lol i feel so creepy doing this

This is a more recent update….The before is from 13 ‎September ‎2015 and the after is from day before yesterday. Belly fat is something most of us struggle with and anyone can change their bodies if they want. Anything is possible if you try. Like and follow me on insta @coldcolorface Now it is a private account because a few guys like stalk and say creepy sexual things…But if you are genuine I do accept haha. I post things about my weight loss and regular things girls do lol. So yeah, follow me if you like here or on insta and FEEL FREE TO ASK ME ANYTHING. ALWAYS HERE TO HELP.  

Fun little game

i was tagged by @atimeofwhichwehavenoknowledge , what a peach omg i love you

What made you sign up to Tumblr? well, i kinda joined cuz all my friends had on, and i thought it’d be nice if i did too lol

What did your blog start off as being? my blog was originally a taylor swift blog, oml i cant believe it lmao

Have you ever received any creepy asks, and if so, what did they say? fortunately, ive never received a particularly creepy ask. so thats good. 
Have you ever had a bad experience on tumblr? ummm probably, i just cant think of one lmao

If you had to pick a favourite English monarch, who would you pick? oh jeez i have no clue. im american lmao
Do you prefer hot or cold? umm in general i think hot, i honestly hate being cold lol
Do you have a special skill or talent? i can kinda sing. but also, i feel like im really good at reading people? ive kinda had to do it all my life 
Do you have a phobia of anything? i have an irrational fear of really big whales? ik its weird

If you had to pick a favourite real life villain from history, who would pick? oh boy. this is a hard one. i cant really think of anyone o other than hitler, but hes the actual worst lol
Do you have any dark traits? yeah i can be manipulative to get things i want, and i lie to my parents and stuff a lot
If you could do anything, literally anything, like fly on a unicorn or something, what would it be? i would meet and be best friends with the stranger kids. its my dream tbh lol
What is the scale of the worst argument you’ve ever had? oh man idk ive had some bad arguments, but idrk how to answer this one properly lol

What is your favourite slush flavour? i like good ol cherry
If you could bring back any food or drink from your childhood that has been discontinued, what would it be? i cant really think of any rn tbh lol
What is your favourite and most vivid childhood memory? probably waking up with my brother and us getting pie tins and stuff and going outside and making ‘mud pies’ lol it was so fun
If you could bring anyone back from the dead who would it be? i have no clue. no one really close to me has died, so thats good

If you could go back to any time period and live there for a week, which period would it be and why? probably the 60s or the 80s, and id just get hella clothes and see hella concerts and meet cool people
If you could visit any abandoned place to take pictures, where would it be? this is such a weird question. i honestly cant think of anything rn haha
Do you have any particular, peculiar interests? i like making paper snowflakes from pages out of vogue. theyre really cool. 
Do you have a creepy/scary experience that has happened to you, and what was it? yeah, one time i said the m word in the auditorium, and a bunch of creepy shit started happening lol

Do you like/read creepypasta stories? If so, what’s your favourite story? no ive actually never read a creepypasta before lol
What is your recurring nightmare? when i was a little kid, i had this recurring nightmare where i was riding on a motorcycle and i fell into a pit? lmao doesnt make sense but still scary as a kid 
Have you ever had a lucid dream? unfortunately no. i want to really bad tho

If you could go to another planet, which would it be? probably mars. im basic af
What is your religion, if any? man idek. im kinda a christian, but not really. i mostly believe in a goddess, i just find that more comforting than a god. idk lol
Have you ever got so drunk, that you did something really embarrassing, and if so, what did you do? oh god yeah. during the summer me and my friend liked to have a couple beers and a couple glasses of wine and a couple vodka sunrises, and we would go out at night and sit in the bed of her moms truck with a fuckload of pillows and blankets. one time, her bf came over ad we all kinda got frisky, like me and her were choking eachother and shit. yeah. it was kinda bad, but we never kissed? 
Mike, Dustin, Lucas, or Will? mike. hands down. such a peach.

Do you like Marina and the Diamonds? yesiree
Charli XCX? never really listened to her tbh lol
Tag a blog that you’ve seen, and you love their posts, but have never told them, and would like to talk to them. @dadharbour , weve talked like once, but honestly you have the best blog in the whole fandom lol
Pick one thing you like/love from the 80s. the fashion
What year were you born, and name something cool from that year. ugh i was born in 2001. legally blonde came out that year tho

What was your blog name originally? (If you had another blog name) it was cherry-lips-crystal-swiftie13 cuz ya know i was a taylor swift blog *cringe*
Do you follow any blogs that you know the user in real life? not that i know of lol

If you are in the ST fandom, which is your favourite song off the ST soundtrack? honestly i cant choose lol

Finally, give your opinion on the person who tagged you! ✨ @atimeofwhichwehavenoknowledge , you have such a cool blog, and youre super nice to talk to about headcanons and season 2 theories and youre just so sweet and precious 🌸🌸

idek who to tag, im sure everyone in the fandom is gonna be tagged sooner or later lol


He did not look up at me, even though I was certain that he could feel my gaze scrutinize him. I watched as light and shadow competed for the soft features of his face. The fire burned deep in his dark eyes, turning the brown of his irises red.  - His Shadow by @bottomgeneralhux

So I got the privilege of getting to read parts of this before it was posted which was super fun!!! so some concept type stuff + ren pokin at a fire bein all creepy (and hot) Im such a sucker for vamp!aus RIP. 


@shenpaidoodles @thegayninjas Shen sketch inspiration from you guys.♥ ( hope it’s not weird or creepy to just randomly make art for you after just coming across your blogs.) l But I do enjoy the silly things you guys make. it all makes me laugh when I’m feeling down. Also your Shen/Zed reference helped a lot considering the regular splash arts just have so much shit going on in them it’s like “WHAT THE FUCK IS WHAT?” lol.

And bunch of other league sketches I made aswell. I might color them? If i’m not too lazy.


All my FT3 piccys! (Please no reposting or cropping me out)