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I don't think I've ever asked you what you're studying to be/what your major is!

Oh wow, this is a first. Usually no one asks stuff like this lol. I’m actually a bio major and might want to go to medical school(finishing up my junior year) but I also am part of this program at my college that let’s you get a teaching degree in it as well. At this point, I’ve found teaching to be a lot of fun, so I’m almost torn if I should continue my want to go to med school, or just…go for my masters in bio and become a teacher….Idk. I need help -sweats-

ANYWAY, Bio major, with a double minor in chem and history! Thanks for asking!

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So junior year, i was friends with this guy at my high school and we talked and sexted a little bit but neither of us wanted to date each other.

Senior year, i got a (super controlling) boyfriend so that guy and i stopped talking. When i broke up with that boyfriend before my first semester of college, i decided to go on tinder. The guy pops up and i swipe right because why not?

We match and i message him something like “i feel like i know you from somewhere lol” and we hit it off just like we used to. We finally make plans for me to come over so we can hook up, but he still lives with his parents so i have to go to his house when he’s home alone.

I go to his house and we’re just paying video games and he’s NOT making a move and im getting impatient because i was expecting some dick. We had sexted the year before, so there was all this build up and anticipation to actually have sex that i was annoyed he wasn’t making a move.

I end up kissing him. We have sex. He has THE smallest penis ive ever seen.

I know it’s really mean, but i didn’t text him at all after that..

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I don't like getting all riled up about the love lives of cartoon characters either, but it's just sad and rather sexist how much you anti-Maiko folks pin the blame almost exclusively on Mai and not Zuko. As if Zuko wasn't a shitty brat who can't get his issues sorted out and needs a mother figure girlfriend like Katara to help him along.

Originally posted by kimwoobinseyebrows

There’s no need to personal message me over this… This message is like you’re personally calling me out for my thoughts on Maiko, and accusing me of being misogynistic because I don’t like a ship? Please, there is no reason for such immature behavior and singling me out exclusively. That’s ridiculous.

Also, Zuko was a brat. That was kind of his entire character arc was overcoming that? Zuko doesn’t “need help along”. There’s a difference between “fixing someone” and loving them while they tidy themselves up along the way and being there for them. Mai never did that, and we did see that in Katara. We also never really saw Zuko being all that great to Mai, either. However, in Zuko and Katara’s very canon, close friendship, Zuko did stand by Katara in her darkest, scariest times and accepted her at her lowest. Katara did the same for Zuko in the crystal catacombs. 

The thing is, Katara acts really motherly to Aang. But, in the relationship with Zuko, Katara doesn’t act like that. Sure, if they hypothetically were together, Katara would be very caring, she’s like that to everyone she well, frankly, cares about. But, she isn’t as motherly per se with Zuko. They’re a levelheaded team who support each other. They had so much chemistry. 

Maiko fell really flat. This isn’t just about Zutara because honestly, I felt more chemistry when Zuki was teased in the comics, and even the three minutes Zuko was given with that Jin chick. Maiko was a really poorly written relationship, and tbh, all the Avatar canon relationships were written really badly imho. Kataang was really dull to me. I don’t hate it the way I nOTP Maiko, but it bores me to tears. Suki was a little humdrum. Sokka and Yue was a lot more interesting. In Korra, they’re a mess. Maiko was a disaster, and Korrasami was also a wreck, but I’ll put some blame on them having to be lowkey bisexual with that due to the network, but nonetheless. Even their friendship was a little off. Bopal was okay, but even still. 

I digress. And… “can’t get over his issues”??? Are you serious? Zuko was severely abused. Like really severely. He’s a victim and a survivor of very traumatic mental, emotional, and physical abuse on so many levels. He DID sort it out on his own, a lot of it he DID overcome. Sure, he still has baggage, but like damn, that’s cold to say “get over your issues”… That’s my issue with Mai! That’s exactly how Mai treats Zuko! She does not take his abuse seriously! She does not like politics and is not ready to stand by Zuko in his demanding, political life! She doesn’t have to be a shrink for his baggage, but she’s not even supportive. She shuts him off and brushes him aside and it’s messed up! It’s really messed up! He is seventeen when he is coronated. That’s a freaking senior in high school– or even a junior. He’s more like a junior because in the beginning he was SIXTEEN, so 16 going on 17 (lol sound of music) is a JUNIOR in HIGH SCHOOL. In The Promise he’s a senior/college freshman/18… like that’s my age. I can’t even imagine… 

So no, Zuko shouldn’t just “get over it”. If she loves him, she should be PROUD of how he has overcome so many struggles! But she isn’t! She doesn’t care! She left him completely knowing the weight of the world was on him and there were assassins and all his friends wanted him dead. Yes, it WAS shit for him to be keeping secrets, but to leave him like for the 30th time?? that’s abusive! It’s messed up! I have a whole META on this, and it INCLUDES reasons for why Zuko is ALSO shitty to Mai! They’re  both shitty– Mai is just MORE shitty!

Zuko doesn’t need someone to baby him, but he does need someone who legitimately cares about him and is willing to deal with the pressures of being the wife of a man who is carrying a nation out of a hundred years of war. He needs someone who will listen to him when he’s having problems because he DID listen to hers. Relationships are about being partners and loving someone despite their flaws and standing beside them through good times and bad and listening to them with their hurting or whatever or talkign about anything and just CARING aBOUT WHAT THEY HAVE TO SAY! Mai does not care about anything Zuko has to say. 

Mai is a kickass character, but a shitass girlfriend. Sorry. Not Sorry.

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I honestly know nothing about high school and I'm going to be a freshman next year. Do freshman take certain exams? Do you have any advice?

HELLO! ooooh welcome to the realm of high school my friend! ^-^ 

hmmm if you’re also in California, i don’t think there’s any specific exams that you have to take as a freshman. HOWEVER, this might depend on your school? like i don’t know of any schools that have such a requirement, but you might want to check with your school’s websites/upperclassmen if such a thing exists. but additionally, in CA, you will have to take the CAHSEE (CA high school exit exam) at the end of your sophomore year~ but fear not it is not very difficult and most people at my school do not study for it ^-^ it just kind of comes and we take it and it’s over LOL. also if you don’t pass sophomore year, you have more  chances to take it further on in your high school journey uwu

mmm as for general advice:

  1. branch out. try new things that you never would have thought you’d try before. high school is a time for experimentation, because this is when you can make mistakes and learn from them without too many consequences!! i suggest signing up for a lot of clubs, finding out which ones appeal to you the most, and narrow down the list for your upcoming high school years uwu
  2. as for grades, i didn’t realize freshman year how important your grades are in the long run (tbh as a freshman i didn’t know anything i was 100% clueless oof). although do not stress yourself out over your grades, try to realize the importance of education early on and develop good study habits! i swear that those will help you for so many years to come - and if you want to apply for private schools, doing well in freshman year won’t hurt either! (although again: do not stress out too much!! if you show growth/improvement in your GPA over your high school career, typically that’s looked upon well too!)
  3. experiment. this kind of goes along with my first tip, but it’s more of an all encompassing experimentation idea! experiment with study methods; experiment with subjects you like/dislike; experiment with standardized testing even?? (more on this later); experiment with friend groups! just experiment experiment experiment, and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone to take opportunities that even somewhat appeal to you ^-^
  4. friends & change. people WILL change. it is inevitable. and it’s less of a product of being in high school, but more because of just general growing up/maturing/learning new things new ideas etc. personally, i’ve drastically changed my friend group throughout my time in high school. i think it’s because my friends that i made in elementary school/junior high was more out of “convenience” rather than true common interest? and it sounds kind of bad to say convenience - but it’s true in a sense! becuase we were in the same class in elementary school, we naturally formed a friend group and just kind of continued that in the first year or so of high school. but eventually i met people that i had more in common with and people that i just connected better with in general! i’m not not friends with my previous friend groups, but we just aren’t as close and we’ve all changed as people and i think that’s to be expected and embraced~ do not be afraid of change ^-^
  5. standardized testing. ok ok this is VERY early to even start thinking about this, and honestly i wouldn’t stress too much about it during your freshman year. but based off of personal experience, i mean i don’t think taking a practice test or two of SAT vs ACT at the end of your freshman year is a bad idea? if you gauge early on what kind of test you naturally do better with, then it gives you a better idea of your future timeline! and imo, i wouldn’t wait for the end of junior year/beginning of senior year process for the test-taking, just because of the amount of work you’ll probably have. junior year is incredibly difficult, and AP testing at the end of the year + college apps at the beginning of senior year will leave you wishing you took care of most of your standardized testing earlier! but this is just my personal opinion derived from my own experience
  6. participation & talking teachers. i would suggest getting used to asking your teachers questions/talking to them after class if you don’t understand something early on! it will truly help you academically, because you’ll be pursuing that extra bit of knowledge that might just trigger that “aha!” moment in your mind. also, i think being able to ask teachers questions is an important skill to have - especially when you go college and it’s office hours vs. during class 1-1 attention (this is what i’ve heard/read on the internet; i’m still a high school student so i dunno for sure LOL). also participation helps immensely with understanding - especially in a discussion-based class like english!
  7. enjoy your time in high school. tbh i wouldn’t repeat my high school experience for anything. i am not going to lie - i stressed my way through sophomore year and junior year (freshman year was ezpz because i didn’t understand/know what was going on so i just kind of went through that like “yeah… high school is a thing????” plus my classes were easy LOL), and those years were rough. also i’m sure senior year isn’t going to be much better in terms of potential stress level. HOWEVER - as crazy as it sounds - these four years will pass by quickly. try to document your years! have something you can look back upon to see how you’ve grown as a person - both physically and mentally. maybe journal, scrapbook, (private) blog, take lots of pictures! i think that you will thank yourself when you choose to be nostalgic as a senior and you’re surrounded by your classmates during graduation and everyone is reminiscing about all the bittersweet moments. and of course, not everyone enjoys/likes high school, anD YOU KNOW WHAT, if that ends up being you, it’s all good too!! there’s so much more ahead of you (college, life, LIFE!!) that you have to look forward to. four years will just flyyyyy and it’ll be over soon if that is what you wish ^-^
  8. stay in the moment. kind of akin to what i said in number 7, but really try to enjoy each and every day - or at least, find something that made you happy. remembering/noting maybe 2-3 things that you’re grateful for/made you smile will help a lot with your perspective and mental health during even the days when you’re v stressed out! 
  9. talk it out. that being said, if you are feeling stressed out, please please please do not hesitate to talk to someone. whether that person if you guidance counselor, a fellow classmate, someone here on tumblr, or one of those anonymous talk/chat lines etc, talk it out. or write it out! just have an outlet you can use to channel/funnel out all of your fEEls uwu
  10. balance. finding and maintaining a balance is really important. i know i’m still searching for one myself. find a balance between school (extracurricualrs/academics), your social life (family/friends), and YOUR time (personal down time when you can just chill and not have to worry/think about anything). 

hmmm i think that’s it for now. i think everyone’s/every school’s high school experience is different, so i tried to be as general as i could! if there’s anything more specific you want to know about, my ask box will stay open :’) hehe also there are some other freshman tips around the interwebs as well! so there’s that ^-^


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Any advice for a stressed out upcoming junior who feels like she's falling behind all of her friends achievement wise, and is terrified of college apps and standardized testing

This is so late… I hope you’ve enjoyed your first quarter as a junior lol. It’s terrible but it’s only going to get worse!

Here is some stuff I wish I’d know when I was your age (which was… A year ago lmao):

  • If you can afford it, take a standardized test (SAT or ACT; I only took the SAT) early in the year. I’ll admit, going into junior year I panicked about the tests, and I forced myself into this state of detached chill that was good for nobody. If you confront your fear about the tests early on, I think it would actually be helpful, and here’s why:
    • If you take the test in November/December, you’re obviously going to be underprepared. It’s going to suck. You might not know all the math, etc. But like… It’s done. And once you leave the testing center, you kind of realize that everything you built up in your head was honestly… Nothing. (This is assuming you don’t have really bad test anxiety though.)
    • So, you’ve taken the test. You were pushed for time, you panicked at almost every section, and overall you feel like you did terribly. But now you KNOW what the test is like; you know the formatting way better than any prep book could tell you, you KNOW what 55 minutes feels like, and you know how fast you work.
    • When you get your test results, the score doesn’t matter. What matters is what you got wrong on the english and math parts. The SAT is divided into types of math, blah blah blah, read the score breakdown to get a good sense of where you sucked and where you were okay. And build upon that! Now you have MONTHS to prepare for the next SAT in May/June.
  • So yeah. Take standardized tests early. It gets the anxiety out of the way, it helps you learn to better pace yourself, it tells you what you need to study more, and now you have months to prepare for the next one. It was like $75 down the drain though, so again, this option isn’t necessarily for everyone.
  • Most colleges don’t give a shit about subject tests lmao. Like, I think maybe ONE college I’m applying to requires one or more subject tests, and it’s an Ivy League school. Everyone else has wised up and realized that standardized testing is actually a terrible way to judge a student’s potential. If you KNOW there’s a college you want to apply to that will require a subject test, do it at the end of the year if you’re taking that course now. I took biology sophomore year but took the SAT biology subject test junior year, and I think I did it in the fall when I had no finals to stress about.
  • One thing I’ve realized is that like… Comparing yourself achievements wise to everyone around you means jackshit. People are born with different advantages, privileges, and other bonuses. From the get-go they were more likely/better suited to aim for x award. I’ve stopped caring about the fact that some people in my school won States for x sport because, it doesn’t apply to me. Your value isn’t determined by the number of trophies behind it.
    • If you have the energy, do clubs. Even just for a few months. Every club I joined I did with the mindset that I was going to earn a leadership position, which I did. Colleges will be impressed by your three-mile long club list, but they’ll care more if you’re the president of a club. That shows a real commitment and also reflects upon your abilities to lead.
  • If you hate your peers just start your own club, there’s probably some English teacher willing to sign off on whatever idea you can bullshit. Hang out with friends, maybe make an effort to do something, and call yourself the president. Like?? It’s high school, man. Everyone is tired.
  • Don’t avoid doing something because you’re scared. Then you get nothing done and you feel terrible.
  • If you care about college, then yeah your grades matter. But like?? You’re a kid. Have fun. Goof off with your friends. Work if you want to save money. If you devote yourself to nothing but your studies, you won’t develop as a person.
  • Learn to ask for help. If you get a shitty test grade, don’t beat yourself up about it. Go to the teacher, tell them what you don’t understand, and build upon it. Show some initiative. In college, you’re on your own unless you seek out assistance.
  • Time management is so goddamn crucial to balancing a hellish life, I’m not joking. Buy a planner or some shit, it’ll help.
  • Remember to eat for god’s sake. And drink water as well.
  • Bring Advil/Tylenol to school, you or someone else is going to need it. Also gum, gum is super important.

Good luck anon <3

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So I'm still in high school and thinking about a career in anthro. I love it more than almost anything! But I just can't convince myself that I should go after it, because of jobs. Most people aren't out on sites digging. Could you give some advice in a few areas? 1. What should i do in high school to see if i should go into it and prepare myself to? 2. In college what should I look for and do to get ahead of the game? 3. And actual areas of common work? I can't find much on this topic.

Awesome!! Let’s see if I can help at all.

Now, I’m American which means anthropology is actually four different areas: cultural, linguistic, physical, and archaeology. I’m personally culture, but some of my best friends are archaeology, since we’re all the same major. With that said, I’m assuming that “sites digging” means you’re either interested in archaeology or paleoanthropology, since the other two disciplines will probably never call for actual physical labor. 

Paleoanthropology is the study of past hominins, like homo erectus or australopithecines. Two of my professors do this. The one is THE go-to paleoanthropologist for neandertals so he’s constantly going to Croatia and helping identify remains in cave sites, but he has plenty of stories about going to Africa (Ethiopia, I think) and helping with some of the earliest hominins with the Leakeys (yeah, he’s a big deal, and yeah he’s old). Anyways, Paleos do digging but would mostly be teaching or identifying remains in labs. They also require a PhD, I believe specifically a medical degree, so you’ll be doing practicals with people who will go off be to surgeons. There are probably universities though that offer specific paleo graduate programs though so you can always look for that. Also, if hominins aren’t your thing, archaeologists often need to seek out paleos or people who look into animal remains found on sites so that’s another area entirely. 

Archaeologists are a whole other thing. They study past humans but in particular they look at material culture, so likes pots and arrowheads and literal garbage heaps. What is most important for archaeologists, from what I understand, is going to field school. This you’ll do either after your junior year of college during the summer or the summer after you graduate. It’s an excursion to a field site for like a month in the middle of the woods and they teach you how to actually work the site. I was offered to go with a scholarship but declined. There’s always money available for this so if you go, have someone else pay lol. This is more important than the actual bachelors degree. Once you have field school, you can apply for any starting position archaeology job. And to say that ‘no ones out there digging’ is untrue. The US govt and universities constantly hire people, even especially right-out-of-college kids, to do ‘recovery’ or ‘protective’ archaeology or whatever its called. Basically the govt wants to destroy some land and they can’t because there’s stuff there and archaeologists need to show up and take care of it. Otherwise I know past arch majors who work in museums now. And, I even know people like me who are even going to graduate school for archaeology so that they can study a specific area or do theory or be professors. So there’s more options than just straight field stuff. 

1. What should i do in high school to see if i should go into it and prepare myself to? 

Paleo is most related to biology and anatomy. So those are classes you’d want to take. Anatomy is so fun anyways so even if you don’t want paleo I’d do it. 

Archaeology is most like history. Though I often don’t give archs too much credit, they do need to understand cultural theory, so if you can find a geography class, typically that will teach you stuff too. 

As for other preparing, visit universities by you with anthro programs, even if you don’t like the university, and talk to the anthro professors. Anthro professors are THE BEST and they are so fun and just really accepting. They’ll definitely be biased about with subfield you go into, of course, but if you give them some idea of what you like they can point you in the right direction. 

2. In college what should I look for and do to get ahead of the game?

What is really important about grad school is knowing 1. who are the professors and 2. what do they like. I’m sure this applies to undergrad school too though when I chose my college I did it based on financials (I’m poor af). You want your interests to align with the professors, but when you’re an undergrad, you’re not gonna know what you want. And, if you’re going to an American university, you’ll likely be forced by the curriculum to take classes from each subfield. So you may go in thinking ‘yeah I’m an archaeologist’ and realize that linguistics is the shit. So the best advice is to take any class you find interesting because you may just fall in love, like I did. And talk to your professors they want to help. Don’t be afraid to reach out to other areas too, like geography or history, because anthro majors almost always have a minor (I had two). I think it’s hard to ‘get ahead’ because really what that requires is a lot of reading but academic articles are going to be beyond you because you haven’t taken even the basic courses yet. Reading any anthropology articles will help. I personally follow the AAA Facebook page, and they always post stuff, and that’ll get you a legit understanding of contemporary anthro. And for the love of god, study abroad.

3. And actual areas of common work? I can’t find much on this topic.

Sorry kid, no such thing. HA. Okay so again depends on the subfield. Archaeology I gave some examples. But the thing about a BA or BS is that no matter what your major is, you can get a job outside of it. I know so many people who say ‘there’s no jobs in that wth are you doing’ and really anthropologists have the one thing that everyone wants: cultural sensitivity. I can get a job with NGOs, internships with the state dept., I know someone who works with refugees, someone who helps at womens shelters, someone who actually works for an agency that stops human traffickers, someone who works for a cruise line and gives tours at the tourist archaeological sites in multiple languages. Some join the peace corps, some work for USAID, some are literally helping relocate people who are already affected by global warming. It’s nuts. No job will ever say ‘anthropologist wanted’ but they will say ‘cultural understanding’ or ‘social sciences’ or ‘writing’ or ‘diversity sensitivity’. And besides, you can get any job as it is. I know anthro people who now work for insurance companies. Your major literally does not matter. 

Anyways, cultural anthropologists as an actual career means being a professor to help fund your research. Same for linguists, and paleos. PhD = professor almost every time. Which isn’t a bad thing but keep that in mind. I personally want to get my masters degree and try being an editor. I do it part time for my professor and realize I really liked it so why the hell not. 

I’m posting this publicly because I know plenty of archaeologists and paleos follow this blog, I want them to offer resources or tips for you since I’m cultural and can’t give as much insight as I want to. Don’t be afraid to inbox me any other questions. Good luck, and welcome to anthropology. @saphirarose0

Once again, I’m back!

And~ I also came with a good news. We were supposed to go back to classes on 15th of June, but our university announced that it would be moved to June 22. Lol. I don’t know about others but for me it’s a damn great news. I don’t mind my being a junior college postponed lol. More time to laze around for me~

Aaaaand I finally am able to get on with this, I’m v excited about this ehehe.

30 Day Drawing Challenge Featuring our OTP, KevEdd. ♥

Namjoon’s tweets 140312:

It’s been 7 years since I started rapping….I’ve gotten acknowledgement from my motherㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[picture of his text messages with his mom]

Starting from elementary school, and into junior high and high school, my mom always talked about me going to college so it felt really strangeㅋㅋThe lyrics “Don’t worry~ about college~~” have turned into a reality

*Opens text book for the first time.....a week before finals*

Hello, it’s me

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I was wondering if after all these weeks you’d like to meet
To go over everything
They say that school’s supposed to teach ya
But I ain’t done much learning

Hello, can you help me?
I’ve been recalculating my GPA to see where it needs to be
And I have to get a B
I’ve forgotten how it felt before finals fell at our feet

There’s so much studying to do
And a million flashcard to make

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Can I ask you about how you re-calibrated your desires and expectations you seek out of life since your accident? I'm assuming (maybe I'm wrong) that a lot of what you wanted to do wasn't possible anymore and that you kind of had to change your vision of what the rest of your life would be like. I realize this question is kind of broad. I'm mostly looking for your mindset pre-accident vs. post accident.

I’m actually still trying to figure things out you know? Even almost 9 yrs later. I mean I had 20 years before my injury to figure out and go toward what I wanted before my injury. I was a junior in college studying marketing. I wasn’t 100 about my exact moves after that but I knew I wanted to work in entertainment somewhere out of Dallas. I was even the vp of the Student Union Board(every event there came through us) and the new chairperson for the concerts committee of my school’s campus activities board. I was in the process of getting Chamillionaire a show there…it was 06 in TX lol. I went back and got my degree but with not being independent and super disabled lol it’s kind of hard to be able to continue with those duties and plans. Plus I wasn’t able to do internships and what not since I was commuting 45mins a few days a week.

So after finishing and not being able to get on any where I just continued to peer mentor at my old rehab. They had me mentoring while I was still a patient and when they actually started a program I was 1 of the 1st mentors. I’ve been flown out to speak at places. And as of the 17th I’m a Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation mentor. So I kind of accidentally became more of a mentor than a marketer. I still want to do more…but in the mean time this is what I have. 

Now as far as more personal desires? I still want a family but maybe not as big now. One of the 1st questions I asked my doctor is if I could still have kids. He looked at me like I was stupid and said “of course, nothings wrong down there!” smh I knew nothing about SCI’s. Thought we couldn’t even have sex you know so I was lost. Of course the way I look at my self and relationships(fam, friends & love) has changed. People changed…good and bad, people up and left. But you know, I get it. I wasn’t the only one affected by my injury and it’s different for everyone in my life. Coming to understand that helped tremendously. 

So basically, yeah my outlook changed but not drastically. I still want pretty much the same stuff but on a smaller and more(currently) realistic scale. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone but it’s one of the most positive things that’s happened in my life. I’m a better person. Been amazing places and met amazing people. It’s helped me analyze how able-bodied folks tend to view us sexually or otherwise. How the Black culture views us. The racial ish within the disabled community. I also don’t trip over peoples ignorance or me blaming my injury for my problems because I know if it weren’t this it would be something else. People just blame what they see. And most of all it’s given me more patience and faith. I know I am not in control and that gives me peace. It makes me pretty fearless. Before the accident I was that independent, in control female. But after, I was humbled like a muhfugga. I have plans but things wont always go that way but I know things will be alright eventually…so I chill. I hope this answered your question somewhere in here.

My injury took a lot of my independence but gave me a lot of peace.


So.. I went to the airport and then I saw Dylan O'Brien walking out the same time I did. He didn’t have anyone with him so I said,“omg Hi Dylan, can I get a picture with you? If you don’t have time, I understand.” then he dropped his stuff and I told him how much I loved him, how talented he is, and how much of a role model he is and what he potrays through his acting. Then he said “Wow, that’s so sweet, I love you so much and thank you for being a supportive fan.” I ALMOST CRIED BUT I HAD TO KEEP MY COMPOSURE. Then we took the picture and he wrapped his arm around my shoulder and had his head rested on mine. Then he hugged me really beautiful like and tight. Then he said “I hope we meet again! Bye Rea!” Turns out we were parked next to each other and his car wouldn’t start so HE FLIPPIN ASKED FOR A RIDE!!! And I said of course. He asked me all these questions like “Where are you from?” “What are your hobbies?” “what’s your favorite movie?” and He thought it was really cool when I told him I played softball for 6 years bc he is a baseball freak. Then he said “How is college going?” then I said “Oh! I’m a Junior in high school.” then he said,“Oh wow! I thought you were in college.” Then we started talking about Teen Wolf and Maze Runner. Then I had to drop him off at another airport. When he left the car, he said “Thank you so much for the ride, I really appreciate it. It was really nice to meet you. You’re adorable btw” and I said “Aww! Same to you!” So yeah that was my dream. I am depressed because it was a DREAM. I’m sorry i’m Dylan O'Brien trash af.. lol i’m not sorry.

How to Prepare for an MIT Midterm
  1. Go to the review session the night before
  2. Make a study plan
  3. Get up early
  4. Eat a good breakfast
  5. Go to a cafe or your favorite study space
  6. Finish half a practice midterm before feeling antsy and uncomfortable
  7. Move to the library
  8. Panic and write a depressive, existential tumblr post 
  9. Give up slightly and almost cry
  10. Find some cool whizbang technology video on the internet to take your mind off things
  11. Wonder if you should go ask Student Support Services for an extension
  12. Realize you don’t have an excuse
  13. Become comfortable with barely passing
  14. Realize you have 2 hours left
  15. Laugh
  16. cry
  17. laugh 
  18. make a humorous tumblr post to make yourself feel better
  19. (2 years later) hopefully graduate and never do this again

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anonymous asked:

Sharee, I need advice :( I was working out on the elliptical at my college's gym when I heard two guys behind me talking about how much I was sweating and making comments about how I was working out. I ignored them and didn't say anything to them but now I'm self conscious about going to the gym, idk what to do.

You sweat when you workout, it’s a perfectly normal and NEEDED bodily function and two guys in college are not mature enough to handle that people sweat when they workout, you should feel sorry for them.
It’s not a problem of yours! It’s theirs for missing that lesson in health class back it junior high. Lol

Keep doing your thing! They are probably just self conscious because your workout look tough and some guys are too insecure with who they are. Again, not your problem!