lol i got lazy in shading

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8!! Meredy and Lyon lol or just one of them ^.^

Color Palette Challenge. // Lyon Vastia & Meredy


Some Academy kids doodles for @grouchygutterrat academy comic ! 

I really really like this comic, so i thought i’d try my hand at some fandesigns too? ~ ♪

Academy MF & unfinished Sona bc i was lazy and uninspired

Academy Ori with her ball looking like Syndra’s ball so maybe a globe would work better ?

Rakan & Xayah inspired by banshos & sukebans aka the cool couple

groups project with Irelia Syndra Ahri but apparently nobody  work. Akali on the background looks like a thug who wants to do her homeworks and is going to fight them if they keep on being loud in the library

+ bonus moderately mediocre academy MF icon

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AHHHH omg I have 100 followers in under 2 weeks already?asfjasfdasjkfha I just wanted to say thank you to all of my followers and how much of a milestone accomplishment this has been for me(ya, promoters i’m lookin at u @v@)! Now it may not seem alot, but it is for me, so i rlly appreciate it TT.TT So, bc of this, i decided to favor u guys by starting on this story telling about joker julchen before she was exiled, and how it all started! thank you so much again. Enjoy!

((Oh, and btw, i’m keeping the cardverse color schemes, so if you’re wondering why julchen’s cape is not isn’t the black color u are used to, it’s because it’s supposed to be yellow. I’ll release the actual colored versions of them, so until then bear with me lol))


Vampire AU:

Nalu: HERE

sequel : HERE

Young Gruvia +Natsu: HERE

my early Entry fro @zervisweek​ halloween event that you can join by using hasgtag #zervishalloween on your zervis halloween fanfic or fan art :)


This one is the Zervis continuation from Mashima’s nalu sketch and my Vampire AU

Lucy was taken by Natsu to his castle and she was Mavis’s Human friend. Mavis thought Natsu killed her friend so she decided to take revenge by making Natsu’s human brother hers. Zeref and Natsu were born as half blooded vampire, Natsu was chosen to be the heir of their family so he was turned into full blooded while zeref just decided to live as normal human in human world.

later she found out that Natsu didn’t kill lucy but instead they got married and have kids :D

that naked wet zeref is special for @skydrill​ :^) i know you like it, honey.

you can see how lazy i am because i use this coloring style instead of proper shading lol





So sorry not sorry 

I hate digital art
It’s soooo tiresome, like why is digital art so hard?
Drawing the lines can be summed up in strg+z 
But it’s finished

and it looks ok.
Or rather fine lol
(tbh I got lazy when shading Undyne so forgive me)

So I decided that I’m going to draw all of Lucy’s main outfits that I write her in in my fic ‘One Wish’ cuz why not, haha. I went ahead and just made this a base so I can reuse it without completely redrawing her for each outfit because I’m hella lazy and I haven’t done any art in like, two months @_@ Writing/work has devoured my free time lately, lol.

But yeah, these are going to be really basic, no shading or anything, just so readers can have a visual for what I’m talking about, lol. I’ve got three planned, but thus far, but Lucy’s ‘work out‘ outfit of a tank top and yoga pants is the only one that’s been featured in the published chapters so far. The other two are coming up very soon though, so look forward to it!

Side note: I really just can’t draw Lucy’s crazy big boobs X’D It’s like…my brain just doesn’t even comprehend how to make it happen, lol *sighs*

Second Picture: Lucy’s Date Outfit