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it was,,,,,, so fucking good. i just need to rant for a bit about so many aspects of this video because like not only was it genuinely so funny and original and creative, it was just SO WELL MADE. there were so many small details about it that i couldn’t even believe.  they put so much actual effort into it and they’re also both so naturally funny when it comes to this kind of humor. ahhhh there were so many good things to talk about that i hardly know where to begin or like how to even organize my thoughts so just like,,, be ready bc this is about to be the most incoherent ramble 

first of all. dnp work so well together. i mean. we know this, we see it all the time. but there’s a lot of humor in the crafts videos that is just completely improvised within the larger pre-planned structure/concept. and they bounce off each other SO well in this setting (maybe even better than they do in many of their normal collabs, at least from a comedic standpoint.) i think a lot of this has to do w the fact that the satirical cheeriness of the “characters” that they play, that is over-emphasized to the point of being creepy, just lends itself really well to so many amazing one-liners. but also they just have such good chemistry that is so readily apparent in this context,,, it makes me emotional. they consistently set each other up for jokes, if one person improvises a certain action or behavior the other goes along with it or reacts to it immediately and that’s a mark of rly well-practiced entertainers but also two people who know each other really well and i love watching it play out.

i also do have to acknowledge that they are both fundamentally quite talented. all three of the craft videos are examples of really genuinely witty humor and they showcase that side of dnp so well. both of them also have such a good sense of comedic timing and even an intuition for physical comedy and they’re also rly creative with how they edit these videos and the union of all of those elements is what makes these videos so good in my opinion. while i believe dan’s explanation that the first crafts video was filmed quite spontaneously without much of a plan (and that’s why it’s super short and not as funny as the latter two imo), i do think they put a lot of thought and effort into this one which is quite clear through many of the details they worked into the video both during the filming itself and then afterwards in the editing. first of all the overall concept of them being taken by satan as a culmination of the extremely subtle creepy undertones from the first one is just so smart bc no one would expect them to take it that far and the total hyperbolic unlikeliness of it is what makes it so damn funny. i think most ppl were expecting when dan said he’s keeping his stamp a secret that it would just be some sort of satanic symbol like what happened in the glitter faces vid but like,,, no one thought it’d escalate to where it did. it was so unexpected and over the top but somehow still not overdone or so forced as to dilute the comedy. it synthesized humor with genuinely unsettling creepiness and that is such a difficult balance to achieve. 

you can tell they put a lot of thought into it on so many levels. for instance they worked in all these rly subtle allusions to satan himself before the weird ritual scene happens, like dan saying “this one’s long with a big head like him” (ty for describing satans cock to us dan jfc) and phil saying “i’ve selected as many knives as friends i have, which is two.” then even during the ritual scene they work in things like the cow noise since a common satanic symbol is a horned deity (baphomet lol). and in their new channel description they use the case file name 19-1-20-1-14 which decodes to the word “satan” if you use a basic letter-number cipher (in which each number stands for the letter that is that position in the alphabet. ’s’ is the 19th letter, ‘a’ is the first, and so on.) and there are so many other little editing quirks that give this video that unsettling undertone, as well as editing quirks that add to the comedy of it and it’s all just so well done. for example the voice editing on certain words like “sharp” and “go away.” the audio overlays of heavy breathing at various points and random cuts to black screens. the use of creepy music at strategic places throughout. at 4:36 they recorded themselves saying protip backwards just to reverse it and they even spell out the “protip” text backwards, seemingly both as a way to shit on the whole ‘protip’ trope from the last vid and also to make fun of the way that satanists/conspiracy theorists think there are hidden messages in popular songs and shit that u can only hear if u play the audio backwards. ugh i hate them and their many layers of references. phil also references this again during the ritual part, when dan lights the match (he just goes “portip” “portip” as though he’s trying to say it backwards lol.) and then they fuck around w the word protip throughout the video almost like they’re making fun of it. there’s also definitely a subtle pitch manipulation of their voices as the video progresses. by the end they sound like they’ve sucked on a little bit of helium but it happens gradually enough that you’re just a little bit put off and you can’t really place why. then there’s the little comedic touches like the siren sound when “carefully” flashes across the screen. the fact that the legal disclaimer for adult supervision is cut off at the sides. the zoom in on the fleck of green paint that lands on dan when phil’s pouring it into the plate. ugh like damn i just want to make the point that they clearly put work into this and on face value it seems like a shoddy home video w a weird satanic ending but there’s a reason this works so well and feels so creepy and simultaneously laugh out loud funny and it’s bc they’re genuinely talented and we don’t always get to see that creative talent at work in their standard formulas for videos on their regular channels so i’m just so grateful that they made something like this where it seems like they allow themselves to exercise more of that creative energy. it begs a lot of questions about why they don’t do shit like this more,,,  and i think there are a number of reasons they feel safe and happy making what they generally make now but i’m jst so happy that at least in these videos they’ve branched out and done something so creative and good.

on that note. i just need to ramble about phil. i don’t think anyone can dispute that phil really carries these videos and partly that’s because he’s been in the role of the “teacher” in all three videos so he inevitably comes across as more dominant and sets the tone for the humor, but also like,,, he just works so well in this style and comes up with such spontaneous and WITTY little remarks that inevitably become the standout lines from each vid (in this one, for example, “potato is in my top ten favorite fruit,” “sometimes it’s nice to look up at the stars and remember that they’re all already dead,” “if you make a mistake while cutting just think about it for the rest of the day,” etc. and one of my fav from the past, “if you’re left handed ask a friend” (d: why am i left handed) “everybody makes mistakes!”) he also seems to improvise a lot of the physical comedy in the videos (in this one, the way he just stared at the paint as he squeezed it out for way too long, the way he threw around the cutting boards and plates, the way he did the chopping; and in past ones, slamming his hands on the paper and on dan’s hands when mixing the glitters, clacking the scissors super loudly in the first one, etc.) i just love these videos so much bc they’re some of the only ones that we have these days where phil is really doing most of the comedic legwork and dan definitely helps and bounces off of him but mostly lets phil take charge and i live for it. and while there’s obvi no way to tell who rly did the editing for the video (and i’m sure it was a mix of both of them) there’s no denying that the editing style and general creepiness (especially of the ritual sacrifice scene lol) bear a lot of similarities to the feeling/vibe/editing quirks in a lot of phil’s old school videos (i’m thinking like tape 6 and the basket which, if any of you reading these have not watched, please just open a tab right now and do that before you finish reading this lol.) the choppy way the different clips are spliced together in the whole ritual scene (where one second dan is stamping phil, then lighting a match and chanting, then phil’s chanting, then he’s slumped over and then there are two videos overlaid on top of each other when dan is actually stamping phil’s back and then the sudden cut to black) it’s all so reminiscent of those older videos and it does make me feel like phil had a larger creative hand in thinking about how this video should be put together and that just makes me so happy to think about. i’ve always wondered what phil does w his self-professed obsession with horror and his interest in violence and psychological thrillers and whatnot, as well as his former academic/critical study of filmmaking. it makes sense that he doesn’t feel comfortable exploring those interests by making things himself in this genre in a real way and especially not on youtube because his self-described objective through this platform is to provide his audience with light and uplifting entertainment. more pragmatically, he’s trying to make a living from this job and hold somewhat broad-based appeal through the videos he makes and it makes sense that lighter content that doesn’t require too much intellectual rigor would fare better and hold more consistent audience engagement. and more personally, making things on the level of tape 6, even years later w more familiarity with editing and whatnot and perhaps more skill in writing scripts/characters/plots, still would involve a certain degree of personal emotional vulnerability that the current amazingphil format doesn’t demand. in short, venturing into these territories creatively would be a risk on a lot of levels. it would invite more formal critique of his work. it would invite more people trying to read into who he is and his psyche (which are things that i feel like he’s actually terrified of and that’s part of why he’s built such a protective barrier against it). it would be a risk and it makes sense that he doesn’t want to take it, at least not right now. but it’s just lovely to see that he still has the capacity to make things in the vein of those older videos and to make them WITH DAN and mix them with comedy which i need to reiterate is such a hARD THING TO DO!!!! and  idk it just rly makes me so happy to watch and to think about. 

i love phil so much, and none of this is meant to dilute dan’s role since i’m sure he did inform some of the decisions here, but i just think that dan as phil’s biggest fan (since 2007 y’all) would feel many of these same things about phil’s older content and support phil’s desire to engage that darker creative energy/talent he has hiding under all of those layers of syrupy happiness and amiability. i love that this is sort of an update to that vintage dark!phil content bc it’s the same dark undertones, same editing quirks, etc. but now it’s mixed with rly cheeky humor and maybe that’s dan’s influence or maybe it’s still phil, but a phil that has shared his life w someone w this particular irreverent and sarcastic sense of humor for so many years and this video shows the confluence of those two things in such a lovely and original way and just,,,, ugh. this video was so much and i loved it SO much. truly so, so good i was not prepared to feel so many deep-seated Emotions over some god damn satanic propaganda i need help. 

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mmkay let it out what's your thoughts on the new doctor who

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- Okay so right off the bat??? It took me less than five minutes to fall in love with Bill holy SHIT

- Like I could tell from her original preview that I was gonna like her but!!! She’s fantastic!!!!

- 12 playing the electric guitar at any given time is a strong weakness of mine

- The Doctor…has pictures…of Susan and River on his desk…I am…beyond deceased

- Okay like literally every single incarnation of the Doctor fits the aesthetic of ‘eccentric professor who gives no fucks but also ends up teaching very memorable classes’ perfectly but like. I’m so glad Capaldi is the one that gets to FULLFILL that omg.

- “You shouldn’t be in my class you aren’t a student here”

- “I know but I’m like really gay and accidentally made my crush fat because I can’t function properly”

- “Valid points, I need to teach you everything I know.”

- What…is in…that Goddamn vault.

- “Doctor What?” you know that killed him just a little inside

- She got him a freaking carpet for Christmas??? amaze

- Also just the fact that she spent Christmas with him??? You’re not crying I am

- 12: “I’m a cold hearted lone wolf I’m here to do my job I don’t care about anyone no one can crack me-”

- Bill: “Yeah my mom died when I was a baby and I have no pictures of her it makes me very sad”

- 12: *internally screaming, eye twitching, frantically grabbing a camera and sprinting into the TARDIS, shouting* “I aM a CoLd HeArTeD lOnE wOlF i’M hErE tO dO mY jOb I dOnT cArE aBoUt ANYONE-”

- seriously that was so sweet I almost cried???

- LMAO when she said “You’ve apparently been teaching here for 70 years” and he was like “You’re thinking, ‘he doesn’t look old enough’ “ and she said no. HIS FACE 😂

- “One time you were supposed to give a lecture on physics but you started ranting about poetry” “They’re the same thing.”

- Like they did a weird job with the Heather girl??? I ultimately felt bad for her but she was like shady right from the start it was strange

- Like every time Bill was around her I was like “honey reel in your thirst just far enough to realize this situation has me nervous” omfg

- w h a t  i s  i n  t h e  v a u l t

- Am I like…the only person who doesn’t like Nardole? I never have tbh he just feels shoved in there

- Like his whole spiel about wanting to make sure the Doctor’s dealing with River’s death okay at the end of the Christmas special was sweet but like??? He feels out of place and hasn’t properly done anything yet???? Idk it feels like someone inserting an oc into their fanfic re-write of the show but not knowing how the oc can actually effect the plot

- The Doctor has been a college professor for at least 70 years like…is the TARDIS okay? I can’t imagine she enjoys being parked in his office or the ‘out of order’ sign omg

- Yes, yes I am worrying about a sentient machine’s feelings leave me alone

- “I see my face all the time- never liked it, it’s all over the place, having expressions when I’m trying to be enigmatic.” MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

- “Why are you running like a penguin with his ass on fire”

- When she asked the Doctor if he knew about sci-fi. A++

- He was so swept up in figuring it out before he snapped back and was like nEVER MIND SWEET CHILD PLEASE GO AWAY ITS PROBABLY JSUT WATER lmao

- Can we as a society please stop setting creepy moments in fiction in bathrooms??? Like I’m fucking over it

- And honestly??? I’m so PISSED about the thing in the shower drain holy shit after years of having issues with drains because of “it” and I finally start fucking getting over that only for Doctor Who to do this to me??? Why does this show always know my deepest paranoia shit and use it only briefly like WHY

- Anyway,

- Bill’s reaction to the TARDIS was HILARIOUS

- “What happened to the doors though did you run out of money?” LMAO


- I lost it when they ended up in Australia omfg that was good tegan screaming in the distance


- “You’re…the first person to mention that…?” I WAS SCREAMING

- yelling ‘shark attack’ in a restaurant and it actually works? okay

- Why does Capaldi’s Doctor have such a penchant for traveling to the literal end of the universe??? This is the third or fourth time he’s gone there omfg

- Like he’s always like “no one will find us here” but like at this point? End of the universe would be the first place I’d check for him? lol

- 12 looked so proud of himself when he was called ‘silly’!!!! I’m so happy for him it’s a relief he’s out of the emo ‘what kind of man am I’ phase





- on a mildly related note: Nardole running around trying to sonic things and quietly screaming was THE MOST ME THING I’VE EVER SEEN ON TV

- I do shit with that exact attitude all the fucking time you don’t even understand I was looking in a mirror it was hilarious

- So question: Since when is the Dalek’s laser “the hottest fire in the universe”? Is that an already established thing I forgot about or like…did they just want an excuse to show the Daleks? lol

- so Creepy Water Demon Girl was chasing them through time and space solely because she thinks Bill is hot?

- R E L A T A B L E

- When Bill asked the Doctor how he’d feel if someone erased his memories and a slightly warped version of Clara’s theme music started playing??? I stabbed myself that was UNCALLED for I was NOT READY

- When the Doctor was having Internal Struggles™ and he told the pictures of Susan and River to shut up and then the TARDIS started making noises at him and he was clearly getting emotionally ganged up on I was YELLING that was so funny lmao

- Why was he so against travelling??? Why the same school for 70 years??? WHAT’S IN THE VAULT??? Who did he promise????

- The whole ending scene when he was inviting Bill on the TARDIS- idk I just really liked it?

- The lighting behind him from the ship, the mini speech, the music playing in the background??? I really dug it omg


- But no yes I???? Really freaking enjoyed the episode. Like it’s obviously not the best of the series or anything but I think it was a great opener and now I’m even more pumped for the rest of the season I’m so hype I can’t handle it omfg!!!!


idk what this tag is (again lmao) but it’s everywhere and i was tagged by venus aka @yoonohwhat who literally said the sweetest thing about me ❤️and i hope i didn’t disappoint you👀probably did but okay

i was going to put a photo of hansol, but i always do that and i wanted to use this photo instead bc taEyOnG IS SO BEAUTIFUL AND I LOVE HIM SO MUCH I JUST WANT HIM TO BE HAPPY AND HEALTHY AND FEEL LOVED but also bc im running out of photos of hansol to post lmfao sm pls debut the poor guy🙃❤️

 im going to tag a few ppl so @suhsexual (bc ily a lot and i feel blessed everytime you message me tbh👀) @nctreactions (bc i love ur ass and don’t leave me😽) @chani-babe (we need to talk more🙃) @yutaricano (my fave yuta stan) @oppafeels (bc i still feel so blessed i am 1/12 of the ppl u follow) @marksbuttertarts (still can’t get over how pretty u r so pls bless us again) @chittaporno (u r my saviour and i need to see more of u) @antiwhitewash (ive never seen ur face b4 also pls msg me lol) @markleetrashh (ur face is too cute) and anyone else who wants to do this! obvs not compulsory but it’d be sweet to see your faces 😇 i always tag the same people istg👀i need more friends or something literally

Mother's Day (Isaac Lahey Imagine)

Summary: Today is Mothers Day, the day that Isaac and Danny (Your Son) makes you feel like the best mother in the world. 

Pairing: Isaac X Reader X Danny 

Fandom: Teen Wolf 

Season: I dunno, when do they have kids? 

AN: So it’s basically Winter where I live so I’m gonna make it Winter, yay??? 

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You lay in your bed, feeling all warm and cozy. The thick blankets cover over your shoulders as they feel so soft on you, like a cloud almost. You hug your soft/hard pillow as if it’s your husband (yeah, I just went there 😏) underneath you. But it wasn’t, that’s fine you much prefer the pillow, it’s his anyways. And it also smells like him (wow, creepy lol). 

The room full of darkness so you could easily sleep better. 

You feel calm and nothing could bother you. 

Wait a minute, if nothing is bothering you then something is definitely wrong. Where is Isaac? He usually wakes you up with kisses and playing with your hair. 

You open your E/C eyes quickly as you push the covers off of you as you ran towards the kitchen.

You hear sounds of a child whispering loudly and giggling, and a sound of a man that’s quietly whispering. You look to see that it was the two boys that you both love. 

You see his caramel brown curly hair that looks so soft, his tall muscular body leaning over the child. His wearing a grey shirt and plaid blue pyjama/pajama pants with slippers on. 

You see the child next to him. His caramel brown hair not curly as his fathers but more similar to yours. His green pyjama/pajama shirt and pants with black slippers tells that he got out of bed a few minutes ago. 

You smile widely as you lean on the wall, watching your two boys.

“What are you doing?” You ask, you see the two boys turn around to face you. One jumped as he didn’t notice you, and that wasn’t your son but Isaac. Your son giggles at his father as Isaac has a look on his face, a face of innocence. 

“Morning Mummy/Mommy!” Your son smiles brightly as he runs up towards you and hugs you tightly, you smile as you hug him back. “Happy Mummy/Mommy Day!” He says as you smile brightly.

“Thank you Danny.” You say as Danny lets go of you and rushes back towards the table to grab something that is wrapped up. He hands it to you as you smile and pick it up from him. 

“It’s your Mummy/Mommy Day present!” Danny says excitingly as his big bright E/C eyes looks into yours. You smile warmly as you look at the present. 

You see Isaac walking towards you and Danny as he sits next to you as Danny sits on Isaac’s lap. 

You start unwrapping it neatly as you can across a photo frame, the photo inside has a photo of you and Danny when he was born. You’re sitting up in the hospital bed with baby Danny in your arms. You smile widely as you look over at Danny and smile. 

“There’s also a card in there. Daddy helped me write it.” Danny says as you grab the gram and put it next to you. You found the card as it says Happy Mummy/Mommy Day! You open the card to see your son’s hand writing as you began reading. 

Dear Mummy/Mommy 

You’re the best Mummy/Mommy ever! Even though you’re not Superman, but you’re Supermum/Supermom! And not everyone has a Supermum/Supermom like me. I’m glad to have you as my mummy/mommy, because you’re the nicest, caring, helpful and beautiful mummy/mommy ever! I never mean to say those mean things when I’m angry, I just get angry. But I love you just the way you are, and nothing can change the way you are. I love you mummy/mommy, and I hope that you love my card! 


Love Danny❤️ 

You start to feel the tears forming in your eyes as you look over at Danny who is smiling. 

“Thank you so much Danny, and I do love your card.” You say as you kiss his forehead. 

Isaac turns to face you as he wipes your tears away, you look at him and smile widely as Isaac does the same. 

“Danny, why don’t you go and get breakfast?” Isaac ask as Danny nods and gets up to grab it. 

“How did we get such a beautiful kid?” You ask as Isaac chuckles as pulls you closer, you feel him kiss your head as he smiles. 

“I know right.” Isaac says as you smile. You look at him as he leans in, you feel his lips in yours as you give in. You kiss him back. 

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(Let’s pretend that’s you and Isaac)

“I got the breakfast! Ew, stop sucking faces!” You hear Danny complain as you and Isaac stop and giggle. You look at Danny who has a mortified look on his face. 

“What’s that Danny?” You ask as he smiles. 

“Pancakes!” Danny said as he gives them to you as you grab them from him. You smile at both of your boys in front of you.

“How am I so lucky to have to handsome men in my life?” You ask out loud as Isaac chuckles. 

“Well I remember that Scott introduced me to you. And I’m just naturally handsome, that’s where Danny gets his charm from.” Isaac says smirking as he steals a piece of pancakes from your plate. 

“Yeah right.” You scoff as you and Isaac laugh. 

“I love you mummy/mommy and daddy.” Danny says as he grabs a pancake from your plate. 

“We love you too, Danny.”


I’m not saying to ship Narumitsu at all but lmao if you ship literal 17 year old Maya with adult mid-20s Phoenix then fuck you I’m 17 and I can assure you that is creepy as fuck

SoJ Maya??? Yeah, okay, I’m okay with that. I can deal with that. But the thing that creeps me out is that Narumayo was so damn popular BEFORE SoJ and that’s just…. not a good feeling for me. Like please stop fucking shipping minors with adults, and don’t do the whole “They’re 18 so it’s legal now lol” thing because that is ALSO creepy as all fuck. Like, the idea of an adult male legit waiting for a female to be 18 in order to have a sexual relationship is so fucking creepy.

Maya is literally my age in real time and I can assure you, I don’t give a rats ass if this 24 year old saved me from life in prison. I don’t care if he’s handsome. I wouldn’t fucking date him, because if an adult 24 year old male came up to me, who he KNOWS is a minor that he had just saved, and asked for some sort of relationship directly afterwards, I would get a million warning signals almost immediately. Because that’s CREEPY. And it’s debatably even CREEPIER if that same man waits until I’m a legal adult so that no one can call him out on just how creepy he is.

Y’all can have post-SoJ Narumayo all you want, but I’m firmly against the trilogy era version because it gives me so many damn warning bells. It terrifies me. 

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I feel like every one has that One Thing that sticks in their head from a past season, a question they can't let go of no matter how small or insignificant. Mine is that moment when Peter Hastings pulls up and asks Alison to get in his car, when she returns to Rosewood and she's like creeping around at night, and then its never mentioned or explained lol. Do you have any one random (or not so random) lingering question like that?

SHIT MAN I FORGOT ABOUT THAT????? That’s so creepy. Ugh.

I have two. 1) Who gave Ali that bloody lip or whatever in that one flashback? I know a general consensus is people assume either Jason or Jessica did i but we never really get confirmation. 

And 2) Who the FUCK put the razors and knives in Jake’s punching bag!!!!!!!!!! The writers confirmed it was not Ezra!!!! So did Charlotte just like. Ship Ez/ria or something??? like ????? what even

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Hey there :) I love your writing so much and your taste in fics recs. I guess amazing writers recognize equally talented work. While I love reading fanfic, I've been trying to get into reading books lately but am unsure of where to start. I was wondering if you have any book recs (really any genre is fine I trust your taste, but if you have anything with magical realism or an unnerving eerie horror vibe I'd love you to the moon and back)? thank you so much <3

Hey! Sorry to take so long to respond, I love this ask and I’m flattered that you want my recs!!

As for an unnerving eerie/horror vibe, I think Universal Harvester by John Darnielle would be something you might love, especially as a kind of starter book because it’s a very quick and absorbing read– one caveat is that if you like a mystery where everything is neatly explained at the end it will frustrate you, but even as someone who felt kinda ‘huh’ at the end, I enjoyed reading it a lot and would recommend. There are two skin-crawling moments in this book I will never forget, it’s so effective. I need to read more horror but I’m very squeamish about both gore and psychological horror so it’s hard for me to find stuff like this that’s effective and scary without disturbing me too much.

I wish I had more magic realism recs (I wanted to like Kelly Link, jfc I really tried ;___;) but the only thing that’s coming to mind is One Hundred Years of Solitude, which is one of my favorite books and one I should reread since it’s been a while.

OH OKAY this is a somewhat corny book but if you have tolerance for romance (and if you like my stuff you probably do lol), I love More Than You Know by Beth Gutcheon– the ghost story is so fucking creepy! It has major character death but even though you can see it coming a mile away it didn’t feel cheap to me; it’s more about the MC’s memories than the romance itself. And I love this so much, from the opening: “Somebody said ‘true love is like ghosts, which everyone talks about and few have seen.’ I’ve seen both and I don’t know how to tell you which is worse.”

I have a lot of feelings about George Saunders these days but I lovedddd Pastoralia when I was first getting into contemporary short fiction and I still reread his older stuff sometimes. There’s some good surreal & creepy stuff in that collection.

My favorite book of all time ever is The Green Knight by Iris Murdoch and it’s surreal and creepy as fuck in places, but really in a more comic way than anything else, ultimately. If you read it and like it, I recommend everything by Murdoch, she’s my favorite writer.

I recommend Like You’d Understand, Anyway by Jim Shepard to everyone because it’s my favorite short story collection. If you’re just starting to get into reading short fiction I might start with my second favorite though, Birds of America by Lorrie Moore.

I read A Manual for Cleaning Women by Lucia Berlin last year and now it’s on my favorite books of all time list, it’s emotionally brutal though (but in such a satisfying way, if you’re up for that!)

Earlier this year I read Signs and Wonders by Alix Ohlin and it really impressed me. (I’m reading her older collection now and one of her stories has inspired a new Kylux idea in me lol…)

Now I’ll wander past my bookshelves to see if there’s anything else I need to mention….

OH: Observatory Mansions!! by Edward Carey. omg now I want to reread this. It’s super surreal and creepy in what I think is a unique way, at least in my relatively limited experience of contemporary fiction, and I still think of it often and feel attached to the main character. This is one of those books that probably had a lot of subconscious influence on my own stuff now that I think about it, I really need to reread it….

Gob’s Grief by Chris Adrian is frustrating as fuck but it’s another surreal and creepy novel that I sometimes consider rereading because a lot of it stayed with me and because the short story that got me interested in it (which became a chapter in this novel), Every Night for a Thousand Years, is one of my favorites.

Also The Miracle Life of Edgar Mint by Brady Udall is one of my favorite books and Letting Loose the Hounds is a good short story collection by the same author (the story about the moose. I’ll never forget it).

I also always recommend Passion by Alice Munro to anyone who likes romance. It’s one of if not my absolute favorite short stories, I reread it a lot.

I’ll stop there– thanks again for asking, and I hope you’ll enjoy some of these! <3

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Oh gosh I'm so worried about finding out who the biological father is to Alison's and Emily's baby is I really hope they don't do anything creepy and werid and make it someone Alison or Emily might be related to

I’ve seen people speculate that it’s maybe Ezra which would be. Gross but interesting but awful? Idk

But yeah same. I feel like Lucas is a strong contender. I also really hope it isn’t Peter’s lol

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imma be honest, I'm kinda mad that they had Yurio's shirt ride up in the PV. I understand that it was to kinda convey the mood of the song but still???

I am and always will be pissed about that lol like first off adults are drawing this so thats already a thin line two dont give the creepy adults more stuff to drool over yikes.

When I call yurio hot, well, yah, Im a fifteen year old sort of girl, he’s in my age range, its fine. But the amount of twenty year olds doing this crap? feels bad scoob

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do you like reading books? if you do, do you have any favorites?

Okay I’m feeling #exposed because yes, I love reading books, and even was an English major back in the day, but lately (and by lately I mean for the past few years) have really been slacking in the book department, especially fictional works..

But some of my forever faves are –

  • Literally anything by Oscar Wilde. My book of his complete works is my all-time favorite, and whenever I’m brave/committed enough to a design I plan on getting a Wilde-inspired tattoo. 
  • House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski, which I fully acknowledge is not for everybody and is a bear to get through, but there is seriously nothing else like it. Best/worst read alone in your home after losing power in a hurricane. 
  • The Secret History by Donna Tartt
  • Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier
  • A Separate Peace by John Knowles (although tbh I haven’t read this one since high school so idk if it’s still one of my faves but it holds a v special place in my heart.)

If you’re open to non-fiction, some of my recent faves are –

  • And the Band Played On by Randy Shilts
  • Why are all the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria? by Beverly Tatum (seriously I think this book should be required reading for all white people, I actually gave my copy to my mom to read because she was really struggling with understanding everything that goes into systemic racism/white privilege and it was really helpful to her.)
  • Quiet by Susan Cain, shout out to the introverts
  • Lies My Teacher Told Me by James W. Loewen (highly recommend for all Americans tbh, breaks down some of the most common historical myths that are still taught in American schools)

I’m sure I’m missing a bunch but that was just off the top of my head. But I really do need to read more so if anybody has recs, please send them my way!!!

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How would Sebastian, Undertaker, Claude, Grell and William from Black Butler react to their female s/o's ex-girlfriend tryna hit her back up with the "I miss you boo's😘" and the "I wish you were here😩" shit. Lmao. This seem hella specific. Lol.

(I live for jealous demons bless this ask.)

Sebastian Michaelis-

SO POSSESSIVE. Demons do not like to share okay, and while he outwardly is going to act like ‘oh everything is fine and dandy’ your ex will probably fear for her life bc Sebastian will not let this slide.

Claude Faustus-

Another one who doesn’t like to share. Claude is going to be more blunt about telling your ex to back off, and I feel like he might make a personal visit. Creepy as all hell please tell him to chill.


Undertaker is the type of person who is probably so chill about this kind of thing but I personally headcannon him to be a bit sassy about it. Uses your phone to text them back to throw a bit of shade and then laughs about it.

Grell Sutcliff-

Everyone knows by know that Grell has no chill so she’s probably just as annoyed as you might be. Sends a sassy text then blocks their number and clings to you for a bit. Give her hugs. 

William T. Spears-

He’s going to be so salty. A walking sea of sass. Promptly asks you to block them and if you don’t gets more salty. William T. SALT

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It makes me so relieved that you don't associate your real name with your writing blog. I do the same thing, and have right off the bat because although I'm not doing anything wrong simply writing, people were really invasive when I was just writing drabbles on my personal???

Yeah I just feel a lot safer this way! I can be nasty in peace. lol And I never have to worry about IRL people finding out and I can protect myself from creepy people after being so open with details about myself from before, which only led to people harassing me on other social networks. ;-;

This is a more recent update….The before is from 13 ‎September ‎2015 and the after is from day before yesterday. Belly fat is something most of us struggle with and anyone can change their bodies if they want. Anything is possible if you try. Like and follow me on insta @coldcolorface Now it is a private account because a few guys like stalk and say creepy sexual things…But if you are genuine I do accept haha. I post things about my weight loss and regular things girls do lol. So yeah, follow me if you like here or on insta and FEEL FREE TO ASK ME ANYTHING. ALWAYS HERE TO HELP.  

Sangwoo is an excellent villain

I mean, think about it. Most of the villains in fiction are the type that are either
1. extremely annoying
2. too perfect
3. interesting but not hateable
4. so mustache-twirlingly evil that you can’t take them seriously

A ‘bad guy’ I can name off the top of my head is Light Yagami. His character was extremely interesting to watch, but I can’t say I genuinely hated him as I should. Hell, in some parts of the anime I was actually rooting for him. Also, Light was a bit too perfect, he was a genius that managed to get out of most tight situations throughout the show. The only time he TRULY cracked was at the end of the show where he ultimately Fucked Up. Honestly, it was only in the last episode where he felt truly human rather than someone who felt so untouchable.

Another of my favourites is Hisoka. Sangwoo actually reminds me of him a bit, both are serial killers (except Hisoka makes Sangwoo’s crimes look like a joke) and both of them get off on really….interesting things. But again, I just can’t see Hisoka as ‘human’ because the dude has never truly lost it. He’s ALWAYS in control and has the same expression most of the time. Sometimes I actually forget he’s not supposed to be a good guy at all because of how freaking lovable he can be (I actually had Schwing as my wallpaper for a while…lol). These aren’t really what I’m looking for in a villain. I guess I find Hisoka a little bit too predictable too? He usually wins every fight, so I don’t feel like he’s ever truly in danger (talking about anime-only events here).

But getting to the main point, Sangwoo is fucking amazing. I genuinely loathe this guy and find him creepy as fuck. I want to see him six feet deep in the ground, but I also LOVE watching him and trying to guess what he’ll do next (he’s honestly unpredictable as fuck). He has typical villain qualities like being very charismatic, good looking, and smart, BUT that isn’t all he has. I can easily see Sangwoo as human because he can actually get nervous or scared too, and has lots of flaws. I hate him but find him intriguing and interesting yet NOT annoying, which to me, is some astounding characterization. He might actually be the first character whom I felt this way about. I mean, Killing Stalking is not even close to being over, but WE’VE ALREADY SEEN MANY DIFFERENT FACES OF SANGWOO. He doesn’t feel flat! I loved, loved, loved chapter 13 for this reason; the terrifying bad guy actually completely loses it:

Sangwoo actually shows uncertainty in his actions, he knows that he’s not perfect and indestructible. The best part is, once Yoonbum realizes this he can actually use it to his advantage. I can see Sangwoo as a real person, one who’s extremely disturbing, fucked up, and creepy (there are no shortages of him irl).

But someone like Hisoka? Not realistic at all. I love him, but not as a villain. 

I just finished Anne with an E and I really liked it except for the ending (SPOILERS) because it left me feeling really nervous and uncomfortable for Anne’s safety so I need those two creepy guys to be gone soon in the second season (they’re the guys who robbed Jerry right??) Like they better not drag anything out with them, and with the darker tone their doing I’m just really scared for Anne UGH

Other than that I did enjoy it lol

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Since I've been forbidden to mention the one that's a word & a symbol 😘, it's a tough call for favorite between the stunning The Rim of the Sky, the unexpected continuation of Break, and the depth and beauty in Pure. You're gifted in all that you do, so I don't feel like there's a wrong way to go! Thank you for all that you do!

Who forbid you from mentioning Ampersand? Did I do that? I didn’t actually mean it if I did, lol. I’m just frustrated that I can’t seem to get back on track with it. But I know that’s your real favorite. You have some sort of sixth sense to know whenever someone else is asking about it, I swear, it’s downright creepy. ;-)

The Rim of the Sky…ah that one holds a special place in my heart since it was the first piece I wrote that got any kind of attention. I fully expected to be chased right out of the fandom with it, but instead so many people surprisingly embraced it, including you! I still remember the message you sent me; how you’d read it as a bedtime story to one of your kids – glossing over a few parts of it of course – because the cadence I tried to put into words made it almost soothing when read aloud.

Can’t say that I’m too surprised by the inclusion of Break and Pure since you gave up a manicure for one, and your tags on the other when you reblogged it were always worth a laugh and a smile. Thanks so much, Jackie!


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Do you remember that one Teletubbies magical event with the pink house and four windows and in one of those windows a little puppet man would sing?

oh wow, i completely forgot about that until just now!! as i was reading this it faintly came back to me. i looked it up on youtube, and wow, it was a bit creepy for children, wasn’t it? lol teletubbies particularly sticks out to me as oddly creative. it is so different from any other children’s show. i really feel like i’m in a foreign trippy universe whenever i see it. like being deep within a toddler’s dreamlike consciousness… :-)

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Ok I apologize in advance if what I'm about to say is kind of creepy!!! But do you think Hee Bum's father is a kind of... interested in Yoo Won (I'M TALKING ABOUT THAT WAY) and in the future when the father found out that his son is dating YW, he starts getting abusive bc of jealousy...? AHHHH SORRY THAT'S A REALLY WEIRD THEORY OF MINE ANYWAYS I DON'T HAVE A GOOD FEELING ABOUT HEE BUM'S DAD FOR OBVIOUS REASONS

WELL….. i personally don’t think so LOL i think hee bum’s dad just sees yoo won as what he wishes his son would be like, which is probably why things probably went to shit when they got caught cause he wanted yoo won to be a mentor for hee bum, not date him

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I just watched Phil's liveshow bc I missed it (I always do, it's really not a convenient time for me smh)so if you have any thoughts to share or analyses to make or whatever you want about it I'm all for it?? I love reading what you write so much omg

omg, bless you, that’s so kind and yes–i was left with a few central thoughts after this live show!!! to largely echo my overall reaction to dan’s one from two days ago, this show had me feeling very warm and uplifted by the end. but unlike dan’s live shows, this is how phil’s generally always leave me feeling. he is so good at making the viewer believe that they are almost being invited right into his lounge to chill with him while he just has a few chats about whatever’s on his mind. he’s obviously got a naturally calming voice, and he does his little soft giggles every few minutes, and just,,, so many of phil’s mannerisms and behaviors seem perfectly concocted to make the people viewing him feel at ease. in short, this was just a very classic, traditional phil live show. it didn’t feel like a noticeable shift in his behavior the way that dan’s last two live shows felt. in fact it felt like he came into the show with a pre-determined list of topics to discuss (a format to follow, so to speak) and he was moving down that list in a casual but controlled way (e.g. he knew he wanted to do a christmas haul and therefore set out all of the xmas gifts that he didn’t share in the amazingphil video out on his table.) i think that this almost-paradox is what always strikes me as so fascinating about phil–the way that he can come across as so natural and gentle and calm while at the same time sticking to a more overarching script of sorts. he’s become so talented at it over the years. within this format though we still got some pretty noteworthy insights including: 

1. social awkwardness is not just a dan trait. i loved when phil was talking about the gas men looking at his clumps of hair and his feeling too awkward to just tell them he had a hair cut. like. that is straight out of a danecdote or a reasons why dan’s a fail and it made me smile so much. i think phil is often and inaccurately characterized as being more confident in social settings, especially in comparison to dan, and i frequently see people assert that he is social where dan is not. but i have always felt that phil is incredibly shy and reserved and even nervous/anxious in social situations. he has so many clear nervous tics that appear when he’s talking to people he doesn’t know very well. i think that he simply feels an obligation to socialize and make pleasant small talk where dan can’t be bothered. in any case, the anecdote about the hair was great and just reaffirmed this belief for me. and also … can’t believe he and fabrice have upped their relationship to the next level and now fabrice cuts phil’s hair at their house. damn. that is trust. 

2. dan and phil dog is canceled. i’m heartbroken. he reiterated that he’s too busy for a dog and can’t adopt one now or in the near future but that he’d like one at some point. interestingly he stayed well clear of saying “we” or “us” or anything else that could implicate dan in those adoption plans. in fact this was true of the whole live show in general. i received a lot of messages asking me to discuss why i think phil says “i” and “me” so much even when explaining experiences that we know he shared with dan, and to contrast this with dan’s reliance on the collective “we” for basically everything. while i have noticed that, overall, phil does say “we” less frequently than dan, i usually think he strikes an even balance between “i” and “we” (whereas dan always errs on the side of talking about both of them in basically every anecdote he shares). but this live show felt different and in fact seemed like phil was trying to go for absolutely zero “we” mentions at all, and i found that really odd. i don’t think it necessarily means anything? i wanted to say that it is just another way in which phil subtly views these live shows as a formal/work thing, a youtube thing so to speak, rather than genuinely approaching it as he would a casual chat with a friend. and as such, he’s gonna answer things in the capacity of himself as a public figure rather than himself as a regular dude who shares everything in life w his partner. but idk if that explanation actually holds up because in phil’s actual youtube videos which are obviously much more formal than a live show, he seems to casually mention dan a fair bit?? even when the situation really doesn’t call for it. in today’s video for example, he brings up the gas leak with a non-contextualized “we” and then he even makes a “phil is on fire” joke? and he mentions dan in nearly every video even the ones that dan isn’t in. so i’m honestly not sure what the deal is with this. could be that phil just hasn’t internalized speaking in the collective as much as dan and idk if that has any deeper meaning. the field is wide open for theories i guess? 

3. 2017 goals–especially the Mysterious Creative Project that is brewing in his mind. i don’t have any clue what this could be as phil’s creativity could take him literally anywhere. i honestly can see him doing anything from writing a novel to becoming an abstract painter. but of course, i’m quite certain it’ll be a video (maybe a series?) and i’m so excited that he’s ostensibly challenged himself to push beyond the creative boundaries that he’s kind of locked himself into with his current amazingphil ~brand~ (also truly shocked and appalled that he likes running and my heart melted when he said a central goal was to visit his family more. the lesters continue to be the most close-knit family i’ve ever heard of)

4. on that note, dan’s mum mention. wtf. this was so unexpected bc like,, dan himself hardly ever mentions his mum in any capacity so to hear phil casually bring her up for an entirely unprompted story was sooo interesting to me. as in, the story was something he definitely did not need to tell us, and if they really had any kind of understanding about keeping dan family mentions to a bare minimum, this seemed to shatter it lol. not that i really thought they did, but i do admit to having thought that maybe dan and his parents aren’t close enough for there to ever really be stories to share about them.  it was so nice to hear a refutation of that to some degree. dan’s mum is at least close enough to him that she thought to share this dream with dan and also dreamed about phil lmao (i honestly feel creepy writing this and idk why since phil happily shared this info with us?? look at what years of conditioning can do to us as viewers). idk. it was just very sweet and i hope they all hang out at least once in a while (i’m quite certain they do).  

~bonus random notes from while i was watching that i liked a lot bc they just sum up what watching phil is like for me: love the stretch from like 33:30ish to 35ish where he rapidly talks about being in the editing zone then the snow turning to rain then his mum being obsessed w snow and ft’ing/texting him about it then him reassuring someone that it will def snow where they live unless they live in the desert then deciding to google whether it has ever snowed in las vegas bc … naturally. … then an anecdote of him driving through arizona (also, when did that happen? am i just blanking?) and getting buried in snow and stopping in a sketchy cabin??? wtf all in under 2 mins? phil’s brain works like 5x as fast as the average human and i am constantly captivated~

(phil live show: 01.12.17)