lol i go to junior college

So can we like…start normalizing the idea that not everyone dates or has their first boyfriend/girlfriend in junior high or high school?

There are plenty of people who go into college with little to no dating experience. There are tons of people who go into college having not had their first kiss yet. It’s not wrong; everyone experiences things at a different pace, and that’s okay. Don’t feel pressured into doing things you’re not comfortable with at the time just because you feel like you have to fill some sort of “quota.”


memories // panic! at the disco

So junior year, i was friends with this guy at my high school and we talked and sexted a little bit but neither of us wanted to date each other.

Senior year, i got a (super controlling) boyfriend so that guy and i stopped talking. When i broke up with that boyfriend before my first semester of college, i decided to go on tinder. The guy pops up and i swipe right because why not?

We match and i message him something like “i feel like i know you from somewhere lol” and we hit it off just like we used to. We finally make plans for me to come over so we can hook up, but he still lives with his parents so i have to go to his house when he’s home alone.

I go to his house and we’re just paying video games and he’s NOT making a move and im getting impatient because i was expecting some dick. We had sexted the year before, so there was all this build up and anticipation to actually have sex that i was annoyed he wasn’t making a move.

I end up kissing him. We have sex. He has THE smallest penis ive ever seen.

I know it’s really mean, but i didn’t text him at all after that..


@imhereforbvcky tagged me to post my lock screen, home screen, and last song on my phone and tbh I’ve never been so excited bc I take this shit so seriously lol and it just describes me so well. I’ve had my lock screen as Mother Mary-Jennifer Lawrence since my junior year of HIGH school, and I’m a senior in college. #committed. And my little sent me the ‘seduce and destroy’ pic saying it reminded her of me so naturally I felt inclined to keep it with me daily. And I was tied with the last pic bc I can’t stop listening to this song and Bad Things by Machine Gun Kelly but this was the last one I listened to SO here you go my sweet @bandgreek and @strawberrykittten bc they put up with my shit enough to not be annoyed by my tags hehehe ily

ID #97489

Name: Jayla
Age: 20
Country: USA

I am 20 and a junior in college. Just looking for a pen pal to connect with new people. I’m kinda of shy so I think this will be a good way. From a small town and want to broaden my horizons. I am an Education major and want to teach high school history. I love anything that has to do with history and literature. Books are my life lol. I also really enjoy music and going to concerts. Pretty much love talking to people about anything and everything. It would be cool to exchange stories and learn a lot about a person.

Preferences: 18 and over please and people who are cool with any race, religion or orientation. 

How to Prepare for an MIT Midterm
  1. Go to the review session the night before
  2. Make a study plan
  3. Get up early
  4. Eat a good breakfast
  5. Go to a cafe or your favorite study space
  6. Finish half a practice midterm before feeling antsy and uncomfortable
  7. Move to the library
  8. Panic and write a depressive, existential tumblr post 
  9. Give up slightly and almost cry
  10. Find some cool whizbang technology video on the internet to take your mind off things
  11. Wonder if you should go ask Student Support Services for an extension
  12. Realize you don’t have an excuse
  13. Become comfortable with barely passing
  14. Realize you have 2 hours left
  15. Laugh
  16. cry
  17. laugh 
  18. make a humorous tumblr post to make yourself feel better
  19. (2 years later) hopefully graduate and never do this again

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“In 2006, I had broke my leg two days before the NCAA tournament. I was a junior in college at Penn State. I got surgery two days later. So I would like go into a different room only like 10 feet away, and I was breathing so hard. Something was wrong. And I get to the hospital and they put me through you know and said ‘why are you here’ blah blah blah put me through all the tests and said ‘ok we need you to come back immediately.’ And I get back to the hospital bed and I was laying there totally in shock. I had no idea if I would live. ‘With all the tests we need to put you on blood thinners you are having a pulmonary embolism and you have multiple blood clots in your legs and your lungs and you’re experiencing many heart attacks.’ And they said ‘if you would of fallen asleep that night then you most likely wouldn’t have woken up.’ And hearing that it just put a lot in perspective for me. I was 21 years old and I wasn’t sure at the time if I would live and you know follow with my dreams of playing at this level or you know continuing playing soccer at all. Lying in that bed you know for the week, seeing my parents there, my friends coming in from school and my best friends from you know my team and in just Penn State. That was in itself, an uplifting experience because I knew how many people cared about me.” -Ali Krieger