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Relationship: Credence Barebone/Original Percival Graves

Additional Tags:  Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot, Age Difference, Anal Sex, Sex Magic, Praise Kink, Bottom Original Percival Graves, Dominant Bottom, submissive top, First Time Topping, if you can even call it that, Established Relationship, Dom/sub Undertones

A short thing written in June for the Gradence anon challenge that I…forgot to link to after the reveal ._.

Basically an attempt to write one of my BL semes taking the D without losing that essential BL seme feeling.  Having tried this once I will probably never try it again lol

(ao3 link) the first time i’ve written something that isn’t porn in a while lol. dean/twink!bunny boy!cas fluff. this is still part of #garrisonbaberevenge2k15 :P written super quickly and edited like once bc i just wanted to get this cute idea out lol

“Cas?” Dean called out as he walked in the door, puzzled as to why he didn’t see the bouquet he’d bought for his bunny boy on the table.

Maybe the flower shop forgot. Dean sighed. He’d sent it with a note that said, “For my honey bun,” and everything. He was really hoping Cas would have gotten them while he was at work.

Dean began shrugging off his suit jacket and tie as he walked through the house, stopping as he passed by Castiel’s room. He was curled up in the middle of his bed, arms wrapped around a large bee plushie Dean had bought him, deep into a late-afternoon nap. Dean smiled softly, then changed into sweats and a t-shirt in his room before coming back and crawling into the bed with Cas, kissing his shoulder and petting his ears, whispering to gently stir him awake.

“Hello, my sleepy little bun.” Dean mumbled, eyes twinkling with delight as Cas began to groggily open his eyes.

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