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I made 6 Galra Keith icons using @softhance‘s icon method! I was just experimenting honestly sooo I’m not sure if anybody wants to use them but you can if you want.

X   Uhhm if you want free to use I guess!
X   No credit is required, but please reblog/like if you use or save!
X   Please don’t repost or claim as your own.


Orangie Sungjong Aesthetic 

(Thanks to @soooldout for tagging me)

Hey so!!! @amber-acrylic is a very talented artist with great art style and character designs, and definitely needs more love and support, so please check them out if you haven’t!!! They also have a ko-fi account for donation!! Look at their blog for more details!!

Anyways, back to the pic. This is their Soul!Sans, what a cute tomato right?? :33

Hope you like it!!

Soul!Sans belongs to them~


                            So I’ll watch your life in pictures like
                                 I used to watch you sleep.
                                 And I feel you forget me like
                                 I used to feel you breathe.

since night 219 i was curious about how they would look like with the Earl outfit, and I’m having too many feels about those two that is not good for my heart!!

Just give her a nap.

Pidge done on paper first, then Paint Tool Sai.

TBH I cut off the bottom because I was too lazy to draw pants.

I was tagged by the wonderful @scarfblogs. Thank you, Scarf! <3 <3 (Lmao edit edit edit!!!: I was actually tagged by @vaisraavana! I read Scarf’s name on her post and wrote that instead 8′D) Thank you Andrea for tagging me! OTL)

Rules: Using only songs from one artist answer these questions and tag ten people.

Artist: Within Temptation

What’s your gender: Jillian

Describe yourself: Aquarius

How do you feel: In Perfect Harmony

If you could go anywhere: Final Destination

Favorite mode of transportation: Stairway to the Skies

If your life was a TV show: The Truth Beneath the Rose

Relationship status: And We Run

Your fear: Edge of the World

Oh gosh… I’m not sure who to tag my brain is mush. If you read this, consider yourself tagged! :D If you do it, tag me too so I can see! <3