lol i don't even know anymore here

thefriendlyarsonist  asked:

Have you thought about doing any animations?

I’d love to consider doing this, as animation is something I’m interested in. I could only draw it traditionally though, maybe colour it digitally, since I scan all my lines/don’t use a tablet pen.

(Time is also a constraint though, I feel so listless I can barely put up sketches here in recent times.)

By all means though, if there’s any characters or things you’d like to see animated - I can keep it in mind and try it out!

I am but a mere mushroom ( 🍄 🍄 🍄) growing here in this realistic forest


It’s my birthday and I’m just drowning in so many fandoms right now!! SNS week. Killing Stalking updates (it’s coming..). I started watching Ed,Edd, and Eddy again (drowning in the kevedd feels rn). I started watching Naruto Shippuden again (For like tHE MiLlioNTH TiME! OmG SesKa GEt A liFE!!). Bad thing is my Dad is at work, my Mom has to leave four different times today, my brothers friend from school is here, and my best friend might not be able to come over because she has band practice.. but it’s cool. I know the is going to get better, so I can look forward to that. I hope you all have a nice day and a wonderful year! (I’ll be over here drowning in meh fels) ~Seska