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Love your lil mint sona, I just had to draw them! (Tried to finish this yesterday, so I could sent it to you to try and help when you were getting all those rough anons… but better late than never!)

I hope you like it aaaa (edit: I FORGOT EYEBROWS WHOOPS fixed it. Also added a closup wink wonk)

His Hair: Part 3

I got the last part finished for you guys, so here it is! @strongenoughfoundation you asked to be tagged, so I couldn’t forget to, haha. Hope you like it! More is coming soon! :3

The third time you noticed, you were at home, messing around in the kitchen.

You didn’t normally cook that much (as you were admittedly not very good at it), but you liked the simple distraction it offered on lonely evenings. And it was a lonely evening. Lin wouldn’t be back until a little later; something was going on today with a few cast members that he hadn’t told you about. When you’d asked what it was, he just got this nervous, goofy smile on his face and said it was a surprise.

So, you may or may not have been dying to know what it was all day. But you’d have to wait, so you knew that you should try to keep yourself busy until then.

Sighing to yourself, you leaned against the counter and squinted at the cook book propped open before you. The side of your half-zipped jacket flopped off your arm as you did, but you didn’t bother to pull it up. It was a jacket of Lin’s after all, it’d been falling off of you all day because it was too big. But you liked it too much to not wear it.

“Ugh, I need a bowl,” you muttered under your breath. Straightening up, you cast a glare up at the shelves above you. You weren’t very tall, so this was bound to be interesting. Lifting up onto your toes, you reached up as high as you could. You could get the cabinet open fine, but the mixing bowl you needed was on the highest shelf inside. “Dammit,” you mumbled, dancing around on your toes to stay balanced and swiping at the bowl in vain. “Goddammit, why am I short?”

“Need some help?”

The arrival of another voice scared the crap out of you and you yelped as a pair of arms snaked around your waist from behind. It took you only a moment to recognize the voice as Lin’s though, and you relaxed with a huff. “Lin, you gave me a heart attack,” you complained, automatically setting your hands atop his on your stomach.

He snickered and you felt him leaning his forehead against the back of your head, lips touching your neck. “Sorry,” he mumbled into your skin, breath warm and sending a delighted thrum down your spine.

Sighing defeatedly, you relaxed against him, back against his chest. You didn’t feel much need to talk at the moment, though you were already starting to wonder what his “surprise” had been. But it was nice to just…be together after a day apart. You felt a sleepy contentedness in his arms and decided that you could stay like this for the rest of the day. His lips grazed your neck again and you tilted your head to invite more. He pressed soft kisses up the line of your throat to the place beneath your ear and you tried to hide the way your breath hitched. Suddenly, you weren’t so sleepy anymore.

“S—so what was the surprise you wanted to show me?” you asked. You needed some kind of distraction from him or you were going to forget all about what you were cooking two minutes ago.

He laughed sheepishly, starting to withdraw his arms from you. “Well, uh…I guess I just hope you like it.”

Your curiosity was definitely piqued now and you were grinning as you made to turn around. “What is it?” you asked eagerly. “Did you—?” You broke off with a surprised gasp, as you came face-to-face with a nervous Lin.

His fingers slid into his jeans pockets and he shifted his weight from one foot to the other, a sure sign that he was uneasy. But that wasn’t what had made you gasp. It was his hair.

He’d cut it. The messy bun you’d grown used to was replaced by a shorter, dark wave that swept over his forehead and edged down toward his eye. You blinked, not quite used to the way it made him look now. “Wow, you really got it all cut,” you remarked, stepping closer.

He gave you a hesitant smile, biting his lip. “Do you like it?”

You had to smile back, because this was Lin being bashful, and it was honestly too cute. “Let me see,” you chirped, walking up to him with head cocked in mock thoughtfulness. When you were close enough, you slipped a hand around the back of his neck and pulled him into a kiss. There was a quiet noise of surprise and then he was kissing you back, tilting his head. His hands moved to your waist to reel you in closer and he did that thing you loved, biting gently on your bottom lip. You slid your hands up into his hair in reply, marveling at the cut strands feathering between your fingers. Then you curled your fingers in it and pulled. Lin whimpered against your mouth and you grinned, pulling away to lean your foreheads together.

“Yeah,” you breathed, looking into those soulful eyes you loved, “I like it. I really like it.”

He huffed a laugh, breathless and shaky. “Thank God. It would’ve taken me a while to grow it out again.”

“You’d do that for me?”



“Only because you said you really liked it now.”

“Uh-huh, sure.”


this has been one heck ov a year TRULY….. listen i got through my first year at a new uni, i performed @ the opera house & came third at the 2016 national slam, i was in psych hosp twice, i made friends who i call family now, i published a book, i painted my lil heart out, i’ve spent hundreds of hours doing intensive therapy, & even more time writing & performing. i’m a completely different person to who i was a year ago LOL but i mostly look the same and have cool hair some times .

thanks for tagging me @heirloombabydoll !! i tag @foxesandspooks @mochasandlove @nylonlion @snidy @dykehedral @sanguinemybrother :o]


Thanks for tagging me, @angies-team, @fangirling1998@fanwriter02 (and I’m sorry if anyone else tagged me, but I didn’t mention you. I thought there was one more, but I can’t find it!! DX). ;)

Sorry if this isn’t terribly interesting. lol XD


I am 5’7’’ or taller

I wear glasses

I have at least one tattoo

I have at least one piercing (earrings)

I have blonde hair

I have brown eyes

I have short hair

My abs are at least somewhat defined

I have or had braces

There is something I would change about the way I look (I can’t remember it right now, but I’m sure there was something)


My Hogwarts House is: Gryffindor Hufflepuff Ravenclaw Slytherin
(no idea! Never seen Harry Potter)

I am an introvert

I like meeting new people (ehhh .. every once in a while)

People tell me i’m funny

Helping others with their problems in a big priority for me

I enjoy physical challenges

I enjoy mental challenges (depending on the challenge ..)

I’m playfully rude to people that i’m close to (heheheheeee .. I’m playfully rude to nearly everyone, close or not - though I try to restrain myself when I’m with my pastor or my boss lol)

I started saying something ironically and now I can’t stop saying it (um, nearly everything I say regularly, I started saying to annoy my sisters!)

There is something I would change about my personality (yeah, I get pretty anxious - I wish I was braver)


I can sing well (well .. to my own ears, anyway =P)

I can play an instrument (learning tin whistle .. yeah ..)

I can do over 30 pushups without stopping (oops .. I’m lucky if I can do ONE pushup ..)

I’m a fast runner

I can draw well (I can draw a little - the “well” part depends on the picture)

I have a good memory

I’m good at doing math in my head

I can hold my breath underwater for over a minute

I have beaten at least two people in arm wrestling

I know how to cook three meals from scratch (yeah, cooking?? .. lol)

I know how to throw a proper punch


I enjoy playing sports

I’m on a sports team at my school or somewhere else

I’m in an orchestra or choir at my school or somewhere else

I have learned a new song in the past week (if a tune can count as a song .. The Boys of Bluehill)

I work out at least once a week

I’ve gone for runs at least once a week in the warmer months

I have drawn something in the past month (I um .. draw during church .. hehe .. but I listen! I swear!)

I enjoy writing (sometimes)

Fandoms are my number one priority

I do or have done martial arts


I have had my first kiss

I have had alcohol and many embarrassing incidents involving it

I have scored the winning goal in a game

I have watched an entire season of a tv show in one sitting

I have been at an overnight event

I have been in a taxi (apparently I was in a taxi once when I was a baby XD)

I have been in the hospital or ER in the past year

I have beaten a video game in one day (old SNES game .. with the Save States .. does that count?? XD)

I have visited another country

I have been to one of my favorite band’s concerts


I’m in a relationship

I have a celebrity crush

I have a crush on someone I know

I have been in at least three relationships

I have asked someone out or admitted my feelings for them

I get crushes easily

I have had a crush on someone for over a year (”have HAD” being the important word .. not “have” .. “have HAD”, as in PAST ..)

I have been in a relationship for over a year

I have had feelings for a friend


I have at least one person I consider a best friend (sorry, guys. I have very high “best friend” standards, and none of you are there yet =P)

I live close to my school (I’m finished school, but I was homeschooled, so .. yes! XD)

My parents are still together

I have at least one sibling

I live in the united states

There is snow right now where i live

I have hung out with a friend from school in the past month (uhh .. lol)

I have a smartphone.

I have at least 15 CDs

I share my room with someone (does my Toothless plushie count??)


I have break danced

I know a person named Jamie

I have had a teacher with a last name that is hard to pronounce

I have dyed my hair

I’m listening to one song on repeat right now

I have punched someone in the past week

I know someone who has gone to jail

I have broken a bone

I have eaten a waffle today

I know what i want to do with my life (Not. A. Jolly. Clue.)

I speak at least 2 languages fluently

I HAVE MADE A FRIEND IN THE PAST YEAR (astonishingly enough .. yes. Online friends ;) )

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was gonna post this just cause i like my hair today even though people at school were probably thinking i looked stupid lol but i remembered @lovinthesoo tagged me to post selfies before so now i have an excuse haha (thank you jonah! 💕). channeling my inner kyungsoo meme here i can’t find the picture but y’all know which one i’m talking about. idk who to tag i tag all of you 😛

I drew an Acnologia sometime two weeks ago and I only got to post this now, sorry q…q (I hope that this will post at all actually)
I’m kind of really proud about this tbh, his hair was suprisingly easy to draw :0 (could be that the colors are wrong though, but I don’t think that that matters much lol)
Have a nice day everyone~!

So I was tagged by @angrybabylawyer and will now share 5 random facts about myself. Soo

1. I’m half Puerto Rican and my mom speaks fluent Spanish, but she never taught me because she wanted to talk shit about my family members without me understanding. I tried taking Spanish in high school, but the class full so I ended up taking four years of German (and getting a German minor in college lol) 

2. I had stick straight hair until I got a perm at age 8 and it literally never grew out and I still have curls 

3.The majority of my pets have had Greek mythology related names: Iris, Persephone, Calypso, Perseus

4. I’m obviously a Ravenclaw and super proud of it 

5. I have a Law and Order SVU fanfiction I wrote like 40,000 words of last year when I was avoiding doing a Legal Research and Writing memo and I regularly feel guilt that it remains uncompleted 

I’m tagging @spinsterstudies @mcshanee @sunalwaysshining @asexualwalkingcalculator @icantstandcardio

(sorry if any of you have already been tagged and done this!)


So, I recently hit 7000+ followers \(*o*)/ and honestly, I’m really surprised .__. -I haven’t been posting original content for some time now (lol my bad) and like the fandom’s been dead ahah.  I’ve been working on some videos and other projects but I can’t finish anything ;__;.  (but i promise one day, i will show you all :D)

Anywho, during summer I took some photos cosplaying and I was really nervous about posting them so I just kinda held them back but like.. you guys deserve something so here goes ♥ 

Thanks for sticking through <333 


I was tagged in a photo survey by @lawfulgrunge (´▽`ʃƪ)♡ We haven’t spoken in forever! I can’t believe the coincidence that you tagged me in this on my birthday.(*’∀’人)♥ My hair has gotten long since the last time we talked, been cut short again, and grown a lot again, haha.

 The survey asks to post your home and lock screen, as well as the last song you listened to, and the last selfie you took. The full name of the song is “we’ve never met but can we have a coffee or something” by in love with a ghost.

That selfie is kinna old now lol… Looking at it now, I haven’t changed my home or lock screen in a really long time. Herbie is too cute I wouldn’t consider changing it. 

I tag @rose-flavoured because her selfies are amaze and her phone backgrounds are always good. Also, @tateshaw, @bunnies-moon, @lionwithyou, @important-if-true (if they haven’t already), and pretty much anyone else if they feel up to it.


i found out that firealpaca had animation tools now and i decided to draw isabel instead of doing hw and finishing old art because priorities

i dont actually know how to animate i just did stuff until it looked relatively ok lmao;; even now it looks kind of off but  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i tried lol

One day I promise I will put my natural hair to good use and make this an actual cosplay


Newest sculpture! I forget how much longer it takes to do a full body instead of just heads~ Just a nice girl in a cloak with flowers in her hair and a new set of baby horns coming in (hence the little forehead nubs). I guess she’s holding some crystal growing plant which maybe she just ate and now crystals are starting to grow out of her (idk I just wanted to use some crystals lol). Those are actual pieces of glass! I just broke a jar and got small pieces and then colored them with sparkly nail polish ehehe. There are obviously some flaws but I’m pretty happy with this one~! >:3 

(I’m posting this on my main blog because I already started to by accident and I’m too lazy to start over but here is the link to my art blog for more sculptures and paintings and stuff~! )

Doodle of secret dragon prince/princess, Yadira @imperfekct


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tagged by like 5 people for my favorite (unreleased!! exclusive!!) selfies of 2015!

2015 was hell for me. i fell into my deepest depression yet and isolated myself from the people who, i know now, would have helped to bring me out of it. but my loneliness gave me a chance to think about who i really was and what i wanted, and with each impulse dye of my hair i found myself feeling more and more comfortable in my own skin and in the world around me. in these last few months i’ve found so many great new friends (and even got a girlfriend!!) and now im a ending the year in the way i never thought i would; happy.

thank you all for your kindness, your support, and your patience. you may not know it, but you saved me.

be safe, i love you, and have a happy new year!!
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