lol i got so bored

repressed crushes 

just friends

so i got bored on the way home from Disney World, so i wrote this lil thing. pls enjoy. 

also, y/n/n means your nickname and from now on in my writing if you see that the that’s what it means just because i like nicknames but you know what’s a nickname for y/n ya know so yeah ramble ramble 

“Okay, but like, that’s a date, right? I mean, he asked me to dinner, doesn’t that mean a date?” You ask Shawn. You never really get asked on dates that often, or really at all, so you have no idea what constitutes as being a date, which is why you decided to run the situation by your best friend. You figure that since he’s a guy, he should know what boys mean when they say ‘hey, wanna go try this new Italian restaurant in town?’

“I mean, he didn’t specifically say the word ‘date’, which most guys do, but dinner at an Italian restaurant does sound very romantic.” He tells you from the other side of the couch where the two of you are seated, your feet tucked under his legs to keep your toes warm and a single blanket covering you both.

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he fell in love with her all over again

based on this one conversation in deep route lolol

In every family there is...

A dad - Jaebum

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A mom - Jinyoung

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The eldest kid, mom’s apple of the eye - Mark

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The middle kid, the weird one - Jackson

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Dad’s favorite kid - Youngjae

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The cutest one - Bambam

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The youngest, the big baby - Yugyeom

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