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“…and it was then that Elrond first saw Celebrían, and loved her, though he said nothing of it.” - History of Galadriel and Celeborn.

(totally ridiculous and ooc I’m sure but just let me indulge myself in cheesy romantic subplots haha… I also have a Thing for nerdy, lovesick, lovingly-and-adorably-awkward-around-his-crush Elrond okay??)

Supposed to take place after this comic.

Also tumblr screws up the quality of this so click on each image to read it easier :’)

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Why do people hate furries? I mean there are some in the fandom that aren't nice or some areas that are toxic just like every fandom but most furries are really nice and accepting. I guess I just don't understand why people don't like them. I'm not judging people for not liking them, people can like what they like and dislike what they want. I'm just saying I don't really understand where the hate comes from lol 😹😹

i know it’s you lance

As a phan shipper (you’re allowed to leave, I know everyone isn’t sharing my opinion) a thing I think about a lot is how we focus to much on direct actions as proof.

Because actions are so easy to both prove and disprove as ‘phan proof’, what we really should talk about is their fondness, their relationship. Because it’s not ‘that iconic tweet clearly stating them being a couple’ that makes me want to believe them a more then friendly relationship, it the fact they they have know each other as one another’s best friend for eight years+, lived together for multiple years, moved together multiple times, a forever home.

I mean do you really get a forever home with someone being solely your best friend (well, unless you consider yourself ace or aro), wouldn’t you want something more in life?

But this is also really just actions, what I really mean is just how well they know each other, how close they are, how many couply stereotypes they fulfil, the big parts they play in one another’s lives.

And as the last nail in the coffin. I’ve known my best friend for eight years (so about as long as we know they have known each other), for the better half of my life, she knows me better than any person outside family knows me, we are both out as being on the queer spectra to one another. But yet we’ll never have the same kind of relationship as dan and Phil have, it could of course be explained by that they have lived together for so long, but we’ve basically raised each other throughout the first few years of school. We aren’t nor have we ever been romantically involved likewise have we despite having basically the same conditions from the get-go, never had the same kind of connection as they have, because the emotional foundation in a relationship is different between best friends for life and lovers.

This is a sappy overly psychoanalysing mess, which may or may not make any sense. This is solely based on my own thoughts and experiences, so feel free to drop a hate oozing anon message in my ask, if your opinion is that I’m overwhelmingly wrong! :)
As previously stated, this is just my own opinion and analysis, so take it with a pinch of salt.

  • Yoongi : Hyung I hope you know CPR.
  • Jin : Sorry I don't, why?
  • Yoongi : Cause I'm always out of breath when I see you.
  • Jin : Yoongi I told you you need to do more exercise!
  • Yoongi : Hyung no-
  • Jin : You never move you're too unfit!
  • Yoongi : That's not what-
  • Jin : That is why! That's why you're always out of breath!!
  • Jin : Okay from now on you're coming to the gym with me and Jiminie!
  • Yoongi : Fuck.

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How would Suga, Oikawa, Bokuto, and Kuroo react to an S/O who uses morbid/self-depricating humour? But like its just their sense of humour? Like they don't actually want to die or think they're that bad at everything, it's just what they joke about? (i.e. "at least if I die I don't have to do exams lol" "lol cause we all know I'm an incapable mess haha" y'know that sorta stuff)

Okay, so I decided not to put in anymore examples of these kinds of jokes other than the ones that you’ve provided, Anon, I only focused on the boy’s reaction to them. Mainly because I know how this kind of joking can get out of hand really fast and the last thing I want is for people to think that these types of comments should always be taken as jokes - they shouldn’t, get to know the person that is saying them.

I hope that makes sense? I primarily don’t want anyone to think that I take comments like these lightly - I don’t and my anxiety won’t let me when I hear others use words like this, but I do find myself saying similar things, especially when it comes to my schoolwork or my workplace in general.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy, Anon.

P.s. Please remember to always let me know if I have done anything to offend anyone. It’s the last thing I want to do and am always willing to change it. As someone who is striving to write for my career, I take these things that you guys send me and try to challenge myself to shove my mind into that characters thought process, even in touchy situations. There are certain topics that I am not ready to breach yet - which is why you’ve seen me deny some requests - but I know that there may be a day in my career when I might have to. Until then, I’ll do my best to represent everything as accurately as my knowledge will allow. So, really, never feel bad to let me know when things did not add up well. It just means that I need more time to research as a writer and that I am not prepared to tackle a certain/controversial topic. Sorry, I’m always worried about things I post.

Sugawara Koushi

  • Legit, I feel like he kinda has this sort of humor as well. Like, he makes these kind of comments to Daichi and Asahi all the time (Asahi usually freaks out) and so when they start using them as well, he completely understands. He’d just nod his head and play up the talk with them.
    • But I feel like this is also something he had to check on when he discovered that it was their main source of jokes. Occasionally, he got it, then when it just kept coming, he felt the need to pull them aside and ask them seriously. He just wants to make sure. He loves them and doesn’t seriously want anything bad happening to them.
    • I’m sure he stills checks in every now and then - even with being reassured all the time. It’s just one of those things that’s always edging at the back of his mind and he needs to be told that they love themselves.

Oikawa Tooru

  • Would have idea how to respond the first time one of those lines comes out of their mouth. They’re probably sitting there having a good time and then next thing you know his face completely crumbles and he stares at them with those large brown doe eyes. But he wouldn’t know what to say cause they said it so nonchalantly and yet it’s not something you just say nonchalantly??
  • He’d totally let it go the first time and when it popped up the next time, he’d just give them this look and get all serious. He’d need them to tell him that they didn’t feel that way about themselves and that they believed themselves to be a wonderful person!
    • I feel like Oikawa’s dealt with self-hate before, so this is something he takes very seriously when he hears it from them. He might even have a really hard time with their humor for quite a while even with the constant reassurances that it’s not what they really believe about themselves.

Bokuto Koutarou

  • His instant response would be to start listing everything about them that was beautiful and magnificent. It doesn’t matter that they’re joking, they mean everything to him and he won’t sit back and let them talk bad about themselves in any way, shape, or form.
    • Seriously, I think the first time they say something like that he’d be so close to tears, he wouldn’t know what to do. Those are the last kind of words that he wants coming from them because they are so beautiful. Precious boy might end up weeping with relief when they tell him they don’t really mean it.
  • It would be a constant thing of reassurance every time they make a joke like that. He’d turn to them with panic in his eyes every time and they’d have to quickly reply with ‘joking’ lest they want him to start getting all emotional over all the reasons he loved them again.

Kuroo Tetsurou

  • He’d laugh the first time a joke like that came from their lips, just like, yup I’ve felt that way before kind of reaction. But when it happened again he might even call them out right there about easing up on the self-abuse. He’d definitely watch them carefully from there, seeing how they hold themselves and comparing their words with their actions.
    • He’ll notice the way that they don’t really line up? Like, they hold themselves too confidently to really feel the way their speaking, kinda thing? But he’d of course question them just to be certain.
  • The joking would continue and he’d always keep an eye on them and when they’re having a bad day, he won’t let them even say things like that. There’s no reason to be saying those thing - even as joke - when their already feeling bad. He loves them and cares very deeply about their mental health and will be there to protect them even when they don’t think they need it.
Doctor Strange... basically SPOILERS
  • Stephen: I am such an intelligent neurosurgeon, and Nick sucks... LOL, hey Christine, bet you wanna go out with me
  • Christine: No thanks
  • Stephen: Whatevs, I'm gonna drive about 120 k per hour, what's the worst that can happen xD?
  • __________
  • Stephen: Crap
  • Christine: Don't worry, I'm here for you
  • Stephen: Screw that, I wanna have my hands back
  • All the doctors: LOL you're not
  • Stephen: I'm so sad and desperate, what should I do? Oh I know! Take it all out with the only person that cares about me... LEAVE ME ALONE CHRISTINE, YOU ARE NOT IMPORTANT TO ME
  • Christine: Fine...
  • __________
  • Stephen: .....I think I screwed up
  • Pangborn: You should totally go to Karma Taj
  • Stephen: I literally just met you and this is crazy but...sure why not?
  • __________
  • Mordo: Don't say anything stupid
  • Stephen: Okay
  • The Ancient one: Hello Mr Strange
  • Stephen: It's "doctor" and this is stupid
  • Mordo: *facepalm*
  • Stephen: I can't do magic!
  • The Ancient one: I have an idea! I'm gonna leave you to freeze in Everest, let's see if you can return LMAO
  • Mordo: I'm starting to question your teaching techniques ._.
  • _________
  • Wong: Here are some books
  • Stephen: I think I'm gonna check out the forbidden one, Beyoncé
  • Wong: You are not funny
  • _________
  • Stephen: What's that necklace and this spell supposed to do? Meh what's the worst that can happen?
  • __________
  • Kaecilius: Hey there Mister...
  • Stephen: IT'S DOCTOR -.-
  • Kaecilius: Mister Doctor?
  • Stephen: -_________-
  • ____________
  • Kaecilius: Dormammu is life
  • Stephen: The ancient one is against him
  • Kaecilius: Dormammu is the answer
  • Stephen: WILL YOU STOP?
  • Kaecilius: Lol, I was just distracting you
  • *Stephen gets stabbed*
  • Christine: WHAT?!
  • ___________
  • Mordo: Cool cape man
  • The Ancient One: You will be defend New York, Master Strange
  • Stephen: Heck no Ancinet one, I just killed a guy,AND FOR THE LAST TIME IT'S FREAKING DOCTOR STEPHEN STRANGE, plus you are evil too...
  • Mordo: Wait what?.....
  • __________
  • Stephen: CHRISTINE
  • Christine: Oh my gosh ._.
  • __________
  • Ancient one: I did do bad stuff but for a good reason
  • Stephen: Who am I to judge?
  • Stephen: Listen we have to keep fighting, okay? Hong Kong is our last hope
  • ........
  • *Everything is destroyed*
  • Stephen: I think my motivational speech did take too long
  • Mordo: We are doomed
  • Stephen: Don't worry I'll sacrifice myself for eternity... DORMAMMU I've come to bargain
  • Dormammu: No, you die
  • Stephen: Nope
  • Dormammu: Yes
  • Stephen: No
  • Dormammu: Yes
  • Stephen: No
  • Dormammu: YES
  • Stephen: NO
  • Dormammu: Oh my gosh please stop, I'll destroy Kaecilius myself and not attack earth
  • Wong: You saved my lfe!! I'm gonna laugh at your jokes now :3
  • Stephen: Oh c'mon Mordo, I literally saved the planet
  • Mordo: B*** I'm out
  • me: dan and phil uploaded a new video I'm excited about!
  • mom: if I guess something about it right, what do I get?
  • me: I don't know, a hug?
  • mom: okay, I'll take it
  • mom: dan is gonna scream obnoxiously at some point
  • me: lol
  • [10 minutes later]
  • me: [in the middle of watching the video]
  • mom: [from another fucking room]
  • I WON!

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Dany: "What do you think?" Jon *shocked*: "Are you talking to me? BTW i'm not sure i should be here you know, like at all..." Dany: "Nonsense, i already trust you more than anyone else in my circle even if i know you for like a second." Jon: "Okay, so, i don't think that using dragons to fire cities is the best course of action here.." Dany: "Okay, you're definitely right, i'm not going to attack KL." Tyrion from afar: "HEY, I SAID THE EXACT SAME THING 2 SECONDS AGO!!" lol

Well anon when it’s love it’s love lol. 


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I'm 19 and I just started dating a 29 year old man. I like so many things about him but his age scares me cause I've never dated someone this much older then me, so I don't really know what to think of his intentions. Do you think the age gap is okay? Do you think he has good intentions?

lol nigga could be anything from a serial killer or a priest I cant truly say with the limited information.

I could give u a long speech about how 19 dating a 30 year old isnt really the best idea for various reasons but if you like that nigga chances are u aint gon listen to me and stop dating him so i’ll just say this

Life is about learning from experiences and mistakes If this doesn’t end well because of the age gap its a learning experience to carry into the future.

I cant tell you how to live your life but just stay aware if you see inconsistencies and lies dont let him manipulate you into staying cause you’re very impressionable at that age

zodiac horror story (part 3)
  • ig // sassasstrology
  • the signs are camping out in the woods. they're at a cliché, dark, scary old forest where the murderer always comes and kills people. let's see what will happen..
  • *
  • part 1:
  • part 2:
  • *
  • aries - male
  • taurus - male
  • gemini - female
  • cancer - male
  • leo - female
  • virgo - female
  • libra - female
  • scorpio - male
  • sagittarius - male
  • capricorn - female
  • aquarius - male
  • pisces - female
  • (that's ^ not really important, but if you want to know the genders of the signs i came up with, there they are.)
  • *
  • previousy on ''zodiac horror story":
  • ''virgo: i ain't leaving if we are all going to split up. i don't want to go alone.
  • cancer: we ain't going alone. we're going in groups. you and capricorn will go that way, leo and libra that way, sagittarius and gemini that way and scorpio, aries and i will go that way.''
  • ''aquarius: *screams*
  • scorpio: aquarius?''
  • *
  • this time on ''zodiac horror story'':
  • scorpio: did y'all hear that?
  • cancer: yeah..
  • aries: do you think he's dead?
  • scorpio: i don't know. l-let's go back.
  • cancer: wait, but what if he's just messing around with us? he does shit like this all the time.
  • scorpio: uuhhhggg fuck. i don't know, man.
  • aries: WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO?!
  • scorpio: we're going back.
  • cancer: okay.
  • scorpio, cancer and aries are heading back to the camp, hoping that aquarius is still alive. they're walking and walking until they hear a strange noise..
  • aries: yo.. what the fuck was that.
  • scorpio: i eh.. i don't know.
  • cancer: hello?
  • aries: hey.. what's that.. on the ground..?
  • they carefully walk towards the thing they see on the ground, a couple of blocks further away from them.
  • cancer: oh my god.. p-p-pISCES?!
  • aries: ahahahahakhaldsjasjkbkjlsjasfjkaslgn
  • they see pisces on the ground. is she dead?
  • scorpio: *crouches and pokes pisces* p-pisces?
  • pisces: *coughs soft* g-guys?
  • aries: ooHH MY GOD SHE'S A ZOMBIE.
  • scorpio: guys, cALM THE FUCK DOWN. pisces, what happened?
  • pisces: s-s-s-someo-ne-ne stab-bed m-m-m-m-m-m-me.
  • aries: can you please stop stuttering?
  • scorpio: who stabbed you?!
  • pisces: i don't kn-o-o-w.. g-guys. wa-watch ou-t..
  • scorpio: oh my god i just noticed that im literally crouching in her blood. ew. but what do you mean watch out?
  • pisces: b-behi-ind yo-ou.
  • scorpio: what? *looks behind him* OH MY GOD WATCH OUT!
  • scorpio stands up and pushes cancer and aries away.
  • cancer: argh!
  • aries: WHAT
  • scorpio grabs aries and cancer by their arms and drags them away from the person he saw.
  • pisces: *bloody murder scream*
  • scorpio, cancer and aries are running away as fast as they can.
  • aries: we'RE GOING TO DIE.
  • cancer: BABE, CARRY ME. *jumps on scorpio*
  • they run back to the camp. and also, rip pisces
  • libra: leo, why are we walking out here again?
  • leo: i have no ideaaaaa gurll.
  • libra: let's take a selfie.
  • leo: yAAASS. *takes a selfie*
  • libra: we look bomb.
  • leo: i knooow right.
  • libra: so.. what now?
  • leo: i don't know. we had to look for pisces right?
  • libra: pisces? where is she?
  • leo: hmm.. i don't know.. LET'S FIND HER!
  • libra: YAAS!
  • libra and leo walk further into the forest. let's check on gemini and sagittarius.
  • sagittarius: lol i'm deaaad.
  • gemini: lolol
  • sagittarius: can't believe that bitch.
  • gemini: who?
  • sagittarius: pisces. duh.
  • gemini: oohhh. she dumb. don't like her oops.
  • sagittarius: me neither lol. why did she just leave us? like, okay. if you want to die, FINE.
  • gemini: taurus' shitty too.
  • sagittarius: no. aries is.
  • gemini: true.
  • sagittarius: anyways, i want to scare people. let's do that.
  • gemini: i'm on it.
  • let's see how aquarius is doing.
  • aquarius: *prays and cries in his tent*
  • scorpio: aqua?! where are you?
  • cancer: aqua! it's me, aries and scorpio!
  • aquarius: *jumps out of his tent* THANK GOD! *hugs aries, cancer and scorpio tightly*
  • scorpio: what happened? are you okay?
  • aquarius: NO! someone killed.. some-someone killED TAURUS.
  • aquarius: WHAT?!
  • aquarius: NOPE. NOPE. NOPE. I'M OUT. I'M GOING HOME.
  • cancer: HOW!!?
  • scorpio: y'all y'aLL Y'ALL, CALM DOWN!
  • aquarius: WELL OBVIOUSLY.
  • aries: I'M OUT. I'M GOING TO WALK HOME. *walks away*
  • cancer: no, aRIES STOP!
  • scorpio: *runs after aries*
  • aries: *looks behind him and runs faster* YOU CAN'T CATCH ME.
  • scorpio: UGH. FINE.
  • cancer: babe, don't waste your time. he'll come back.
  • scorpio: i hope so.
  • what a chaos. let's see if aries will make it.
  • aries: fucking hell. i'm never going out with these bitches EVER AGAIN. YOU HEAR ME!?! NEVER! *almost starts crying* NO. STOP! IT! FUCKING TEARS.
  • gemini: aries!?
  • gemini: where are you going?!
  • gemini: well, we wanted to scare you, but then we heard you crying so we were like whaat.
  • aries: ..
  • aries: uhh..
  • gemini: ugh. be right back.
  • aries: ...
  • gemini: SAGI, WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?! UGh. *walks back to aries* i coul- OH MY GOD. A-A-ARIES!?
  • aries: *lays dead on the floor with an axe through his head*
  • gemini: *screams*
  • *
  • the end of part 3..

Tobias: Are you kidding me? Following me all the way to the party without being noticed? It’s called stalking! And it’s giving me creeps!

Lennon: Chill, I’m a party guy! All I wanted was to help you out as you’re my new friend. Just trust me, if you’re seen around me you’ll have a better chance to be liked by people.

Tobias: I’m not your friend, and you’re a loser. Go away.

Lennon: As you wish, Toby.

Tobias: YOU KNOW WHAT YOU JUST DID? You ruined the last living chance of me warming up to you by calling me that.

Belarus introduces America to Russia as her boyfriend for the first time
  • Belarus: *leaves Russia and American alone*
  • Russia: So, do you have your own apartment already?
  • America: Uhm.. actually not... but I believe God will help me!
  • Russia: Okay, do you have a job?
  • America: No... but... I believe God will help me!
  • Russia: Alright, how are you planning to feed my sister and your children, if you have any?
  • Alfred: Er... I... don't really know yet.. but I'm sure God will help me with this one as well!
  • Alfred: *leaves shortly after a few more questions*
  • Belarus: *comes back*
  • Belarus: So, brother, how do you like him?
  • Russia: Well he's kind of a loser, but he is honest and I really like what he calls me.

I call this  “stop listening to music and go to sleep” - a bumbleby bit of nonsense


“You know,” Yang’s voice broke through Blake’s concentration and she sighed before placing her thumb over the last word she’d read. “When I told Ruby and Weiss I wanted to stay behind and hang out with you, I thought we’d actually, you know, have a conversation.”

Blake gave Yang a derisive look. “You knew I was reading when you agreed to this, you’ve known me long enough to know that a good book is my top priority.”

Yang groaned as she threw herself down on Weiss’ bed. “Okay, this is true, but you’ve been reading that book for almost a week. Usually you go through books faster than the cafeteria food goes through—“

“Please don’t finish that sentence.” Blake cringed and saw Yang smirk out of the corner of her eye. “It’s a very big book.”

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Okay, you know what? I’m gonna give you a spoon-related drabble now because I feel blessed to have received these.

“What, in all of Eos, are you doing, Noct?” 

“Calm down, Specs, I’m just eating my soup, okay?”

The young prince looked sulkily up at his adviser who pushed his spectacles up his nose.

“Yes, I can see that. But I was hinting towards why you were eating your soup with a fork instead of with the appropriate cutlery, a spoon, in case you’ve forgotten.”

“Oh, yeah, about that…” Noctis looked back into his kitchen, a slight flush of embarrassment covering his cheeks. Towers of plates, bowls and pots covered the counters of the young prince’s kitchen. Ignis followed Noctis’s gaze and let out an exasperated sigh.

“Am I correct in assuming that you were merely too lazy to clean one of the many dirty spoons and opted to eat your soup, a liquid substance, with a fork?”

“Yup, pretty much. You know me too well, Specs. Although, now that you mention it… I could just drink the soup right out of the bowl.” 

Noctis looked as if he was in deep thought, weighing his options of continuing to eat the soup with a fork or just straight up drinking it from his bowl. He decided to go with the latter and as he put his bowl to his lips Ignis just rolled his eyes at him and headed towards the young prince’s kitchen to clean up this mess.

“Damn, this tastes so good. You need to try this, Specs, maybe you could make your own recipe?” Noctis suggested as he continued drinking his soup. Ignis just looked over at the young prince, a smirk spreading on his face.

“Oh, there’s no need for that, I know what this is. It’s a local delicacy from Leide. The main ingredients are wild onions, Leiden potatoes and, as far as I know, Lucian tomatoes.”

And this is how Noctis spit soup all over the dining area of his apartment.

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James I feel like hitting you so hard. How can you say that you are 'just fucking him' while you plan to 'marry Evans'? How can you be so unfeeling? You are just setting that boy up for heartbreak. Sort your priorities man. Choose one don't stand in the middle of the way blocking others' lives. You are ruining everything. God, I'm so mad right now.

((OOC: Okay you guys are siriusly mad at Jmeas LOL))

James: You know what, you’re all right.  I’ve been an idiot with Regulus.  Yes we’ve had some super hot sex, but I’ve been scared, okay?  I have always thought I was straight… and sex is just sex… doesn’t mean I’m gay…

James: But I’m scared to get to know him because what if I do fall in love with him?  My parents would kill me, my life would be over… I’m just scared to be emotional with him.

Chapter 10 of Fallen is up if anybody is still reading it. 

I’ve literally had the next chapter pre-written for years (I’m not joking), but then when I went to go re-write it in the context of everything else I’ve written, I was like dang. I’ve got to go 1000 shades darker. Also I’m trying to write like?? Really open conversations about suicide?? And it makes me super uncomfortable to even think about, much less write?? But I’ve been holding it off for nearly a dozen chapters so. It’s time. -_- All this to say, next chapter will probably be done soon, because it’s on my mind, but might not actually make it online for a while because this is a chapter I’ll be second-guessing myself a lot on.