my life

where i sleep

where i work

where 95% of the things in my room are collectively brought together right now

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how do you feel about people copying you? like your style, cute names (with random o’s at the end, etc), editing style... i feel like a lot of people are taking inspiration from your blog, but some literally try to copy it if you know what i mean? i get it, your blog & aesthethic is cute but it’s more fun for each to have or find their own in my opinion.

!! awh nonny it’s okay :+) ! tbh i don’t mind it cause i’m not the first person who “invented” this style (minimalistic editing/adding “o”s) if that makes sense? it’s crazy to think ppl are inspired by me??? im super flattered but at the same time i can’t help but feel a tad bit iffy about it? again I don’t think I should be bothered by it cause im not the one who came up w/ this :+) !! i’m just here to spread love + positivity + post what i love and if ppl are inspired by it, then cool :+) !!

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Normally I'd understand not wanting to tour a lot, but when someone claims to love their fans and do everything for the fans, it's pretty hypocritical

I just feel like: she doesn’t have to tour A LOT? justin bieber did a ridiculous amount of shows and that’s not what we’re asking. but the shows for europe now are like… less than normal… literally not even the bare minimum lol

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I actually crackship Palla with Cain... and Palla with Forsyth, Python with Catria, Lukas with Est... maybe it's a bit cliche (cause colors??) but I do feel like, even without the romance, they all can be good friends. Idk why I decided to tell you this?? I just?? Ahhh sorry for this random message!! I hope you have a great day.

Awww Palla and Forsyth would be really cute. He’d be so proud of his girlfriend and gush to people since she’s so smart and pretty while Palla just gets flustered about him and secretly is so honored that she got such an amazing boyfriend as him >v< But Lukas and Est would also be cute! She’d be peppy enough for the both of them, and it’s really adorable to imagine her dragging him around to excitedly show him things like at a festival or something while he just enjoys watching her get so excited. And then Catria commenting on how lovey dovey her sisters are before Python says something cheeky to get her embarrassed would be precious aljflafjlj

and there’s nothing wrong with pairing people just because of color schemes or cliches! those types of pairings are super cute too. Even just as friends it’s nice to imagine characters interacting. Not everything has to be based on romance, although it is a very nice plus in this case since they’re all very good pairings lol

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i dont get the whole nups toit thing in b99?

the saga of the toit nups, aka how well-matched amy and jake are:

jake: “the point is, these nuptials are going to be ‘toit.’  speaking of ‘toit nups,’ we better get going, because we don’t have a lot of time and we have to meet with seventeen wedding vendors.  a jam-packed schedule that can only be achieved by a type-a personality!”

florist: “so, we can wrap it in silk, or, for a more rustic feel: burlap.”

jake: “oh, that’s neat, but we want these nups to be toit.  could we wrap the flowers in new york times crossword puzzles from key dates in our lives?”

baker: “i wasn’t entirely sure if you were joking or not, but–”

jake: “a nakatomi plaza cake?  the groom is on a licorice hose!  [bruce willis voice]  welcome to the wedding, pal.  oh, amy.  these nups may be getting too toit.”

jake, in a british accent: “well, it would appear that we have achieved what scholars refer to as ‘the toitest of nups!’”

amy, also in a british accent: “indeed! … oh, hi susan.  we’re normal people.”

jake: “amy, we had something great in the palm of our hands, and then someone swooped in at the last minute and stole it?  there’s only one person who would do that.”

amy: “no.”

amy & jake: “the vulture!”

jake: “oh no.  our nups have been untoitened.  we’ve got loose nups.”

jake: “the point is, these nuptials are still gonna be mad toit.  i would marry you in a dumpster.”

amy: “aw, i would marry you in a dumpster.”


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Why can’t I be obedient to God? When will I get a job? Why does it seem like my plan and God’s plan aren’t aligned? How do I change so they are aligned? Why am I so worried about my love life? Why am I so emotional? (A lot of questions on my mind lol)

I have a funny feeling that you know the answer to these questions hun. I think you know that as human beings, we will always have desires that don’t line up with Gods plan for us. I feel like you know that obedience is a choice, not a feeling. You have to choose to be obedient. And I feel like you know that when you have something that consumes you, like worrying about dating, it’s because you don’t trust God’s plan for you. I think you know the answers hun. The hard part is accepting the answers.

sorry to butt in on your ship tag browsing but this is a note from a fic writer (and i hope other fics writers can agree? well tbh i’d rather you couldn’t but here we go).

not to sound unappreciative (cause i genuinely do appreciate every comment i get) BUT (idk if other fanfic writers can relate, this is generally to fic writers who don’t have a large following but maybe big ones can relate too?) when you post your fic, generally on the first day you can assume you’ll get a few comments (If you get even that, and I’m so sorry if you get hits and just nothing?? cause that must be so disheartening) and then the next day will come around and maybe you’ll get a few comments but generally KABLAM there’s nothing in your inbox. people are still reading it, people are still leaving kudos at the same amount as before (so it’s not like the interest has dried up, or ppl have stopped reading because it’d be understandable if that was the case) but no comments and i don’t understand how a couple of days/a day or so just makes ppl stop commenting? (i mean even if the fic is months or years old, it’s still great to comment!! it might be old but the writer/s still put a load of work into it once upon a time ago and i’m sure they’d still love to here your thoughts!!)

(there’s also a really disproportionate amount of comments compared to kudos on fics. not to say i think i deserve more lol but for example one of my fics has 1000+ kudos and 70 comments. i’ve seen fics with even more kudos and even less comments. for example: one of my faves has 2000+ kudos and 30 comments?? it’s not even like it’s a short fic either - which still deserve comments - it’s 10,000+ words of gorgeous and the writer must have worked so hard for so little feedback?? i’ve decided, after i finish this i’m off to read that fic again and cry in the comments about how much i love it lol)

i’m not trying to say readers are terrible (because you are great and i love you all) or that comments should be expected of you (i don’t want to police anyone) or whatever (because thanks for reading! leaving kudos? great stuff!) but i’m just trying to say writers do generally appreciate comments a lot and they can really make their day and you liked their fic? so why not tell them that you do? writers spend so long on their stuff and a comment can literally only take you a few seconds and it’ll make the writers so happy!! so why not make someone happy?

and some ppl feel really self-conscious about their work (esp new writers!!) or get really self-conscious because there’s been no response and you can literally ease that by just telling ppl that you liked it. comments let people know what you think, kudos are good too but comments are better!! they show that you are engaged, that you liked it, that you appreciated the time and effort people put into something they wrote and shared with you for free and i just - if you liked it, please leave a comment.

i’m saying this as a fic writer but also for all the other fic writers out there. if you haven’t left comments before there’s always a good time to start.

tl;dr: i literally cannot get this point across enough, comments are so so so appreciated by any content creators (writers, artists - put what you love in the tags of reblogs! or send them an ask, etc.). i’m not trying to police your experience in your fandom with this, but with a comment you can also impact the way a writer experiences fandom as well and turn it into something positive. 

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Do you know where can I find r*ylo blogs? like... is there a list or something? I hate this ship so much I could explode, I need to know who should I avoid on this site (i'm new in this fandom). If you could also recommend me some blogs that also hate r*ylo that would be awesome!

oh i totally understand your pain lol to answer your first question i don’t know any lists or anything but the best way to avoid r/eylos is to go through the r/eylo tag and block everyone in it. that’s what i do and i now have very little contact with them.

for the second part if you go through the anti tag there are a lot of really great people there but ill list some off the top of my head: @badships @dahanci @nutheadgee @inkstorrn @diversehighfantasy @lj-writes if you’re also an anti feel free to like/reply/etc! im missing a lot of people lol

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Describe each person in a kakaotalk chat

Oh God, really?
I’ll describe only few of them because not everyone is active and I don’t know them enough to say anything.
First of all, we are future kpop stars. We already have the group name (TanTan Sonyeonine- TTS) and Fandom name (Thrice). You can join to our Fandom if you want lol We have also the ship (this ship is my otp and life. Srlsy, they’re the cutest) We’re like one big family already. Also we have few inside jokes. There’s a lot of laughing, smiling and crying (tears of happiness). We’re all INNOCENT. VERY INNOCENT. Okay, idk what can I say more about this group chat so I’ll try to describe members.

MEMBER NR 1: Girl, funny, cute and Goddess of pick up lines. She’s the member which is shipped so she’s giving us a lot of feelings. Our shippers hearts are not starving. She is stanning her ship more than anyone else. She’s innocent, little cutie which need to be protected (like everyone in this group). She hates violence and cursing what makes her even more pure. She’s jealous of spiders. She’s like role model. Polite, kindful, good-hearted

NR 2: Our second girl which is involved in the ship. Beautiful eyes, beautiful personality. She is a vampire (she is not sleeping at all). Her phone is a bee. She is lovely; she is like Jiminnie-shipped with everyone. She thinks that everyone is cute when she is cutter than anyone else. Did I mention that she has beautiful eyes? Nice, kind, owner of 99 cats. Our visual. I feel like she would be able to jump over a fire in the name of friendship.

NR 3: our silver maknae. He’s walking genius. Literally, he is the genius. He’s coming with all the ideas for ship names, group name or funfacts. He knows everything. This lil boy, loves to correcting us(he’s native so our mistakes are funny for him). Sometimes annoying but he’s made to be loved. Savege but he’ll tell you the truth. Funny, creative, pale skin goals, IQ goals,mature af. Just love him and protect him. ( and he’s the wizard) #languagesmaster

NR 4: the oldest one. She wants to protect everyone. Kind, shy, introverted. We love her for being herself among us.

NR 5: our love from Australia. She’s using a lot of emoticons lol I feel like she’s super positive person. She’s very friendly and such a sweetheart.

I love all of them. Each of us is different but we’re like perfect matches. I have a lot of fun with them. We’re showing a lot of love to each other and we’re supporting each other in every possible way. #friendshipgoals. But our timezones sucks.

~AdminH (it’s so long. I’m sorry)

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have you seen the post that says: any DC show: *does something horrible* Fandom: Guggenheim

I haven’t, but big fucking mood, anon. guggenheim and kreisberg can both choke as far I’m concerned. their shitty executive decisions have meant characters have been assassinated both figuratively and literally. kreisberg is almost definitely the reason why ralph exists as he does on flash and why mon el was so awful on sg. so yeah. I feel this post a lot even if I haven’t seen it lol.

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"whom the fuck knows" lol you clearly do have a crush on someone! what are they like? what is it about them that your attracted to?

i am genuinely unsure and im trying to take more caution with my feelings, especially romantic ones, because i don’t want to make mistakes and hurt anyone including myself

it’s a “i want to spend time with you” thing which. could be a lot of things


I’ve actually had this rolling around in my head for weeks and it was funny when I first thought of it. Sometimes I am self-conscious of my dumb ideas.  



some self indulgent yooran for my deprived self

I wonder if phil’s mum is the type of mum who jokingly favours the partner, like for example maybe she gave dan extra dessert and when phil was playfully offended she squeezed dan’s shoulders and said “ohhh he had a rough little trip, he deserves it!” and phil was like “that was a week ago!” and she said “alright you caught me it’s the dimple, how can you deny someone this cute of anything?” and pinched his cheek, and dan was like “yeah phil, how can you deny me of anything?” and phil just rolled his eyes bc he CAN’T



and of course itd be a fridge LOL