lol i feel like i posted too many things today


Hi 👋. I’m gonna get straight to the point. I used to LOVE having my blog because it gave me a lot back in the same way I made the effort with it. But recently I seem to always be toying with the idea of posting things. I always used to speak my mind and now I feel I can’t do that, after all the vegan BS I feel like I can’t even post a picture of my lunch (lol but there it is, chicken).

I’m not even sure if many people still follow me? But if you do then I’m going to try my best to post when I can. Things have been rough, over Christmas things were the roughest but I’m not going to go over it. It was too hard for me to even contemplate going over again. I’ve been sick now for three weeks and finally got some medication today. So I just wanted to say hello and post a familiar post I used to do every day (even though it’s 2am and it’s the first time I’ve had chance to even look at tumblr today).

Today update!
- I was driving a lot this morning, 2 hours to be exact. We dropped off one of our Dalmatians at the vet because he needed to have a scan 😯. I almost ended up driving for three hours because of delays (but Google maps got me a shortcut), I really really hate driving at rush hour!

- I got home and by the time I had, it was my doctors appointment so I headed back out. There I had to wait 1 hour and a half to even be seen and when I finally was, the pharmacist had gone on his lunch and he would other half an hour… I was done waiting by then and needed food so I went to buy some and said I’d pick up my medicine later.

- After lunch I was back in the car again to go train. Today was chest and back day 😬✊, I have such severe doms from Monday and Tuesday I can barely even walk. My traps hurt so much it’s unreal…. but I’m so glad I went back to train today… I did contemplate a rest day. We did bench, incline bench, Superset flyes and pullover, Superset Barbell Row and Dumbell row and rack pulls!

- After training for an hour I had a client 😩😩😩 and then I had to dive to the pharmacy for my medicine and straight out to work at my other job (waitressing).

- My poor legs have almost given up and now I’m going to sleep. I just needed to write a post, I miss aspects of this site and I really want to be able to be more involved again. I hope my blog has and did make a difference to you - so let me know if you do still check up on me. I would love to speak to you.