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Dude you can't be serious!
Final Fantasy XV
Dude you can't be serious!

Prompto: Dude, you can’t be serious! AH CRAP, YOU ARE!!  (゚´Д`゚)゚

A version without the background noise from the first one 

the fuckboy scheme

◇ You’ve just waged war on renowned fuckboy Jeon Jungkook.

◇ Jungkook x reader

◇ fuckboi!au + college!au

tfs 2

◇ based off unforgettable by french montana even tho he’s trash just because i could lol

◇ ahsjksks I’m not dead my dudes don’t worry im just studying which is the same thing but!!! Anyway i made this because of procrastination so don’t expect another one right away lol ❤️❤️❤️💟💖💖


You were proud to say that college wasn’t kicking your ass as much as it probably could. You finished three of your four essays due, completed a project that was 35% of your final grade, and managed to study for at least 10 minutes in the passed week.

And now, here you lay, your laptop perched on the bed in front of you with Netflix pulled up in the screen and a large bag of Doritos beside you. Your well-earned reward — and you’re enjoying it, too. Well, until—

“Hey!” The bubbly brunette you fondly called your roommate plummets onto your bed before you register her presence, and the presence of her red headed girlfriend who trails in after. “Guess what?”

“You and Rose decided to take a spontaneous trip to Hawaii and leave me to watch Luke Cage?” You try with a wishful smile, knowing damn well what she was about to propose as soon as she pulled up her Twitter. “A party? Really?”

“Yes!” Jennie grins brightly, shoving the screen in your face. A tweet from the man himself, Jackson Wang, is on the screen, and you barely catch the words party and insane before she yanks it back. “Jackson is throwing another party this Friday and since there’s nothing too important coming up, I demand that you attend—”

“I don’t think so,” you laugh in disbelief, turning back to your relaxing setup. “No more parties for me—”

“Oh, come on,” Jennie’s face drops as she groans, slumping her body over your back dramatically — it was times like this that her fine arts major really came out. “The last party you went to was weeks ago! The last guy that you slept with was ages ago and it was terrible and it’s making you cranky—”

“I am not cranky!” You interrupt in indignation, eyes wide. At the pointed look that’s shot at you from both girls, you deflate. “That guy wasn’t that bad. What’s your point?”

“Our point,” Rose speaks with a furrow of her eyebrows, “is that since you slept with You-Know-Who—” Her eyes narrow warningly when your mouth opens to make a Voldemort joke— “You’ve been in a slump. And it’s making you angry at everything.”

“So you think I should go to a party to get wasted and fuck someone?” You retort, rolling your eyes, “I don’t think so.”

“You don’t have to get wasted,” Jennie whines, tugging at your arm. “Look, me and Rose are going too. We’ll stay with you until you get some nice piece of meat to play with—”


“And then you can be happy and we’ll be happy because you’re happy!” She concludes with a cheeky grin.

You ponder her offer, swimming between whether or not you should listen to your ultracrepidarian best friend. Your hesitance shows obviously on your face, and Jennie pouts. “Please? I haven’t been to a party with my best friend in weeks—”

You sigh, pulling your arms from your grip and wriggling your body to roll Jennie off of your back. “Whatever, whatever. Can I watch this in peace now?”

Squeals and whatnot ensue, but you can only roll your eyes and push your earphones in further, grabbing another handful of Doritos.


Nothing had ever irritated Jeon Jungkook as much as this particular thing was.

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anonymous asked:

There actually is a Spider-Man!BMC AU!! I don't remember who started it, but I've seen a lot about it on Ao3! If I find who made it, I'll send another ask.

((Oh thanks! Somebody actually already told me about it and sent the link lol so I’m going to read it when I have the time ^^ But I’m not surprised to find that somebody’s made one already~~

I’ve actually seen a Spider-Man and Deadpool AU where Jer is Spidey and Michael is Deadpool and I love that one a lot too))


Kisumi kiss me Shigino 


HAP BIRTH MAX @mangaken!! 🎉🎉

hOW MANY YEARS HAS IT BEEN aaaa you’ve been one of my closest friends ive made on here :’)) Thank u for sticking with me throughout these years and I apologize for any wrongdoing ive done u_u;

sentimental stuff aside FJSKF AFTER 47843 YEARS I FINALLY DREW AN ACTUAL LAPIDOT rip i know ive said ive been wanting to draw them earlier but well better late than never i suppose hAHAHA they’re really cute and because of u i got into this ship 8’’))

Johnlock Fanfiction Rec List Part 1

Well, I’ve been reading lots of fanfics lately, I asked myself why not?
*Nearly all fics are bottomlock. Switchlock, at most. I am not very big fan of DFP characterization and Toplock. Uups, sorry. (Not sorry.)
*I tried to pick the ones I recently read. 

Behind Closed Curtains by twisting_vine_x
Sherlock teaches John how to dance. (Based on a certain scene from S3E02).
2.9k, General Audiences
(This is like, really angsty and cute at the same time?)

Mirrored by WhimsicalEthnographies
“Watch me, like always.”
6.7k Explicit
(This one is really hot? I love this author’s fics. Go read ‘em all.)

Back to the Start by slashcribe
Sherlock hasn’t played the violin since John’s wedding (which is long since over), and when John returns to 221B, Sherlock relearns the violin as he and John relearn each other. Post S3 fic with an obscene amount of pining, idiocy, and attempts to pawn off tea duties.
14k Mature
(My heart. Also all of this author’s fics.)

An Acquired Taste by kinklock
At Montague Street when Sherlock was forced to sate his body’s needs, he was at least able to wander about the flat as much as he pleased. At Baker Street, it was mini-bags in a mini-fridge and bedroom confinement.
25,8k Explicit
(Smol Batlock? I am in. Also all fics of our fandom mother kinklock​ <3)

Sugar Me Sweet by penumbra
“Let’s get started, shall we?” Sherlock says as he sheds his coat. A black, diaphanous shirt hangs loose on his shoulders, clings tight to his abdomen. A pair of studded, leather trousers like a second skin. They complement the curve of his plump arse and emphasize the length of his outrageously long legs. Powerful thighs. Muscular calves and…John’s not entirely sure how Sherlock got himself in them, but he’s not complaining. On the contrary. A bit distracted by the idea of him removing them, honestly. Peeling them off, and he’d have to go slow. May even need a little help.
3k Mature 
(Too hot? Hot damn. Stripperlock, but with a plot twist. By amazing anotherwellkeptsecret )

The Important Bit by Solshine
Just where exactly is the line between “to love” and “to be in love”? What difference is required between “flatmate” and “husband”? (Besides the rings, obviously.) No, the important bit is that they have each other. Thirty years, give or take, in an atypical marriage. Basically a long bit of platonic domestic fluff.
10k General Audiences
(I can’t even…)

"I like to watch you dance”, had said Moriarty. And now he has Sherlock dancing in the palm of his hand… with John as an audience. Strip dancing and power play scene. Johnlock, angst, romance. Pretty dark.
3 Works, 165k, Explicit (Though it says Mature)
(I’ll never stop promoting Zoffoli’s fics. Warning for extreme angst. Also all other fics by Zoffoli)

Qua Fota Vocant by prettysailorsoldier
Sherlock is enamored with one of the employees at the university library, wiling away hours of his days just to catch a glimpse of the dynamic John Watson: captain of the rugby team, event manager for the LGBT society, and third-year medical student. Of course, being only a first-year, it’s unlikely John will ever notice him. At least, until fate (and a little well-intentioned meddling) intervenes.
18k, Explicit
(Lots of prettysailorsoldier’s fics are among my favourites, I had to pick one. My favourite Teenlock writer.)

Keeping You Safe by Atisenia
After the end of her disastrous marriage, Joan moves back in with Sherlock and learns - quite by accident - what happened to Sherlock’s wings.
2.3k Teen
(Probably the only Femlock in this list. Angst & fluff.)

Take Your Time by TooSelin
In which Sherlock and John are finally together and desperate to have sex, but things keep getting in the way, John is going to lose his mind and Sherlock might just set someone on fire.
8k Explicit
(This is hilarious and sexy. Even I was frustrated after some point, lol.)

Kingdoms Rise by DONTBL1NK
“The name is Sherlock Holmes, and I broke in.”
15k Explicit
(In the name of not giving spoilers, I am not making further commenting. Amazing.)

To the Sticking Place by blueink3
Renowned Shakespearean actor Sherlock Holmes has finally burned all of his bridges in the theatre industry save for his constant director, Greg Lestrade. John Watson has made a name for himself in the musical theatre circuit, but age and injury are working against him. Can they reinvent themselves for an all-male Macbeth without killing one another?
122k Explicit
(Like Performance in a Leading Role, but theatre AU.)

Imaginary Pictures by crossroads
There’s a new boy in class and everybody likes him.
Not that Sherlock would care, as long as ‘John’ leaves him alone…
36k Explicit
(Sherlock’s POV. Cute and hot.)

In Nomine by Atiki
“Alright?” John asks gently, planting a kiss on Sherlock’s left collar bone, smoothing a hand down his chest and belly until it rests in the soft trail of hair below his belly button. John’s smile is all soft and warm. His hand feels tender and solid and real. A soldier’s hand. A surgeon’s hand. A lover’s hand. Oh.
“John”, Sherlock gasps. And that’s where it begins.
3.5k Explicit
(My precious smol son…)

For you, there’s only me by shock_blanket
Sherlock realizes he has fallen in love with John, but believes he is unlovable. Cue lots of pining and jealousy on Sherlock’s part, followed by our favorite cuddly marksman making it all better. Because for Sherlock, there’s only John.
20k Explicit
(Pining pining pining…)

In Care Of by  quietasasleepingarmy
John writes instructions for Sherlock’s lover on how to care for him.
34k Explicit
(My feels… They are so… I am so…)

Mouth to Mouth by OssaCordis
John tastes emotions. Sherlock never cooks.
4.6k Teen
(This makes my heart warmer.)

The Scent of Home by conductor_of_light
John comes back to 221b and Sherlock’s world feels complete again. Even the flat smells right, both of their scents mixing together to make it home.
3.4k Mature
(I have thing for all scent talk.)

The Bottom Third of the Door Handle by  astudyinrose
After Pilot!John and Pilot!Sherlock leave the final crime scene in the unaired pilot of Sherlock, they go to the Chinese restaurant nearby, and… that’s pretty much all you need to know.
6.1k Explicit
(Pilotbabies in love.)

Acceptable Behaviour by  bbcatemysoul
Sherlock isn’t really sure why John wants to shag him, but he’s certain that if he’s careful to behave properly about it, John can be persuaded to keep doing it. In other news, John is a good boyfriend and Sherlock is an idiot.
3.4k Mature
(Sherlock is smol, and then, when wasn’t he?)

A Bit Too Familiar by  Salambo06
When Mrs. Turner’s 'married ones’ come to dinner at 221B, John must face some serious revelations about his relationship with Sherlock.
5.5k Mature
(This my dream tbh.)

A Suitable Stain by vitruvianwatson
John imagines what they must look like–the young, gorgeous university student, naked as the day he was born, draped over the well-dressed older doctor, the muscles rippling in Sherlock’s back as his slim hips roll that beautiful arse up into the air and back down again, his spine curving beneath John’s hand as he moves it to the small of Sherlock’s back to feel the movement. The hard outline of Sherlock’s cock slides back and forth across John’s body, dampening his clothes with precome, and John moves both hands down to Sherlock’s arse, squeezing and pulling him in harder.
7.6k Explicit
(All fics by vitruvianwatson. All of them. Sexy as hell, I can’t even. I have a thing for age differance and vitruvianwatson is only feeding my obsession.)

A Goose Quill Dipped in Venom by  Polyphony
Sherlock Holmes, consulting detective, is called in to a very ordinary although brutal murder. Something is badly out of tune with the whole scenario and Sherlock finds himself becoming more and more obsessed with the crime - and also with the victim.
30k Mature
(I am really into a particular scene in this. John, oh John.)

White Tulip by withoutawish
Sherlock is in love with John Watson. John Watson is in love with Mary Morstan. Sherlock likes Mary Morstan just fine. Sherlock likes drugs more. And most importantly, Sherlock doesn’t like Sherlock. String theory dictates the laws of the universe. But their story isn’t one that can be boxed up neatly, tied in a heartstring bow.
40k Explicit
(This extremely angsty though, don’t say I didn’t warn. It stole my lunch and left me under the rain.)

A Visit To The Doctor by  flawedamythyst
When Watson gets ill, Holmes goes to extraordinary lengths to get him well again. ACD/BBC crossover.
28k Teen
(READ THIS. I like how at the end Sherlock’s like “Gtfo, we’ll have sex.” Also bonus points for the incredible romance between ACD Holmes/Watson.)

The Haunting of Sherlock Holmes by  MapleleafCameo
Forced by his interfering git of a brother to the countryside to recuperate, Sherlock stumbles upon a 60 year old mystery. Captain John Watson, returning after WWII mysteriously disappeared one night. Bored, Sherlock investigates, but what if Watson didn’t disappear? What if he’s still there? Sort of a ghost story. Eventual Johnlock.
25k Explicit
(Surprisingly, not angsty at all. Ghosts.)

Grey Matters by  J_Baillier
Dr Sherlock Holmes is the hospital’s new neurosurgical star. He performs miracles with his scalpel, but his bedside manner leaves a lot to be desired. The task to address the issue falls on one of the unit’s senior neuroanaesthetists, Dr John Watson.
17.5k Mature
(What can I say? I am always a slut for Hospital AU’s.)

A Different Kind of Complication by  Atisenia
When John started getting letters addressed to Sherlock Holmes, he had no idea that his life was about to change forever.
8.7k Teen
(Mike The Cupid is on duty.)

A World Ahead by Junejuly15
'If I were to kiss you now, would you let me?’ Sherlock whispered.
'Try me,’ John growled…
28k Mature
(This is a whole BBC Sherlock fix-it. We’d be crying of happiness if everything happened to be like this.)

Ink Your Name Across My Heart by  prettyvk
The metaphor is imperfect but still workable. If my long term memory is a hard drive, then my short term memory is RAM. The hard drive became read-only following the illness. New data is stored in RAM and can be used while I remain awake. Going to sleep – ‘turning off’ – wipes the RAM, returning the system to what it was prior to the illness.
58k Explicit
(This fic is so special for me. I know it’s extremely well-read by all of the fandom, but I wanted to put it in my list.)

Shameless self-advertisement:

Game Over
That’s when you know you will lose John.
That’s when you know she will take him away from you.
305 words, General

Meeting Harry Watson (WIP)
Harry Watson is a psychiatrist who is an alcoholic and former drug addict.
John Watson had no intention to introduce his sister to Sherlock.
But they did meet years ago. And then they saw each other a couple times more.
(The one which Harry Watson is a doctor and ships Johnlock.)


Now that we’ve got a much clearer picture i have to comment on it of course !!!!! :3

The outfit is pretty surprising i’m so happy they gave him a new design and they didn’t just add a jacket as usual,i’ve always imagined that 17′s favorite color was green so that’s hell of a coincidence ! 

The haircut does look a bit different but i’m sure it’s just the angle of the picture.

I also really dig the gloves and the way he’s putting them like OMG !!! *.* fangirling right now.

Also the armband clearly says ranger which means that Toriyama does remember that 17 is a park ranger lets hope he doesn’t forget that he has a family too.

I’m pretty curious about what his shirt says xD also i’m wondering if this is his only outfit or we will see him in another one !! soo many questions :o !! 

Finally i really don’t know how much screen time he will have so of course i don’t wanna get my hopes too high but the things i wanna see are:

-Him and 18′s reaction when they see eachother.

-An interaction between him and his lovely niece Marron <3 i’m sure many people wanted that since the 90′s LOL.

-Some kind of an awkward conversation between him and Krillin that would be HILARIOUS.

-Piccolo having some kind of a reaction and remembering their epic fight,i’ve always said that these two would’ve made awsome rivals.

-I don’t wanna get my hopes too high for his family though,it would be like a huge bonus to me. :D

A little change of heart

Hello, everyone! It’s been weeks since I last updated my blog. It was because I’ve been busy with few other things besides writing (which is new, lol). I’ve been traveling a lot, making the most of my vacay. Plus I am now going out with someone (naks!). Aaaand I’m finally back to the corporate world!

Oh, and another thing is I am leaving Tumblr…again. Catch me

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anonymous asked:

You motherfuckers finally got me. I've been loving the whump community for years and it seems like every one of you is obsessed with Steve mcgarrett and I never understood but you assholes finally did it I've been converted and I now I need every Steve and Danno whump scene ever 😂😍🖕

hahah, this cracked me up like nothing has in a long time. ;) *insert evil laugh* muahahaha. WE DID IT. YET ANOTHER OBLIVIOUS PERSON HAS BEEN SUCKED INTO OUR WHIRLPOOL OF INSANITY. just kidding. (kinda.) but seriously!! welcome to the whumpers of Steve and Danno! 

i’m a huge H50 fan, and that fandom was actually the first one to get me hooked on whump… even before i knew what it was called. ;) i love those two boys so damn much, and the whump (if ridiculous and painfully medically inaccurate *facepalm*) is GOOD. plus, the bromance and sass and carguments create so many delightful angst scenarios whenever one of those goofs gets hurt. ;) which is (let’s be honest) all the freakin’ time. haha. 

in all honesty, though. i’m so glad you’re here with us. :D s8 has a lot of whump (and angst O.o) potential, and the more the merrier!


anonymous asked:

I'm curious. What is the meaning of your pseudo??? (PS: I love Final Tour!)

Omg!!!! Thank you! T___T *dies*

i used to have another pseudo for yeeearrss, but i’m trying to keep that one personal related and gouguruheddo as fandom based. i feel like i made a terrible mistake because it’s hard to spell, remember, AND say, but… oh well. lol

‘gouguruheddo’ is the romanji for the katakana ゴーグルヘッド which means “gogglehead”. goggleheads are the main protags in the digimon series for having, well, goggles. XD i love digimon, i LOVE daisuke, and for the first 3 years of this blog, that’s all it really was, so i thought i’d be safe. then snk came around. >> whoooops.

the name specifically came from a role play i did with @insertlokihere. they played ken, and i played daisuke. in one scene they were chatting over their d-terminals and loki dropped the username “nichijouji” and i just died for days. such a dumb username and it said so much about his character (ichi = one, ni = two; ken has a low opinion of himself, etc). i wanted something cute for dai, and him inheriting the goggles from taichi is a huge deal that i think he’d always feel really proud of. so “gouguruheddo” was born.

such a long winded answer. sorry nonny. but thanks for the ask! i like gushing about my other gay boyfriends. lol.

ppgxrrblove  asked:

Hey his-fiancee how are you doing? I am wondering..did you like the two lizzy models that I go (finally) from a nice mmder(3D model maker)? Wanted to know if you loved lil lizzy outfits =3! She made another Lizzy model with a different outfit but I don't know if its cute enough for modern look of Lizzy :O! Anyway above that I wanted to ask you if you have any ideas for cielizzy? Cause I need some ; ^ ;!! I wanted to make some for you once more..but I'm getting pooped over here lol.

I like them. Especially the one where Lizzy’s hairstyle isn’t correct yet. It doesn’t look like Lizzy but I like how ghostly she looks. I mean, I kind of hate it when things are off but her correct hairstyle looks odd, don’t you think? But very definitly: LIZZY DOESN’T HAVE SUCH HUGE BOOBS! Sorry Lizzy, but that had to be said. It’s just true, you know? But ther than that they’re pretty nice.

I’m sorry, honey, I can’t help you with scenarios. I’m struggling myself… :(

Imagine an Until Dawn AU that takes place in the “Saw” universe.

I literally thought of this after binge-watching all the Saw movies at 2 AM.

-Dr. Hill could be like Jigsaw.

-Josh is devastated after losing Hannah and Beth and for a while goes on a self-destructive path. Dr. Hill decides to teach Josh a “lesson,” but ends up making Josh his apprentice. Basically, Josh would be like Amanda.

-For months Josh and Dr. Hill make all these traps in an abandoned hospital (or somewhere else. The lodge seems a bit too small to build those kinds of traps in.)

-Josh decides he wants revenge on his friends for the prank they pulled on Hannah that resulted in his sisters deaths, and invites them all to a “party” he’s throwing. They all go, not realizing that they’re actually going to an abandoned hospital and are about to be faced with the most difficult tests of their lives.

-Each person has their own “tests” to go through at first, as each of them all have their own lesson to learn. Luckily, they all survive, though not without some pain and bloodshed. Eventually they all meet up together, and THAT’S when things get really tough. They all have to work together to survive these deadly traps. Josh would be there also, pretending that he’s a victim just like the rest of them. He goes through the tests along with them.

-Obviously, everyone is freaked out. Emotions are running high and there’s SO much tension between all of them as they’re faced with death. Ugly truths come out, fights occur, and at some point some of them even turn on each other and try to let the other die in order to survive.

-Each trap is more gorier and difficult than the last. Most people in the gang don’t survive. Only two or three make it out alive, although I can’t pick who those two or three are.

-Josh, of course, stages his own gory death. Then he goes back to Dr. Hill. He feels guilty as hell and sick, and he feels his sanity slipping more and more. He regrets the whole thing, but is forced to watch as his friends die one by one. Then he watches as the last remaining two or three people make it through the final test alive. Dr. Hill, disguised as Jigsaw, congratulates them and finally allows them their freedom. Josh watches as they escape, feeling relieved that at least a few of them made it out alive.

-Josh wants nothing more than to escape with them, because he realizes the huge mistake he’s made and wants out of this. But Dr. Hill won’t let him leave and threatens to teach Josh another lesson. A few hours later, the police show up and arrest Josh and Dr. Hill. They are both sent to a psychiatric ward.

And…I guess that would be the end of it lol.

Oh, but if Chris was one of the people who survived, I can totally picture Josh smiling and saying to himself, “Good job, Cochise.”

Sorry to anyone who has never see the Saw movies and is just wondering wtf is happening right now.

I think this needs to be a fanfic…I kinda wanna write this.

Gazette Live 1/23 Nagoya Highlights

- Biggest being they punked us. And by us I mean the audience and Aoi. They started playing Inside Beast and it seemed like someone done fucked up.
- Aoi, Reita, and Ruki all congregate with Ruki smacking Reita’s arm and consensus seemed to be it was Reita’s fault.
- Surprise!!! Birthday cake for Aoi! Ruki and the audience sang for him!
- Ruki made Aoi speak. My Japanese is nowhere near perfect so feel free to correct me, but it SEEMED like Aoi said something like huh how about that I was yelling at you for messing up and it was something like this lolololol what do you think of that. He held the mic to Reita who might have said something like he didn’t really think anything. Lol.
- Ruki was also super into this birthday cake. He commented on the picture on it and tilted it up so the audience could see it. He also kept sticking his finger in it to taste the icing and kind of took a few steps like he wanted to follow it when they took it away.
- During Inside Beast Aoi got a lot of love from the band, Reita kept pointing at him dramatically.
- Lots of ‘end of the tour’ type talk from Ruki, grateful for the tour and all, only this and tomorrow and the final left, nothing shocking or especially silly.
- Reita nommed Uruha’s arm like a corn on the cob. Uruha thought this was hilarious.
- I feel like a lot of my talk is Reita centric I’m sorry the guy did a lot of stuff. He also smacked into Ruki once getting off his box and went to go play facing Aoi during another song. Reita got low like he likes to do. Aoi tried to and made a face while rubbing his leg lol.
- Aoi and Uruha played back to back at one point.
- Typical Ruki and Uruha time during Hyena.
- At the end after Linda, everyone else was gone, Ruki was finishing up, and Kai had just thrown his last drum stick. He went and grabbed a bottle of water when suddenly he totally changed trajectory and just POURED water down the back of Ruki’s shirt, then ran away real fast giggling.
- Ruki flailed for a minute, then got playfully indignant, throwing down the straw from a water bottle in a huff. He then either dumped the water in a corner or on one person’s head (I couldn’t see), flung the bottle and left. (Everyone was saying Kai is going to die. RIP Kai you lived a good life.)
- Uhhhh it was a really good live. I’m looking forward to tomorrow. My seat won’t be as good as it was tonight for sure though!

ourqueenfelinefatale  asked:

I was wondering if you knew where to find templates for gifsets and how to download and use them? I wanted to try new ways of making graphics in my spare time and your help would be greatly appreciated.

Apart from the ones I make myself, I get all of my templates from here, it’s honestly the best resource imo:

The great thing about gifset templates is that you don’t really have to download them to use them (at least I don’t), lemme explain. 

When I first started making gifsets, this was hands-down the best video I came across. I highly recommend it to anyone who’s interested in knowing how to use templates for gifs in Photoshop. I’m a visual learner so I was happy to come across a step-by-step tutorial that explains everything really well.

There’s one thing that isn’t covered in the video though and I think it’s really important (assuming you’re using Photoshop):

  1. Colour your individual gif
  2. Before you copy it onto your template, click the small arrow with the lines on your timeline and select flatten frames into layers.

I cannot stress enough how important this stage is lol. If you don’t do it, you’ll end up with a horrendously coloured final product and I wish I had known that when I was starting out tbh.

Here’s part of a gifset I made a few months ago and the template (full one here) I used to achieve it. You can see the dimensions for each gif and the overall image size for the set is 245 x 300. 

Another way I like to use templates is so that the gifs are kinda “centred” like this:

All you have to do is crop the gif to the dimension you want (in this case 300 x 165) and then go to image - canvas size - select pixels from the dropdown box - and then change the width to 500 px and there you have it!

Hope this helps, if you have any other questions just let me know. :)

Alone by Your Side I Was Flying (a tsukkiyama fanmix)


Because what’s worse than knowing you want something, besides knowing you can never have it?

i. Coldplay - Shiver | ii. Foster the People - Waste | iii. Crystal Fighters - At Home | iv. Neon Trees - Teenager in Love | v. Simple Plan - When I’m With You | vi. Coldplay - Yellow | vii. Best Coast - Boyfriend | viii. The Lighthouse and the Whaler - Venice

It’s been a while since the last time I made a fanmix! I was going to post a daisuga coffeeshop au fanmix but I thought maybe that could wait a bit because tsukkiyama is my absolute OTP. This is a bit angsty by the way (because who doesn’t want the tsukkiyama angst) and I’ll probably make another one but with Tsukishima’s p.o.v. 

(lol ignore the little kagehina in the BG i just really wanted to insert the babs there)