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Fellow Hunk fan here! I love talking about my favs, so, maybe, d'you wanna talk about why you love Hunk? Because I'm interested in listening(or reading I guess)!!!!!!!!

My best friend’s favorite color is yellow, and when I first watched the show Hunk reminded me a lot of her! So my early fondness for him stemmed from that, but there are a lot of other components.
I really love Hunk’s armor class (? lol) because I’ve always played support / heavy ordinance characters in those types of video games where you pick that stuff. I think he has the coolest lion! I connect to him a lot with the way he interacts with his surroundings and his anxiety, his love for his friends, his strong intuition, his love of baking, the thing he does with his hands when he’s nervous, the way he doesn’t believe in himself and undervalues his importance to the team, etc.!
I love his eyebrows and his vest? I love when his mouth gets really small when he’s disappointed. I love how even when he doesn’t really know what he’s doing, he’s always trying to hold the team together and comfort his loved ones. I love how he supports Lance and loves him unconditionally. I love how he loves himself even when we see the show poke jokes at him. I love how he says ‘Good one, Lance!’ and ‘Oh, I hate those little things.’ and tells Allura about roadtrip games for wasting time, and tries to comfort Keith before they get to the Weblum, and falls asleep during briefings, and gets lost in the space mall, and his awful shoulder pads on his vest.
I love his element and how he values stability and spreads a message of compassion. I love the way he wanted to be the head, and suggested they take turns, and I love how he interacts with the Arusians. I love how he pretends to be a Galra droid, and the joke he was going to tell about probability and ghosts that his professor told him, and how he explained Fraunhofer lines, and the way his eyes get big like saucers.
I love that Tyler Labine said he never takes his headband off, and how he has a close relationship with his mother, and how she’s the one who taught him his love for cooking. I love how he goes by ‘Hunk’ and nobody even questions it a little bit, and I love how overpowered his shoulder cannon is when they’ve formed Voltron. I love how happy it makes me to make content about him and get excited about his character. 
I love him? I love him.

I was tagged by @hotpinkharry, thank you so much!! 


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1. What is your favourite type of weather?

Definitely when it’s raining

2. Dogs, cats, or the hit Nickelodeon television show “CatsDog”?

 cats all the way

3. What’s on your summer 2017 playlist?

For sure harrys album and drakes new album. Also Ed’s because I’m seeing him in July

4. What scent puts you in a good mood?

Baked goods

5. Describe your oldest most comfortable shirt.

Okay lol it’s this Taylor Swift concert tee from her very first album and i have no clue how i got hold of it because i never went and neither did my sister. It has so many holes in it but it’s so comfy.

6. One sentence describing your favourite television character.

 They have amazing fashion sense

7. What was the last song you listened to?

Send Them Off! by Bastillle

8. What’s your favourite line from that song?

Desdemona, won’t you liberate me?
When I’m haunted by your ancient history
Close these green eyes and watch over as I sleep
Through my darkest of dreams
(this whole thing is amazing)

9. How many blankets do you sleep with?


10. What was the last board game you played?


11. Favourite Popsicle?

  Life saver Popsicle’s

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2. If you could be in any television series what would it be?

3. Best childhood memory?

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5. Where is the place you feel most at home?

6. What is the country you want to travel to the most?

7. What plans do you have for the summer?

8. 3 guilty pleasure songs?

9. If you could say something to the whole world, what would you say?

10. What is the best meal you’ve ever eaten?

11. Do you believe in ghosts?

BTS Hyung line - Girlfriends

>>Maknae line 


  • Really motherly 
  • Always carries around a napkin in her purse 
  • Extremely cute but not necessarily cuddly 
  • PINK 
  • More caring than thoughtful 
  • Is loved by everyone, but like a family love 
  • Has the habit of tutting to everyone when they sware 
  • Has a weird obsession towards horror movies
  • The type to laugh while watching horror movies lol
  • Good at cooking and Baking 
  • Always brings the best snacks and shares it with everyone 
  • Raises her voice when angry, but doesn’t really ever scream
  • Takes care of everyone around her 
  • Unknowingly says perverted things 
  • Is so innocent ( I mean as innocent as someone her age can be …)
  • More extroverted 
  • Is always some type of active 
  • Likes cleaning 
  • Long hair ( I don’t know why) 
  • A little more traditional 
  • Wears high heels ; not stilleto’s but the low heeled ones
  • Has a bunch of pictures of her family hanging in her room
  • Is super bad any type of music 
  • Has two left feet ( but it’s still so cute lol)
  • Two words - Wife material, Motherly Care


  • Extremely thoughtful 
  • Intelligent ; Educational sense and just has common sense
  • Casual wear most of the time 
  • Glasses 
  • Bad at music 
  • Slightly good at dancing 
  • Very romantic 
  • Acts tough, but cries when Namjoon gets the tiny bit hurt 
  • Always defending herself 
  • Strong beliefs ; Not afraid to stand up for them 
  • More introverted, but seems extroverted 
  • Loves books ; they are a hobby, not necessarily a ‘get-away' 
  • Shawls 
  • Always has a notebook with her, just incase she needs to write something down 
  • Has a super huge bag that has god knows what inside 
  • Weirdly organized 
  • Caring, but doesn’t like showing it 
  • Loves PDA 
  • Acts corrupted is corrupted (cause she is an expensive girllll) 
  • Blushes very easily 
  • Gets irrated when teased, but constantly teases everyone else 
  • Goes off somewhere to be alone when in a fight ; probably goes to an old bookstore 
  • Good at cooking, tries baking ; ultimatily fails 
  • Never admits to her failures 
  • Used to have braces 
  • Cries into her pillow while watching some random show ( probs adventure time lol that shit emotional) 
  • Always wears black nail polish 
  • Loves art and poetry 
  • Inspirational quotes all over her whole house
  • The first 'i love you’ is over text 
  • Two words - Content, Thoughtful


  • Incredibly shy 
  • Hard to read 
  • Thoughtful about other’s feelings ; too much that she doesn’t really know her own 
  • Has some type of passion in the arts 
  • Always has earphones with her 
  • Open-minded, in a sense that she will never blantly judge someone 
  • Definetely introverted 
  • Acts corrupted is corrupted ( I don’t even know why) 
  • Loves cute little DIY's 
  • Gets playfully angry when someone calls her 'cute’ but blushes so hard 
  • Is actally super adorable 
  • Comfortable silence 
  • Has a tiny bag with only her phone and earphones, and like 2 other things 
  • Intelligent 
  • Probably pansexual??? 
  • Thinks a little too deeply 
  • Has slight anxiety, but never shows it ; always deals with it herself ( I’m sorry if you, the person reading this, has to deal with this on your own…I know many people do. I hope that you’re okay, and please know that it’s okay to feel that way. You’re feelings are valid. Please don’t feel bad or mad at yourself for having this 'problem’ with you. For people who don’t have anxiety, there are always people around you who do. Trust me… An aching heart doesn’t scream out for help, and observing is the only way to catch it. Never ever make fun of anyone with social anxiety, or any kind of anxiety. You are only spitting on the fire. Again, please watch out for them? Any little thing could help ) 
  • Is pretty good at cooking, but doesn’t particularly like cooking 
  • Makes good ramen 
  • Only ever really speaks her feelings to one person , Yoongi 
  • Is so content…
  • Also has a sweet and playful side to her 
  • Sweet in a sense that she takes care of so many people , probably in secret 
  • Does volunteer work 
  • Is uncomfortable around kids, but doesn’t hate them 
  • Ok with PDA , but not always 
  • Values her personal space and the personal space of others 
  • Cares too much about societies opinion on her 
  • Cries and shouts while in a fight ; storms out at the end 
  • Makes sweet little apology texts after 
  • Is a blunt romantic 
  • Really short texts 
  • Doesn’t really answer her phone 
  • Somewhat positive 
  • Just a really warm hearted person that is so accepting of everyone 
  • Two words - Comfortable , accepting 


  • So cute / adorable / adorkable / cheesy 
  • Gets really easily excited 
  • Despite her looks, is very intelligent and thoughtful
  • PDA all the time 
  • Loves cute little things 
  • House is a little 'uncoordinated?' 
  • Never really cries, but when she does, it’s like a waterfall 
  • Blowing kiss emoji 
  • More extroverted, but can also be extremely introverted very occasionaly 
  • Good at cooking, bad a baking 
  • Likes planning her own dates 
  • Easily makes friends, but chooses not to 
  • Is not too good at singing, but sings at the top of her voice anyway 
  • Everything is really natural about her 
  • Acts natural is natural (there’s no telling what innocence is with her ) 
  • Hates horror movies, but still always asks to watch them 
  • Loves tiny little adventures 
  • Doesn’t want anything too extravogent 
  • Couple outfits 
  • Makes the best food with the slow cooker 
  • Loves k-drama's 
  • Asks for BTS’s autograph even though they are literally already friends 
  • Loves amusement rides 
  • Phobia of lullabyes (I don’t even know…) 
  • Never really hides her worries 
  • Occasionally has the deep late night talks where she can venture all of her feelings 
  • Nike shoes 
  • Probably very extremely clumsy 
  • Is always worrying and caring about him
  • Has like one best friend which she’s known for her whole life 
  • Just so so so cute and care free but has this deepness in her that only limited people know 
  • Two words - Carefree, adorkable 

// I finally finshed the HYUng line— This was so long.… Anyone who’s reading this for the first time, i hope you read the Maknae line too —<3<3 I’m so so so sorry if this wasn’t what you were hoping for… I really hope you liked it:0 Thanks for all fo your requests <3 //

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Hey, i know that you are bored of these questions but when will the new hairs come, looking forward. Also, if they're not finished, can you show us a w.i.p?

Well I’m not bored by them, they are just difficult to answer sometimes cause 99% of the time they don’t come out when I originally planed. Like the braids I’m doing right now for example, I said they will be up in the beginning of this week but I wasn’t counting on me spending almost 3 days making just the bun lol I tried meshing like idk 4 or 5 different bun types and I didn’t like anyyy of them until I did this last one yesterday. So now that hair is done and I want to shoot my self in the foot cause poly is magical and I need to figure what the hell am I going to do to make it somewhat acceptable so warning you in advance this might be my first 30K hair lol 
So yeah braids are almost done I’ll have them in game today for sure and as far as  Daenerys hair goes that one is half baked still needs a lot of work

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Hey! So glad you're opening your ask box again lol :) Can you write a scenario with Bangtan's Jimin pretty please? Where he and his short girlfriend(lol) try baking for the first time and where it turns into a full on chocolate fight and turns into something a little more sexual? so a kind of smut scenario? pwease and thank you~

Well hello! I liked having it open too until I got swamped :P Anyways, yes, I’m more than happy to try getting my hands on another smut scenario (giggity). Let’s just hope it does as well as my last one, shall we? I’ll let you be the judge of that. Most of this will be typed while I’m at school, so let’s see if I can keep a straight face for a majority of it. Now, I did change it up a little so it’s not a FULL on chocolate fight, but I think you’ll like it regardless how much chocolate they throw, right? I would hope, at least. You can always request a rewrite, remember! To be totally honest, I know nothing of this kink (if it could be considered one), so I tried my best to make it work. I hope it isn’t too odd or out of place, but I have read some similar scenarios before, so I used them as a base for this. So, I hope it works for you! Don’t think I’ve been so scared of posting a scenario before ;-;

This is a BTS Jimin piece, smut, and medium in length

Enjoy everyone


Just a Small Taste, Please?

“Come on, Jimin, we need to get this cake baked for J-Hope’s party. If you were going to make me do it, you shouldn’t have volunteered to do it in the first place.” You were whipping the cake batter together and your arm was getting tired already from the whisk being in your hands for so long. This was your first time trying to bake something other than small cupcakes and it was only harder because Jimin was there. He kept being a distraction, like he always was. The fact he was in his wife beater was bad enough. But also that he was over your shoulder with his arms wrapped around your waist was only making it worse for you; it was tempting more that you wanted to admit. He had to be the taller one, and he’d never let it go. He would leave this position to help you when you asked for it, but he always return to that spot, right behind you. His touch was warm and you began to think; how did you get him in the first place. J-Hope was a mutual friend, but Jimin caught your attention at a glance. He told you about how he felt about his insecurities and you were able to assure him that he was fine, more than fine, but you didn’t dare admit it. It wasn’t long after you two met this conversation ensued, so you didn’t want to say anything that may seem weird and make things awkward. That’s what anyone else would do, right? Well, he didn’t think the same. You were somewhat insecure about yourself, and he wanted to assure you that you were the most beautiful girl in the world, so he began to only pay attention to you and only you most of the time, and you were happy he had chosen you. Eventually, he admitted that he had one reason to assure you that you were perfect; because he really believed you were and that he’d be honored to be your boyfriend. You said yes in the spot, and now here you are, baking a cake for the birthday of the friend that brought you together.

The chocolate frosting was getting close to becoming perfect to top off the cake when you saw a hand from behind you sweep into the bowl and drag a finger across the rim and return out of your sight, and you heard a licking sound near your ear. You were quick to turn around and see your boyfriend with his pointer finger in his mouth. He tried acting aegyo about it, but it only turned out hotter than he intended. Or maybe it was on purpose, you couldn’t be sure with him. Either way, it made your cheeks flush at the sight and you spun back around to focus on the chocolate frosting being mixed properly. You tried to focus and continue to whip but you saw his other hand come out and reach into the bowl again. He got a larger amount on his finger this time and you had to think Looks like I’m going to have to spread thin on the layers now if he keeps taking them, but it was a surprise when you saw the hand go behind you but you didn’t hear him lick. You then felt something go up the side of your neck. It was cold, but it was smooth to your skin. That bastard. He didn’t often play such pranks of such low variety, but you were most surprised when you felt his tongue go up your neck. He licked the same area he spread the chocolate and you moaned by feeling his taste buds mixing the tastes of the chocolate and you together in one. You bet it tastes amazing, and he showed this as when he finished, he rested his head on your shoulder and tried to get your attention by blowing your ear. You were persistent, but you eventually turned around to be centimeters away from his face and he spoke with a confidence he rarely had with anyone else but you.

“I don’t know what tasted better, the chocolate, or you.” God, he was a cheeky bastard sometimes, but you had to admit anything he ever did to you would make you slightly horny. And he could tell if you were or not so he’d continue to do whatever it was he was doing just to tease you beyond end.  And damn he was good at it. One of the very best out of everyone you’ve ever dated. But he would eventually stop and it’d turn to cuddles. Either way, you wanted more. You’ve wanted him for as long as you’ve chosen to date him, and it was quite sad. You were his girlfriend for God’s sake, why couldn’t you just admit you wanted to take that next step? People in relationships did that all of the time, so why couldn’t you? Not this time, you weren’t going to hold back this time. You were gonna entice him to want to this time, make him come to you first. You placed your finger in the mixing bowl and got a small dab on the tip of your finger and flung yourself to face Jimin who was still behind you. You had no idea where you were aiming to hit him, but the end result landed on his nose. He tried to lick it off himself, but his tongue wasn’t long enough to get it, so you had to lick it for him. It wasn’t a lot, as one lick got it all off. He rubbed his nose, as if he were wondering where the chocolate went and it made you both smirk at the same time. You could tell he was going to fight back, but you wanted to see what he could and would do. He was swift in taking his hand and bringing more chocolate to his arterially and swiped it across your cheek and kissed your cheek, using his tongue to lick whatever he could off. You chose it was your turn to have some fun as you placed some more icing on your finger and rubbed it on his Adam’s apple. You pushed his head back some as you had a chance to make him moan some, and boy did he. His voice was melodic and you wanted to make him do it more. Sadly, he was fast to place more icing on your collarbone and have his tongue do as it pleased. It was more moan worthy than you expected and you could feel him giggle against your skin as he continued to cover you in his saliva. Sure, it didn’t sound as hot, but if it was him doing it, it would always be. You went for another round but somewhere, somehow your hand slipped and your hand landed on your chest. At least it didn’t get on your tank top, but things were about to get messy regardless. You looked down and you saw it staining your skin, but Jimin beat you to the mess as he placed his mouth around the frosting and he was working his tongue on your skin to make goose bumps and your hair stand up.  You weren’t sure what exactly was happening, but you felt him raise his hands under your shirt and squeezing harshly at your breast. He was pulling you closer with his spare hand and you realized what was happening. Stuff was about to go down, and you were ready. You began to wrap your arms around him but he deflected you as he ripped off your tank top and threw it to the side. You began to nudge at his shirt as you tugged it upwards; as he allowed you to pull it over his head to reveal the real chocolate you wanted. God, why did he have to be so toned? It was such a distraction to you that you didn’t feel him pick you up off of the floor until he placed you on an empty countertop. He did this with ease and made a snarky comment

 ”My short girl is so easy to move around. Let’s see how else you can move around now…….” Having no prior experience, you weren’t quite sure what he meant. Either way, you were excited this time was coming. He began to rip of your shorts and then took off your bra. He slipped his hand behind you to pull more chocolate frosting on his finger. He then proceeded to trace the outline of your nipples with the frosting. He went to both of them before he licked the remainder off his finger. He first went to the right, then left, taking his sweet time licking the perimeter away from your skin. His tongue was still working its magic as he then began to nibble on your now cleaned nipples. He was being gentle, but it was enough to make you feel pain you’ve never felt before. But it was a good pain, one you wanted to feel forever. He bit down near the end of his attempt, and it was then you moaned without any intent of even doing it. He pulled back and smirked, knowing he was making you feel amazing, and this gave him a big ego boost. His smirk was evident of this as he went in to kiss you. He ran his hands up your curves and it tingled beyond belief. He then shifted his focus not on your mouth, but your neck again. He left marks on your skin, proving to himself that he could really satisfy you. You took a few deep breaths in, trying to take in the air Jimin didn’t let you have the past few minutes. You were breathless and he was loving the sight of seeing you like that, as you could tell by the bugle in his shorts. You thought you felt it against your thigh a little bit earlier, but if he didn’t have one now, you would’ve been offended. You stared at it, wondering what exactly he planned on doing with it, but he was quick to show you as he ripped off his shorts and boxers, leaving a very happy member to stand up for you. Wow, it was a lot bigger than you expected it to be. You decided to be a tease and placed more frosting on your finger and rubbed it at his tip. He looked down and he was about to try and wipe it off, but you held back his arms and asked him in your still breathless voice

 “Just a small taste, please?” He then seemed to have a revelation as to why you did it in the first place. You brought yourself off of the counter and down on your knees. You were the perfect height to reach and insert his member into your mouth. You were slow at first, but you then began to use your hand to try and make up for the leftover area your mouth couldn’t reach and pumped in a fluid motion. You heard him toss his head back as you continued to please him as much as you could. His breathing was becoming faster and faster, and you were waiting for the sign he was about to climax. You stopped right there, you didn’t want to make him come like this. You pulled away; his tip was clean, at least. He looked down, and then back to you, as in he was in disbelief that you pulled away when he was so close. You then blew him a kiss with your hand, but he was too mad to want to take it. He pulled you up to the countertop again, ripping off your panties. He then placed 2 fingers in the bowl, getting a rather large amount of frosting on them. He pushed your head backwards, but enough to still see him have his revenge. He placed both fingers into your womanhood and his speed matched his rage. He was going in and out as quickly as he could, which wasn’t enough to cause you any real pain, but the kind of pain you expected to come from doing this anyways. As he tried different speeds in you, you moaned to tell him which speed was best. He got there fairly quick, and he kept at it to tease you as much as you did him. You wanted to bend forward, but you didn’t want to get in the way of what he was doing. He quickly changed what he was doing from his fingers to his tongue. As he pulled out his fingers, there was some chocolate still left, so he licked it off, and nodded in agreement.

“Wow, you really did make this chocolate with care. Let me show you how much care I’ll put into this….” He then got lower on the ground and placed his tongue in your womanhood and moved it around, mostly around your clit. You grabbed the edge of the countertop, the fridge nearby, anything you could get your hands on. They eventually landed on Jimin’s head, trying to make him continue what he was doing to you. Why stop at something when you’re so damn good at it? He was moving side to side, just the way you hoped he would, at the same pace he did with fingers that you were hoping for as well. All you wanted was for him to finish you off, but as you stuttered your moans, meaning you were close to your peak, he popped back up from under you and wiped his face clean of your fluids.

 “Just a small taste indeed.” You were mad, but now you understood how you made him feel, because you just wanted him to finish you right now. You needed him bad, and right now. You weren’t sure how to ask him, it felt so awkward to ask, if you were going to. You had just done so much already, but asking for the grand finale was hard to see if you were going to get it. Fortunately for you, he pulled you up from your position, and held your hands

“Are you ready for the end? Its fine if you’re not, we can wait longer if you want. I know I was kinda harsh back there, so I completely understand……..” You could tell that he’s MUCH rather have the ending he wants, but is kind enough to offer an alternative. You loved that about him, always offering anything and everything to make you happy. He did that with other people, but especially you was where it mattered most to him. But, this time he didn’t have to sacrifice for you as you pulled him closer and placed a kiss on the tip of his nose. You both giggled at each other and he gave you a look of final affirmation. You gave him the look of approval and he began to adjust you. You couldn’t feel anymore chocolate inside of you, but it’d be gone by now when Jimin was finished with you. You spread your legs as far as you could without hurting yourself and he laced your legs around his waist and keeping it as tight as you could. His member was still hard as a rock, so you knew you had done a good job with him so far. It made you a little proud as well inside. He ran over the rim of you before he put himself into you, and you weren’t sure if it was there, but he made it clear for you very quickly as you felt him hit the back of you with passion. You screamed, not knowing what to expect, but it was more painful than you expected. You had a small moment of relief before he slammed into you again and made you scream louder. He had to hold you down by pressing firmly on your hips to keep you in place for him to please you properly. He pulled your left leg to drape over his shoulder so he could please you even more. He was powerful, trying to show what he’s been holding back for so long, and you wanted to make it worth it for him. You started by exaggerating your breaths, but he soon made them not so exaggerated anymore. You couldn’t believe what he was doing to you; you lost control of your breathing patterns as you were getting closer and closer to your end. He was putting all of his passion into you as he moaned heavily in front of you as he continued to thrust. You both were moaning to try and be louder than the other and it only made the situation more passionate. It was as soon as you started, you had your climax, and he saw the sign that you had but you told him to keep going until he finished too because it was only fair. His climax was not long after yours. You could feel him come inside of you, and it only made you happy to know you were the one to make him that happy. He collapsed on the tile and was exhausted beyond belief. You looked down from the counter top to him and know that you were both exhausted, evident by your shortened breaths. You looked over to the frosting bowl and you thought to yourself that now you’d have to do extra work.

 “Now we’re going to have to make another batch of frosting. I don’t think J-Hope would like the germs that are in there now.” Jimin looked up from the ceiling to you and he was deep in thought for a second or two before he smiled at you and asked

 “Can I get just a small taste of that too, please?”


So how do you think I did? Was it too much or did I actually do it right? I’m hoping I really don’t lose followers for this story XD If you haven’t already, follow for more content. The scenarios are coming out as fast as I can make them, so be on the lookout for those and I have a lot of ships waiting in line as well! I hope I impressed, and I hope you have a good day anon!