lol i hate having curly hair

He Defends You

“Damn,” I thought to myself as I looked at my vanity mirror that showed off how long my hair has gotten after leaving it curly for a few months until today. I looked away immediately knowing if I keep admiring I’ll go back to my old habit and straighten my curls more than usual. It was hard being in the modeling industry with natural curls. I remember being a little girl waiting for a callback from multiple casting directors and being upset wondering why no one will cast me. It wasn’t until I straightened my hair agencies started to become interested in me. It was always my biggest insecurity, it wasn’t because I thought it was “ugly” it was because how people addressed me about it. People were always taken back by my curls but not in the best way.

“Woah baby, look at you,” a voice interrupted from behind me. I looked back to see Justin staring up and down at my body that was covered in a pink velvet tight dress. He grabbed my fingertips and raised it up high so I can give him a little twirl. “You look so beautiful babe,” his eyes met mine.

“I know,” i blushed. Even though we’ve been together for 8 months I still get the same feeling I had when we went out on our 4th date. The first 3 dates I thought he was just another white boy that wanted to get a taste of this sweet chocolate, but surprisingly he proved me wrong. “You look handsome too.”

“Thank you,” he kissed my cheek. “Now lets go, apparently we’re running a little late according to these bitches that keep blowing my phone.”

“What bitches?” I crossed my arms.

“Just your daily competition,” Justin smirked. I raised my brow. “Lil Za and Khalil.”

“You’re such an ass,” I grinned, pushing him back slightly.

“Aww baby, lets not get too jealous aye,” Justin teased me.

“I’ll be in the car,” I said and walked past him with my head low trying not to show my little smile.

After 30 minutes of LA traffic we finally made it to the club. “Shit it’s packed,” Justin muttered taking my hand and leading me to where the VIP section was.

“Look who finally made it,” Za exclaimed looking between Justin and I. “Wassup y/n? Looking beautiful as always.”

“Thank you” I smiled.

“Aye, watch it Za. Don’t stare for too long,” Justin smirked taking a sip of his drink. I was about to throw a comment until I heard-

“Oh my god. Look Justin’s here!” I looked back to 3 white girls headed our way.

“I haven’t seen you guys in forever. How are you?” Justin greeted the girls with a quick hug.

They’ve began to engage in a conversation for a few minutes without acknowledging me. Which is actually predictable. Justin’s one of the biggest stars so whenever he’s with someone they’re really interested in just him.

“This is my girlfriend y/n,” my head snapped up to my name being called. “Y/n this is Kendall, Hailey, and Sophia.” I can’t believe I haven’t noticed them before. I guess people really do look different than the photos they be posting on the gram.

“Hello, nice to meet you girls. You look lovely,” I glanced at all three of them and smiled.

“Girl hold up,is this your real hair?” Hailey asked and gently grabbed a piece of my hair that was perfectly ironed.

“Yes,” i said and flipped my hair trying to show a little confidence but really, trying to get her hands of my effing hair.

“No way. You’re hair is always curly in justin’s instagram pictures. I didn’t know curly hair can be this long when straighten.Wow this is so cool,” Kendall said reaching out for my hair, as well the other 2 girls.

“You should definitely leave your hair straightened more, it looks way better like this,” Sophia said.

“I know right. Have you tried the keratin treatment? It will leave your hair pin straight,” Hailey informed.

“I-I um,” I put my head down, feeling attacked. I was never good at defending myself when it comes to situation like these because lowkey I agreed with them. Hearing things like this coming out from people all the time slowly makes you feel like they’re right. That I should straighten my hair more. Curly hair is almost never accepted in society, even iconic African or Latin models will put on a weave or a wig because they feel beautiful with straight hair than curly or sometimes because styles will just tell them to.

“Curly hair is just exotic sometimes,” Kendall said and the other girls mumbled an “I know right.”

“Guys, guys wait a second,” Justin interrupts them. He gently grabbed the girls writs and took their hands away from my hair. “I don’t appreciate how you guys were talking about my girl’s hair.”

“We were just complimenting it Justin don’t get so offended,” Sophia rolled her eyes.

“Nothing you guys said was a compliment. Asking y/n if her hair was real is offensive. What you think just because she’s African her hair can’t be long?” Justin furrowed his eyebrows.

“It was just weir-” Hailey began but was cut off by Justin immediately.

“Nothing is weird about her hair. Telling her to get some treatment for her hair? The hell, you want y/n to damage her natural hair just because you can’t handle some curls? She looks beautiful with curly hair, straight hair, short hair, long hair,” I looked up to my man speaking. He’s gonna get some good pussy tonight that’s for sure.

“Shit Justin calm down,” Kendall spoke.

“No I wont. Making statements like that over something she has no control over is pathetic. You guys can go now.”

The girls rolled their eyes at Justin. Probably thinking he was being petty. When they walked away I looked up at Justin, “Thank you so much,” I said and gave him small kisses.

“I always got your back baby. And I hope no one gives you bullshit like that when I’m not around. I hated the way they talked to you.”

“I didn’t think you would understand my struggle,” I sighed, while hugging him.

“Trust me y/n I do. I see the way you look at yourself sometimes and it kills me to know you don’t love your hair. It’s beautiful and unique.”

“I appreciate it,” I kissed him on the lips. “And we’re gonna have a good time tonight,” I mumbled as my lips feel to his neck and my hands fell to his belt.

“Oh really?” Justin smirked.

“Uh huh but first,” I smirked. “I don’t know if you could take it. Know you want to see me nakey,nakey,naked,” I sang along and made my way to the dance floor moving my hips.

Justin looked at y/n wondering how he got such a perfect women.


this is my first imagine like ever I think lol. I know it was probably horrible but I wanted to do something where it was somewhat connected with how I get treated for my curly hair as a Latin women. African beauties also unfortunately get hate for it too sigh. But I hope someone out there likes this imagine:) love ur curls !! Oh and I have nothing against the girls

kachikathy  asked:

*My MC is a chubby brown skinned gal, Jaehees height, dark curly hair and eyes* I would LOVE to request a HC of the MM boys (+ Saeran) opinions of that. Do they like/hate/accept it? Love her anyways and just dont care about her looks? Or do they actually even LIKE her chubbyness and finds it attractive? I have no clue lol. THX IN ADVANCE <3

tbh the RFA is filled with such sweet people i don’t think any of them would really mind. LOL but here are some headcanons anyway, i hope you enjoy!!

♥ He’d honestly think you’re perfect anyway. He’s just so in love with you, he doesn’t care what you look like.
♥ He loves your curly hair the most, he loves to touch it. It’s so cute!
♥ Lots of body positivity! He pumps you with compliments if you’re ever insecure about your looks.
♥ He still thinks you’re the most beautiful human being, gaah he’s such a sweetie pie.

♥ He’s so intrigued by your appearance. He’s never seen someone so exotic in Korea. He loves your looks.
♥ Since everyone is so pale in Korea, it’s really nice to see someone with such beautiful, tan skin as you.
♥ He offers his skin care tips to you. He cares a lot about your gorgeous complexion.
♥ Sometimes he styles your hair for fun, his hair is so straight so he loves playing with your curly hair.

♥ She likes that you guys are both the same height, it makes hugs a lot easier and less awkward.
♥ Playing with your hair de-stresses her. She loves playing with your hair so much omg
♥ She doesn’t mind your appearance at all, she compliments you on it all the time actually.
♥ She asks you all about your ethnicity and researches the country you came from. She goes out of her way to cook you food from your origins.

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lol jas i saw your thing with dan saying sicth and couldnt remember dan ever saying that and couldnt be botherd to find a vid where he said that. but im watching will dan and phil be millionaires at the moment cuz its a Good and soft video and he indeed says sicth i hate this why have i heard that its weird. also dans hair is straight in this vid its a shame it wasnt curly cuz then the vid would be even better. but you know phil looks veeery pretty so that kinda makes up for it

i know when dan says sic in that video my heart goes !!!! such a good video complete with a call to phil’s mum when will they ever again

your-trash-lord-and-savior  asked:

Can I request a scenario where you and jb or namjoon go out to look at the stars while driving and he pulls over and you and him have a really heart to heart moment but soon gets heated with a 5'6 girl with big curly hair!? 💖💖 btw I love your work!

You just had to make me pick didn’t you? We are not friends right now lol Also! Thank you for the love!

“Or you could just tell me where we are going cause I mean, I hate surprises.” At 5′6″ She hated when he used his height against her, and currently he was doing just that.

Arm stretched high, JB held high phone with a map pulled up away from his girlfriend, smiling down at her. 

“You never let me surprise you, stop being a brat.” He grabbed her outstretched arm, and swept her body into his nuzzling his nose into her hair. 

The curls brushed gently over his face, and she bucked against him still protesting. “Im Jaebum, I am not joking.” 

“Neither am I!” He pushed her away gently, smacking her butt as he did so. 

Pouting, she crossed her arms over her chest, and glared at him. Apparently, she forgot who was the king of staring people down, and he watched her passively until she crumbled. Stamping a foot, she acquiesced to the situation and followed him to the car. 

“I pick the music then.” Buckling up in the passenger seat, she turned on Bounce which JB promptly turned off and shot her ‘the look.’ “What?” She asked grinning. 

“Play something else.” Was all he said, as he looked down at his phone before pulling off from their shared apartment. 

Looking at her phone, she turned the stereo back up and started to play some Alicia Keys. JB was a quiet driver, he sang along to music and paid attention to the road. That was it. On the other hand, she sang, played games, ate snacks and complained about being cramped in the seat for so long. After an hour she had enough. 

“Jaebum! Come on!!! Is it a resort? A cabin? What!?” He ignored her, and continued to sing along with Musiq Soulchild.

Reaching over she poked his cheek, and waited for a reaction. Then again, and when he didn’t move on the third time she slid a hand across his lap and into his crotch. 

“I can’t concentrate on driving when you do that.” His deep voice finally answering her. 

Raising an eyebrow, at him she scoffed. “I thought you were sleep driving for a second.” 

JB glanced over at her, sighing. Without a word he pulled over on an exit and along a gravel road. Getting out of the car, he opened the trunk and grabbed a large basket and a backpack. 

Stretching, she looked back at him. “And you cam prepared. So, I’m assuming we walk now?” 

“You would be correct.” JB grabbed her hand, lacing her fingers in between his as he started out. 

He knew where they were going, watching her face as she lit up at butterflies and colored flowers. Cooing as she saw rabbits in the distance. They had been together almost a year, and he had never felt this way before. His heart never felt this light. They fought, that was normal but they also solved it quickly and got over it. She never held a grudge, and didn’t blame him. She never blamed herself either. She was understanding of his time, and didn’t complain when he had practice. When they were together, it was something else. She was his world, and he was hers. They started a climb up a hill when JB opened his mouth to speak. 

“I brought you here to be alone. I wanted to tell you something. I wanted to talk. I know a lot of the time I never say how I really feel. I know you wonder, but you don’t say it.” He pulled her hand closer so she was under him. He stopped under the shade of a very large, very old oak tree. 

“When everything else hurts I turn to you.” He let the backpack slid off his shoulders as he looked at her. 

“JB..” He stopped her, placing a finger on his lips. 

He needed to say this, he needed her to know. “I don’t usually express my feelings very well, something Jinyoung and I share. I’m lax too, I don’t like feeling open and exposed. I don’t want to be hurt.” 

Shit, why was this getting hard? The way she was looking at him, the way her eyes seemed soft and doe-like. He couldn’t stop now, he just got started. 

“In my head, I was right where I needed to be, unaware of my surroundings. Then I met you, and my heart started beating so fast it took my concentration. It brought me back and then I started thinking why have I never felt like that? How have I missed something like this? All I know is this moment with you, is everything I ever wanted. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but if you stay with me-I don’t really care.” He had his hands clasped the whole time, he was fidgeting with his fingers and his shoes and now that he was finished he looked up at her watery eyes and trembling lip. 

Had he said the wrong things? Had he done something he wasn’t supposed to? Then she threw herself at him, his breath leaving his lunge from the impact. Her arms around his neck, she sniffled leaving a trail of kisses up his jaw. Sinking to his knees he kissed her. Holding her face in his hands, his mouth on hers seeking entrance to her mouth. She gave it willingly, letting her tongue touch his, wrap around his, as her hands itched for him to take off his shirt. She wanted to feel his touch, to feel his fingers on her skin, in her hair, she had to have it. 

JB kissed her lips one more time before leaning away. “Wait, the ground is too soft.” 

Quickly turning around he grabbed a thick blanket and laid it down on the ground. When he turned back to her, she was already on it, pulling her shirt over her head. 

“Jagi.” He said, his voice catching in his throat, if she didn’t stop, he wouldn’t be able to either. 

Snapping her head up, she looked at him with lusty, narrowed eyes. “You can’t tell me all that, and not have me ask you to take me.” 

Jaebum nearly swallowed his tongue, her slim waist coming into view he fell onto her, while her fingers worked at his shirt. The sun was setting, but it was still very warm, no one would be up here, so he let go. Watching as she wiggled out of her jeans, he nestled himself between her legs as his hand found her breast. 

Kneading the lump of flesh he, kissed a trail down her throat as she moaned, moving her hips into his and the hardened length in his boxers. “Jaebum, please.” 

He shivered, hooking a finger in her panties pulling them away. Her wetness against his fingers, he dry humped her letting his length slide against her. 

“Don’t tease.” Her fingers in his hair she pulled his head back, legs wrapping around his waist.

The hair pulling was enough for him, and as he danced on the edge of pain from it, he slipped inside her, and listened to her growl his name. She ran smooth legs against his sides, lifting her ass to get closer to him. JB moved his mouth to her breast, licking his tongue across a pebbled nipple as he snapped his pelvis into hers. She was tight, and his need could not be controlled. God she was so wet, he thought he might slip out as fast as he moved. As her channel engulfed his shaft, as she begged for more her lips against his chin. As he buried his face in her neck, and took a handful of her hair breathing his dedication and love. This was it, his body on that slow climb, hers dancing on the knife edge that lead to orgasm. He opened his eyes, leaning his body up as he pushed in and out of her. 

Hands on his chest, she lifted her eyes long enough to meet his, and then that was it. Ecstasy overload. 

Clothed once more, a mosquito net hanging from the tree and over the blanket, JB fed her a chip as they watched the Perseids meteor shower. 

“Have you made a wish yet?” He asked, watching her lick her lips free of BBQ. 

She laid her head on his shoulder, pointing out another meteor. “It already came true.”

“What?” He smiled, an inkling of what she was going to say. 

“I have you. “ 

Having thick and curly hair is terrible

Me: *tries to put hair up in hair tie*
Hairband: *snaps 5 hair ties in the process*

Me: *brushes hair*
Hair: *poof*

Me: *wakes up*
Hair: Let’s defy gravity!

Me: *goes outside on a summer day*
Hair: Let’s defy gravity again!

Me: I want bangs.
Hair: Lol nope.

Me: *attempts to straighten hair for 3 hours*

Person: I LOOOOVE your hair! Why do you hate it?
Me: Do you have a couple of hours to kill?

Person with straight hair: I’m SOOO jealous of your hair.
Me: At least you can do more with your hair.

Me: *attempts to straighten hair again*

allouetteblog  asked:

OK then! Thank you! In that case, can I get a Marvel match-up please? I'm 5 feet (im a smol child :3) and gender-flex (from female to agender), and panromantic demi-bisexual. I have REALLY curly, brown hair, with hazel eyes and tan skin. I hate how I'm super short, so whenever people tease me about it, I get super defensive, lol. I'm like a short angry sailor pfffff. I'm very loyal, curious, accepting, and kind, but I'm also very stubborn and sassy, and if someone hurts me, idrc. (1/2)

But if they hurt my friends, then I’ll make sure they suffer. Even though I’m constantly tired bc on my depression, my ADHD hyper-ness kinda clashes with it, I guess. I don’t even know anymore, lol. I love to write fanfiction and read, along with music (J-pop and Rock are the best in my opinion), anime, fandoms, space (I wanna be an astronaut, so you can imagine how much I love space XD), hot cocoa and cats! I think that’s it! Thank you for your time, and I hope you have a great day/night! (2/2)

I ship you with Peggy Carter!

Peggy isn’t one to judge, so if she sees someone teases you on your height, she’ll back you up and if they don’t back off after you’ve told them to, then she’ll not hesitate to get in their face. You’re both a sassy pair and a force not to be reckoned with. She loves your kindness and when in a car or around the house, she’ll happily offer her shoulder for you to sleep on. You’d introduce her to your music type and even though she probably won’t really like it, she’d still buy you tickets, merch and go with you to see them. She’s totally supportive of you wanting to be an astronaut and will recommend you to anyone who works in the field. She can’t wait to finish a hard day at work and come home and drink got cocoa with you, especially at winter.

Hope you like it!

*Not my gif

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(I hope your still accepting some ships) But, Hello love! I'm about 5'2",I have long dark brown curly hair,and green/grey eyes. I'm really shy but I'm very open hearted, and I care about everyone. I love to read,write,listen to music, and I'm almost always watching a movie of some sort. I only have a couple close friends and they say I'm funny,sweet,and I'm a little weird lol. I hate fighting but mess with my family/friends and I'll kick some ass. I'm also a major cuddler. Thank you darling! 💘

A/N: Now that I have my electricity back I am totally doing my requests again <3 Also you sound like such a cutiepie :)

Significant Other: Sodapop Curtis

okay can we just talk about how much soda would love on you. like he’d always want to be touching you, like hand holding, playing with you hair, his arm around you, like it wouldn’t matter he just wants to always feel your comforting touch.

Date Concept: Apple and Pumpkin picking

(Okay a side note, I lovvvveee apple and pumpkin picking, it gives me that floaty happy feeling.)

You and Soda had been dating for quite a while, and your one year anniversary was quickly approaching. Soda wanted to make a big production out of it, so he decided that he would conduct a week long celebration. He had movie dates, sleepovers (which you loved so much), dancing and karaoke, and much more planned for this week.

On the first day, to start it out with a bang, was pumpkin and apple picking. This was a huge thing in the small town of Tulsa and an even bigger event to Soda. He loved the Fall. He loved the trees, the weather, the cute attire, and the entire feeling of Fall. So when he pulled up the the pumpkin patch first, you grinned at his excited and wild eyes. He intertwined your fingers with his and led you through the pumpkin patch. You two picked out enough pumpkins for both you and him and as well as the rest of the gang. You two discussed pumpkin carving ideas while you two got your faces painted.

When the sun started going down, you two decided to head to the hay ride that would lead you to the apple orchard. He smiled adoringly at you as you hopped off the ride and jumped around giddily as he payed for your guys’ entry. You quickly grabbed a basket and shoved it into Soda’s arms and pulled him with you to begin your apple hunting. You inspected the apples intently before gently pulling them off the trees. You had Soda put you on his shoulders so you could inspect the higher up apples before also dropping them into the basket. As you two walked back to the truck, you invited him to come home with you so you could show him how you make apple pies, caramel apples, apple fritters, and a bunch of other apple flavored treats.

Best Friend: Two Bit and Steve

Secret Admirer: Steve

Enemy: Sandy

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143, 9?:)

143: Curly or Straight hair:

I have curly hair and I hate it, but I do like curly hair on other girls so I guess I’ll go with 

Originally posted by marvel-dc-addict

9: Radio station:

I don’t listen to the radio, oops (when I do it’s when I’m in my dad’s car with him driving and then it’s רדיו רק”ע that’s playing, like every good Russian-Israeli™ has, lol)

Thank you for the ask, atonement <3

kachikathy  asked:

*My MC is a chubby brown skinned gal, Jaehees height, dark curly hair and eyes* I would LOVE to request a HC of the MM boys (+ Saeran) opinions of that. Do they like/hate/accept it? Love her anyways and just dont care about her looks? Or do they actually even LIKE her chubbyness and finds it attractive? I have no clue lol. THX IN ADVANCE <3



  • Jumin could care less what you looked like. Tall, short. Chubby, skinny. 
  • He fell in love with you because of your mind and not the way you looked.
  • He couldn’t deny that he loved the way you looked as well, though. 
  • The fact that you were bigger just meant that there was more to ravish…
  • Just more places to mark you~


  • When he first saw you and noticed that you were chubby, he was shocked at first. It wasn’t what he was expecting.
  • He made sure that you knew he loved you anyway, though.
  • He didn’t love it at first, as he expected you to look perfect, like the models he worked with.
  • He grew to love it, though, it was still you. The woman he loved.


  • This boy.
  • Oh god. This boy.
  • He’s so sweet.
  • He always made sure he paid attention to your tummy, he loved it so much.
  • He would like to blow raspberries on it and laugh. 
  • He’s just so innocent.
  • It didn’t even seem like the concept phased him at all.


  • She noted that you looked quite a bit like her, only a bit…larger.
  • She made a joke asking if you were her long lost twin.
  • But you were so gay for her so??
  • That was weird.
  • She didn’t mind your weight, and she always made sure that you were comfortable no matter what.
  • She also made sure that you knew she loved you very much. No matter what you looked like, you were still the MC who helped her out of her shell.


  • He would take note of your chubbiness and would find himself often poking you in the sides.
  • The thing here though is
  • That living off of Honey Buddha Chips and Ph.D. Pepper won’t make you skinny.
  • Bread makes you fat??
  • You would make sure that you poked and prodded at his chubby tummy as much as he did yours. 
  • You both loved it, though.


  • He found comfort in you. In everything about you.
  • Due to your sweet look, it helped him trust you. You didn’t look like all of the hard people that he’d dealt with most of his life in Mint Eye.
  • At first, your weight was a safety relief for him. You couldn’t hurt him looking like that.
  • Eventually, after he trusted you completely and loved you. It was almost like a safety blanket to him.
  • He was near your stomach and chub a lot.

So this is me and my natural, crazy, curly mixed girl hair. I’m Jamaican and Canadian. (Yes I know I look young here lol) There are a few little white girls that devoted their lives to making me feel like having curly hair makes me ugly. The sad part is I’m getting this hate from this girl and her friend because her boyfriend is now with me…. When he dated me before her in the first place… All I’m trying to do is just embraces my curls. I straighten my hair for a year becuase I didn’t feel that I was pretty, didn’t fit in, didn’t feel like boys would like me, wasn’t normal. Now I accept it and this is what I get, getting called ratchet by white girls with straight blonde hair, or getting called ugly, flat ass and chested. I know for a fact that my ass is fat and my boobs are normal. I love my curls, and who I am. Reblog if you think those girls are wrong about curly hair…. Being a mixed chick is great.

Bad Hair Day

Summary: You are having the worse hair day, but at least your boyfriend is there for you.
Member: Namjoon x Reader
Type: Angst/Fluff
Length: 1,090 Words

I really hate bad hair days, and trust me, my hair gets horrible. I have super thick and curly hair. LOL. Anyways, I hope you guys like this scenario <3

-Admin Kat

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

Namjoon woke up to the sound of you groaning from the bathroom. He also groaned, turning towards the side and looking at your empty spot on the bed. His eyes were half open as he tried adjust his sleepy eyes to the bright morning sunlight that was coming in through his open window. “(Y/N)?” He called out as he looked for you. You groaned again from the other room. He slowly pulled himself out of the bed and walked towards the bathroom door; trying to detect from the sound of your groan whether or not you were okay or if you were in pain. As he reached the door, he concluded that you were just in a grumpy mood.

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kachikathy  asked:

*My MC is a chubby brown skinned gal, Jaehees height, dark curly hair and eyes* I would LOVE to request a HC of the MM boys (+ Saeran) opinions of that. Do they like/hate/accept it? Love her anyways and just dont care about her looks? Or do they actually even LIKE her chubbyness and finds it attractive? I have no clue lol. THX IN ADVANCE <3

Thank you for the request! You’re so pretty omg

In summary they all love u (including me lmao)



  • ever heard of the phrase “cushions for the pushin’”?
  • cause he certainly has
  • he LOVES MCs chub
  • and her curly dark hair contrasts nicely with his straight light hair
  • he likes calling you two yin and yang


  • he never really liked Korean women’s beauty standards anyway
  • he just didn’t realize it until he met you
  • when he saw you walk in the room he was left speechless for the first time in his life
  • he enjoys resting his head on your thick thighs at the end of a long day
  • plus your curling products leave your hair smelling nice all the time


  • he’s on the chubby side as well (in my hc) so he’s thrilled when he sees you
  • when he’s bored or sleep deprived he likes pulling on your curls just to watch how they bounce back into place
  • he always mentions how cool your kids’ eyes will be (gold with dark brown like yesss)
  • he PRAISES your body especially in bed
  • seriously he loves your appearance


  • ok he’s a bit shook at first because you look nothing like Rika
  • but he quickly gets over it and loves your looks so much
  • you can beat him in an arm wrestling competition and he finds it attractive
  • he enjoys resting his head on your stomach when you cuddle
  • and of course he plays with your hair ALL the time
  • “It’s just so fluffy!”


  • you two make a pretty couple since he’s basically the physical opposite of you (white hair, pale af, naturally thin)
  • seriously the contrast is SEVERE but in a good way
  • he’s not one to compliment but he makes a point to touch what he likes
  • like brushing your hair out of your face, holding your hips a lot, little things like that
  • he’s VERY CUDDLY behind closed doors because you’re always warm
  • you catch him staring at you sometimes
  • he wouldn’t trade you for the world
Sanji the Devil - Possible connections?

Sanji has been connected to the Devil throughout the whole story and I hope that he will have some type of relation to the Devil Fruits. But at the very least his character has been connected to the devil for one reason or another. And now it seems likely that his family could be some kind of “rulers of the underworld“ which once again relates to hell and the Devil.

So this is just a little extra post on the subject, since there already are some posts about it if you want to READ MORE.

First we know Oda has shown Sanji to be a goat (or ram) and God uses the goat to symbolize evil in numerous instances in the Bible. (This part about goats is quite long, but I think it describes Sanji very well.)

“And He [Christ] will set the sheep on His right hand, but the goats on the left.” The sheep are then given eternal life, but the goats are cast into the Lake of Fire.

Interesting to note is that most of the time we see Zoro on the right side of Luffy and Sanji on his left. Sanji could be seen as Luffy’t “left hand man”.

What is it about goats that causes God to use them in such a negative light? Let’s look at some characteristics. Goats have many admirable qualities. They are intelligent, sensitive, playful, quick to respond to individual attention and affection.

But there are also many things to fear. They are experts in opening gates and squeezing through small gaps because they hate to be confined.

Consequently, goats are not very good followers. “Gregarious behavior” is a term that refers to the flocking or herding instinct which is found strongly in sheep, cattle, and horses. Again, this quality is rather weak in goats; they prefer leading or going off on their own.

The Goat is a sure-footed animal that is as much at home on
mountain slopes and mountain tops as it is on flat ground. In this
aspect, the Goat is a Symbol of agility

The male Goat, because of its reproductive prowess, is a Symbol
of virility, vitality, potency, and stamina.

Medieval legends say that the Devil created the goat. Satan himself often appeared with goat’s horns, and sometimes changed his shape completely into a goat. The Devil having a goatee beard, like Sanji, is also very common…

So I’m sorry about this goat lecture, but does it not sound a lot like Sanji? Also we’ve of course heard both others and Sanji himself use the word devil to decribe himself.

This is interesting and it seems like Oda has had this idea from the very beginning and possibly means for it to have a big impact on both Sanji’s story arc and the story of One Piece as a whole.

When it comes to looks, even curly hair is often seen as a sign of the devil, (though more on women considered witches). And also because Angel’s are often decribed to have blond curly hair and Lucifer is a fallen angel (lol, if Sanji was from a family of fallen tenryuubito it would fit so much, but I doubt it since it would be a Doflamingo repeat.)

Sanji also transformed into a devil and uses fire as a base of attacks and even uses names like Hell’s memories and Diable jambe.

Something I’ve found interesting is that Sanji seems to respond to strong feelings of love or hate in situations where he refers to himself as a devil or when he uses fire. It’s because Nami’s been kidnapped he first explodes out of fire. And I think that Sanji’s fire powers will be explained more, since Oda included this part.

Here he says he’ll become the Devil of the blue sea if Enel dares hurt Nami, not caring that he is a “God“.

I again find it interesting that Nami seems to be related to many of Sanji’s “Devil moments“ and considering Nami’s reaction to Sanji recently I wonder if Oda might after all have some plans for Nami in perticular in this year of Sanji. I think it would be rather interesting and I personally hope that the Vinsmoke family is somehow connected to the Devil Fruits. (Again, their pattern is pretty much Sanji’s eyebrow…)

I hope this is what Oda has in mind for Sanji, and it could even explain why the Vinsmokes have leverage over the world government. And I still find it suspicious how Sanji had a book about Devil Fruits as a kid… But knowing Oda, he could have a whole other idea behind Sanji’s devil references. Maybe he just thinks of himself and his family as devils because of them being murderers?

And again, IF this guy is Sanji’s dad, it would aslo fit with the whole “pitchfork“ of the devil thing even further.

Ehem, it can also be called Devil’s fork…

For now I will stick with Sanji kind of thinking of himself as a devil (a bad person, as he pretty much looks down upon himself) and ask you guys what possibilities you think this theory has? Possible Sanji x Nami moments and more of fire Sanji! Talk to me! ;)

kachikathy  asked:

*My MC is a chubby brown skinned gal, Jaehees height, dark curly hair and eyes* I would LOVE to request a HC of the MM boys (+ Saeran) opinions of that. Do they like/hate/accept it? Love her anyways and just dont care about her looks? Or do they actually even LIKE her chubbyness and finds it attractive? I have no clue lol. THX IN ADVANCE <3


-more space to kiss
-loves to rub head in her curly locks
-perfect body to pinch ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

-so glad she has a girl who’s her height
-flashes her contrasting girlfriend off to everyone
-perfect thighs to kiss and lay on

-easily can pick her up regardless of weight and loves to do so
-plays with her hair all the time
-tickles her a lot

-more surface area to cuddle
-chubby=100% his type
-defends you in every slightly offending situation

-doodles binary code for “I Love You” in invisible ink all over your body while you sleep
-loves to rest his head on your poofy chest
-will fight someone if they try to touch your hair

//Saeran// -really loves darker skinned girls -let’s you sit on his lap every waking minute to let you feel like a real princess -favorite clothing pieces on you are crop tops and shorts