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BTS Reaction to You Not Being in the Mood to Cuddle

Request: nemogirl02 ⇒ Can you do a “BTS reacting to you not being in the mood to cuddle” like you’ve just had a really bad day and you’re not really in the mood to be touched type thing?

Note: Exams have been eating at my soul, all I can do is repost things lol..but one more week of school and I’m free for like 4 months; meaning more gaming (& *whispers* possibly writing) for me! *credit to gif owners*

Jin All you wanted to do was sleep comfortably while being wrapped in a bundle of fluffy blankets alone but the one beside you kept throwing his arm over your torso. No matter how many times you threw it off, the arm kept coming back until you finally had enough. You growled obnoxiously loud, throwing the arm away harshly and Jin immediately gulped. “Keep this up and you’re gonna have to sleep on the couch.”

He began to pout, turning in his spot to face away from you. “All I wanted to do was show you some affection..”

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Suga ➳ He realized how quiet you were being once you got home, and kept pestering you to watch a movie with him until you finally gave in. You were becoming annoyed when not even thirty minutes into the movie, Yoongi started to bother you; trying to pull you into his chest to cuddle no matter how many times you told him no. You roughly pushed him aside, surprising him while he stared towards your annoyed state impassively. “All I wanted was to get away from humans from work but I just had to run into the most annoying one of all.” You hissed, walking towards your bedroom and slamming the door.

Yoongi sighed, yawning and looking back to the TV. “Your loss.”

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J-Hope ➳ You didn’t know what it was and why you blew off on him when you knew all he wanted was to cuddle. You felt a rush of regret run through your veins and as you saw him laying down innocently on the bed with his laptop on his lap you wished you hadn’t been so rude to him. You sulked while walking over to him on the bed, plopping yourself onto it and slowly creeping closer to him before throwing an arm over his chest.

He narrowed his eyes at you, wondering what the sudden change of attitude was. “Oh,” he started, closing his laptop, “so now you want to cuddle?”

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RapMonster ➳ He was having a horrible day and all he could think about was getting into bed and having you in his arms. Little did he know was that you were also having a horrible day and just wanted to be alone. So when he tried to be loving to you and you snapped at him while glaring at the man—he began to get worried at never seeing you behave in that sort of way. He gulped while blinking erratically, giving you a nervous smile to try and calm you. “So,” he said, stepping back just in case you decided to give him an unexpected explosion once again, “are you sure you don’t want to cuddle?”

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Jimin You two went out with some friends to the amusement park, and you felt absolutely exhausted from being forced to ride terrifying rollercoasters that drained all the energy from you. It didn’t help that it was almost midnight, and Jimin forced you and his friends to get into a long line to get on the scariest ride of all. He kept his arm around you to let everyone know you were his, and as he teased you while pushing you around; you growled and threw his arm off you. “Leave me alone.” You spat, being nervous enough as you stared at the high drop of the ride. Jungkook began to laugh at seeing Jimin flustered, slowly inching away from you as you tried to calm your nerves.

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V ➳ You saw the way his shoulders slumped and the was he was slowly dragging himself towards you. You knew you cared about him deeply but at that time you were just tired of Taehyung always wanting affection from you and glueing himself onto you like some kind of child the moment he saw you. “No!” You yelled in defense, going into a karate stance and he groaned, stomping away in defeat to the room. He was locked in there for the rest of the night and when you finally decided to call it a night from the long day, you walked into the room just to find the man sprawled out sexily while he smirked.

“Now are you ready for some Tae cuddles?”

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JungkookHe had never felt so offended in his life. He never gave anyone or offered anyone his cuddles, so when he got home from an exhausted day of work and hugged you whereas you tried to push him away as if he was some type of germ—his hold tightened and he didn’t want to let you go. Eventually you licked his cheek and he pushed you away in disgust, making you snarl under you breath. “Forcing me to do something when I don’t want to is called abuse, get away from me.”

Jungkook clenched his fists and he was fuming. He looked at your small form and wondered who gave you the audacity to deny him. “Do you really want to play this game, love?”

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Hey Holly! Have you ever wondered what your other characters would look like in Simon's glasses???

lol yeah in hindsight I shouldve changed his design when I restarted the comic, but when I had the older more stylized version of purgatory they were supposed to resemble cat eye glasses,

however I think they totally just look like anime shades, so heres how simon should look if I wasnt a fuckwad, idk the stylization doesn’t work for so many reasons,  so heres simon if I drew the glasses properly

but cat eye glasses are actually women’s glasses which I had initially written to be simon wearing his mothers glasses (in the original draft) but cut that out later so if I ever ended up redoing it, I’d just give him normal glasses like this

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Hello, if it's alright can I request a loki x RC fic where RC has feelings for Loki but won't tell him. But then Loki notices her heart racing when she is around him, so he starts flirting with her more and eventually gets her to admit her feelings. Thanks so much my lovely 😘

Pairing: Loki x Reader
Fandom: MCU
Warnings: language

A/N: hello darling! thank you so much for this request! I was going down the smut road, but then decided against it, so this is sfw for once lol. 


You were currently making tea in the kitchen of the Avengers compound. The day had been long and you just wanted to have a steaming cup of tea and a book to relax a little, before heading to bed and sleeping for 12 hours straight.

Thankfully, most of the Avengers were asleep by now. Only a few were scattered around awake, watching TV or training downstairs, so you were enjoying the quiet right now.

“(Y/N), good evening. What are you doing up so late?”

So much for the quiet.

You didn’t turn around but knew who it was nevertheless.

“Just came back from a mission.”

“Ah, I understand.”

Once the tea was done, you turned around and almost dropped the cup.

There he was.

Loki of fucking Asgard.

But the thing that had your cheeks all red, was the fact that he was only wearing a towel around his waist, his hair sleeked back since it was still wet.

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Aww anon. There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of about that. I would tell you more, but I have a feeling that these guys (and babe) will portray my message better than I ever can. The Zen one is especially long just for you ;)

Is there anybody against long imagines? I hope not, lol

-Admin Bloo~


  • Took him quite a while to find out, since you haven’t been going out for too long
  • You always had a way of covering it that it could still be deemed normal.
  • But one day, you were trying to change the light bulb while Yoosung helped by holding on to the ladder.
  • As you were asking for stuff, he had to look up to hand them to you.
  • The boy is trying his best not to blush and lose focus.
  • But then he notices this thick, pale line across your lower tummy.
  • He lightly touches it, and it causes you to yelp.
  • Thankfully, he manages to steady the ladder in time.
  • When you come down, you tug on the edge of your shirt and cannot bring yourself to look at him.
  • You tell him how you had surgery when you were younger, and it left this scar that never seems to fade out.
  • He has so many questions, but figures that now is not the time.
  • Instead, he pushes your hand away and pulls your shirt up a bit to see it more.
  • “It’s like a battle scar, you know?” He whispers softly as he continues tracing it. “It shows that you are strong and managed to go through it and lived.”
  • You smile at him and wonder how on earth do you even deserve an angel like him.


  • He noticed that you always wore turtlenecks.
  • Not that he was complaining; he loved you regardless of what you wore.
  • But when summertime rolled around, he could not bear to watch as you sat there uncomfortably in such constricted clothing.
  • One day, he surprises you by taking you out for shopping.
  • This made you a little wary, but soon enough you were having fun as well.
  • Zen has a sense of style; most of what he suggests is tasteful, and it adhered to what you usual wear as well.
  • But then he pulls out this sunny, cute sundress. Which you fall in love with almost immediately at first sight.
  • But then you glare at the spaghetti strap + sweetheart combination.
  • After a lot of nudging and “just this once” you finally give in and go into the changing room.
  • When you come out shyly, Zen cannot sit still. You were looking gorgeous, and those smooth shoulders-
  • But then his gaze settles on the marks trailing from your collarbone and disappearing into the dress.
  • He still insists on buying the dress, although you fought not to (although it was still very pretty)
  • The mood fell for the rest of the trip, and both of you decided to head home.
  • In your mind, your insecurities were eating up at you. What if he thought it was too ugly? Or was he going to pity you like all the others did…
  • Later that night, he sits you down and holds your hands. “Can you please explain what happened?”
  • And you did. About how you had contracted some kind of disease that required a surgery when you were very young. And that scar still remained, and people would always feel so sorry about it. You were crying as were remembering.
  • Zen then pulls you into his arms and rests his chin on your head, murmuring soft assurances of how beautiful you are and no mark could change that.
  • Later on, he loves to kiss along that line whenever he can, just to remind you that it is as beautiful as the rest of you.
  • On your birthday, he gifts you with that same dress from that day.
  • “If you want, you could just wear it only for me”


  • One day, Jaehee had gone out an entire day to deal with the place where they restock on their café supplies, which left you to tend to the café with another part timer.
  • When you had reached your shared home, you thought that it was the perfect opportunity to wear some shorts for a while.
  • You prepared dinner, and watched the television while waiting for Jaehee to come back.
  • It wasn’t until after midnight when she finally made it home though.
  • She felt very guilty to see the packed dinner and you curled up very uncomfortably in the sofa.
  • She made you lay down more comfortably, and gasped at the long scar that ran along the length of your thigh.
  • It woke you up, and you smiled at her.
  • You quickly notice where exactly Jaehee was looking and quickly grab a cushion to cover.
  • “I’ll go get changed.” You hurry off, leaving Jaehee to remain speechless.
  • Now dressed in comfortable pyjamas, you quickly explain over dinner how you had fallen off a tree when you were younger and had shattered your femur to the point that it needed surgery.
  • “The stupid things we do when we’re younger, huh?” you laugh humorlessly.
  • She reaches out and rests her hand on your thigh.
  • “If you want to wear shorts more around the house, you can. It’s your home too.”
  • She later looks up homeopathic rejuvenation techniques, and always makes various kinds of batches to lather on it.


  • The first time he saw you, when you had come over to his penthouse, he was slightly disappointed by the fact that your hair covered your eyes.
  • Later on, as he put you to sleep, he took the opportunity to brush the bangs away to be able to see more of your beautiful eyes.
  • You were half sleepy, so you didn’t think of it much.
  • Until he froze up when he saw the thin line arching from the top of your left eye to your forehead.
  • You turned around to face away from him, hair falling back into place.
  • He gently pulls on your shoulder and brushed your bangs away again.
  • “You are just so breathtaking, you know that?”
  • He kisses you on the forehead, right on top of the scar and bids you goodnight.
  • A few days after that, and still he hadn’t inquired about the scar and its origins.
  • You were so grateful, especially when there were other things to worry about.
  • After a while, he asks you if he should contact some doctors to help you get rid of it.
  • “I can see that it makes you very uncomfortable. Do you want to remove it?”
  • After a long time contemplating, you decide not to.
  • Jumin keeps asking you, but you keep telling him not to worry.
  • To ease him once and for all, you cut off your bangs.
  • The sheer happiness and surprise on his face to be able to see your eyes properly is enough to make you melt.


  • I like to think that he simply glossed over your medical his to see if you had a history with drugs or something.
  • And he was a decent guy; he wouldn’t look at the CCTV feeds until it was absolutely necessary though.
  • But one day, he couldn’t find you anywhere. So he had to look into the CCTV attached to the bedroom.
  • And there you were, changing into clothes right after a shower.
  • Thankfully, you had your back facing the camera.
  • This guy jumped so suddenly that his knee hit the desk, and he winced in pain.
  • He was going to turn the camera off now that he knew you were okay
  • Those horrific slashes all across your back were terrifying him though.
  • But for her privacy’s sake, he didn’t snoop through your medical records.
  • Would always cover for you whenever someone brought the beach or a pool.
  • Weeks later, you two had gotten intimate one night.nothing hot and steamy, jaysus.
  • You had shown it to him, and refused to turn around as you mumbled through the story of a car accident.
  • He wrapped his arms around your waist and dug his face in between your shoulder blades.
  • You were feeling ticklish and laughed when he tickled you further.
  • “It’s all okay now. You are safe right here.”


  • This man is blind, he can’t really do anything about it.
  • He noticed that you always seemed to wear full sleeves whenever going outside.
  • However, when you were asked, you simply said that you had sensitive skin.
  • One day, you two were enjoying some quality time simply nestled together and watching the storm from his glass walled balcony.
  • You were just wearing a regular tee with capris, and so he had taken the liberty of softly rubbing small circles with his thumb all over your arm.
  • He got to the bumps on your forearm and brought it up.
  • Stammering, you tell him of how it was simply a blood donation gone wrong as you try to move it away.
  • He continues rubbing his thumb over it and asks if it hurts when he does that. You refuse, saying that it’s actually kinda soothing.
  • He then whispers in your ear that there is no need to hide it, referring to the fact that you wore fullsleeves when outside..
  • From then on, very randomly, he would reach out to your arm and always massage it gently
  • It served as a stress relief for both you and him.


  • When he was recovering, he would often get into different kinds of withdrawal symptoms.
  • You would help him see through them whenever it happened around you.
  • Once he was shaking very vigorously, and the only thing you could think of was to grab his hands and try to calm him down.
  • He gripped on your hands very tightly, and you winced, but you tried to hum softly, hoping that he could listen and try to calm down.
  • After an arduous thirty minutes, he was calm enough to go back to sleep.
  • The next day, he heard what happened and thanked you when you came to visit again.
  • He wanted to look at your hands to see if he did accidently bruised you or something.
  • He was NOT expecting the tiny marks all over your hands.
  • He was genuinely scared for you and himself.
  • “I couldn’t have done this…” he mumbled breathily.
  • “Stop.” You said firmly, and rubbed his back. “You didn’t do this. It’s from a bunch of operations when I was a kid. Calm down.”
  • When he did, you explained how you were born with inverted hands, and you had to go through a lot for it to be functional.
  • He was still very worried, considering he had squeezed your hands very tightly, ant you looked physically weaker than him.
  • To his surprise, you took ahold of his hands and squeezed them gently.
  • Sometimes, he would trace and count just how many small marks there were spread around both of your hands.
  • It helped calm him and keep him focused on something
  • After a long time, when he got better and yout wo ended up dating, he would love grab your hands and kiss them randomly.

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I almost got in trouble for taking a medium drink from work. But... I didnt just Take it. A coworker bought a meal, already had a cup to use to he gave Me the medium cup that came with his meal (bc he's kind). But my manager (the one that hates me lol) told me I'm only allowed to have small cups or water cups. Coworker had to tell her why i had it bc she wouldn't listen to me. I'm so tired.

Blindspot pre-2x19 ficlet

Had the sudden urge a couple of nights ago to sit down and write some Jeller– so here, have some more kiss-speculation lol. (Because you can never have too much Jeller kissing, right??)


The delivery guy was early.

As his knock echoed through the apartment, Jane shared a surprised glance with Roman, then slipped eagerly from the couch, wincing slightly at the pain that radiated through her battered muscles, a sharp reminder of the mistreatment they’d received during her little treasure hunt today.

A hunt that they most certainly hadn’t won; but which was a success all the same, their targets now safely behind bars and a very powerful weapon out of reach of the wrong hands.  

The hunt had also given her one other thing; something infinitely more precious, a prize that was as beautiful as it was dangerous.


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Just wanna let you know I love you all 💖 all the support and love you give is something I don’t take lightly. I’m lucky to have so many friends, acquaintances and followers/fan who want to be apart of my life. I don’t much besides be myself, and draw art on my social medias and the fact so many people enjoy that and stick around is just heart warming cause I’m not the most confident in my art. It’s just the fact y'all are literally here to see me is just mind blowing lol

Sorry for the sappy rambles but ppl used to follow me just cause I had colorful hair, piercings and a Mohawk lol and two years later I’m finally able to be happy with my image without all those things and people still want to stick around. I was always self conscious that people only liked me and wanted to get to know me cause of my looks. And that feeling still grows now that my hair is getting longer and my working out is paying off lol. I just want people to not only see my outer appearance but my personality and the person behind the “looks”. Anyways y'all are perfect and feel free to talk to me any time. I don’t bite lol


Requests: could you do an imagine where the reader is in a beauty and the beast kind of situation and he won’t let them go until they heard that her family was in danger (cause of the Resistance) and he gives her the choice to leave, but they don’t really want to leave? thanks, i love your writing! + I don’t know how to do requests, but I feel like it’d be cool to have a sort of beauty & the beast au if that isn’t too cliche lol???? + Hey so I had this idea after watching the new Beauty & the Beast movie the other day. Ben is cursed by witch lady or Snoke or something and becomes Kylo Ren, essentially UNTIL reader shows up and he goes back to the Light side. Idk. I might sound stupid…

A/N: First things first, this took me like two weeks to do bc I had others to write and this was really long. Second of all, it follows both the animated and live action versions; the characters don’t turn into things, rather, force ghosts (you’ll see), also this is based on Alderaan and you can easily tell which character is who. Anyway, thank you for the requests to those anons! Enjoy!

Warning: Mention of death

Word Count: 10K+ (oops)

The castle that sat atop of a snow covered mountain in the planet of Alderaan was long forgotten–and unheard of. No one dared to enter the land of the cold, seeing as no one was truly aware of its existence with their lack of need to travel the mountains. But, the castle was not abandoned nor was it vacant. Inside lived many souls that had been cursed, one in particular being the most brooding of them all.

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Happy belated birthday, @ravnesque!! Hope you’ve had an amazing day yesterday! Sorry that this is late, and also that it’s also probably such a mess with grammar and all, but I just wanted to give you something for your b-day ahh!! I’ll probably have to read it through later aka. when it’s not late at night haha, but yeah, hope you like this!! <3 <3

(Also just general disclaimer: I have no idea how much a manga costs in Euros/in France, but according to my quick research, I think 18-20 Euros is correct for two manga? Idk please correct me if anyone knows x3)

The bell chimed as a customer arrived, and, looking up from her book with a friendly smile, Marinette greeted the new customer. “Hello! Is there anything you’re looking for?”

The customer seemed startled at having been noticed so fast, and mumbled something akin to “I’m just looking” as he continued further into the shop. He was clad in a hoodie and wore large sunglasses. The typical celebrity disguise from movies and anime. Marinette resisted the urge to raise an eyebrow, but instead continued with her book.

After a minute or two, the stranger was back. “You wouldn’t happen to have any comics, would you?” The timid mumble from earlier was completely gone. Now his voice, while quite dark and suave, sounded somewhat fake. Yet at the same time, it also sounded strangely familiar.

“Sure! They’re in the back, there’s an entire wall covered in comics and manga there, shouldn’t be hard to find,” Marinette grinned, pointing between some shelves to the back of the store.

The stranger seemed a bit taken aback, and blushed. “Thank you, kind lady,” he said in the same suave, voice, doing a small bow in thanks as he disappeared into the back again.

Now that Marinette thought about it, something about the stranger in general seemed familiar. Was it maybe someone she knew? No, nobody she knew went around dressed like that. Or talked in such a way for that matter. Maybe someone from TV then? Despite the size of their store, there were actually several celebrities who came to there quite regularly. Then again, they all tended to act naturally, unlike this young man.

She heard a small gasp, and leaned to the left to see between the bookshelves at her newest customer. It seemed he had finally found the back row of comics and manga, which he seemed quite ecstatic about. She heard something that sounded akin to hushed gushing coming from the stranger and couldn’t help but smile. There was a reason why their book store was one of the favorites in Paris.

“You have the newest volumes of Yona of the dawn!!” The stranger was suddenly in front of her again, fake voice forgotten in his excitement. Marinette was almost certain that if this stranger had had a tail, he’d have wagged it back and forth in excitement.

Marinette giggled. “Yes, we get all the manga faster than the other book stores because of my family.”

“Woah, and yet I never knew about this place until today,” the stranger said, astonished. Then, it seemed as if he remembered something, and he coughed rather awkwardly. “Uh… I’ll take these then,” the fake voice was back, to Marinette’s continued amusement.

“Alright then, that’ll be 18 euros, please,” Marinette said, not able to hide her smile at the changing behavior of her customer. He blushed again as he paid, staring intently down at the bank terminal. Putting his two books into a plastic bag, Marinette held it out for him to take.

“Thanks,” he mumbled, awkwardly putting away his wallet before taking the bag. He was about to walk over to the door, but seemed hesitant. The fake act seemed to have disappeared once again. “Do you.. mind if I stay a little longer? Someone was following me, which is why I came in here in the first place…”

“Sure, this is a book store after all, look around for as long as you want,” Marinette smiled gently. She knew that that was how the celebrities that were now regulars had found their store as well. “Oh, there’s also a small reading room with some couches out that door,” Marinette pointed to a door to her left. “If you want, you can read your manga there, then leave later.”

“Really?” Marinette nodded. “Wow, that’s really nice. Thank you! A book store with a reading room…A bit weird but at the same time really fitting,” he mumbled the last part to himself as he walked over to the door and disappeared inside.

Marinette couldn’t help but look after him as her weird, but cute, customer walked away. There was this familiar feeling hanging over it all, but Marinette still couldn’t quite figure out just where she knew him from.

Several customers came and left; some of them were new faces to Marinette, other were old regulars which she happily chatted away with as they looked over what new books had arrived or which book they wanted to read. After an hour had passed, Marinette finally decided that she had to go and check up on the customer from earlier. Walking into the small reading room, she found him splayed on one of the couches, face resting on top of one of the new manga he’d bought earlier. The hoodie had slid halfway off his head to reveal messy blonde locks and a young face with dark circles underneath his eyes.

Marinette instantly recognized him, almost giving a little squeal as she did so, but stopped herself. He seemed worn out, so instead she left the room again and said to any customer who asked about it that the reading room was closed for the day. This was nothing new as they had let people use it several times before, both celebrities and regular people who needed a nap or some peace. Her father called it their safe haven, and had said that it was just as important for them to use as it was for them to share it with other people. Marinette had used it once herself, but usually just used her room instead as that was just as quiet and secluded.

Half an hour later, the new customer came outside again, yawning as pulled the hoodie over his head again. The sunglasses were already in place, hiding whatever grogginess his eyes might have displayed.

“Sleep well?” Marinette couldn’t help but ask when she saw him, which once again made him blush.

“Yeah, sorry about that. I didn’t mean to fall asleep in your reading room,” he shuffled his feet, looking away from her gaze.

“Don’t worry about it, you’re not the first one,” Marinette smiled, hoping that he might feel a little more at ease knowing that. “Also, if you want to, you can come back here again and have a nap. We don’t mind.”

The stranger turned his head towards her again. “But you don’t know me. Why would you let a stranger sleep on one of your couches like that? I could steal something!”

“No, you couldn’t,” Marinette found herself saying, somehow knowing that this stranger wouldn’t do anything to harm her. Well, except maybe accidentally knocking a bookshelf over in his excitement. “And excuse me for saying this, but it really looked like you needed that nap, so feel free to come again at any time, Mr. Agreste.”

The stranger, Adrien Agreste, already a famous artist despite his young age, looked astonished at her. “I’m sorry, when I went to check on you, your sun glasses had slid off, so I recognized you,” Marinette quickly apologized, a smile playing on her lips. “Though if I might say so, I don’t think the ‘movie celebrity disguise’ works, at least not for sleeping on couches.”

Adrien Agreste was quiet for a moment, and Marinette wondered if she might have gone too far, but then he chuckled. “I guess you’re right, maybe I should use swimming goggles next time.”

“Please don’t,” Marinette laughed as well. “Then the disguise definitely wouldn’t work.” They both laughed. “But, as I said, feel free to come by if you need a breather or a nap. We always have some room to spare if you need it.”

Adrien removed his sunglasses. “What’s your name?”


“Thank you, Marinette, that is really kind of you. I really appreciate it,” Adrien said and smiled, which in turn made Marinette blush.

“N-no problem!” Marinette stuttered.

“We’ll meet again then, my lady,” Adrien said, still smiling, as he put on his sunglasses and turned to the door.

“Have a n-nice day,” Marinette said automatically, still blushing. When he was out the door, Marinette sat down on the chair behind the counter. Weirdly enough, she was used to deal with celebrities, just not celebrities at her own age. And it seemed Alya was right about him, for once, he actually was even cuter up close.

in the morning | jikook

wow it’s been a while since i’ve written anything…..but i just want to say thank you to @inarsics​ for mentioning kook riding jimin’s thighs bc then this happened lol and also bc she requested for a hc about anything, love you!!! 

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Sim I’d Like to F…ondle Tag 😏

SILF = Sim I’d like to F.. ondle

There’s surely a sim out there, you’d like to fondle… Well, it’s time to tell it to everyone. Don’t be shy!

RULES: Choose a sim made by an another simblr you’d like to fondle if he/she was real… and then tag 5 simblrs.

*If you can find a picture of your SILF, it’s better but not mandatory.

Tagged by @sympxls who had me laughing a little TOO hard with her confession. (Got a taste of Latin cookies hmm? Lol!) Alright, let’s be a little perv for once. I actually have 2 sims I’d be proud in fondling. Slapping this under “Read More” so it doesn’t stretch anyone’s dash.

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My sister’s been watching snk at work with her coworkers in between recesses and after classes, and I’m always asking her about her reactions and all that. So first they were excited about the titans and everybody dying lol and they wouldn’t stop asking for more death during the episodes of the kids training :v They were shook then when Eren was eaten, and one said to have fallen in love with him after episode 6 afgaefgae so my sister asked them which character were each of them after concluding Marco looked a lot like one of their students,, she said she was Sasha, and the one in love with Eren said she was Mikasa bc of that lololol Today they got to Eren’s trial and my sister told me this was the first episode they finally shut up. They didn’t say a word during or after the episode, and she has no idea what they thought about it bc they were all too tense and she didn’t dare to ask xd

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man learning that sojiro probably treated genji better than hanzo hurt me. i guess it hurt me so much that i had a dream where hanzo and his mom were cooking together?? and her nickname for him was "my sweet boy" and i literally almost fucking screamed. i had to tell you this bc ur the only blog i know that talks about sojiro lol

lmao I love to shit talk Sojiro

Man, the relationship between Sojiro and Hanzo always gets me like, I will say until canonically proven wrong that Genji was more a son than Hanzo ever was to Sojiro; Hanzo was just a familial asset for the future of the clan. 

Who do I gotta hit up at Blizz to find out who their Shimama is… pls I live for Hanzo having a good relationship with their mom and him treasuring certain moments of his youth about her

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Hi! Sorry if this is annoying but I'm learning German and I was wondering if you could give any tips? It would be really helpful! (Also, I love your art <3)

Tips for learning German?

I actually cannot.. lol. I am a native speaker I’ve never really had to ‘learn’ German so I have no idea what the hard parts about the language are.

I can just give you basic language learning tips how I learn languages. (this is not for everyone though. It’s how I learned english. YAOI FANFIC. At the young age of thirteen :’) … good memories. Switched to actual books not long after to learn proper english.)

First off: Vocabulary is your a and o. Polish up your Vocab of common words
Second: find an interesting topic and start reading. Doesn’t matter if you understand every word at the beginning, don’t look it up right away. There is a good chance you will get the meaning from the context. If you don’t: look up the words that you cannot get from context. After a while you will be able to pretty much understand without problems.
[Third (optional): find someone to talk to/write with (which is way easier for english i guess :’D)]

Most important: DON’T BE AFRAID TO MAKE MISTAKES. It happens when learning new languages. Try to practice whenever you get the chance. Listening to German songs might help getting used to the sound, while you can try translating at the same time (but don’t be surprised if the lyrics are shitty AF :’D)

(Grammar wise English and German aren’t that different. Some rules generally apply to both languages. The sentence structure is different though and that might be the weirdest thing to learn (it was for me, might double for you since in german you can actually emphasize different things depending on the word order without changing the actual words of a sentence)

I can absolutely give no explanation on grammar since I have no idea how grammar works. Neither English nor German. I acquired. I didn’t learn. I just know it works that way, not the ‘why’. (I bombed my only German grammar test in school with like 5 out of 85 pts or something like that.))


I got the cutest outfit at my job today! thank god I have a discount because $24 for shorts feels like a huge splurge lol what is money

Im so ready for summer!! We’ve had snow for 7 months and I HATE IT. Give me green grass and trees or give me death tbph

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Stiles Stilinski!

My NOTP for them: scott
My BROTP for them: i love stiles and allison, stiles and boyd, stiles and cora, stiles and erica, stiles and isaac…if i had to pick…stiles and allison or stiles and boyd.
My OTP for them: do i have to answer this question? lol
My second choice pairing for them: allison. love me some stallison. though i’ve read a bit of stisaac, ngl
My fluffy pairing for them: derek at 35 and happy and living in a house with a dog and wearing oversized cardigans with floofy, spiky hair and a thicker beard who reads all day and gardens and drinks tea
My angsty pairing for them: canon derek near the time of the show, who’s broken and fucked up but so in love with stiles and only knows how to push him away (though i have a soft spot for angsty married-to-kate/jennifer!derek-in-love-with-stiles-and-has-an-affair-with-him >_> yep. i’m gonna write that one day.)
My favorite poly ship for them: i love stiles/derek/parrish, stiles/derek/allison. i’ve read a few really good stiles/derek/isaacs before
My weirdest pairing for them: …ok, i kinda love the idea of stiles/chris argent or stiles/melissa (though i prefer derek/melissa tbh)