lol i dont wanna post this but whatever

I was tagged by @nightmaretoremember94 to post a selfie thank youuu

Here this (the skateboard is not mine) pic which was made by my friend. This was a cool afternoon :D

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ok so basically i saw a post on my dash and it was someone being like ‘wtf i just saw donghyuck smut’ so i was like???????? is she kidding lol????????

i searched nct smut and wow oh boy i saw hell with my own two eyes

it was written by @angelina1004 so could you all please go over there and explain to her why shes wrong with that mindset???? she doesnt seem apologetic AT ALL and i know, free speech, whatever, i dont give a shit but???? the sexualisation of minors is????????????????

if you’re reading this, please understand that i’d never wish death on you! it’s just that none of the nct stans like to see minors, especially those as young as nct dream being sexualised! this isnt coming from someone taeyong’s age, but someone jisung’s age. how do you think we’d feel seeing boys barely older than us being sexualised?

i understand that in your society it might be fine, and i respect that, but please. having strangers write smut about you is already weird enough as it is. but having strangers write that sort of stuff about you when you’re a minor? thats worse tbh???? i think everyone would appreciate it if you took down the posts.

203y replied to your post: “203y replied to your post: “203y replied to your post: …”:

itd be easier to just go to my blog and search ‘adhd’ bc theres a bunch of really nice posts regarding it and you can just browse em (and idk if links work or whatever but heres this anyway lol: )

ok ok i dont wanna be like the “oh 1 thing fits i must have it!!” kinda person because im actually very cautious when it comes to self-diagnosis? but while posts with more scientific-ish information still escape me (i dont understand how that stuff works at all) other posts…actually hit the spot…

esp that “switch tasks mid-work and completely forget about previous one” like. what the fuck. i have it incredibly bad. what the hell _ノ乙(、ン、)_

also saw a post abt “tips for helping your child with adhd” and that’s exactly the reason why i couldnt find any decent info myself before :/ nearly all pages talk about diagnosing children like goddamn it………..


happy birthday to milky my beloved kami oshimen (。・ω・。)! 

thank you so much for inspiring everyone with your bright, positive, and carefree personality. whatever you want to accomplish at the end of the year i hope you tackle it with no difficulty! i wish you luck on your solo debut!

Why are yall so mean about “beeb language” and “beeb culture” like just block posts or blacklist shit you dont wanna see and move on lol why do you have to be so bitter like these kids are just trying to have fun and when you make posts about “kill beeb culture” or whatever youre hurting the feelings of so many sweet sweet kind harmless kids and making them feel like they should never have fun or open their mouths or participate in things they enjoy ever again like lmfao shut up and leave these people alone. I dont even participate in that kind of “speak” on my blog too often im not even very active on my blog anymore but i take this shit very personally because im friends with a lot of these people/kids who talk like that and even originated and created some of this shit and theyre the sweetest loveliest people in the world. Just stop being so petty and bitter lol of all the things you could be pissy about you choose to be pissy about cute words and phrases and kids having fun with their language and speech

Since its the end of the year and everyone is doing it.. this is my first follow forever!!! I know I dont have 1k yet, but I’m close! This is just to show my apreciation to all the people I follow and also to my mutuals! c:



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