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She stepped closer towards me and my heel hit the door as I involuntarily tried to step back. In between my shallow breaths and my heart beating all too loudly in my ears I became alarmingly aware that her body was pressing up against me.

“I…why do I feel this for you?” I breathed out as I frowned. My gaze slowly rose and our eyes met.
“It’s not just you Max. I feel this invisible thread connecting us.”
“Me neither.”

We immediately went at each other. I knocked her hat off as I pulled her in tightly and she slammed me against the door.

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Shudo wrote the novels, but there's stuff in them that contradicts what was in the show, so even if it's his vision it doesn't mean it's canon to the anime. I say this because while the new info about Misty is nice and I like it a lot, I'd rather not think it's canon that Brock was salivating over the idea of Misty turning 18 so he could fuck her. :(

well, i agree with you- like I’ve said already, we can’t just chose to ignore what makes us uncomfortable. The thing with Brock is creepy as fuck, even if he doesn’t specify he wants to sleep with her it’s just really unsettling. I personally feel that, much like in the anime, it’s to set Brock up to be someone he isn’t at his core so its more shock value when they find out he’s the gym leader. It doesn’t make it less creepy though, and if its supposed to have some comedy aspect to it I can’t see it past maybe Misty calling him out on it to his embarrassment. 

However, I don’t think there’s harm taking little things about Misty’s past or parts of her characterisation that just can’t be put across on screen/didn’t make it into the show for whatever reason? Like her schooling, or the fact she’d won fishing competitions - they both can fit into her ‘canon’ anime version just as off screen things. I also think the small details of her having western food in cafe’s makes sense as she’s from a city that would have cafe’s selling things with Katakana menus, so she’d be able to pronounce their names like she does in the novel. 

Idk, i’d hate to seem like i’m trying to ignore the bad and just focus on the good, I just don’t really find it that unbelievable that Ash and Misty would ask each-other what they were having for breakfast or Misty would dwell on their friendship here and there, its stuff that would happen off screen and having the person who was in charge of the writing for the show be the one writing it kind of semi confirms it. 

Maybe I used the wrong word with saying canon, even though I know it’s technically not, but let a girl live tbh.  some of this stuff I’ve headcanoned for her for probably over ten years now and it’s nice to know some of the stuff I’ve taken from small moments most people gloss over, do or may mean something for her character. 

lightning in our eyes

For the lovely @proseandsongs <3

Fandom: Gravity Falls
Pairing: Dipper Pines/Pacifica Northwest
Rating: Explicit (of age, consensual, first time, fluffed up)
Words: 8609
(Warnings for: explicit language, emotions, The Sex™)

What better way to celebrate a reunion? Filled with firsts, the night is fumbling and warm and everywhere in between - all Dipper and Pacifica want to do is keep getting lost in each other.


Pacifica shook her head and knocked Dipper’s baseball cap off so she could get a better angle as her mouth returned to his, moaning when they opened to each other. She’d missed him so much, and he’d told her the same, so she had decided that their first moment alone together this summer as soon as he got back from college would be spent doing this. Hell, she was determined to go all the way. Dipper hummed low in his throat, allowing her to continue kissing him almost frenziedly for a second, but when Pacifica’s perfectly manicured fingers started to fumble with her shirt’s buttons in between their pressed chests, he broke off.

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some guy this morning was buying a 24 of water and was like “oh god i cant start my morning if i dont have water” and i was like “do you not have tap water” lol and he went onnnn and onnnn about DO YOU KNOW WHAT IMPURITIES ARE IN THE WATER bitch i dont care!!!! kill me, water!!!

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I kind of really like Ruki, Subaru and Ayato *blushes* but i dont know who to choose lol.

Ruki: Really? I don’t imagine it’s that hard a choice Livestock. If you need to be reminded of who it is you should belong to, I’ll gladly teach your body until you learn. 

What kind of lessons do you think would be appropriate?

Ayato: Oi Chichinashi! Don’t mess around with those damn Mukamis. They’ll ruin your perfect scent. 

You know you belong to ore-sama, so come here and let my fangs remind you why you should choose me. 

Subaru: … You shouldn’t want to be by my side. I’ll only cause you pain. 

But if you’re going to be reckless and stay with us monsters. I’ll do what I can to keep you safe. Just don’t make it more difficult for me, okay? 

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I use to???? Have spyro dreams??? All the time??!?!?! About those bonus portals & also world portals too ahh wowo you just hit me with a nostalgia TRip


i had spyro dreams like aaall the time, i think because when i was little i was so obsessed, it counted for like 99% of the media i consumed (so like, what else was my subconscious supposed to sort through if not spyro lol)

what really does it for me about the portals is when you get near them the music goes silent? like that STILL gives me goosebumps and i dont know why it has such an effect on me but it does! and it used to happen in my dreams, not so much nowadays which is sad :’)

i LOVE my spyro dreams though ahaha, its so cool that we both have had similar dreams!!! thank you for telling me thats super interesting

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i was tagged by @24q !!! Thank u lovely 💓

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first ♡

first group you listened to: technically red velvet but twice was what got me into kpop ;o

first solo artist you listened to: Zico or Dean idr ;(

first group to actually know their names: seventeen hehe 💕

first bias ever: Hansol Vernon Chwe :*

first song to make you emotional: uhhhh 20 lol

top 3 ♡

top 3 fave male groups? seventeen, sf9, wanna one :>

top 3 fave female groups? exid, pristin and blackpink (+ also red velvet shhh)

top 3 fave solo artists? Sunmi, Suran and Taemin i guess

top 3 fave songs of all time? 20//svt, dont want a drive//exid, love me right//exo

top 3 biases? junhui rosé and hani

top 3 fandoms you’re a part of? carat fantasy and leggo

top 3 choreographies? wee woo//pristin, dont wanna cry//svt, as if its your last//bp

utlimate ♡

utlimate bias group? svt / bp / exid / sf9

ultimate male bias? junhui and hwiyoung

ultimate female bias? rosé and hani!

idk im tagging randomly muah lmk if u don wanna be tagged <3

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We’re like rivals! You know - Ezor and Acxa! Neck and neck!

So little fun headcanon - Ezor and Acxa lived on the same colony\station and were sorta one sided rivals until that one time they both saved Lotor out of some trouble he got himself into and were offered the positions as his generals.

Hogwarts 8th year:

So McGonagall announces a surprise mock-NEWT in class one day and everyone is super stressing out and Harry accidentally snaps his quill because ‘are you shitting me, NEWTs are two months away, dammit.’

And then he can’t find a spare quill anywhere in his bag and next to him Ron looks like he might burst into tears and on the table across the aisle on his other side Hermione is vigorously bunching up her hair into a top knot while reciting every Transfiguration theory they’d learnt in the past five months under her breath, her expression fierce as fuck, and just looking at her makes Harry even more nervous because what the fuck was she murmuring about Trans-Species Transformations, had they even covered that?! 

But McGonagall is already coming around handing out their tests and so he turns to Malfoy who’s sitting in front of him trying to cram in five months worth of notes in thirty seconds and taps him on the shoulder with a desperate, “Baby, you got an extra quill on you?” and Malfoy simply nods before feverishly rummaging through his bag and producing a slightly ruffled eagle feather quill and handing it over with a harassed, “Here, love”, before going back to tearing through his notes.

And then Harry hears an odd squeaking sound and turns to find Ron looking at him like he’d spontaneously turned into a giant spider and it’s only then he becomes aware of his exchange with his (still secret) boyfriend. Ron genuinely looks like he’s about to faint and Draco seems none the wiser as he accepts the test from McGonagall with trembling hands.

Ron makes a strangled choking sound up at McGonagall who sighs exasperatedly as she hands Harry and Ron their tests, “Now Mr. Weasley, do pull yourself together. Today’s results won’t count for your final grade.”

And honestly Harry can’t deal with any of this now because hell he loves Draco and doesn’t care what anyone says and why do mock-NEWTs even exist, like the actual ones weren’t bad enough and Ron is still staring at him in horror and Harry just grits out a, “We’re in love, mate, alright? Now close your mouth and fucking breathe before you faint and also, did we cover Trans-Species yet?” To which Ron just croaks out a, “I don’t know anything anymore, I need to lie down.”