lol i dunno i just really loved this video

i finished this last night and NOW I SEE ALL OF THE MISTAKES NOOOOOO lol 

As unlikely as it ended up being, I’m kind of a sucker for the dark!Dipper theory lol. I got into the fandom after Roadside Attraction, so the theory had been long destroyed since then, but I was still really interested in it. 

So HERE HAVE A DARK!DIPPER-ISH SPEEDPAINT C: Or just a sad Dipper. I dunno, you pick lol. 

Also this might accidentally be based on something in my fic??? We’ll see, I honestly have no idea yet lol 

Process video: 



I actually want to say how I really love this scene, Its not actually saying that Mikey is infatuated with Renet like Donnie is with April, or with Leo and Karai.

This is actually showing that Mikey thinks shes cute or something and maybe it surprised him? I dunno, I just really love how this scene was done.

Mikey goes to save her, he sees that shes pretty, and it makes him jump back like what he did, I cant explain it clearly, Its just for me, this was a very Mikey scene that I expected him how to act with a girl he’s going to be liking.

I know, I dont make sense lol, enjoy the gifs!

Make sure you dont miss the episode THIS SUNDAY!!

 Oh here is the source!



Someone sent me this Top 10 FNAF fan songs video, and I just had to leave this comment … people who know me know I dislike being ranked, so… yeah.

mandopony said:
While I appreciate the sentiment, I’m not really a fan of these “top 10” lists for fanmade music … we’re not making this stuff to get recognition, and it’s silly to encourage competition between musicians … besides, this just breeds arguments in the comment section, lol. Maybe if this had been a list of “Ten FNAF songs I love!” instead of rankings, it’d be fine, I dunno. And don’t take the dislikes to heart, you’ve got way more likes than dislikes!

I dunno, I’m proud of Tombstone, Nate, Gatopaint, Madame Macabre, Sayonara – and everyone else who makes amazing FNAF music who didn’t make the list – I think they’re all incredible, and I’m proud of all of them. I think they all deserve recognition for their hard work and talents, but they don’t really deserve to be ranked, in my honest opinion. I think our weird little musical communities thrive on cooperation and support, rather than competition. Tomb is a good friend, and he inspires me. I don’t want to feel like we’re competing. People can say music a competition, but they just don’t get it. It’s really not. We love each other and we all genuinely want to see everyone else succeed.

I dunno, I didn’t mean to rant, and I don’t want to sound negative! I totally understand your intent behind the video – it’s cool, and I’m not offended or anything, I’m just not convinced that these top 10 videos do more good than harm. Thanks again for the shoutout though, I’m really glad you’re a fan!