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mm twit art dump more like im-as-thirsty-for-zen-as-he-is-for-himself-dump

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astrangetypeofchemistry  asked:

I'm 11 days late, but my friends and I have been enjoying your art for April on the ML calendar very much. They love the bright colors, and the detailing (they also loved the fishies)

Really???! Thank you very much! You mean this picture, right?


I completely forgot to post it when the calendar came out lol!!

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relationship status: single unless u count my animu bf & gf lol

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top three shows: why only 3 ummm zankyou no terror, joker game, mob psycho 100

top three characters: aaAAAAaA kagari shuusei, kurashiki aoi, lelouch lamperouge

top three ships: leo x guang-hong (yoi), junpei x akane (zero escape series), my fav characters x being alive & happy

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*✧₊ happy new year, everyone!! *✧₊ (haha please excuse the lame graphic orz) well i decided to make a little follow forever for my hella rad mutuals to thank y'all for lighting up my dash~! tbh y'all r way cooler than me bless keep doin u, stay gold ❤

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